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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Worst ever purchases?

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1/29/13 5:00:21 PM#101


Brink but at least i played a few matches and had a little of fun compared to warz.

Diablo 3 was bad but...i had to see it with my own eyes.

SWTOR? I dont think so...i had a blast until i reached max level and had all the pvp gear...also sold that account and got 200

I guess i could say Arma 2...i mean i only bought it for DayZ and now i have to pay for it again.



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Are YOU talking to ME?!

1/29/13 5:01:10 PM#102

I spend a lot of money on MMOs.  Generally speaking, I don't hate any of them, although there are definitely ones that was pure waste.  I played SWTOR, WAR, AoC, Rift, etc.  All of them provided me with some entertainment for a while.  Not necessarily what I would call a bargain, but some fun nonetheless.  The game that I bought a lifetime sub for and didn't play more than a bit was The Secret World.  It too wasn't too bad, but I just couldn't get into it.  


For me, I think it's important to understand that there are games that are truly bad in a function sense, such as Mortal Online, and games that seem to be of reasonable quality, but I just don't like, like SWTOR.  I know it's splitting hairs, but I try not to label everything as bad, just because I don't like it.  I don't care much for WoW, but I hardly call it a bad game.

Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.


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1/29/13 5:01:36 PM#103
I consider Final Fantasy XIV to be the single worst purchase I ever made.


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1/29/13 5:52:27 PM#104
GW2... I feel like I voted with my wallet for a style of game that I ended up hating. 

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Whatever you do, do NOT speak ill of Asheron's Call 2...

1/29/13 5:58:44 PM#105
My worst purchase was Guild Wars, HATED that game.

That Guild Wars 2 login screen knocked up my wife. Must be the second coming!


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The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.

1/29/13 6:05:46 PM#106

Dark and Light since it never really...was.


If I buy a CE (like SWTOR) and then it tanks either for me or in general, I don't feel a lot of regret. While I might have been better off with the money still in pocket (likely to buy another game that will collect dust on my shelf) I made a decision to buy it  for the perks fully understanding the risks.


It's been so long since I had a long term home game I've pretty much begun to assume it might not happen again. Given the past few years track record, I was thinking earlier today that I might just have to expect to get a month or 2..perhaps 3 in a very unusual circumstance...out of a game and then move on. I usually migrate back to a game I've left for a month here and there but overall...short term enjoyment. 3 or 4 games in a good year and that will see me through the year.


I wouldn't say FF14 was a waste as my key should get me into ARR which I am looking forward to but it was disappointing that the design was so extremely bad.


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Players come for the game, but they stay for the people- Most Devs have forgotten this.

1/29/13 6:06:44 PM#107

I honestly do not regret one single MMORPG purchase I have made... but then I am not that susceptible to hype as to get swept up in something I wouldn't like and I read up on games to find out what they are about pre purchase. This is why I won't be getting TESO, for example.

Even something like GW2 gave me a solid month of play as a single player game and was a lot of fun while it lasted, well worth the box price IMO.

Maybe the two games I got least play out of were WAR and LotR though. Neither held me for long. I don't have any regrets over them though as even they held me longer then most single player games these days in terms of hours played.



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Can I have your stuffz....???

1/29/13 6:16:40 PM#108

For me is was Anarchy Online, I dont regret it now, but back in 2001 I was tearing my hair out. I bought it on day one.

I remember screaming at my old Pentium 4 computer because I couldnt connect for days, calling funcom and demanding my money back, finding out that my credit card details where not on a secure server.  it was the worst launch of an MMO in the history of MMO's.

But after six months I did go back to it and try it again. Ended up playing it for 4 years, created a great guild, made some amazing friends, had some great times with my NT.

It just goes to show that giving them a second chance really paid off.


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1/29/13 6:35:09 PM#109

Probably SWTOR - first MMO ever that I never reached cap it just was so boring/generic and i couldn't push myself to reach it. Even the story was boring as hell to me even though I am an avid Star Wars Fan.

Apart from that nothing else  even if I get 10 hours entertainment from it; means it worthwhile



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1/30/13 1:39:17 AM#110
Originally posted by Ambros123

I would never throw in GW2 as a worst purchase.  It retains it's value, just like GW1 did.  Love or hate it you still can always go back to it to check things out, do events, ect ect from time to time without having to pay a dime unlike WoW or any P2P MMO.

Worst purchase...hmmm.... likely SWTOR or Rift.  Total waste of money, still have the free 30 day play time with Rift so Rift might be the worst purchase as at least with SWTOR I played the betas and played at launch for a bit.

Oh, you got GW2 for free somehow? Lucky!


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I am more than some of my parts

1/30/13 1:53:21 AM#111
Auto Assault.  I picked it up and was going to start playing it, but I didn't get around to it right away. Next thing I know, the servers are down and I never even started the install.

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I enjoy the serenity of not caring what your opinion is.


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1/30/13 1:58:10 AM#112
Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

worst for me was Aion, could not even play free month.

second worst was GW2, as it far to be what it promised, far to be even what GW1 was.

if we can add to purchase money spend on f2p with lot of regrets it will be Runes of Magic.

Happy I never bought SWTOR, LOTRO, TERA and many others I was hypo about.

The funny thing is you continue to play a game you think is horrible. Hopefully your life improves so you don't have to literally waste your time havning no fun.


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Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.

1/30/13 6:19:26 AM#113

Diablo RMT III 



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1/30/13 6:48:57 AM#114
SWTOR and Darkfall Unholy Wars were my worst purchases.



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1/30/13 9:06:37 AM#115
A game called Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog through Steam. I have not been able to get it to work, and have put in several tickets to them about it with no luck so far.

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1/30/13 9:10:37 AM#116

Worst purchases for me were Vanguard, PoTBS, STO,  SWTOR, GW2, TSW, MO, DF

Ones that were borderline but I felt I barely got my monies worth was WAR, AoC and EVE

  User Deleted
1/30/13 9:14:34 AM#117
GW2, for me, without question.

Made History

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Pink, it's like red but not quite.

1/30/13 9:15:16 AM#118

Hellgate: London.

All of the games since have failed to even approach its weight class, let alone challenge for the title.

Now, Worst Billing Debacle--that one sticks with Funcom. Not that AoC had anything resembling a smooth launch either.

Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.


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1/30/13 1:03:53 PM#119
Originally posted by tixylix

For me it has to be.

SWTOR - The Collectors Edition.

I knew the game was crap, I played it in beta and hated it and yet for some reason I still got caught up in the hype as it had been so long since I played another MMO.

Guild Wars 2.


I keep getting caught up because there hasn't been an MMO I've liked since SWG was ruined on Nov 15th 2005. I dunno why I keep doing it to myself, I just want that experience of being in a world and yet none of these games feel like worlds, all just feel like games.

Never enjoyed any game more then swtor with exception of wow. Now also having a blast with gw2.


Maybe you should found your gaming company to make mmo to your exclusive liking.


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1/31/13 2:03:05 AM#120

Hellgate: London.

SWToR - (did make it to cap though, so I technically got my monies worth, would tell my past self not ot buy it still though.

Dark and Light - this is the WORST piece of shit I ever put money down for, utter garbage.

Mortal Online - This was utter shit, utter utter shit. I thank it however because it is the reason my guild formed.

Warhammer Online - made it to level 25, then quit, bad game.

Vanguard Saga of Heroes - at release this was... bad.



Yea Dark and Light rules the roost of bad purchases - from the moment I logged in and my frames never rose above 5..

Dreadful piece of garbage, how anyone could justify releasing that...

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