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Facts do not require fiction for balance.

2/01/13 2:09:48 PM#41

1. GW2

2. Eve Online

3. WoW

4. Guild Wars

5. ... man, I need to get out more.

Oderint, dum metuant.


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Crosby P. Jenkins

2/01/13 2:12:15 PM#42

My top 5 MMOs are:

1 - DoAC

2 - WoW up to LK.

3 - Guild Wars 1


5 - DDO



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2/01/13 2:12:31 PM#43


2.EVE Online

3. UO

4. GW 

5. Atlantica Online


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It's time to cook.

2/01/13 2:13:03 PM#44

1. Star Wars Galaxies ( pre NGE ).

2. Age of Conan (pre F2P)

3. LotRO (pre F2P)

4. World of Warcraft

5. City of Heroes


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Joined: 9/22/12
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2/01/13 2:17:44 PM#45




4.warhammer online

5.WOW (before cataclyscm)


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2/01/13 2:32:09 PM#46

1. SWG (pre-cu and before holo-grind, and even though it was one of the buggiest MMOs I've ever played)

2. WoW (vanilla world pvp was a blast)

3. GW2

4. Lotro

5. Neocron (becuase it was my first)

"If I offended you, you needed it" -Corey Taylor


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OP  2/01/13 2:38:26 PM#47
Ty guys :). I will count in few days
  User Deleted
2/01/13 2:43:42 PM#48

1 - City of Heroes
2 - Wizard101
3 - EverQuest
4 - World of Warcraft

Can't come up with a number 5 :)


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Joined: 12/06/12
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2/01/13 2:48:22 PM#49

In no particular order...


World of Warcraft

Everquest 1

Star Wars Galaxies (pre Combat Upgrade, only -- I quit the game after CU launched in May 05)

The Secret World (sue me, it's my current time-sink, I love how after years with elves and orcs it's gritty and set in a semi real-world setting, and pretty innovative, to boot).



I don't really have a strong candidate for my fifth spot. If I'd posted this before November 2012, I might have added Star Trek Online as a fifth, but that games move to mindless grinding, pay-to-open lock boxes and the disasterous changes in "Season 7" update made me stop playing the game entirely, after 33 months of uninterrupted subscribing (was there on day one of launch, and made it to within 3 months of my third anniversary, then they pulled a mini-Combat Upgrade with Season 7).

I played Star Wars: the Old Republic for three months and hated it ; I played Tera and was underwhelmed, never getting a character past level 27 ; I toyed with World of Tanks for over a year and liked the game, but it was more of a Warsong Gulch PvP map style game than a traditional MMORPG, so lack of substance kind of eliminates that ; I bought EQ2 and played it for *one* night in 2005 after the SWG CU fiasco, hated the game (vowing to NEVER play another SOE game again) and I reluctantly migrated to World of Warcraft ; I similarly played Lord of the Rings Online for one night because I got a free trial on a PC I bought and I was having tech troubles getting my home network set up, so I gave it a try, was bored to tears and un-installed it and went back to work getting my network problems ironed out ; I played Eve Online for about two months waiting for the December 20th, 2011 launch of TOR and learned about abilities that take months to train and encountered a few dangerous sociopaths, so I never went back to that game.



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Joined: 11/19/12
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2/01/13 3:04:42 PM#50

Do I have to have played them lol Might not be 5 I've even played.

I want to answer SWG from the crafting they talk about being so awesome and I missed it. Then  DAOC is always discussed for great PVP and UO as one of the originators. I still have a UO cd from a Gencon that I never used.

Ok, my choices of have played, WOW - Runescape - Wurm - GW2 - Ryzom - Chronicles of Spellborn - Haven and Hearth - Travian - Warhammer - LOTRO - Rift - Vanguard - I suppose that's all I can remember.




