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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Why does no MMORPG have population based mob spawning?

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4/25/13 6:30:11 AM#21
Originally posted by Mors.Magne

Darkfall Unholy Wars does.


Mob sizes and spawn rates both increase as the number of players present increases.



The spawns increase in increments of 3, so 3/6/9 players increase the basic single player spawn rate.


Also, some spawns are dependent on the day/night cycle.


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4/25/13 7:02:46 AM#22

  UO tried from launch to do an ecology based monster spawn system. Wherein players would have to responcibly manage what was killed and to what degree as one animal fed on another and the food chain was crucial for all animals to survive...within about a week they had to pull that and drop in a standard time elapse respawn system for monsters. Because the players killed EVERYTHING indiscriminantly. Though, it probably would have helped if they had not assumed players as a collective were smart enough to figure out that the game had an ecology (they didn't actually tell players that is how the game worked at the time)...


That's just an early example of what can happen when you change things up too much, too quickly. It's hard to stray to far from what is known to work... it's a dice roll every time. The one thing that cannot be predicted what-so-ever in an MMOG is how players will respond to content upon release.


Mobs spawning mostly at the same rate and numbers in the same areas. That is stability. It's nice when a game has some sort of compensary thing for higher population in place. That equates to stability with adaptability for if it would otherwise become unstable. But, if you choose to try and get away from that, you have to assume that the one thing which is most likely to throw a monkey wrench in your plan, and least likely to what will occur and in a worse way then you thought. Some elements of MMOG should just be left alone. Because they mostly work. And, we don't want them broken alltogether right?

  User Deleted
4/25/13 7:06:55 AM#23
LOTRO had a system that increased or decreased the spawns due to the number of people in a zone and increased the speed at which something spawns, at first it was bugged and would cause things to just popup entirely too quickly.

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4/25/13 7:24:33 AM#24
Originally posted by ichihaifu

You can already do this, but there is no point to it and its not what MMORPG's are for.

If you do not enjoy the said MMO element of games, you're better off playing single player RPG's.

What are MMOs for? Linear Stories? Tiny Instanced PvP?


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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”- Henry Ford

4/25/13 7:34:05 AM#25
Originally posted by itgrowls
LOTRO had a system that increased or decreased the spawns due to the number of people in a zone and increased the speed at which something spawns, at first it was bugged and would cause things to just popup entirely too quickly.


And that kind of thing happens...mainly because a company is either using one same proprietary engine for most of their games that they built when they started and upgrade once in a while. or because they are using a crank out MMOG engine like ogre....few actually build their own engine to the needs of their game from the ground up. it's quicker and easier to use one already in existance through fair use or license. And in-so-much developers are ristricted with what they can do by the game engine they are using. Every single one has it's advantages and limitations. So, it isn't just about what they should do but what they reasonably can do. Some things are simply too radical based soley in that the game engine won't support it correctly.


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4/25/13 7:38:07 AM#26

I really dont see any point in this thread.

What the OP describes is IMHO a perfectionally reasonable respawn timer.



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4/25/13 7:44:02 AM#27
Originally posted by DocBrody


I have a question: why has no MMORPG done this? Or ist there one which does it?

Coming from single player RPGs I now play some MMORPG titles which are not exactly "over populated" and each one of them, even if I am completely alone in an area, spawns mobs like crazy!

Go inside some cave, kill mobs until you get to your objective, when you are going back and outside mobs have already re-spawned and you kill the same guys again?

I understand if there are many people around, but this also happens off prime time when there is just a handful of people in an entire region. Why is there not an intelligent system to check how many people are actually around who "need" the mobs?

It would be much more immersive and give a better feeling of accomplishment if mobs would be gone if you killed them, instead of having to mow through the SAME mobs again.

I think this should be standard for any MMO which wants to simulate a little more realism.


Doc B


The new Darkfall Unholy Wars has population based mob spawning, for every 3 players it increases not only how fast the mobs respawn but how many respawn as well.


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OP  4/25/13 9:38:13 AM#28
Originally posted by rojo6934

Why not make the AI smarter so the mobs are passive and if you get too close instead of building aggro the mob actually build fear and move away. You want to kill it? you have crowd control to stop it form running away, thats more realistic and should work better than just having dumb mobs standing there waiting for you to build aggro and kill them where they stand. And if its a hostile mob you dont want to fight you can sneak around, or just fight it and he can also try to run away if dying.


As for the respawn, make respawning more realistic. You are in a cave, you clearly killed everyone in there, you want more mobs? they will come from the entrance instead of just magically spawning in front of you. You killed every mob in the wild area near you? respawns will come running from a far enough distance that you dont see them spawning from thin air. But not just running in line every time you kill them, next!, rinse and repeat... thats boring and equally crappy. Let it happen naturally, the respawns dont even have to be routed to the same place the last respawn was. Theres room for new features like dynamic mob behavior.


Theres no excuse that the company cant handle more creativity than what we have today and blame resources or money or whatever when they clearly can handle a full mmorpg with many servers. The only way we will get rid of boring repetitive tasks in mmos is by being more creative with content and how that content works.


this is exactly what I would like too, agree with all of the above.

In my opinion, simple respawning based on a standard timer is just lazy programming which has been going on far too long in many MMORPGs! Time to make MMO worlds and their NPCs feel more alive and realistic!


Doc B

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