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No one in this world can you trust. Not men, women, or beasts.[Points to sword] This you can trust.

OP  3/09/04 5:32:10 PM#1

I was wondering what all your opinions are... on a possible MMORPG that I had an idea for. Not that I have the recourses to pull it off... Ideas for the system.

Game Type



Can be the basic Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Humans. Can even add Wood Elves, and all the other jazz.


Fighter, Barbarian, Thief/Rogue, Shaman, Cleric, Knight, Ranger, Magic User, Monk. 

Experience Based Characters

Instead of working up in Levels, and continually trying to get a special ability you can only get at level 30 or something like that, you have an Experience based system that every time you kill, you get experience, then you can travel to town and spend that experience to get special abilities from a list that are available to you. So if you wanted two handed fighting you don't have to wait until a big LEVEL dong to get it. You just gather enough experience (like money) and buy it. With 100s of Abilities... that avoids cookie cutter characters, and allowed you to only have what you want.

Turn Based Combat

You are walking with your party in real time. Encounters of monsters are not mobs that spawn in a certain place. But more random and unpredictable. When you encounter a monster or mob, the game mod changes for everyone in that party.

The screen zooms in (Final Fantasy style) a light green grid forms on the battle zone. Everyone is in their (predestinated) formation. And battle is done in turns of what someone wants to do.

Movement, placement, and all that is very important to survival. Magic Users and Ranged want to sit out of Melee combat.Everyone does their actions and clicks ready. And then the turn is animated for one turn. If you played Pool of Radiance you will know that this can work ok in a multiplayer environment.

Timers are set so there is no waiting for slow pokes. IN turn most... the people with the fastest speed go first... And that speed rating is randomly calculated every turn to the order is different. Everyone get bonuses to speed depending on race and class. Ok enough abound combat I am not going to give too much away.

Skill Based Abilities

Skill based abilities tha5t increase as you use them. Your ability to swing a weapon, block, dodge, all that including work skills are all increased as you use them. Similar to FFXI and UO in the work sence. No more waiting to level before your skills go anywhere.

Random Monsters/Mobs

Since the game is not level based you are all wondering. How you balance difficulty for mobs and monsters.

The combat is done in a percentile system. Monsters use that same system. There is a % to hit and evade damage. And that % is modified by difficulties to do certain things.. Like... Shooting an arrow into engagement... With a % to also hit your friendly ally.

Monsters a beginning character can run into can be as great as a dragon... rare but possible. You are all thinking. There is no way a Beginning party can kill a touch dragon....... or can they?

Taking damage

This type allows for any character to POSSIBLY beat any foe with the right tools. Physical damage and hits are done on a probably chart and body location. When you actually deal damage to that body location there are complications.

*Legs= Knock downs and dodge penalties.
*Arms= Loss of weapon and swing and or aim penalties.
*Torso and head are other complication I won’t get into.

When you deal damage to a particular body part, the game system will reduce that damage by the armor value on that part. Goblins with not armor on his arm will take full damage there. And if there is a lot of armor there, and you don’t hit hard enough, the swing bounces off *TING*

If you fight a super strong super armored monster, he is going to be harder to drop, but not impossible, there will be aces and fumbles on rare instances, where you can bypass armor, or get lucky with a neck or eye shot.

Monsters will do random actions as well. The game will determine from a list of 8-10 things a monster can do. Laugh, Taunt, Swing weapon, Kick, Spit acid, and they will attack the reasonably random close character.


In most games as you gain advancements in certain levels, your level of LIFE increases. This means at the time you reach level 30, you can relatively take 10-100 times more damage than you could when you were level one. I know this isn’t physically possible, and I know that in general terms that just means that you can roll with the punches better and absorb damage better.

In a game like this, with mechanics built around precise exciting combat, it is best to keep life and health at a normal level. Increasing it slightly as you advance as an option but not as a representation on how many times you can take big hits. There will be a system set up to regulate what a killing blow will be. And that value can be any reasonable number. In this case, if you take that amount of damage to your head or slightly more to the chest, you will die. In cases where you take moderate damage, you will deduct your life until 0, then dead. This works the same for monsters. So when you are taking out a dragon. His Killing blow value is going to be must higher. And you must use huge weapons to kill him with one strike; otherwise you can continue hurting him. Until he dies of weakness or passes out from blood or pain effects. Giving beginning characters chance, if lucky enough to take down big monsters or tough mobs, if they are strategic in battle enough.

In a game like this, I would prefer perma-death in certain situation. I feel that your life should be dependant on your party. WE can sell resurrection potions and spells to bring people back, if there is someone there with the resources, once recovered you will remain weak until you earn enough experience to regain your natural life back. BUT if there is no one around and you die, there is a strong chance that you may perma-die. And create a new character you must.

This will frustrate you to no extreme in some cases. But the thrill of having a powerful character that was earned the hard way. And when you see a heroic character you know.. He DEFIED THE ODDS, not that he PLAYED LONG ENOUGH. There will be a different value of respect attuned to your character and a cheater fear of his death of a foe gets lucky with a single shot.

Of course Role play aspects can be added, that is the easy part, but 90% of online players play to FIGHT, and not just Role Play.. I think combat should be just as detailed as the role play side of things. And in most cases it is not.

Just add a dynamic economy system for trade and skills to do all that social stuff and your set.
Well, I could go on forever.

