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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Last time you felt real emotion/anxiety/adrenaline?

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6/30/13 5:45:43 AM#41
Originally posted by Tierless

Poor guy was knee deep in mobs when I happened upon him.

  OP must really be a coward! This attitude is why PvP put me off.


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6/30/13 5:45:57 AM#42
Every time I play DayZ.

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6/30/13 5:59:25 AM#43

For me it was probably back in Everquest 2, roaming around the opposing factions city zone getting my first taste of open world pvp.


This was my first foray into the MMO space and everything was so new to me; I had this massive immersive game world to explore and it was a sensation like nothing I had ever felt before. The thrill of coming across enemy players only added to this and gave the world a real sense of danger and opportunity.


I remember often attacking players a number of levels higher than me and it was such a rush chasing them around the zone, trying to get that victory. Sometimes they would make it to a griffon tower and fly away, but I would be right behind them in pursuit, chasing them back n' forth across half the zone, both myself and them picking up stragglers along the way, and having the fight slowly evolve into a tug of war between two medium size groups,, all happening dynamically out in the open world. That's what pvp was all about and I was hooked!


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6/30/13 6:08:06 AM#44
Mmo wise - my first mmo - after that it was all the same story Right now even though its not an mmo " Ths Last of Us " will get you emotionally invovled. Minimize any thing that be distracting to you and make sure you have a good headset. I promise you will feel emotion to the least.

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6/30/13 6:29:14 AM#45

I dunno, like at least several times a week for the past 3 months?  I'm playing an older version of a favorite MMO and I chose to level up my character for a significant portion of his life in the open world frontiers where I could be ganked at any moment. (and on some occasions was)

But then again, there were a few times I came across the enemy first, and if so, they went down if I could make it happen.  No regret whether being the ganker or the gankee, everyone in the open world area knew the risks so no harm, no foul.

Now that I'm up near the top, I regularly go out with my guild and we do whatever it takes to harass our two enemy realms outside of gray kill, just not something we sanction.

Back when I played EVE there were some real adrenaline rushes, every time I snuck into low sec to complete a mission, or trying to get through gate camps between high sec and 0.0.   Nothing like trying to bring a 3 or 4 billion in ship assets back in to high sec 1 ship at a time and trying to make sure never to get caught.  Most times I pulled it off, but sometimes....oops...boom I went.

So point it, there still are MMO's that can provide that same feeling in a game, but if your experience has been largely more modern theme park games (because you can actually get that same rush in PVE if its designed right) then you probably can't relate to the above experiences.


In my day MMORPG's were sooooo hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow....uphill both ways.
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6/30/13 6:55:16 AM#46
This thread got me thinking. I have been bouncing around from MMO to MMO over the past few months, and realized I only ever felt this way in one MMO. DF:UW; can't recall why I quit, probably frustration, but this post just got me to resub :-DDD

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6/30/13 7:18:20 AM#47

To me anxiety and adrenaline rush are the cheap emotions on the gaming spectrum, so not something that is remarkable. Many PvP situations fall in this one from early Diablo1 and UO days to AoC.

I do remember feeling joy, elation and sadness, even having tears rolling down my eyes while playing Journey on PS3, it was a very emotional experience for me.

There was a chronicle quest in Rift that had me choked up and it was completely unexpected, really caught me by surprise - it was the one where you go to Sanctum and as you are walking all the guards started bowing down to my character saying thanks, it got me.

Lots of moments of happiness too - I remember smiling and feeling so happy when I raised my first mount from a little pup in ArcheAge, or just riding around feeling a sense of awe looking at amazing world XL built in AA.

I think this varies greatly from person to person, I was emotionally shut down for most of my life (the whole men don't cry upbringing), but about 8 years ago it all changed. Being able to express and feel things naturally without judging myself has been one of the most liberating changes in my life.




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OP  6/30/13 8:49:02 AM#48

Isn't it a bit ironic to claim you don't get emotionally vested in an MMO while being emotional about me ganking someone in a FFA PVP MMO? That seems a bit contradictory. Have you ever PVPed, or better yet, played an FPS? I have a sneaking suspicion you have played an FPS at some point or another. Did you kill other characters in that game? By your logic that would make you a psycopath.

When you decide to play a game like DF you accept you WILL be on the losing end of that situation many times. It's part of why we play those games, the constant threat is exciting. Risking everything your carrying every time you step out is exciting. Your statements and lash back about killing a character in a FFA PVP game make me believe you have trouble differentiating between real life and video games which I find far scarier thank a gank.

