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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » How much have you spent on MMOs?

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4/20/13 11:59:04 PM#21
Hard to know what I have spent but I have also made a lot off a few games so problaby over all I am at a loss but not a huge loss.  Probably like -$500 to $750 but been playing MMO's starting in 99.


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Joined: 8/06/11
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4/21/13 12:05:44 AM#22

All factored in?

Game boxes alone probably $600 - $700

Subscriptions since '99 - $1000 - $1200

Game systems with the express reason of playing MMOs including various upgrades - $8000 - $10000 (over a 14 year period)

F2P Cash shops - $300


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Joined: 4/19/13
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4/21/13 12:14:01 AM#23
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4/21/13 12:16:42 AM#24

Over the past near 20 years that I've been playing these online games ... thousands of dollars on games and thousands more on PC systems. It started with just me, then me and the wife ... then son as well. Its gotten a little cheaper since the boy is near 30 and pays for his own crap now ... but over all the years and all the game, I DREAD to think how much cash has gone into this hobby.

In the long run though, its been alot cheaper than my other passtimes, hell over all it's probably cheaper than my cable bills over the years so I dont begrudge a single cent.

Had some good times, also played some pretty fail games that only lasted a month. Roll the dice take your chances. As for teh OP spending thousands on various F2Ps, thats totally his call. If he has a job that supports it all good and its still probably cheaper than ALOT of other hobbies. Try boating, Off-roading or a million other hobbies and they all work out more expensive than the few thousand hes spent. Hell I have a friend who thinks nothing of the $6000 hes sunk into RC trucks this past year.

Different strokes for different folks. As long as your enjoying your hobbies who's to tell you how much is too much to spend on it.


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Joined: 2/27/08
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4/21/13 2:23:12 AM#25
I honestly have no clue in total, whatever it happens to come out to at $15 a month sub costs plus box costs for the various games I've played.  As far as cash shop, I've never spent a penny and I will never spend a penny in any cash shop, ever.

Played: UO, EQ, WoW, DDO, SWG, AO, CoH, EvE, TR, AoC, GW, GA, Aion, Allods, lots more
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4/21/13 2:49:02 AM#26

I lost count, but the only money spend on MMORPG was sub-fee and/or box price.

Never spend money in a cashshop and if the game isn't fun without using the cashshop then it's simply not my type of game.

I do however buy things in a cashshop if the game gives me earned ingame coins/credits by pure playing the game, but never with real money transfers.


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4/21/13 2:51:08 AM#27

over 3k $ since 1998 :P if i count both P2P and F2P ...boxes,subs, ingame shops...etc


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Joined: 1/28/13
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4/21/13 9:42:59 AM#28
Originally posted by xKopogerox

Last year I got my WOW divorce. I haven't spent $ on new MMO since January, 2011 (DCUO only cuz it was $35 with promo) Everything else since failed to attract me enough to spend $. Guess I'm not the graph they are targetting (veteran, experienced players) I have 0 respect toward games who arent doing their best and taking risk to make something more than what we already have. I have 0 respect toward companies that aren't willing to risk much, while expecting I bite the hook.

I tell you whatever concept/mechanics current B2P/P2P offering is not too far or as equal if not worse than what many F2P MMO's are offering.

I'm just proud I didn't spend a dime on anything new that came out last 2½ years, cuz I know it feels good knowing that I helped genre evolve and refuse to play whats handed to me for the price they asking.

I'll most likely spend $ on one new MMO mid 2014 and that's a big maeby. Until then I'll keep trying F2P models or do other activities irl to pass the time.

I strongly believe if 20% of MMO playerbase did what I did in last 2 and a half years, companies would merge and deliver MMO's aimed for the mature, veteran audience, cuz at the end it's better to make some income than no income at all.

If anything exceptional comes out in the market it will be either from SOE or big maeby from Titan (Blizzard new project). They both have history in making great games that kept me interested for prolong time and that's exacly what I'm looking. Richard Garrot with his Shroud of Avatar is also in the mix. He was part of Ultima Online, another epic MMO that gave me memorable experience when I got into the genre.




yeah, i bet you moved the genre forward with your "wow marriage" and i bet you will move it to the next level by playing titan ( which is rumored to be even more casual than wow)

There are a great deal of games with defferentiating formulas which definitely do not attract the mainstream casual mmo player ( TSW, EVE, Age of Wushu). It just seems you do not have the patience and understanding to play those games.

All you do is claim to be non-mainstream and wanting a "real deep mmo", while i reality you are just looking for your next "world of warcraft" with better graphics.

You are not better than the casual instant gratificational masses, maybe even worse.



Advanced Member

Joined: 4/28/06
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4/21/13 9:48:28 AM#29

Not a clue, but i'm I'm willing to bet the most was for Neverwinter Nights when AOL used to charge by the minute to log in.  I'd imagine followed by UO which i had a sub for 6 or so years.


