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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Last time you felt real emotion/anxiety/adrenaline?

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6/30/13 3:16:32 AM#21
Being  a thief in Ultima Online and stealing  all the mobs. then hiding and watch every one kill then mobs. Then seeing them express their find was funny. then i would go about poisoning them  mind blast then flame strike thats all she wrote most of the time.Unless they have tracking then i was screwed

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6/30/13 3:16:49 AM#22

My real first time and only time I had adrenaline rush while playing was back in 2004 I think, I had play EVE since launch 2003 and haven't really PVPed much mainly frig fights.

I got my first battleship and back then battleship were really really expensive, our Alliance NORAD was enganged in the first galactic war that was named The great Northern war, I join a fleet this was my first fleet battle I had and basicly I did fly something that I couldnt afoard do lose, yes I broke the very first rule of EVE back then but I can't be helped, the Alliance needed every pilot they could get their hands on so we could invade the Phoenix alliance space.

We jumped in to the system and the local chat were flashing red, tright there and then my adrenaline and heart were pumping, ships were locking on to me I locked on to them and the battle raged.

As I sead I had PVPed before but I used frigs because I could afoard losing some, now I was flying a Megatron and euqiped it so it was a blasterthron which meant I needed to get up close.

Man what a fight.

Here is a History lesson what the great nothern war really was all about

If it's not broken, you are not innovating.


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6/30/13 3:17:12 AM#23
stealing mobs gold i meant

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6/30/13 3:35:45 AM#24

I feel that in almost every game:

Rift when a fight is close or in a constested area.

Age of Wushu when kidnapping or robbing escort carts

Some of the stories in SW:TOR

All the way back to EQ when coming up on my first Deity creature.

I love games a lot so it's very easy for me to get into the worlds, the people and the stories that intertwine with them the better the story and world the easier.

Theres only a few MMOs that i've not been able to get into or left me with a bleh feeling but I won't go into what those are because it will just cause flame wars.

Help me Bioware, you're my only hope.

Is ToR going to be good? Dude it's Bioware making a freaking star wars game, all signs point to awesome. -G4tv MMo report.


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6/30/13 3:40:48 AM#25

Darkfall 1.



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6/30/13 3:41:11 AM#26
Originally posted by Electro057

I cannot relate, what you're looking for seems more like cowardice or maybe some form of derangement or psychopathy?

That's MMORPG Open World PvP in a nutshell.


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Just because you can't be nice, doesn't mean you shouldn't.

6/30/13 3:42:22 AM#27
Conquer online, my first time killing and then getting killed in an MMORPG.

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6/30/13 3:43:51 AM#28

I had tons of them emotions in old EQ may it of been when i soloed my first sand giant or when me and my friend duoed boss mobs for the  ubber loot or breaking into fear and my chanter keeping 20 or more mobs locked down with stuns .

I feel sorry for any of you guys who haven't felt these things from a mmo but i guess if you haven't played before 2004 then with most of the junk that is out there these days then you wont.


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6/30/13 3:55:40 AM#29

EvE about 3yrs ago


I just bought 5 full sets of Capital BPO's and 2 of each freighter BPO from someone for  a bargain price (somet like 35bill) , but , biggest problem they were 10/12 jumps from where i build things in Amarr.. So needless to say they needed moving

Now any one who has played eve and flown an Orca / Freighter would know they are painfully slow, and when carrying something like 35bill you know your going to be BIG RED target to gankers.

So Orca would be best choice - corp hangers can't be scanned, but again pain slowly

So i decided to use the "Road-Runner-Meep-Meep" theorum - I jumped in my "zephyr" - which was a free ship, but with 0 defences but godly fast

So there i was carrying 35-50bill of BPOs in a ship that could be almost 1 shot by a n00b ship i did make it, but definatly a rush


To give someone an example of real cash value, at time a PLEX (30days gtc) was about 350mill so it would be eqivalent of 100 of these, in real cash £1500-£1800

So yep nuts in mouth but was fun :)

This post is all my opinion, but I welcome debate on anything i have put, however, personal slander / name calling belongs in game :) were of course your welcome to call me names im often found lounging about in EvE online.
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6/30/13 4:08:12 AM#30
If by 'anxiety' you mean existential angst, then yes, all the time - especially when I settle down for extended or multi-day-in-a-row play sessions without doing anything else. Really get the sinking feeling that I'm not doing something I should be doing with my life instead...

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here to counter

6/30/13 4:16:07 AM#31 2.....Monato esprit...Mabinogi - age of conan - path of exile ....


not  ever in guildwars 2 actually ...but definately today many times in the FFXIV beta 


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6/30/13 4:36:39 AM#32
Originally posted by Tierless

 My first gank. Poor guy  It was intense, like so much in that game. I miss that in MMOs.

