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Rift (Rift)
Trion Worlds | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 03/01/11)  | Pub:Trion Worlds
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

Rift Videos: Rift PvP Trailer (1:42)

The real enemy, the most dangerous enemy, is your fellow player. In the new video from Trion, members of the development team profile the dynamic PvP gameplay.

The real enemy, the most dangerous enemy, is your fellow player. In the new video from Trion, members of the development team profile the dynamic PvP gameplay.
Duration: 1:42
Views: 11,617  46 comments
Game: Rift
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Rockgod99 writes:

Well now we know the game offers something for the pvpers.

Fri Jan 21 2011 2:36PM Report
RemyVorender writes:

I'm not sure how I feel about what I just saw.

Fri Jan 21 2011 2:38PM Report
Valentina writes:

Wow the last part. lol


On a serious note though it's got serious potential.

Fri Jan 21 2011 2:41PM Report
Stofftier writes:

what did you saw .. i saw close to nothing :O

Fri Jan 21 2011 2:43PM Report
Sovrath writes:

It seems more of a blurb saying "we do have pvp and in some cases it's cross server".

Fri Jan 21 2011 2:57PM Report
SillyPantz writes:

i cant understand the hype about this game

Fri Jan 21 2011 2:58PM Report
spidii writes:

Looks great! Can't wait. 


Btw, the hype for me is the fact that it's polished, it's complete and it's pretty darn fun!

Fri Jan 21 2011 3:09PM Report
Reizlanzer writes:

I would suggest watching a Rift PvP video on youtube, and then a PvP video from your favorite PvP game in comparison right after... Then make your choice on this games PvP viability. Some may like what they see in comparison, others may see the shine fade. I do suggest that little bit of research though.

Fri Jan 21 2011 3:12PM Report
Artkil writes:

mmm PVP pretty much sounds like WAR sounds nothing new at all.. 

Fri Jan 21 2011 4:11PM Report
Smoey writes:

It looked like WAR :|

Fri Jan 21 2011 4:15PM Report
Coolit writes:

Have to say I think this game has negative hype its certainly not been over hyped which is the best thing they could have done really.

The pvp sounds quite promising but its hard to tell until your capped with pvp gear on.

Fri Jan 21 2011 4:53PM Report
XenOshade writes:

Looks to be potentially well rounded pvp. We will just have to wait and find out.

Fri Jan 21 2011 4:54PM Report
tachgb writes:

Looking sweet. Can't wait for Beta 5 ! :D

Fri Jan 21 2011 4:55PM Report
Plasmicredx writes:

They didn't show any pvp gameplay. Just some scripted stuff on max graphics settings and it was done like a presentation where they are trying to sell their game.

Just saying I see behind their stage curtain. Real PvPers these days want the pvp to be twitchy like DC Universe Online or WoW.

There's this thing called Circle Strafe we like to do. If your PvP is described as standing there hitting people (like in this scripted movie) then you aren't advertising to the right audience. We also like jumping to offer some small advantage and directional movement and animation needs to feel fluid and responsive.

Generally speaking.

Fri Jan 21 2011 5:07PM Report
Ramblebrain writes:

Being a fraud or fake PvPer i don't fancy twitchy pvp. I like it when you make long term decisions and  you use your brain more than fingers. Consequence can be more than "oh, he pressed button X now i have to press button Y before he proceeds to press button Z".

That said, i dont think anyone thought those characters were played by real players..

Fri Jan 21 2011 6:02PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

The PvP I played in Rift makes me want to do a faceplant into a pool of gravel. I would have to play Battle for Port Scion because that actually looks kinda fun and a lot better than "the battle for dragon's tooth".

Fri Jan 21 2011 6:19PM Report
Alders writes:

The PVP is exactly what you typed Plasmicredx. Not once have i or my group stoof there attacking people in any BG or open world situation. You're constantly running or strafing while firing off skills. The use of terrain as line of sight obsticles is also very important.

Fri Jan 21 2011 6:25PM Report
DiSpLiFF writes:

putting in pve and pvp in the same "warfront" is just stupid and usually annoying. 

But who knows maybe its different. 

Fri Jan 21 2011 6:44PM Report
Melkrow writes:

lol.... what PVP?  These days anything qualifies for "PVP game" title.  Lame.  WoW has better PVP options, so does WAR, so does AoC, so do many other non-pvp games.

Fri Jan 21 2011 6:46PM Report
Senadina writes:

I can only hope it's like WAR, which was the only PvP I ever enjoyed.

Fri Jan 21 2011 10:38PM Report
elf8bliss writes:

They need to focus on world pvp and have objectives to enhances it. Not that I'm against certain amount of strategy typed, instanced games, they just need to give the highest rewards for world pvp play.

