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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » What Commonly Accepted MMO Concepts Bug You?

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Novice Member

Joined: 10/12/12
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1/18/13 3:15:17 PM#161

The raiders are better than other players mentality. It kills games, makes raiders look like they have the intelligence of a rock when they say they are better than others etc.

I have met more people who know how to play through general grouping and questing than I ever did raiding with people who think avoiding a red circle is ub3r l33t sk1llz.

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Joined: 1/15/13
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1/18/13 3:28:39 PM#162

I don't know where to start really but I'll try to just list a few of my annoyences:

The general concept of "end game"

trying to balance pvp and pve as seperate things

the everyone can craft the same items

you are the sole hero or one of the few heros

Not giving players an option to remain netrual in terms of PVP alignment

lack of giving terrain any kind of point in combat

mobs dropping gear they couldn't possibly have

not able to create replicas of items

instencing of "hard" bosses

lack of resistences and weaknesses

Mobs don't adapt to try and counter players

level and gear checks to slow players down

level and gear based combat over player skill sets and combos

Quests that are not truely Epic


Novice Member

Joined: 8/08/12
Posts: 80

1/18/13 3:31:45 PM#163
Sounds like alot of the posters here are looking for a real life sim and not an mmo. The only real concept I have an issue with is the time spent = power gained. I think for you to progress you should be forced to overcome something challenging...not punch a hole in the wall hard..but hard enough. Facerolling content in order to gear up or even level up is boring and only rewards no lifers, such as the people wishing MMO's to be exactly like real life.

Spotlight Poster

Joined: 6/17/10
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1/18/13 8:14:32 PM#164

1) Levels

2)Raid Dungeons are only for Hardcore players.

3) 5 player party dungeons.

4)Quest Hub Grind


6) Player PvP looting

7)Lack of Magical Melee/ Magical Ranged skills in Skill based MMO.

8)Guild vs Guild open world PvP.

9)Limited Class options.

10)Crafting mechanics


Novice Member

Joined: 8/24/08
Posts: 60

1/18/13 11:33:21 PM#165

The assumption that all the different classes have to be "balanced" in PvP and viable for soloing through PvE content.

I still like the way MMORPGs used to be-- some classes excelled at PvP and struggled in PvE. Some excelled in PvE and struggled in PvP.  Some glided through PvE content solo, some were next to unplayable without a group, but with one they shined.

I liked that. If you saw a gimp class coming at you in PvP, you knew you were either about to get an easy kill, or be utterly humiliated. When things are completely balanced, winning doesn't mean much.


Apprentice Member

Joined: 2/13/10
Posts: 1692

1/19/13 12:03:15 AM#166
The holy trinity & useless gold/time sinks are what bug me the most.

Novice Member

Joined: 4/11/11
Posts: 161

1/19/13 12:09:45 AM#167

-How causal MMO's have become

- How a lot of MMO's are built towards soloing to max lvl

-Really no penalty in being killed during PVP

- Flying mounts ruin open world PVP games

- How classes have been put into only 3 roles tank/dps/heal 


Novice Member

Joined: 1/17/12
Posts: 872

1/19/13 5:19:17 AM#168
Originally posted by MMOExposed

7)Lack of Magical Melee/ Magical Ranged skills in Skill based MMO.


Hehe, this is an oldie but goldie, you should start a thread about it.


Flame on!



Hard Core Member

Joined: 2/01/12
Posts: 229

1/19/13 5:35:47 AM#169

  I agree with all that you listed I would add


1)Ranged enemies that run right up to you

2) the "trinity" and the trashing of heroic archetypes..ruins immersion

3) a zillion different classes that exist to create the illusion of diversity

4)obsoleting  huge swathes of game content with every expansion


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If you can't kill it, don't make it mad.

1/20/13 3:16:58 PM#170

Depends on the culture.  One of the things that REALLY annoys me about some Asian games is the player stalls.  Having to spend a good bit of time wandering around looking, hoping that I find what I'm looking for at random.   A decent auction house is SO much better.  But that takes more time/talent to design and code.

Another is the Go Go Go types, and the games that pander to them.

The fact that PvE tends to get hammered by the nerf bat, every time some PvP types howl about OP, this, that or the other.

  User Deleted
1/20/13 3:38:47 PM#171

1. Class specific armor/weapons

2. NPCs without schedules

3. NPCs who say the same things over and over

4. Slowing movement in combat (quite possibly the most annoying feature in Guild Wars 2).

5. Not being able to move and cast

6. High mob density

  User Deleted
1/20/13 4:36:45 PM#172

Novice Member

Joined: 12/02/11
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1/20/13 4:40:32 PM#173
Everything! Time to start over. Reboot the franchise... I mean genre.

Enter a whole new realm of challenge and adventure.


Novice Member

Joined: 7/10/09
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1/20/13 4:45:09 PM#174


2 factions in a game with pvp

cross server

every character can do everything

endgame requires little effort to achieve

solo everything



Advanced Member

Joined: 5/26/05
Posts: 789

This Rabbit stinks!

1/20/13 4:47:27 PM#175
In my opinion its what is accepted as end-game. Easily the worst idea ever to do the same 5 dungeons repeatedly in hopes to get a 'special item' turning your hobby into a chore.

Novice Member

Joined: 3/02/11
Posts: 175

1/20/13 4:47:55 PM#176

Scripted hero journey storyline that set every character in the world in the same path as being the savior of the world as if it's a single player game, even though when reach the end of the story the world itself still exactly the same. It doesn't make sense when 1,000 more people also went through the same thing.


Made History

Joined: 7/11/11
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1/20/13 7:20:53 PM#177
That "Massive" is in any way a desirable thing.

Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.


Apprentice Member

Joined: 1/24/11
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1/20/13 7:53:56 PM#178

Global instancing.

Cash Shop.

Storyline where every single player is the hero (this is just stupid)


Spotlight Poster

Joined: 3/02/05
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1/21/13 12:55:04 PM#179

This is an awesome thread and a great choice for the community spotlight. 


My biggest pet peeve is the idea that "end game" is and should be the "real game," and that leveling up is just some pointless exercise on the way.  I like leveling up. I want that part of the game to be fun and rewarding.  In some games it is.  


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Let em put a slave ring thru u're nose u're prob not going to like where they're taking you. Think.

1/21/13 2:27:24 PM#180
Bound items.  Bound items!   B O U N D      I T E M S !!!

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