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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » You can only play 1 mmo the next 5yrs(free of charge)!

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OP  5/08/13 7:27:46 PM#21
Originally posted by David_Lopan
Originally posted by Slappy1
Originally posted by David_Lopan
Probably LOTRO or Vanguard because community is key at this point (5 years is along time).

Yep,5 yrs is a long time.That lengthy time period is what has me curious,the commitment.Which game is worth it to you?

   Either one but honestly, Vanguard may (i say MAY, not will) shutdown in that time span, so LOTRO it is :)

Yea hate to say it,but if any SOE game has a shot at being shut down,Vanguard may be a strong candidate.Nothing against the game,but...

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5/08/13 7:29:25 PM#22

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5/08/13 7:30:11 PM#23
Originally posted by spookydom
If I had to pick one it would be Eve. 

   Yeah Eveonline

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5/08/13 7:30:31 PM#24

Current MMO: EQ2 - it's tough and there are a lot of things I don't like about EQ2, but if it can only be one MMO for 5 years this is definitely a safe bet as it's the only MMO with enough content to sustain me for 5 years.

Upcoming MMO:  Wildstar - Another tough choice as I really want to say Black Desert here and with no info about EQNext it would be too risky to put down here, but I'm not sure that game is going to feature enough content for 5 straight years without becoming repetitive, but on the other hand Wildstar catering to the 1% means there should be a lot of content for someone playing it at a very hardcore level.

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5/08/13 7:34:17 PM#25

EVE Online


  • - they have a road map for at least the next three years of development
  • - the playerbase is constantly growing
  • - there will be free expansions and updates every year
  • - I've been playing for eight years and don't see my fascination with the game fading any time soon

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5/08/13 7:35:29 PM#26
Its not out yet but wildstar and whats out even though i said i would never go back probly wow if it was free

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5/08/13 7:47:06 PM#27

There is not a single MMO available in North America today that I have the least bit of interest in playing for five years.  There are a few upcoming titles that I *hope* might have that kind of longevity, but I have my doubts.


Eve might be a good choice though, even though I've tried and failed to get into it multiple times.



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5/08/13 7:51:34 PM#28
The only MMO I've ever played that would possibly hold me that long is SWG pre-cu. That would be my pick, but it would have to be just like it was on Bloodfin around early 2004.

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5/08/13 11:02:07 PM#29

Basically clicking away text windows ruins every MMO, try to have fun instead of rushing things. Without story and lore all there is left is a bunch of mechanics.
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5/08/13 11:04:29 PM#30

i'd say GW2 because i keep going back to it, but maybe EvE because there's just so much there. ... nah GW2. and oh wait. it's already free. lackaday, what is this world coming to?

EDIT: or maybe DFUW. i sense promise in it, and it's fun to play for a few hours then drop, which is what i need from my MMOs.


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5/09/13 12:56:51 AM#31

My Game for the past month or so has been Salem: The Crafting MMO.


I would probably choose this or Haven and Hearth, and just have one enormous settlement at the end of the five years, probably end up creating a town. 

I would choose either of these just because I could keep progressing my characters learning all the skills, exploring the darkness, crafting all the items, maxing my abilities. It is pretty open gameplay, and the graphics in either game dont bother me one bit, I actually find them charming.


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5/09/13 11:10:22 PM#32
If we could get them repopulated? Ultima Online.


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5/10/13 3:28:42 AM#33


Which I will probably play the next 5 years subbed.

Unless somebody comes along and give me a better game ... which seems highly unlikely.


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5/10/13 3:32:27 AM#34

None.  There are no current mmo's I could play beyond 3 months and most last more like 6 weeks before I move on.  

Since mmo's these days are generally designed as single player games I generally treat them as single player games with the same longevity.  


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5/10/13 3:33:25 AM#35
Neverwinter for games already released.  If I got to chose a game in development it would be ESO.

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5/10/13 3:35:55 AM#36

Thats a hard one really..


I think out of the current games it would either be Eve or Project Entropia.. i cant see myself playing any of the other currently available MMORPGs for 5 years without jumping off a cliff after the first few mnoths..

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5/10/13 3:36:51 AM#37

TSW for current mmos

Archeage for upcoming.

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5/10/13 4:31:54 AM#38
For me, its easy.  Wildstar.  Game is looking great.


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5/10/13 4:44:49 AM#39

:scratches and yawns: City of Heroes.

What? You didn't say it had to be a live mmo.

I wanted to go somewhere where a RP community still existed. :shrug:

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5/10/13 4:55:05 AM#40
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