I was emotional because I wasn't good at PVP and the only reason I found him was that I was running for my life. I saw him, saw he was near death and attempted to take advantage of the situation just like 99% of other FFA PVP players would.

It was my first kill in DF and it was intense, not because I was murdering an avater, but because I knew the other players would be coming along behind me shortly. On top of that the mobs in that area were nearly 2 shotting me. On top of that (judging by his gear and him mauling 3 mobs at once) he was WAY WAY more powerful than I was. He probably would have 1 shot me had he gotten the chance. On top of that I had to snag his loot because it was all upgrade stuff for me (as a scrub it was like the lottery, I even got a 2nd mount!) before the people chasing me arrived and mauled me. They did appear on the horizon and I had to mount up and run away again, the entire time fearing I would lose my life and loot before I could get to the bank. It was literally a 20min run and I dodged arrows the entire time while they were msging me saying I would regret not letting them get me now and that they would make it worse for me later if I didn't stop (they may in fact have been psychopaths)!

All that risk and I accomplished my first DF victory and got great loot in the process! There was a lot more to it than ganking. Ganking doesn't excite me. Beating a higher level player with great gear that you obtain, yeah that's pretty exciting for most MMO players with a pulse. In fact, showing no emotion in that situation might mean your a psychopath, because most psychopaths DONT FEEL OR SHOW EMOTIONs in those situations.

You can pretend that you don't get excited about things like getting an epic loot drop in an MMO. Maybe it's "cooler" to pretend you are a robot that doesn't get excited about entertainment but I have a suspicion that you do get excited in games, that you do have fun, if you didn't you wouldn't play them. Emotion and entertainment are linked. If you had no emotion, if you had no care for the entertainment, it wouldn't be entertaining would it?

I will agree with you that players that play MMOs just to gank, and gankers that do it compulsively probably do have some stability issues. Like I said, I love PVP despite not being good at it, and can't tell you how creepy I thought it was being corpse camped for DAYS, or going to the same road and finding the same ganker there every day for months. That is just creepy lol.


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6/30/13 9:07:28 AM#49
Originally posted by DamonVile

The most emotional game I ever played was world of tanks....but that was mostly rage. There were however many moments where you did something that even amazed yourself and won the battle against all odds.

The most connected I ever felt to a story was the sith warrior in SWTOR. I cheered, laughed and ever had jaw dropping moments thinking wow that was awesome. then I got to end game and it was like walking off a cliff.

Hah! I just started playing WoT's again, and I can relate. Mostly it's rage...because there are SO MANY @$$hole$ in that game.

Just had a match a few days ago where I was the last team member in my Medium Vk 36.01 (Because the rest of the team did the tactics beyond rushing out trying to get the highest kill count and getting picked off 1 by 1) against 3 Heavies, 2 Mediums, and a TD and won. Had my heart racing pretty good and was great fun.


But on topic...EQ1...and never since.


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6/30/13 9:37:03 AM#50
Originally posted by Shadowguy64

My last time?


When I was on my female shadow priest and some dude wanted to cyborz.... 


Twi'leks in Star Wars Galaxies were the worst bro let me tell ya! 

Like x 56

  User Deleted
6/30/13 10:45:24 AM#51

Maybe not like you experienced, but mine was January 1st, 2011 playing EQ (live version). This was a PvE experience.

My Bard, level 18 at the time, was soloing in Crushbone. I cleared out the Orc Slavers and decided to pull Retlon Brenclog. During the fight, my health was dropping fast. I decided to high-tail it out of there and be in a better position to zone if I needed to.

Near the entrance, his pet rooted me. I decided to make a stand. His pet kept rooting me which was both bad and good. Bad that I could not run away, yet good that it was not damaging me :)

(Video is of the last 2 minutes of the fight, rooted near the entrance.)


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6/30/13 10:48:15 AM#52
Beating the Airship fight in the FFXI expansion pack COP. The time limit was something like 45 mins. We beat it with a couple minutes to spare. There were several times we almost failed. One of our party members even died, but he had reraise up.

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6/30/13 10:49:05 AM#53
Originally posted by Electro057
Originally posted by redcapp
Originally posted by Electro057

I cannot relate, what you're looking for seems more like cowardice or maybe some form of derangement or psychopathy?

Seriously?  Feeling emotion = derangement or psychopathy?  Get the hell over yourself, wow.