Sad that you can only feel emotion when you are acting like a douche bag.  Someone else made some comments about mental health, I will forgo that and just say I feel sad for your parents.


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6/30/13 4:39:41 AM#33

Cyb0r..? Oh, wait, not exactly what the op was asking about. Sorry.


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6/30/13 4:59:25 AM#34

Demon's Souls. Took to liking to see how far I'd get as a human before dying on my first run through. Went through all of 2 without dying; passed the armored spider, the traps, the explosions, the officers (I forgot their correct name - the guys with the fire spells and halberds), fire bugs, the drop (which I thought would kill me) and reached Flame Lurker.

That... that was intense. My euphoria of beating him without dying was short lived when the archdemon boss killed me in one punch. Ah well, that's Demon's Souls for ya.

In the MMOs world, on the pug runs I tank through and things go bad and there's 3 additional groups. It's a rush when you desperately try to not wipe as a group and I'm fighting to tank what's coming and keep control. I mostly remember moments from wow tanking as a warrior and Steel Rake runs in Aion when I was first going through it.  

Or actually this one moment during a Kaidan run (sort of an open instance area where every mob is a group elite) where a party got overwhelmed, started running and came onto mine while we were handling our group. When they realized they had trained us, they turned around and started trying to help out. Then more started aggro'ing from everywhere and it turned into this giant clusterf of two parties trying desperately to not fully wipe. That was a hell of a rush, and felt nice when the dust settled and both of our parties were OK with only 1 or 2 deaths.

Back in my teens, I was all about open pvp in vanilla WoW. I ganked equal and higher levels, ate the ganks as well. The rush came when they would come back with a friend and I'd pull through just a few short HPs from death by carefully timing the pummels, int shouts and interceptions (I was always a war ;P). I'd quickly cannibilize one (Undead ftw) before getting out of dodge before some other group would run into my half hp self.

But that was in the leveling stages of vanilla wow when everyone mostly ran around in unenchanted greens, where you actually had time to really react and adapt. WoW PVP turned into 1 second 2 crit burst deaths at max level, and that became incredibly lame to me. Moved from PvP to a PvE'r since then, and I guess I never really looked back.


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6/30/13 5:01:48 AM#35
Originally posted by Tierless

When was the last time MMO you felt any of the above in an MMO? Min would be Darkfall original. My first gank. Poor guy was knee deep in mobs when I happened upon him. I was such a lowb I had to use my mount to kill him, which I did. Than I had to run away as the mobs were nearly 1 shotting me. I had to run to the corpse, loot a bit, run away, heal, repeat 5 or 6 times. The entire time I kept thinking "oh god he is coming back to get me". It was intense, like so much in that game. I miss that in MMOs.

Umm never. Video games never had that effect on me.

Maybe one or two jump scares while playing Silent Hill 3 but that is it.

"The problem is that the hardcore folks always want the same thing: 'We want exactly what you gave us before, but it has to be completely different.'
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6/30/13 5:15:36 AM#36

  Frustration, boredom. Those are real emotions right. Felt those in most games I've tried in the past few years.

  Anxiety or an adrenaline rush, Ive felt those in DayZ latest of all. But before that I had plenty of those in EVE and DAoC. 

  Joy, pride, a sense of accomplishment. A bit rarer. Gotta live through the anxiety and adrenaline rush to get to that usually.

  Pure nerd rage... too often.


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6/30/13 5:26:16 AM#37
The only time i felt those type of emotions was way back playing Anarchy Online, defending those towers from the Omni, definitely felt anxiety and adrenaline. The last was WoW again in open world PvP. Nothing else has come close to providing that level of excitement.

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In der ruhe kommt die kraft.

6/30/13 5:28:48 AM#38

Going 70/0 in the original Counter-Strike before the bunny hop fix, that always got my blood pumping. And the amount of "HACKS!" spam I got was funny, I was banned from soooooo many servers for them just being suspicious. Those were the golden days... Now I'm old and suck playing against kids 2 times younger than me with better reflexes.



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6/30/13 5:37:43 AM#39

Can't remember the last time, but I always get a goose Skin when watching the Anarchy Online intro, till the present day.


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6/30/13 5:44:58 AM#40
Originally posted by craftseeker
Originally posted by Tierless

 My first gank. Poor guy  It was intense, like so much in that game. I miss that in MMOs.

Sad that you can only feel emotion when you are acting like a douche bag.  Someone else made some comments about mental health, I will forgo that and just say I feel sad for your parents.

Come on now, don't you think you are being hypersensitive? He ganked someone in a FFA pvp game, it's really quite trivial! Saying you feel sad for his parents is just silly.


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