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Rift (Rift)
Trion Worlds | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 03/01/11)  | Pub:Trion Worlds
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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Rift Videos: Dev Diary #2 (4:20)

Trion Worlds has released their second entry to their dev diary series of videos, this time discussing the freedom afforded by the Rift's multi-class system.

Trion Worlds has released their second entry to their dev diary series of videos, this time discussing the freedom afforded by the Rift's multi-class system.
Duration: 4:20
Views: 8,101  38 comments
Game: Rift
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Dragonfish writes:

Trion: Hair optional.

Wed Jul 21 2010 1:22PM Report
Avanah writes:

@Dragonfish...Very constructive discussion.

Anyway..I look forward to this. Looks great and feels like the next true AAA. I "really" do not want to play WoW's Cataclysm. Hope this takes me away. :-)

Wed Jul 21 2010 2:34PM Report
Dragonfish writes:


Thank you, and thats a wonderful sense of humor you have. I'm also not "sure" you "know" the proper usage of "parentheses".

Wed Jul 21 2010 2:44PM Report
vonbose0 writes:

As soon as I saw Adam Gershowitz, all I could think was: "I can't trust anything this guy is saying." He sold me on WAR, hook line and sinker, which was a decent game, but all the promises he was a part of making  just fell though over and over.

Wed Jul 21 2010 3:30PM Report
vonbose0 writes:

Since everyone will have access to all the classes. It will actually limit the play styles. Every time game companies have done this in the past, it creates about 2 or 3 viable or "best" class combinations and leaves everything else undesirable. Games like Shadowbane or DAoC actually forced play styles because the variety and number of classes.

Wed Jul 21 2010 3:34PM Report
Dionysus187 writes:

Well here is what will happen. People who play very 'light' will pick whatever they want. But people who want to be most effective at a certain role, tanking, DPS etc, will more than likely have to abide closely to a cookie cutter load out.

Along the lines of what vonbose0 said, with being able to switch at will, people will not tolerate the lesser classes or combinations to almost any degree. If you want to DPS and your not set up as 1 or 2 best combos most people won't give you a second glance. I mean multi-class is possible on paper, but unless they EXTREMELY well balanced its gonna bust.

BUT you can have 3 classes loaded, so maybe it will be like well if you want to DPS you HAVE to have this one class loaded with these skills, and then you can do almost anything you want with the rest. So in a way having 1 class of each role, dps/tank/heals purposely OP'd you could actually have variety in way.

Wed Jul 21 2010 4:08PM Report
Soldier101 writes:

Guild war's 2 and this game is going to be great to paly.

Wed Jul 21 2010 4:15PM Report
celee2222 writes:

Hmm WOW Talents?

SWG Expertise?

Sorry but these ideas are nothing new

huge character customization?

More like Cooky cutter classes and Flavour of the month templates, I just wish these comanies wouldnt keep releasing these games and making out they are someting revolutionary.

Graphics are nice though

Wed Jul 21 2010 4:18PM Report
slim26 writes:

Love this Soul tree and the Root  system, we will have alot of fun with this. Also to be able to learn from other classes by way of class souls is superb! hmm Night Blade mixed with Warlock mmmm sounds very fucking good.

Wed Jul 21 2010 4:24PM Report
Mariouz writes:

It looks ok, again not impressed with the mobs, they seem clunky and slow, like they went half way with them. I might and probably am wrong but right now the mobs do nothing for me. Rest of the game world and the concept are very nice, and maybe that might get me to play it.

Wed Jul 21 2010 4:25PM Report
slim26 writes:

Celee2222. The soul tree here is nothing like WoW talent tree, completely different system. How can the companies bring something new if the "new" just turn out to be the same shit to most eyes no matter how new and revolutionary it is. You want revolutionary right? well here it is but you do not see it.

Wed Jul 21 2010 4:32PM Report
Darkerxx writes:

if i shave my head i can work there?  =D

Wed Jul 21 2010 5:09PM Report
Carpface writes:

They really do look like neo-Nazis.

Wed Jul 21 2010 5:39PM Report
SlyLoK writes:

Being able to use 3 of  the talent trees will not stop people from using the most efficient builds. The boards will be full of " Best DPS build? / Best Tank Build? "..ect.

The game looks pretty good but these devs are fooling themselves if they expect anything more than the usual process with the soul setup.

Wed Jul 21 2010 5:43PM Report
gorillaz951 writes:

*Yawn* Oh, sorry! What did I miss? I fell asleep half-way during the video...