Sat Jan 22 2011 12:34AM Report
Oszy writes:

i did a good bit of PvP in beta and it does play and feel like WAR.

Sat Jan 22 2011 12:57AM Report
cheetum writes:

To be fair, WAR was designed from the start to have a PVP focus.  The PVP (and RVR) was good but the PVE, particularly high-level instances and raids, was not.   

RIFT is really a PVE focused game with some PVP thrown in.  It's more similar to WoW in that sense.  A lot of people don't like it when MMOs are constantly compared to WOW but if you have played both games, you can't deny that the combat style and game mechanics of these games are very similar.

WOW has more PVP options but it has also been around a lot longer, and all of those options were added later.    Given time I'm sure Trion will add more PVP options in future content updates.    If you like WOW PVP you will have fun PVPing in RIFT too.

Sat Jan 22 2011 2:32AM Report
Isane writes:

Rift has some great balancing features , with the PvE PvP and invasions all mixed together. This game offers a lot and is suprisingly good fun.

Betacoming up 25-28th and the VIP keys are easy to get hold of , try it out. All newsletter subscribers to RIFT have been sent 25 VIP keys for friends ... SO get registered dwonload the game ready for the 25th , give it a try rather than whining

Sat Jan 22 2011 3:21AM Report
Waizer writes:

lol at end of video. Didn't show anything new apart from port scion... which looks good but I hope I just misunderstood what they were saying about it and it is a zone not an instance/warfront

Sat Jan 22 2011 4:18AM Report
Alyvian writes:

it is a warfront

Sat Jan 22 2011 6:39AM Report
Wardrop writes:

bg's, Warfronts, arenas.. are all safty pvp... like  playing flag football. Or we can call them training for pvp.

The hardcore... pvpers want open world any where anytime pvp.

The guy saying that in the vid needs to get a clue cause hes still got his bunny slippers on.


Warfronts are memorizable maps you can expect to master. there is no chaos, you know the deal when you get in one.


They take from the full world pvp since they offer rewards and are quick.

Its a sure sign that the developers thought of pvp as a secondary after thought. Typical of any developer that hasnt had much experience with it.

Sat Jan 22 2011 6:47AM Report
Naral writes:

As a guy who likes pvp, but only when I am in the mood for it, this looks good to me. When I really want a pvp situation, I turn to my collection of FPSs. PVP in MMORPGs always tends to suck, and I am not sure why people even have good expectations about any pvp mmorpg anymore.

This game looks great to me, so far, but pvp is not the reason I like it.

Sat Jan 22 2011 8:08AM Report
Ringside writes:

Since i like to PvP a lot and even in the middle of the night or early in the morning. So the linked Server WarFronts are great for that.

You dont have to be ( looking for ) players to kill.

on the other hand i realy miss the Asheron's Call / Darkfall kind of outdoor PvP but they also have good outdoor PvP zones.

Sat Jan 22 2011 8:48AM Report
loyaltrekie writes:

Whoever said 'hardcore pvpers want open world PvP' is a gigantic moron(no flame intended). I'm a hardcore PvP'er and I find absolutely no fun in ganking someone 40 levels below me when they are fighting a boar. Nice try attempting to sum up an entire community in one brief sentence though.

Sat Jan 22 2011 10:58AM Report
zonzai writes:

I think Rift is too much of an old-school MMO. It will have to compete not just with already established old-school MMO titan's like WoW but also with a whole new generation of big-budget forward-looking games like The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.

Frankly, it's just coming out a couple of years too late.

Sat Jan 22 2011 6:30PM Report
majinant writes:

Umm, for some reason this video keeps crashing my computer. So strange. 

Sat Jan 22 2011 11:39PM Report
HaltsTime writes:

Didn't see too much from this mini clip, just a lot of yapping, should have shown more and gone in more details about classes~

Sun Jan 23 2011 4:06PM Report
Hrotha writes:

I'm in the Beta for Tuesday but as some of you people got the same opinion as I do, calling myself a MMO-Veteran since Meridian 59:

This game has no potential. The "shifting Events" which the Devs can implement are nothing special and can be compared to simple Events in other Games. Thats not worth announcing it.


Still waiting for Fallout Online

Sun Jan 23 2011 7:23PM Report
Marontann writes:

This movie doesnt do the PvP in rift justice

Its alot more speed and movement and chaos in reality, i was pleasantly surprised how addicted i got to Rift warfronts.

Im not a big fan of open world pvp ( open world pvp = getting ganked by 2-3 highlevel as**holes while questing )

That said, Rift has open world pvp, you can invade the different faction bases and kill their leaders, you can gank the shit out off noobs if thats what you like.

