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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Which is the most annoying type of player in a themepark mmo?

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11/19/12 2:36:11 PM#21
Person that thinks leveling 1-10 in a day is to slow and everyone should be max in a few months. Or the game is to hard make it easier.

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11/19/12 2:36:43 PM#22

The frequent AFKers do get on my nerves.

The nerd ragers are great comic relief.  Make fart noises on comms after their tirades, it really pisses them off.

The new loot systems are making ninja looting impossible.

I can't get mad at new players, we were all there at some point.


The worst are the beggers.  These useless bipeds epitomize laziness.

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11/19/12 2:47:42 PM#23
I voted Other. The most annoying type of player would be the MMO hoppers. Those are the real plague to the genre. They are never happy about anything, they buy every single MMO at release even when the games clearly aren't made for them, they rush to end game and then they QQ non stop about how the end game is lacking or how the game is bad. It's because of them that we nearly only get WoW clones since WoW, the best part is they QQ about that exact fact and yet they buy the games every single time. If only those people would wake up we would maybe have more decent MMO's to play.

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We will always remember your sacrifice, Louisoux! RIP

11/19/12 2:49:31 PM#24
The ones that want it to go F2P. Those people are the worst, and they're so ignorant too.

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We will always remember your sacrifice, Louisoux!


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11/19/12 2:54:27 PM#25

Other: - The Elitist

Those that claim to know, and many times do know, the entire game, and treat the game more like a job instead of an entertainment.

 All the catagories apply to "The Elitist", except "the noob". I would much rather group with a new player willing to have fun, than an elitist that looks down on everyone else.

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11/19/12 2:57:28 PM#26

I would say non of this from the list, but i have my own type.


The "hardcore" player aka idiot. I hate those types of players with a massive ego, who treat other players like garbage. This type of players poison every game community with their pseudo inteligent philosophy of them beeing hardcore cuz of their rating, gear or type of game they play (especially ppl who played old games like Ultima, EQ, who consider themselfs as a better category of players than nowdays gamers) or sandbox'ers who thinks only sandbox are true MMOs and someone who thinks otherwise is casual piece of shit. In most cases they act like stupid children that at all costs must prove how "pro" they are. 


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11/19/12 3:06:47 PM#27

The PvPers.

Optional PvP = No PvP


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11/19/12 3:12:48 PM#28

If I had to pick one that got the majority of what I've grown to hate lately, I guess it would have to be the "rude" since that could include the afk'ers, ninja looters, spammers and the like. 

The type that bother me most are the people who flood chat with anything from the latest meme from 4chan to Alienware trolls to flaming out the person who asks a simple question when he's first starting out. Would also include the people, as I witnessed in TERA, to changing loot policy to FFA right as the boss was dying, looting everything and getting out as quick as they could, holding the group hostage for group leader before then since they were either a tank or healer and the rest of the group had been in LFD for hours before waiting for those two classes.

Also as I saw in Rift, getting cussed out in a dungeon because I wasn't keeping up...since I had pick my quests up and was still learning my class / the dungeon. That may have been a bit on me, but when a game never forces you to group until max level...well, that's not entirely on the player. Plus can you blame someone for not wanting to ask questions / look for a group in chat when there's a good chance of getting flamed out of chat with no serious response?

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11/19/12 3:54:51 PM#29

Other -  Whiners.


"It should go f2p nau!",  "It takes a week to get to achieve max level it is too long!",  "I don't know how / I don't know where, game HAVE TO show me way itself",   etc 

You get the point. 


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11/19/12 4:08:36 PM#30

I wonder why would anyone let another to spoil their fun in using an entertainment product.

- ninja & otherwise annoying people in a group .. use the quit button.

- annoying people in chat .. ignore

- kill stealer, just move away to another place, plus if you play in an instance, no one can affect you.


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11/19/12 4:10:01 PM#31
Gankers, but then again I do it so I guess I hate myself. :/

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11/19/12 4:10:50 PM#32
The braggart.

All of my posts are either intelligent, thought provoking, funny, satirical, sarcastic or intentionally disrespectful. Take your pick.

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11/19/12 4:11:20 PM#33
Elitist wanker. Can tolerate most others.

Advanced Member

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11/19/12 4:11:57 PM#34
The finger pointer. You can even be having a good run some times and there is always that guy looking for fault in what someone else in that party is doing. Ninja looters are a close second for me. It's hard to be worse than a theif. However, a well practiced finger pointer can ruin a game faster than anything.


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Joined: 10/05/08
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11/19/12 4:16:36 PM#35

The super solo guy who plays MMOs to be around other poeple but goes out of way not to interact with anyone.


A close second would be the idiot that doesn't try to learn their class/role and blames everyone else for what they do wrong.  This very different then the noob.  The noob doesn't know better but is willing to learn.   This guy thinks he knows what he doing and is unwilling to learn how to get better. 

I will not play a game with a cash shop ever again. A dev job should be to make the game better not make me pay so it sucks less.


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11/19/12 4:20:35 PM#36
None of these really effect me being able to complete the game except maybe if a tank tries to rush a dungeon or if someone calls me a ninja and get /votekicked so maybe rusher most annoying. You don't really have to be polite, smart or spam free to play the game but of course it's prefable not to be those things

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11/19/12 4:24:07 PM#37
Originally posted by Tamanous

I voted Other because The Chat Flooder wasn't discriptive enough. It should have been:

Forum Warrior and In-Game Chat Flooder.

In most pvp situations, he becomes the Ultimate Expert and Armchair General.

Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.


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11/19/12 4:24:19 PM#38
Originally posted by ShakyMo
Racist redneck morons.

Definetely the worse for sure. Another would be the wowtard losers who park mounts on top of mailboxes or npcs. No matter what mmo you play you'll also find freaks who find some vocal emote and constantly repeats it over and over, both mostly because what fuels them is that their out to annoy people.


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11/19/12 4:29:28 PM#39
Trolls... I cant stand them, and the this is a WoW clone crowd

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11/19/12 4:29:35 PM#40

The person who asks 1000 questions in general chat that could be found on google in 5 seconds.  I have no problem with someone needing help with something, but when they want every single step of their quest/event spelled out for them it drives me nuts

Happened during the last event in GW2.  Go to a zone to find an item and mapchat is the same thing over and over.  "Where is the NPC?"  "Where do I take the quest item?" "Did the event start?" "Where do we go next?"

There are hundreds of sites with that info.  Alt-Tab and look it up yourself!

Probably not the most annoying, but it was for the past couple days

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