Nothing new here really. Just a talent system with advanced classes. Ideas like this are all the same; They may give you options, but how many of those will actually prove to be viable? I'm sure within a few months of the game going live  that a few people will have already determined "The Best Build for <Insert Class Here>".

Wed Jul 21 2010 6:23PM Report
LodenDSG writes:

I look forward to giving it a try, I like the idea of multi-classing but like others have mentioned its a very easy system to get wrong heres hoping they get it right.

On the up side miss-ballanced or not the game looks to be fun and after all fun is all that really matters when its said and done hope looks aren't deceving.

Wed Jul 21 2010 7:32PM Report
eycel writes:

I liked the video, had good stuff.  I think it will be fun.  I guess there are a bit of optimisim if this is original or not.  I do belive that some of things there doing is nice story wise, but the gameplay is very similar to alot of whats been released.  As time goes on this will become less popular I think.  Who knows though, I hope rift for all intents and purposes does well. 

Wed Jul 21 2010 7:48PM Report
tswthoradin writes:

this doesnt look all that original to me... I mean wow has three seperate paths you can go down, DAoC had multiple paths, plenty of games have multiple paths. From what this said i don't know if you can pick a warrior soul and a mage soul, or if there is just multiple warrior souls you can pick from if you are a warrior. Seems kind of a week point to hinge a game on.

Wed Jul 21 2010 8:14PM Report
catmaykate writes:

Doesnt look to bad, will be watching out for it

Thu Jul 22 2010 5:52AM Report
jonrd463 writes:

I'm kinda on the fence with this one. It's pretty obvious that this is shaping up to be a WoW clone with a couple of twists. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if it's done right, but... well, stop me if you've heard this one before. The thing with WoW clones is that you have to make it different enough to answer the ubiquitous "If I've got a choice between WoW and a clone, why don't I just play WoW?" Trion is going to have to focus religiously on polish. It doesn't matter how cool the talent system works, if it's plagued with choppy animations, scenery glitches, and showstopping bugs, it'll just go the way of Vanguard.


As far as mixing and matching talents for unique character builds, yeah I'm inclined to agree with others. The individual player may think he's doing something special by going his own way, but the Healer/Tank/DPS roles are so ingrained into the collective minds of the player base, any deviation from those cookie cutters is going to get passed up in groups and raids. Maybe not so much in small party-type groups, but definitely raids.

Thu Jul 22 2010 5:57AM Report
Sabbicat writes:

I can already see the number crunchers sharpening thier pencils for this one. The forums will be rife with what combinations will be best for any particular rift formation in no time.

Good luck to those who wish to fly in the face of convention and make thier own combination.

Thu Jul 22 2010 6:31AM Report
pompey606 writes:

Ha Dragonfish I noticed that as well!

Whats up with everyone refering to Boxes in MMOs.

Thu Jul 22 2010 7:55AM Report
Nadriell writes:

So far it all sounds good. if they can impliment it right and balance all classes then multi-classing will be awesome, if they fail at that, give it 4 months and pre-determined builds will start showing up.

anywho, the graphics are nice, but i don't trust what dev's say.. they always hype you up, then you get disappointed.

Thu Jul 22 2010 11:49AM Report
Nadriell writes:

So far it all sounds good. if they can impliment it right and balance all classes then multi-classing will be awesome, if they fail at that, give it 4 months and pre-determined builds will start showing up.

anywho, the graphics are nice, but i don't trust what dev's say.. they always hype you up, then you get disappointed.

Thu Jul 22 2010 11:49AM Report
Hedeon writes:

some in this thread seem to believe you can get mage souls as a tank, even if they said you can pick and choose from souls within your callings (base class)

its only within your own basic class you can get souls, which is 4 sub classes, watch the movie again and hear what they said, and watch the soul systems shown, they all were within their own callings.

only diffrence from talent tree´s or achievements from EQ2 is that its not unique to the class abilities you gain, but simply choose your own combat arts/spells, and how much output you d want from them - which aint bad imo.

but as others mentioned am sure you get the optimal builds threads - but then in raids it would give some options to what role you supposed to fullfill - like if you are a "DPS group healer" you properbly can spend more points in your own DPS abilities, depending how raids works ofc.

Fri Jul 23 2010 6:26AM Report
TJKazmark writes:

I find the core of this game to be extremely interesting, as it  aligns with my own thoughts about how I would lay out an MMO. I look forward to seeing more of what Trion has to offer.