Rift plays alot like War and WoW in terms of gameplay mechanics, but with better graphic,

It doesnt feel quite as smooth in animations "yet" but its still in beta.

Your movements does inpact your combat alot, i got "circlestraffed"  to death by a rouge in warfronts, you have a limited range aswell as a limited arc of damage on must abilities.

This game is by far the most polished and complete game ive ever played prelaunch.

I dont think its entirely fair to compare it to games that have been out and been growing for years even though its against those games it will compete.

The game isnt perfect, character creation needs a ton of work, Armor graphics need more work, animations need more work, content in terms of citys etc needs to be just more, crafting need a complete overhaul (its to boring).

I can go on, the game has a ton of potential in my eyes and the pvp is actually the best part of the game so far.

Btw i base these opinions of being in Beta 2,3,4 and i reserve the right to change my view at any time should the need arise.

Mon Jan 24 2011 2:10AM Report
Meurbal writes:

Age of Conan V2 :P Game has potential but will flop i think. and they have to make it f2p afterwards.

Too many competition this year, game is too late.

Mon Jan 24 2011 5:37AM Report
Haradeas writes:

To be honest, I read a lot of rift and it sounds promissing. I let the play tom on the beta decide if it was worth my expetations ^^

Side note: WoW at the very beginning only hand a few battlegrounds,  nothing near what is there now :) so give rift a bit of time ^^

Mon Jan 24 2011 6:22AM Report
dadante writes: be honest its looks old,i dont really c a good content abouth the game its look like another Aion and dependable armor x pvp, rift pvp looks  slow tho it basiclaly looks like knight online whit more graphic ...hey is mi opinion no bad feeling  x others peace

Tue Jan 25 2011 12:40AM Report
Azmo writes:

This video is fun. Substantive and a bit silly, humor is a good sign. If he hadn't laughed, I would have dismissed it as pretty dang pretentious.

Tue Jan 25 2011 3:56PM Report
Reianor writes:

Gee... what's with all those people heavily fixed on their own viewpoint of PvP?

... whatever ...

From this video I'm getting an impression of an average RvR with all it's standard problems... a pity, I was kinda hopeing for some noteworthy twist...

Looks like their approach in general is not to invent a bycicle. A bad move (imho) with so many bycicles already outthere ...

With market in it's current state I don't think someone can sell old bycicles anymore ... unless that someone is blizzard...

Tue Jan 25 2011 10:40PM Report
afoaa writes:

Game looks a lot like a better made WaR with more customization in character design. But the talk about PvE and PvP combined in a town reminds me too much of the insanely stupid and boring city conquest system we saw in WaR. :(

Wed Jan 26 2011 2:40AM Report
BarryManilow writes:

Open world PvP means that I don't have to spend money on this game.  Been there done that.   MMORPGs and free-for-all PvP don't mix.

Wed Jan 26 2011 9:36AM Report
SysFail writes:

They were even giggling about their pvp, tab targetting is very old hat now and to have it for pvp is just snooze.

Wed Jan 26 2011 11:13AM Report
Azmo writes:

There are different server types of course.

Wed Jan 26 2011 12:57PM Report
munecaroon writes:

I'm not quite sure if this can qualify as open-world PvP, but the canyon zone after Gloamwood, Crimson Gorge (Lv around 27) is shared by both factions.

The recent changes to PvP flagging made it so that while I was PvE hunting/exploring in that zone, I did hit a NPC guard of the opposite faction and blammo! was PvP flagged for 5 minutes.

Another *feature* was when I went into an opposing faction PvE dungeon at 1 point I got kicked out with a strange message to spawn at an overrun outpost with players of the opposite faction camping the respawn point.

Since I wasn't PvP flagged or dead at that point, they couldn't attack me, but it made no sense at all to me.

I have to say that PvE and PvP are mixed in a weird way in Rift and it seems like it's going the Aion route there.

Hard to enjoy PvEing/exploring (as a crafter/mats hunter)

Thu Jan 27 2011 12:17AM Report
Cruise writes:

A lot of judgements on something most of the off-hand posters haven't even tried yet. Doesn't exactly make your comments or arguements worth any weight, people.

Bottom line is: if you don't like the game, don't play it. Everyone who plays MMO's has their own tastes, as well as their own 'wish lists' for what they'd like to see in a game. Until you have the money and development resources to have your ideas made into a game, you'll just have to suck it up and play what's out there.

As for Rift PvP, you don't have to participate if it's not your cup of tea. They provide plenty of options towards alternative play, such as dungeons and raiding.

Is the game a polished as polished or diverse in content as say the WoW behemoth? Hell no, a game still in Beta should tell you that without asking. Does it have potential? From what I've seen in the last four open Betas, most definitely - at least for me.

Thu Jan 27 2011 9:33AM Report