Chronicles of Spellborn


Ryzom has the best system with stanzas so they win for originality. Warhammer tried all PVP all the time, was bold and I liked a lot of it. Rift does little things right and improved on WOW incredibly for the same type of game - little things like telling you whether an NPC was above or below you on the minimap in a spiral area with Z index. Spellborn I'm putting above WOW because the combat was better, that skill wheel was fascinating. Runescape, it's just classic grind with no intention of being different or trying to mask it. The random events made fun mini-games in it because all of a sudden you were ported out to go do some goofy thing to get back to where you were, that was one time I like a RNG. I'm surprised I didn't include WOW because I did play it the longest but alas things have come along since that were more interesting.






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"Ideas are worthless. The only currency that holds any weight is the ability and drive to execute."

2/01/13 4:20:58 PM#51

1. EQ (8,000 hours, starting 1999)
2. Planetside 1 (2,000 hours at least)
3. Eve (200 hours+)
4. Vanguard (200 hours+)
5. Pirates of the burning sea (100 hours)
6. UO (50 hours in 1998)

Nothing else excited me enough to try. But I enjoyed hearing about SWG from friends who loved it.

Luckily, i don't need you to like me to enjoy video games. -nariusseldon.
In F2P I think it's more a case of the game's trying to play the player's. -laserit


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Joined: 5/01/10
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No Gods, no Masters. Knowledge is Power, Power is Freedom.

2/01/13 4:34:30 PM#52

1.Wow (Vanila)





Currently playing: HC Diablo 3, DDO
MMORPG experiences:EQ2, AoC(pre f2p), Lotro,GW1,DDO, Aion,WoW( stop with wotlk),Allods, GW2
Waiting On: WoD Sometime Maybe: Elder Scrolls MMO, Might and Magic


Novice Member

Joined: 8/03/12
Posts: 40

2/01/13 4:49:00 PM#53

1. EQ

2. GW2

3. WoW

4. SW:ToR

5. Didn't really play anthing else long enough to even count it.


Spotlight Poster

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"A wise man has something to say, but a fool just has to say something."

2/01/13 5:40:56 PM#54

In the order played:

  1. Ultima Online (best virtual word*)
  2. Star Wars Galaxy (best 3d sandbox*)
  3. Final Fantasy XI (best class system*, best group synergy*)
  4. World of Warcraft (best overall experience*)
  5. Reserved space for a future mmorpg
*Please note that the word best used to describe any of the features/experiences listed above reflect only my own views that are based solely on what I have personally played. I use it only as a expression to drive home the point as to why a particular mmo has made my list. Furthermore, these views are subject to change depending entirely on my willingness to experience newer and newer mmorpgs emerging within the genre or older mmorpgs that I may have overlooked in the past for various reasons.

"Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas."


Spotlight Poster

Joined: 8/24/06
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2/01/13 5:50:45 PM#55

1. Dark Age of Camelot

2. Final Fantasy 11

3. Everquest

4. World of Warcraft

5. Rift


Advanced Member

Joined: 1/17/06
Posts: 68

2/01/13 5:51:06 PM#56

1. ac 1

2. ac 2

3. wow

4. eq2

5. swg


Apprentice Member

Joined: 9/07/10
Posts: 819

"There is no progress. Everything is the same as it was. Form changes. The essence does not." RLS

2/01/13 5:54:49 PM#57

1. DDO (I know, ?)

2. Vanguard

3. AC 1

4. SWG



Novice Member

Joined: 1/19/12
Posts: 187

2/01/13 5:59:57 PM#58


1. EVE Online - one of the few sandbox MMO (true mmo in my opinion)

2. Pirates of the Burning Sea (great pirate MMO, proably last one good out there)

3. Guild Wars 2 - big game, big world, lot to do, fun

4. Planetside 2 - if you like FPS, you will love P2

5. Fallen Earth - great sandbox MMO for nuke lovers


Novice Member

Joined: 12/17/04
Posts: 1943

2/01/13 6:00:47 PM#59

1) SWG

2) WoW

3) CoH

4) LotRO

5) GW 1 (not a typo)


Novice Member

Joined: 1/28/06
Posts: 1899

2/01/13 6:00:57 PM#60

1. Lineage 2

2. WoW

3. RFO


5. Aion


Though the majority of my time was spent in L2 and WoW.

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