Fri Jul 23 2010 11:31AM Report
Tyrtaeus writes:

lol @ most of the comments in this thread.

EVERY game has builds that are more efficient than others.

Get over it.

Besides that, none of you have any idea what the actual skills are that you get within a calling.  The skills may be so diversified that you might end up with 10 different optimal class builds for each calling.

Fri Jul 23 2010 3:24PM Report
Thedrizzle writes:

I agree with Tyrtaeus..


And the WoW clone term is getting old and almost always miss used. WoW used a number of different ideas from games that preceeded it. New games in the future will always have options that were similiar to games before them. People who say "WoW clown" are quite often 1 chromosome shy of being retarded.

The game looks interesting.  If the PvP is somehow fun and like a "DAOC CLONE" i'll be very pleased and may actually play an MMO again.

Sat Jul 24 2010 3:26AM Report
WSIMike writes:

Very interesting looking game.

Though I do have to agree with several comments in here about how the skill system will, invariably, be reduced down to a handful of "Optimal Builds" that everyone will be expected to have or be considered "gimped".

It's one of those ironies among MMO players that always makes me chuckle, and shake my head at the same time...

Give them a game with strictly defined classes... they complain about lack of options and blame the developers for making it too restricted.

Give them a game with a variety of choices and ways they can combine them to create a build that *they* enjoy playing, they invariably reduce it down to specific cookie-cutter builds that are deemed "how you must play"...  then they complain about the lack of viable options and blame the developers for making it too restricted.

A game could come out that had absolutely zero restrictions on customization... you could be a heavy plate wearing sorcerer with a bow if you want.... players will *still* reduce it down to what they consider "the best builds" and expect everyone else to play the same way.... and then blame the developers for making it too restricted.

It never changes. I don't expect it will change with Rift.

And yes, I know, "But Rift's system will be different..." That's exactly what fans of the previous games have all said... and they ended up the same way. Players are drawn to "having the best build possible" in a game... and no matter how the game is set up, they will find one.

Sat Jul 24 2010 7:32AM Report
Nadriell writes:

Yep... i completely agree with WSIMike..... my names Nadriell and I approve this message.

Sat Jul 24 2010 12:34PM Report
Vesavius writes:

I also agree with Mike, but I don't think thats the game's fault at all.

All Trion can do is offer the chance to be creative and different in our builds, we can hardly blame them if we don't take it.

Sun Jul 25 2010 3:27PM Report
Tyraell91 writes:

This was like WoW talants :D

Wed Jul 28 2010 12:05AM Report
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Thu Jul 29 2010 8:21PM Report
zaylin writes:

looks very cool, ill have to keep an eye on this now.

Sun Aug 01 2010 3:53PM Report
haibane writes:

Well FFXI kinda invented the system (if you pass on UO classes based on %), it was a good idea, and allowed mixity back then, to a certain extent.

If they play their cards right it can be interesting, but classes got to be balanced somehow, and i don't know if you can create "synergy" classes (like in FFXI war + healer = paladin).

We'll see how it goes, nothing new here, pretty hard to balance but why not, if the world's good, the content follows and there's some controlled PVP it can be interesting.

Mon Aug 16 2010 1:39AM Report
Metza writes:

game looks ok, I really dont get why they have to try and come up with "other names" like "souls" when as far as the video has shown I see little difference between that and the basic wow "talent tree" or alot of mmo's that use the same system. They try and make it look and sound new but its the same old crap with a new name

Thu Sep 02 2010 2:26PM Report
Hokie writes:

I guessing Metza that if they used the same words that someone would say.

"I really dont get why they have to use the same names like "talent trees" when they could try using some thing different like maybe "souls", braches", and "roots". Why make it look and sound the same, when at least they should a least give it a new name so it sets themselves apart."

Truth to tell it looks more Warhammer-ish than WoW to me. But either way I have to say I just a little more excited for this than I am ToR. And I really, really want a good sci-fi MMO.

Mon Sep 20 2010 11:12PM Report
hidden1 writes:

Hmm, an interesting hook on collecting all possible souls.  Interesting, reminds me of Pokemon's idea of "gotta catch them all".  This could prove to be a very interesting game mechanic that could prove to be irresistable to that "little collector" in all us gamers.  We'll have to wait and see...

Tue Oct 12 2010 2:06PM Report