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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » How much weight do you give to metascores?

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Novice Member

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4/12/13 2:26:11 PM#41

All the meta scores can gauge is the rough popularity of the game around launch. They do not convey how good a game is as I have played many games with awful scores that I absolutely loved, and there are many on there with 80+ whilst most people I know regard them as awful (FFXIII and D3 come to mind).

They're too often influenced by hype as well (including the negative backlash of an awful launch).

If the reviewer and user scores match up then there's a good chance the score is accurate but even then I wouldn't take it at face value because it makes no room for personal taste or subjective opinion.



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4/12/13 2:38:25 PM#42
I don't give a damn about it... I judge games by myself as nobody better than me knows what I do like about games and what not.

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4/12/13 3:45:23 PM#43
Originally posted by PWN_FACE

When you consider buying a game, do you look into reviewer scores? How much weight do you give to meta-scores?

Depends. If it is a new game that I do not know much about, I might look at the critic reviews to get an basic idea. Is it an 80-100 game or 50-79 game. I seldom spend many on the latter. However, before buying, I actually check some videos and read few reviews from reputable sites or from those reviewers I have agreed with in the past. I do not care about user ratings unless it is a completely new IP or from relatively unknown developer.

How do you look at metascores when making your decisions about whether to buy or not?

EDIT: Has there ever been a game that had a relatively low metascore (on Steam for example) that you bought and enjoyed and thought deserved better?

I think the critic rating is often pretty good after you give more than few weeks for them to balance out. It does give a relatively good indication of the overall quality. If a game gets a really low score, I do want to test it prior to purchase. If it gets a really good score and is from a genre that I like, I might affect my buying decision more.

I have seen games that I consider somewhat better and games I consider worse. This is usually within 10 to 15 points from the Metacritic score (again critic score, not user score).


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4/12/13 4:01:28 PM#44

Places like Metacritic, I don't even bother looking at. I think the score there is worthless, far too many haters and/or fanboys trying to influence opinions there for any score to taken seriously.


I do read reviews at certain sites, but I tend not to place too high a value on those either. The problem with a lot of these sites is the fact that they depend a lot on revenue from advertising games. If they trash a game they run the risk of the dev/publisher  pulling their adverts and by extension their cash. How many sites gave SWTOR great reviews?


If I can't get into a beta or play some form of trial version I ususally search Youtube for footage of the game, from character creation to gameplay, crafting, skills etc. Anything I can find really. There are also a few Youtube reviewers who's opinions I do value because we seem to share a similar taste in games, people like Total Biscuit for example.


At the end of the day you sometimes just have to take a chance and hope the game doesn't disappoint.


For a game that everyone has trashed that surprised me, Scarlet Blade jumps to mind most recently. There's been a lot of flak flying over this game and I tried it out to see what all the fuss was about. A fun game to my mind. It's not the best game ever but it's far from the worst, and given the shit that's been thrown at it I was quite surprised to find an actual game hiding under the gravity defying boobies.


Novice Member

Joined: 1/16/07
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4/12/13 5:57:46 PM#45
I'm surprised so few people seem to pay attention to reviews. I'll agree that websites rate up a lot of games for money or whatever and you have to be careful, but when was the last time you saw a really decent game with less that a 70 average?

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4/12/13 6:12:04 PM#46


Apprentice Member

Joined: 10/06/09
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4/13/13 9:31:34 PM#47

The critics' metascore? Some weight. A very low rating does mean the game is bad, without exception really. But a high rating doesn't necessarily mean it's good - it certainly doesn't guarantee long-term appeal.

The users' metascore? Absolutely zero weight. If I wanted to know how heavily trolled a game was, or how zealous the fanboys were, then this would be a useful measure. But if I want to know how good the game is, it's completely and utterly useless.

Ultimately, though, it's pretty hard to sell me a game without a demo or trial; and if I've got a demo or trial, I don't really need the reviews.


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Joined: 8/13/09
Posts: 6528

"It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver". - Niccolo Machiavelli

4/13/13 9:42:39 PM#48

am i supossed to do what metascore says? i never go to metacritic for assistance. The user scores and the site scores are most of the time day and night different which makes me think something is not right there. I personally find metacritic stuff more biased than other reviewers outside of it, specially when both user vs critics scores differ by a lot.


thats just me. i prefer other places for my gaming score fix


Novice Member

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4/13/13 9:45:53 PM#49
Some of the best games I have played has had a low metascore so I take it with a grain of salt

Elite Member

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4/22/13 4:46:27 AM#50

Without reviews a metascore gives you only a vague idea. It tells you about how well the hype as worked as much as how good the game is.

If you are using metacritic, check out the reviews, go for the middle ramge ones. Look at what the player reviews say and how they say it.

Basing purchase on anything other than a solid all round review approach is asking for trouble.


Novice Member

Joined: 6/29/06
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4/22/13 5:40:51 AM#51

I personally don't give it much weight.

I tend to read reviewers that has similar tastes to mine (TotalBiscuit / Greg Miller etc) and go from there.

Gdemami -
Informing people about your thoughts and impressions is not a review, it's a blog.


Apprentice Member

Joined: 4/24/13
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4/24/13 2:17:56 AM#52
I'd give it more weight than most game site reviews, mainly due to the fact that it's an average of lots of reviews instead of 1 which could be possibly biased.. or paid


Hard Core Member

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Those who ask a question, are stupid for 30 seconds. Those who never ask, are stupid for life.

4/24/13 2:04:32 PM#53
Never heard of Metascores. Is that some gaming comedian where he trolls games?


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The Critical Hit Pretzel!

4/24/13 2:08:37 PM#54
Ratings? Eh, maybe 10% of the weight I have if figuring if I like a game. Honestly, I like more at the bullet notes of its problems more then the score for that though. I'll judge more about the game off actual play videos then I will from scores. Scores are one of the weakest ways to tell how a game works, with the best being to actually play it yourself.
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