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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Best MMORPG you've never played

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12/20/12 4:13:06 PM#21

GW2 which I know I won't play  and I regret that I did not try to go past first 1 hour of SWG.

I am going to try TSW though... in small doses LOL

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NGE, LOTRO, STO, KOTOR, Lego Star Wars > NGE 2 (SWTOR). SWG>ALL. Above hopefully subject to change.

12/20/12 4:27:04 PM#22
Originally posted by maplestone
Given how much nostalgia people have for it, I'm curious what the harvesting/crafting in SWG felt like in practice ... there's only so far my imagination can extrapolate from reading old documentation and I'm still not completely sold on it from the raw theory.

There were many ways to harvest. For minerals you took a survey device, and scanned for the highest percentage, and then drive around until you find it, and then drop a harvestor into the world, fill it up with maintenance and power, then go off and do other things, come back in a couple of days empty it out and if the resource had dried up either select another resource or pack it up. If the maintenance ran out which ticks down in real time, the harvestor would show smoke, then fire, then vanish. If the power ran out it would just stop working. There were various different harvestors for the varying resources and different sizes, also the quality of the harvestors affected extraction rate too

Here are a couple of Heavy Mineral Mining Installations I placed into the world


The resources also had varying quality stats, so even if you find a resource you want, it may not be good enough, and then have to wait  a few weeks for a better spawn

From creatures, you could harvest meat, bone, hide and milk from females. You could search lairs for eggs

It required a lot of time and dedication, and some servers had better resources than others. If you get addicted to the crafting this was enough to keep you subbing, I will get the best resource soon.

The crafting was quite complex, and had to stand in front of a crafting station, and pick outr your best resources. Copper is best for conductivity and steel is best for shock resistance and unit toughness


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OP  12/20/12 4:31:36 PM#23

Thanks for posting that, superniceguy.  It was an interesting read, and I had forgotten or never really known about a lot of that.


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12/21/12 1:41:41 AM#24

World of Warcraft

I've never tried to claim that 10 million people are wrong, it's the flagship MMO of the industry as far as success. I just never played it. Trial twice, I couldn't get in to it.


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12/21/12 1:46:05 AM#25
Best MMO ever released is DAOC by several miles.... That is the game i had the most fun in best RvR/PvP mmo ever made

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12/21/12 4:07:45 AM#26

Vanguard, Saga of Heroes -

Great graphics (*), huge gameworld, awesome classes and combat system, and really tough and wellmade raids.

(*) Yeah its no longer new, but it still is breathtaking quality, especially the realistic viewing distances.



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12/21/12 4:12:32 AM#27


Reason: I don't like the setting (sci-fi).


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12/21/12 4:46:39 AM#28
From what I hear, one of these

Uo, lineage2, shadowbane

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12/21/12 4:50:12 AM#29

EverQuest, SWG and GW2

But GW2 is starting to rub me the wrong way with their changes..


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12/21/12 4:51:36 AM#30

Dark age of camelot

When it was popular pre-toa.



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12/21/12 8:25:44 AM#31
Dark Age of Camelot.  During that era I was working during the day and going to grad school at night.  It left me no time for hobbies.

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12/21/12 8:30:50 AM#32
Originally posted by Arglebargle
What's the smartest thought I never had?

I want doughnut cereal today mmmm

No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin


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12/21/12 8:35:19 AM#33
Hmmmm, only one that I can think of is FFXI. Always wanted to give it a go.

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12/21/12 8:36:10 AM#34
Originally posted by Theocritus
Originally posted by Wolfenpride
Ultima online, didn't get into MMO's until EQ.

      Hahaha dont let the people here fool you...UO was a disaster until Trammel came along...Before that people jsut lie in wait outside the gates of Brittain and ganked everybody.....It was a brutal game that only appealed to a few.....ALot of us were thrilled when EQ came along and gave us a real game to play.

Yeah, I stuck it out mainly because I didn't know any other mmos existed at the time.  When EQ came out, I jumped as fast and as far as I could.


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12/21/12 8:36:54 AM#35
Originally posted by Snikz
Best MMO ever released is DAOC by several miles.... That is the game i had the most fun in best RvR/PvP mmo ever made

but did you play it?  if yes,   check the thread title a little closer :)

No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin


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12/21/12 8:37:43 AM#36
Originally posted by Zyzra

There are a lot of choices when it comes to picking MMORPGs to play.  Some appeal to each individual more than others, and people of course have genre specific preferences too.


So my question is, what is the best MMORPG that is released that you have never played?

A game you've heard about constantly, but perhaps is a different genre than you enjoy, or has a feature you can't stand.

silly question.

how could i know it's among the best mmos if i never played it . i dont judge "good" or "best" according to what other people say. it's MY opinion that matters. so... sorry, if i didn't play it, i can't comment on it.

next question.

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  User Deleted
12/21/12 8:40:35 AM#37

My list:  DAOC (pre expansions), SWG (pre-rework) and MxO.


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12/21/12 9:15:36 AM#38

Dark age of camelot, Asheron's call, GW2, SWTOR, SWG, EQ

Out of these I wish I had played dark age of camelot, asheron's call and SWG as I most certainly would have enjoyed them. SWG was the only game I knew before it was released. Information about the rest of the game existing just never reached to me.

SWTOR and GW2 kinda feel boring and something that i've done over and over again already in world of warcraft. I guess nobody thinks these are the greatest games ever but I don't think I would have lasted over 10 minutes in them even if I had bought them at the release.

EQ is extremely hyped but doesn't feel like a game for my taste. I believe there was hardly any pvp in it. I mean the game shined brightest during the UO era, so thank god I did not even try it and waste my time as there were much better games available for me back then.

  User Deleted
12/21/12 9:18:56 AM#39
Originally posted by nakki

EG is extremely hyped but doesn't feel like a game for my taste.


What is EG?   Not one I recognise.


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12/21/12 10:14:22 AM#40
Originally posted by XAPGames

My list:  DAOC (pre expansions), SWG (pre-rework) and MxO.

Ooo thanks X..  The one game I never got around to trying but wanted too.. Matrix ONline.  I totally forgot about it. 


  I think Nak means EQ :)

No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin

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