I started MMOing in '94 with NWN, and I've had at least one sub every month since, until very recently.

Its a lot  : /


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Joined: 1/07/13
Posts: 41

I know how important it is to you that you keep up with my strength level.

4/21/13 12:55:45 PM#30

The only game I paid for was, Final Fantasy XI when it first dropped for the PC.

And I am still playing the game now, so I really don't know how much I am spending or will spend in the future.

I would just say, I have the right to call myself a, "Loyal Fan" of the game.


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"But it was so artistically done..." - Grand Admiral Thrawn's final words

4/21/13 1:34:21 PM#31

EQ2 - from 2004 to 2011 - $500 boxes (2 accounts) +  $2,100 for 2 subs - station sony   + maybe $100 for cash shop...

LOTRO - $100 for boxes + $199 for lifetime sub - nothing for cash shop

Aion - $50 for box, cancelled before sub ran out.

Rift - $50 for box, cancelled before sub ran out

AoC - $50 for box, 2 months sub - $30

SWG - $30 for box, sub included in station sony.

WoW - $40 for box, camcelled before sub ran out.

Vanguard - $40 for box, sub included in station sony.

TSW - $15, no sub + $40 for cash shop

EVE - $45 for 3 months sub... going to cancell when it ends as I log in just to set skills, I might renew one day when I need a break from SWTOR.

SWTOR - $160 for box + $200 for sub + $1,200 for cash shop.




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4/21/13 2:09:56 PM#32

Over $10k in the past 20 years...   easily.   (More, if you can't vacation days.)



Today's MMORPG's are about nickle & dimes.. not about anupscale envireonemnt to roleplay in. There is no need to sustain subscription, because nearly all new games are subpar and mediocre. I know some 250 people waiting for a premium subscription game to come along, so they can sink their teeth back into roleplaying.


I have bought nearly every collector's edition out.




"No they are not charity. That is where the whales come in. (I play for free. Whales pays.) Devs get a business. That is how it works."



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4/21/13 2:13:48 PM#33
From 2004 till now one decent car..

Currently playing: HC Diablo 3, DDO
MMORPG experiences:EQ2, AoC(pre f2p), Lotro,GW1,DDO, Aion,WoW( stop with wotlk),Allods, GW2
Waiting On: WoD Sometime Maybe: Elder Scrolls MMO, Might and Magic


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4/21/13 2:34:05 PM#34
Originally posted by Phelcher

Over $10k in the past 20 years...   easily.   (More, if you can't vacation days.)



Today's MMORPG's are about nickle & dimes.. not about anupscale envireonemnt to roleplay in. There is no need to sustain subscription, because nearly all new games are subpar and mediocre. I know some 250 people waiting for a premium subscription game to come along, so they can sink their teeth back into roleplaying.


I have bought nearly every collector's edition out.




Same. 10-15K

EVE got the bigger chunk. SWG was next. Multi boxing Subs being the bigger sinks. If I'm still playing after 3 months chances are they will get paid well.


Novice Member

Joined: 1/28/13
Posts: 66

4/22/13 10:23:24 AM#35
Originally posted by Sevenstar61

SWTOR - $160 for box + $200 for sub + $1,200 for cash shop.









Elite Member

Joined: 12/21/07
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4/22/13 10:35:58 AM#36
I subbed WoW till Dec .. but that is about it. No more money for MMOs. F2P from now on.

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Currently playing EVE, SMITE, ArcheAge, and Combat Arms

4/22/13 10:40:48 AM#37
Easily $10-$15k, if not more. 

I would not mind in game advertising, it does not break gaming ethos. - Scot


Novice Member

Joined: 4/22/13
Posts: 17

4/22/13 10:41:37 AM#38
Around 1000usd, subbed and bought alot of mmorpgs

  User Deleted
4/22/13 1:35:50 PM#39

I bought everything below at launch unless noted. Other than EQ and EQ2, the rest were only subbed no longer than 6 months. EQ 1 and 2 I was subbed for years and own all expansions.

So my guess is 2-3k.

Ultima Online
Asheron’s Call
Anarchy Online (Beta tested and played)
Dark Age of Camelot
Asheron’s Call 2, played one month
Earth and Beyond (beta only, so no cost)
Eve Online
Star Wars Galaxies
Everquest 2 (still play weekend a month)
World of Warcraft
City of Heroes and Villains
Guild Wars
Matrix Online
Tabula Rasa
Age of Conan
Pirates of the Burning Sea
Warhammer Online
Champions Online
Fallen Earth (won a free copy when brand new)
Final Fantasy 14 (the Collector’s Edition, first and last time ever doing that crap)
Star Trek Online (still play, off and on)
DC Universe Online (still play, off and on)
Star Wars The Old Republic (still play)
Guild Wars 2 (play rarely)
The Secret World, bought it at launch, now sold it on ebay!

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