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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Anyone else that is sick of MMOexposed threads?

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hatred is a prison, death a release.

12/22/12 7:07:31 PM#21

frankly who cares? they may or may not post threads of garbage or diamonds the fact remains 90% of the time the only threads you see on here anymore are hate or fanboi threads for some stupid game that most of the gaming community couldnt care about. 

like a "zomg111 i r rove smalo" on here so honestly if the person's thread upsets you ignore them. or just block them you shouldnt see their thread/posts ever again.

i only post in mmoexposed's threads when i see relevance to something. most of them are kinda pointless like the PS2 thread asking if its a sandbox, but hey to each their own.

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"A wise man has something to say, but a fool just has to say something."

12/22/12 7:07:56 PM#22
Originally posted by Karteli
Originally posted by Ramonski7
Originally posted by Torgrim

It has to be stopped now, MMOExpoded just makes threads just for the sake of it  and I have no idea why on earth he can have the title spotlite poster when most of his threads are garbage.

Latest thread he created he sead basicly Darkfall and Planetside 2 are the same "sandbox" game and this is so called spotlightposter, really mmorpg?

I'm so close to just delete my account.

Honestly, who put you in charge of policing spotlight posters? Only thing the title means is at some point a reg poster has made a topic that has sparked a healthy debate worthy of notice. It falls squarely on the opinion of those that run this site. Not you nor me. I mean haven't you heard the saying every dog has his day? Any poster is prone to having a good day, even if it's only one.


And on the topic of spoitlight posters getting a little more breathing room than regualr posters, I think not. It's like putting a neon light on a tuna in a ocean full of moderating sharks, who you think they'll notice first? Yeah, exactly...

The difference is that [any poster] is not allowed to directly criticize another poster.


Post are largely based on opinion, unless quotes for the source is provided.  If anyone sees anything more, then that it on them, not the community.

He's not criticizing the poster, only his work. That is a HUGE difference.

"Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas."


Keeper of the Archives

Joined: 12/04/09
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12/22/12 7:08:49 PM#23
Originally posted by Rednecksith
Originally posted by NBlitz

If MMOExposed gets people this riled up, even going as far as blocking him then my guess is he´s earned his title. I can't remember ever seeing him use personal attacks.

Isn´t this slander by the way?

Slander is spoken. Technically this is in print, so it would be libel.

And no, I don't think it is. He's not necessarily saying anything bad about the guy directly, just complaining about the content of his posts.

Libel would be saying something along the lines of, "MMOExposed hires illegal immigrants to choke him in the shower!" (just an example, BTW).

moment i read that that, i heard it as j. johan jameson XD


edit: is it wrong that this scene is how i remember the difference


Novice Member

Joined: 4/11/11
Posts: 161

12/22/12 7:14:09 PM#24
Just don't read his forum post?   I don't agree with a lot of his post but to get mad and post a thread about maybe deleting your account doesn't make sense.

Elite Member

Joined: 3/30/10
Posts: 4717

I don't Forum PVP. If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.

12/22/12 7:19:08 PM#25

At least they're not the typical:

"ZOMG this game has the most beautifulest graphics" or

"Let's face reality Brand-X is the best MMO ever!"

type threads.

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  User Deleted
12/22/12 7:29:13 PM#26
Some are annoying/obvious trollbait, but others make a goodpoint. I thought his last thread regarding hype was decent.

Elite Member

Joined: 7/05/12
Posts: 882

Those who ask a question, are stupid for 30 seconds. Those who never ask, are stupid for life.

12/22/12 7:34:28 PM#27

I like his threads. I've learned a lot about thread making from him.






-TheScavenger signing off


Novice Member

Joined: 6/02/09
Posts: 197

12/22/12 7:54:19 PM#28
I just choose to ignore his threads, they are all pointless.

Elite Member

Joined: 8/27/04
Posts: 8307

Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

12/22/12 8:02:39 PM#29


I think perhaps ,take  breath ,is it really all that bad?Nobody here is forced to clik on a thread.

Threads do nothing to me,they don't cause me to break out in a sweat, or even get angry.Sometimes i just /sigh at some peoples arrogance or how many just stoop to attacking others.

You know somewhere out there are threads that are real degrading and insulting real people,hate speeches,tons of really bad internet information.

A thread based on video games,should never really get anyone up in flames,ever !.

Sorry,i guess if someone was insulting a game YOU developed and what they said was slanderous,then i can see some unhappiness maybe a tad bit of anger.I do however see more MISLEADING information on games in a positive manner.Most of what people say is actually true,it just seems so many people get miffed when it is not something they agree with.

I think what many need to do is remind themselves of two definitions>>>Opinions and discussions.
Samoan Diamond


Apprentice Member

Joined: 8/24/05
Posts: 881

12/22/12 8:11:02 PM#30
The guy can put together a well formatted post, however thery are generally filled with nonsense or flamebait.


Joined: 1/03/11
Posts: 2512

12/22/12 8:46:04 PM#31
We have systems in place to report posts and threads. However, calling out another poster like this isn't allowed. Remember that you have both the option to ignore a poster and to simply not post in a particular thread.

To give feedback on moderation, contact

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