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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Worst ever purchases?

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2/01/13 9:17:40 AM#161





Managed to dodge SWTOR, pre-order Collectors Deition and played beta.  Cancelled.


Best purchase:

TSW by far! :D



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2/01/13 9:21:21 AM#162
GW2. Bought it 2 months ago and haven't even ripped off the plastic outside the box yet.

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2/01/13 10:45:08 AM#163
Diablo III - impulse purchase hoping it was going to be a good game. Waited to late to get a refund.

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2/01/13 1:30:00 PM#164
Originally posted by Aralvar
Originally posted by itbewilly

All Points Bulletin

A game with the potential to tap into the GTA fan base if only it was done decently.Instead you got two shitty combat areas and a social area. AFK/macroers ruined match making. Hacks/cheats made it suck(tho not as many as you see in other pc shooters).  It would have been a lot better to just have a huge city map and let players do their thing but instead the game sucked,Its company went bankrupt,and now its a pay to win piece of shit.

We wont mention balance and how retardedly easy it was for Enforcers to win against Criminals using Less than Lethal over-powered weapons.

I think I pretty much gave up on that game entirely when I realized that the only permanent weapons were ones you had to buy with real money. It had a lot of potential to be awesome, kind of like GTA (like you said). Did you actually spend money on it or do you just regret playing it?

I played it a lot pre-GamesFirst.. It was a nice game but had issues that kept it from really turning a profit. I installed it when it became Free to play and seen guns fullly modded in the cash shop for $60 and said screw it and left. Plus when G1 took over they got rid of chase missions(driving) and didnt really add anything worth even playing. Same lame districts(back when i quit at least). Also didnt like the fact that during the switch from the original company to G1 i lost all the cars and crap i had.

To answer the question-- Nope. No money spent in Cash shop. Spent the full price on the game plus every month sub it had while the game was live(which wasnt that long)


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2/01/13 1:34:34 PM#165

I purchased both Warhammer Online CE and Age of Conan CE, but I was very hyped for both games.  I do feel I played both games enough that it was "worth it", even though the CE themselves were just eh at best.  Still if I could go back in time I'd ahve just bought the regular copies.

My worst is buying the SWToR CE, after the Warhammer/AoC debacle I decided to be very very careful about buying any game at all, much less a CE.  But with SWToR I had a big pile of friends ready to play it, had tested it out some, really had a ton of fun in the early levels, figured that would carry the whole way through..oops.  Only played about 3-4 months and while I really enjoyed the game, the CE wasn't worth buying.  Had I bought the normal game I'd have felt like I got my $$ worth for sure.  But as a CE, not so much, ah well.


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2/01/13 8:47:21 PM#166
With the concurance of everyone else here, the SWTOR is my worst purchase.  DDO was a close second, because I couldn't get more than 5 hours played into it.

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Joined: 4/26/12
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2/01/13 9:04:24 PM#167

I would say SW:TOR only because the game was broken in so many ways at its release - biggest disappointment    = (

After my husband and I bought into the hype and pre-purchased 2 copies!  Learned to always only buy one copy of a game when trying it out!

Other than that I bought many games that I have not continued to play, but I wouldn't say I regret buying them. Those games gave me greater insight as to the types of games I want to play.



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2/01/13 9:21:37 PM#168

Final Fantasy XIV for sure.  Didn't finish out the first month.  Couldn't even be bothered to login once it was free while they tried to fix it.


I did appreciate the apology they issued - still not enough to get me to try that again.


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2/01/13 9:27:11 PM#169
Originally posted by Cypt1
Dark and Light. I pre-ordered to get into the Settlers of Ganareth test. Regretted it the minute I set foot in game.

I was trying to remember the name of that.  I remember putting in that I was pre-order #83 in my sig.   Damn did I get rid of that fast.


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2/01/13 9:33:37 PM#170

Yes, War Z big time right after this site had it ass the top recommended game with a 8.5 or so rating.




Joined: 12/12/03
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2/01/13 9:35:13 PM#171
Very hard to decide between Earthrise, MO and D3

Sometimes playing: GW2, ESO
Favourite games have been: UO, Lineage2, WoW, Darkfall, Lotro


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2/01/13 9:36:11 PM#172
Warhammer Online Collectors Ed, I let my love of Warhammer drive me to it.  What a waste.

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Joined: 11/09/06
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2/01/13 9:38:38 PM#173
Gw2 was my shortest stint in a mmo ever at around 4 hours. That would have to be mine

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Joined: 1/14/07
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2/01/13 9:43:44 PM#174
I'd say every game I bought except Everquest.

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Joined: 1/08/13
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2/01/13 9:47:49 PM#175

I Regret none of them, The many MMOs cited all provided me with a education and they refined my resolve to push for better games to be made with more innovation. of course it's just a dream a fanatsy of hope, but you never know if we keep demanding games to be fun, someday they might make one fun.

"Not even a cray super computer can make this game run well. Thats what happens when you code an MMO in pascal. " - miglor


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Joined: 12/22/07
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2/01/13 9:48:25 PM#176



Fallen Earth

Hellgate: London

Mortal Online



The last two I dont mind personally because I knew they were going to be bad when I purchased them and was looking at more like an investment. The first 4 were just bad decisions.


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2/01/13 9:52:28 PM#177

I've made some really bad purchases.  Mostly not games though.

The funny thing is the worst game purchases I have made I have pretty much long forgotten.  Maybe I am an optimist that way, I forget the bad games I play and remember the good!  Wish I could do that with some of my other *cough* social *cough* experiences.

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2/01/13 9:52:34 PM#178
Warhammer online, i caved to peer pressure.. lasted 30minutes.
  User Deleted
2/01/13 10:04:18 PM#179
I bought gPotatoes once.  /headkeyboard

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RIP City of Heroes!

2/01/13 10:09:59 PM#180




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