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1/17/13 1:31:34 AM#41

Simplest definition I can think of;


Sandbox - Player Created content more so then following paths set out by the Devs. Devs provide the tools, but the player chooses how or even if to use them.


Themepark - You buy a ticket and sit back for a Dev created, Dev controlled ride. Your only choice is to ride the Ferris Wheel or the Rollercoaster first.


edit: Not MY definitions, but really, where do you think the terms for Sandbox/Themepark MMO came from?


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1/17/13 1:35:29 AM#42

Basically, a game without hand holding or linear paths. The game doesn't tell you what to do, it presents multiple options at all times and you choose your own direction.


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1/17/13 1:49:54 AM#43

A free roaming immersive world that is now aware of the 21st century and offers more paths to choose from than just leveling up.


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1/17/13 1:58:45 AM#44
Sandbox - a type of game that 90% of gamers say they want to play, and 10% of gamers play.

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1/17/13 2:04:20 AM#45
Freedom with player driven systems.
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1/17/13 2:07:09 AM#46
Flexibility of creation.


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1/17/13 5:48:14 PM#47

A precise definition for sandbox is difficult for the same reason that a precise definition for warm, or light is difficult: it is a point on a continuum where sandbox is one side of the continuum and theme park is on the other.  That being said let's take a look at one of the more "perfect" sandboxes (though not an MMO) and that would be Minecraft.


1.  I can change the world!  Whether it's chopping down trees, planting crops, or creating vast new underground complexes I can make changes to the world that are (more or less... damn you creepers!) permenant.  My actions make a difference in the world and I am the one that decides what kind of difference it is.


2.  Off the rails.  The world isn't spoon fed to me.  I have to figure it out.  In stark opposition to the theme park which tells you where to go to such an extent that some of them even just put a dot on your minimap telling you exactly where to go a "pure sandbox" (if it even had a quest) would require you to figure out where to go and in what way you can complete the quest.  Another "on rails" feature of theme parks is leading you from quest hub to quest hub.  There is rarely a question of where to go next.  In a sandbox the question isn't where do the quests lead but which way do I want to explore.


3.  Exploration.  Due to the "off the rails" nature of a sandbox game exploration and adventure (rather than following the quests to the next hub ad nauseum) are the name of the game.  Often due to lack of developer "on rails" content these games require more community involvement to be entertaining.  On the bright side the type of peole who are in to sandboxes tend to want that kind of community involvement so it works out well.


Honestly there is a lot more to a sandbox as well but it's all flavors of "off the rails" gaming.  The more off those rails you are the more "sand-boxy" the game.  The more player actions have lasting and relevant effects on the world the more sand-boxy it is.  All that being said there is no perfect sandbox.  There are always limitations of some kind but the closer we can get to a world that is fully interactive in which we can change everything, do anything, and be anyone we want the close we are to that "perfect sandbox".


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1/17/13 6:13:43 PM#48
  User Deleted
1/17/13 6:16:14 PM#49
A low box filled with sand for children to play in.

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1/17/13 6:19:20 PM#50
Originally posted by Starpower

Sure were a lot of posts before someone noticed......

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1/17/13 6:33:12 PM#51
Originally posted by Zayne3145

'Sandbox' seems the be the buzzword of the moment, but what exactly does it mean?

I'm sure it means different things to different people, but newcomers to the genre and those who don't have the time to keep up with current conventions might be confused by the concept. To combat this, I thought it might be a good idea if everyone posts the 5 main points that they personally feel constitutes sandbox gameplay.

Get listing!

To me sandbox is just the same kind of chocolate bar just in a different wrapper. World of warcraft is considered a sandbox mmorpg and Rift is basically an identical game with different player skins and geography.  I am constantly looking for something different and more challenging.


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1/17/13 6:37:24 PM#52
Originally posted by WhiteLantern
Originally posted by Starpower

Sure were a lot of posts before someone noticed......


What's ironic is that even 5 years later, the debate hasn't really changed much.


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1/17/13 6:47:52 PM#53
SANDBOX refers to no true base storyline, player functions are totally up to the player and best described as imitation tabletop RP.In all truth most theme parks that made it big had some sandbox features in the beginning and some still do. ie: Eve, UO, EQ1 (some quests you still have to type to answer the NPC.)

Theme park style everything is really set up for you as in Class and the skills you will always use. There really is nothing that sets you apart from others and as the borg resistance is futile you will be assimilated! There is no way really to create a story that is apart from what is going on in the world and customization is more a joke than anything else like Criss Angel the magician that hardly does any magic tricks. Some have even went as far as to play the game for you and there is little to no interaction at all!

Sandbox games that are quite well known at this point are UO, EVE, Mortal, and TSW (It is sand box as in play style). There was ShadowBane which out of all had one of the best implementations of true sandbox way of life but all in all it fell due to poor development and going F2P in the end with no item mall or any player support system in place. There is also Face of Mankind yet the game ends up failing to keep interest because there is simply too much to do and not enough explanation of how everything works. Sandbox can have quests or can completely have no set quests at all in the point of all you do is grind out a lot of monsters. Most try to highlight PVP as its main focus when going the no quest route in the end it always seems to fail in the end.

Theme parks that us skill decks that are customizable to play style are implementing sandbox feel to bring the freedom of: This is my sandbox and I will build my castle the way I want to! So you get to develop your character to have the skills you want instead of having a set skill for set level base. TSW uses the sandbox rule as did SWG  in a sense except Funcom did it better. There is no limitation to your character's skill list except you can only have seven active skills and seven passive skills at any given time and 2 weapons that use those skills equipped. there are no levels to bother with only experience to buy wanted skills. you can buy all the skills if you want but remember you can only use 7 active 7 passive at a time. The game has theme park features as well because it has to to have stability.

Games that have no features that are theme-parkish don't stay going for very long. Yes we are looking at Mortal Online and ShadowBane on that part! Mortal is struggling and SB shut down. EVE is going good because they implemented some Theme features and it works UO is still going just off the fact its players don't like change and it was broken when it came out but it is not anywhere near the way it was before. All in all sandbox is the past and the future trying to get along in a way that you just can’t find the way to please everyone. In a sense its like trying to date someone that it is 20 years older than you and you just can’t understand a thing they are talking about and it just doesn’t fully work.


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1/17/13 7:38:19 PM#54
This is from 2008. Move along to newer threads, folks.

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