Well I was referencing more the feeling excitement cause you killed somebody. Most the time that's not healthy. Also elation at killing someone who was disadvantaged, fighting some other force, preoccupied....Seems a bit like cowardice. 

And I can't relate to the sensation that he explained, generally if I cause another person suffering...even in a game...I feel remorse. I prefer co-operative play. *shrug*

I think you have a deranged view of excitement in games if you feel that killing someone in game has any basis on someones excitement to kill someone in real life. You, and people like you are why we have to argue that GTA does not equal wanting to hurt someone in real life. 

To further that, the OP did not ask you to relate to his specific instance he shared. He asked a much simpler question which you obviously failed to grasp.


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6/30/13 10:50:19 AM#54
Originally posted by tedgar
Being  a thief in Ultima Online and stealing  all the mobs. then hiding and watch every one kill then mobs. Then seeing them express their find was funny. then i would go about poisoning them  mind blast then flame strike thats all she wrote most of the time.Unless they have tracking then i was screwed

LOL I remember theifs stealing from the mobs and me clearing them out after. However I never had a theif turn around and get me afterwards. But man that was a bummer lol.


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6/30/13 10:57:03 AM#55
Originally posted by craftseeker
Originally posted by Tierless

 My first gank. Poor guy  It was intense, like so much in that game. I miss that in MMOs.

Sad that you can only feel emotion when you are acting like a douche bag.  Someone else made some comments about mental health, I will forgo that and just say I feel sad for your parents.

I pretty well much did the same thing in Darkfall the first time I played. It was also the only time I did it too. It was just testing the boundaries of the game. And it was actually intense. They nearly got away. They were more experienced then me but I got the jump on them. Not normally like me to do that kind of thing, but it was fun. I did have people attempt the same on me after. It actually made the game more fun. It made it intense. I would be working at getting some decent weapons, having a good time killing off enemies only to have someone try and sneak up and take it all away. The escape to safety/help was awesome. Such a bummer when I failed, but it made it all that more intense to play.



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6/30/13 10:57:29 AM#56

Darkfall PvP sub-topic: I loved this.  Most of the rush comes from the question of whether or not you will make it through, not so much that you are ganking someone.  Are his/her guildmates just around the corner?  Will I survive?  I remember a 1 vs. 1 fight  that lasted 2-3 minutes because we kept self-healing as we fought.  We started in a valley and ended on the mountain tops.  Afterward we lol'd and told each other good job.  Getting killed in Darkfall PvP isn't something to ragequit over.  It's status quo.

More recently...I'd have to say in Guild Wars 2 WvW about a year ago, and I still get that feeling in death matches in several games I play.

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6/30/13 11:04:55 AM#57

raiding or pvp'ing in salem gives massive adrenaline rushes

(full loot permadeath open-pvp sandbox)


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6/30/13 11:06:37 AM#58
Originally posted by Tierless

When was the last time MMO you felt any of the above in an MMO? Mine would be Darkfall original. My first gank. Poor guy was knee deep in mobs when I happened upon him. I was such a lowb I had to use my mount to kill him, which I did. Then I had to run away as the mobs were nearly 1 shotting me. I had to run to the corpse, loot a bit, run away, heal, repeat 5 or 6 times. The entire time I kept thinking "oh god he is coming back to get me". It was intense, like so much in that game. I miss that in MMOs.

When I play WAR and when I play dota 2


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6/30/13 11:12:00 AM#59
Every time I've passed from hisec to losec in EVE has been an exercise in testing the limits of my arrhythmia.

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6/30/13 11:20:50 AM#60
Originally posted by AlBQuirky

Maybe not like you experienced, but mine was January 1st, 2011 playing EQ (live version). This was a PvE experience.

My Bard, level 18 at the time, was soloing in Crushbone. I cleared out the Orc Slavers and decided to pull Retlon Brenclog. During the fight, my health was dropping fast. I decided to high-tail it out of there and be in a better position to zone if I needed to.

Near the entrance, his pet rooted me. I decided to make a stand. His pet kept rooting me which was both bad and good. Bad that I could not run away, yet good that it was not damaging me :)

(Video is of the last 2 minutes of the fight, rooted near the entrance.)

Nice job. That brings back fond memories. I was actually kind of nervous watching the video lol.


Ahhhh...the days when fights were down to the wire. Now you can gung-ho into a group of mobs and destroy them pretty easily. =/ Where is the fun in that?

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