I have all of this 99.7% done on my table top game. The rules are fast and easy to comprehend.

Could this be an MMORPG? Would you guys think it would be fun and feasible or just frustrating?

Of course I would like to call it Paridine.
Game developer! : We have won again. That is good! But what is best in life?
Typical RPGER: The open steppe, fleet horse, falcon on your wrist, wind in your hair!
Game developer! : Wrong! Paridine player, what is best in life?
Paridine Player: To crush your enemies; see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!
Game developer! : That is good.

Fantasy Combat to the Extreme!



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"The Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials," Edgar Mitchell, sixth astronaut to walk the moon

3/09/04 5:36:04 PM#2

This probably should of went over to the Game Concepts forum over in the Developers Corner instead of The Pub here in General Discussion.


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No one in this world can you trust. Not men, women, or beasts.[Points to sword] This you can trust.

OP  3/09/04 5:36:47 PM#3

I know what your all thinking.

and we need to break away from the NORM for a minute.

In a game.. where you have

1- Level Grinding,

2- Level Based weapons

3- Level Based Armor

4- NO drop Items.,

and things of that sort.. then yes.. thos game may not work with that structure.

What if your life on the MMORPG was rather short in comparison to your entire play.

Having several character that have lived and died.. some gaining power.. some have not.

Items can be worn or used by practically anyone.

So in relativly you can suck with a sword, but if you are lucky enough to find excalubur, or the sword of uber destroying, then you may miss alot but the times you do HIT.. will actually count.. and you can turn the tide of a battle fairly quickly

I know this seems too realistic.. but then.. why go for another level based gridning game ????

there are 100s out there.

try somethgin fresh , fast, exciting, a constant power struggle or you and your peers.


I am dreaming.



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No one in this world can you trust. Not men, women, or beasts.[Points to sword] This you can trust.

OP  3/09/04 5:37:21 PM#4

Manually MOVED IT... IGNORE THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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3/09/04 5:40:26 PM#5

Game based turn is something I always love personnally so I am biaised.  Most players dont like it that way althought.  As long as there is a very restricting timer so you dont keep waiting endlessly during fights, it could work, basically, at start give like 30 seconds for all, then when you just act, you have a new timer of 30 seconds that start right now, it dont wait till it is your turn, it start as soon as you are done with old turn and while someone else turn is going on, this way, it would save a lot of downtime.


Many good ideas even if I would disagree with many many :)  hehe

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No one in this world can you trust. Not men, women, or beasts.[Points to sword] This you can trust.

OP  3/09/04 5:46:29 PM#6

Good Point
that would definitly Be bad ass
so you can select all your tricky style of moves and or combat options WHILE everyone else is doign there..

I was thinking of that as well. .but didnt' know how to apply.. it.. but I guess it is easier than I though

  User Deleted
3/09/04 6:45:08 PM#7

Experienced Based Characters, Not Level based characters.

good idea but it sounds almost the same as level based system. as you said to learn two handed fighting skill you should have number of expirience points. for example, if you want to learn advanced two handed fighting skill you will need more exprience points and so on. what I'm trying to say that level based system was made like this. you got it anyways.

Turn Based Combat

I will disagree here couse turn based system is an old centuary why would you want to turn back? It is just imposible to make Battlefield type mmorpgs right now but it should be possible in near future. WE should think future.

Random Monsters/Mobs

good idea it also should be balanced in some ways so noobs won't need to fight dragons at the begining...

Taking damage

Agree. I've seen such thing in one RPG dont remember the name of it.  It was done there pretty simple, for example rats can atack only low parts of your body. If you don't have pants and boots but have chest and helm rat will deal you more damage then with only pants and boots on.


I disagree on perma-death thing. It just sounds not right. You can't just stand up and fight again sounds very absurd. Here is my idea on this topic: when you die you go to G.O.D. and ask him for forgivness if permission granted, lucky you,  only then you apear near some church or even in nearest graveyard.

Overall I'll give your mmorpg 10/10 for originality ofcourse.  Well I should play it first anyways and then rate. PM me in case.

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No one in this world can you trust. Not men, women, or beasts.[Points to sword] This you can trust.

OP  3/09/04 7:14:22 PM#8

Well with the Experience based system.. you can buy what abilities you want and don't want. is most games.. everyone of a certain class will get the same abilities at the same level. With the Exp based purchasing.. you basically gather exp and then buy what you want.

Save up ALOT for the ability to use magic, even if you are a fighter.

Save up for the ability to use a Bow really well.

As for turn based.. I think it will be a bit smoother.. cause there are TICKS in real time.. and these ticks will be semi paused in this game so it wont be too noticable..

Try NWN for Turn Based combat that doens't FEEL too turn based.


and yea Noobs will have thier own area and lands that are FAR from any severe danger.


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3/09/04 9:59:08 PM#9

Guys, there is a game that has what you are looking for via this thread in development right now.

It's and it is worth checking out.  The member culture is first rate and the interaction from the developers is second to none - from the CEO/Co-founder BRAX on down.

Check it out and give it a thourough read.  It is the friendliest forum for newcomers I have ever been a part of.  If you spend an hour or two, you will be glad you did.

It's a relative dark horse, but it is getting good buzz on anticipation here, as well.

Permadeath and environmental challenges are the next great step in the evolution of MMORPGs. Only through true adversity will one feel accomplished. Only in truly knowing you can die will true adversity present itself.