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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » The Wild West MMO... My Ideas.

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OP  3/09/04 11:16:58 AM#1

Well I was thinking about all of the midieval, Futureistic, and fantasy MMO's that are out there, and I am quite bored with the un-originality of these MMO's. They are basically all clones of eachother and each one seems to think that they will be the best, but I have yet to see or hear anything about a Wild West MMO.

I think this would be a great theme for a MMO and it would acually be *gasp* orignial!

I was thinking about how how the game could use a westerm United States map for the "world map", and also how there could be many small backwater towns and outposts scattered across the world, connected by dusty trails and also larger, main towns which could be connected by multiple modes of transportaion (eg. Horses, Steam locomotives, Wagon Trains).

And of course there needs to be some sort of "race" rivalry. Maybe all charecters start off as Neutral, and, depending on how you want your charecter to progress, can turn to be an Outlaw (Bandits, Renegades) or Law Enforcers (Sherrifs, Deputees)? Or maybe instead of just being bad or good as a westerner, you could also choose to be bad or good as a Native American? 

Now speaking of Small towns and such, maybe if you, the player, wanted to become sherrif of a small town, you would have to kill more "bad guys" or have more experience that other people. It would be like a ladder working your way up to become a Sherrif of a town if you so wish. 

Now I think PVP would work everwhere except towns, and in a game like this, so would Bounties. Say there is a PK'er who kills every person he meets... In the saloons or taverns in the towns their name and description could be placed in the "WANTED" section with a bounty that coinsides with their PK rate. Say a lvl 50 Outlaw has a kill count of 500 or something, his bounty could be, lets say 100,000 dollars or gold or whatever. But a lvl 70 who has a kill count of 1000 would have a bounty of 500,000. Of course these numbers are just made up, but I think that would be a great way to deal with PK'ers and still make the people who dislike PvP, happy. 

Now for the weapons and armor and stuff, if you have seen any kind of Western Films or learned about the West in school should know what I am talking about. Weapons looking like there here and clothes looking like ... well I cant find a decent website showing authentic western apparel, but you should know what I mean.

As for hunting\fighting to gain XP, I think it would be kinda neat to hunt wildlife like rabbits, coyotees (sp?), Buffalo or the such... but im still thinking how that would work out. Im also thinking that while hunting, a First Person View would be very helpful.

Well thats all I could think of for right now, lemme know what you guys think about this, not that I can make a game such as this but maybe some publisher will steal these ideas and make an awesome MMO. And thanks for taking the time to read my huge post :)

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3/09/04 1:58:44 PM#2
Priest is a Wild West MMORPG......only problem is its only out in korea and no ones even sure the international version of the game will ever come out.


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3/09/04 2:58:48 PM#3

A steampunk wild west could be good too.


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3/09/04 3:28:07 PM#4

I would stick to whitewolf for Wyld west, put werewolfs and faieries for players in 1 realm (include the semi humans for start, can have a ppure werewolf or faierie only after a time).  Anofther realm could be Vampire/Wraith.  Put the Wyrm, the mages(cant make such a system easily available saddly, already hard with faieries, with mages it is hell), techs evildooers, automn peoples, other prodigals & weird stuff for the PvE.  Now which vampires you use for the setting is all yours to chose, the other vampires factions(not clans, I mean more like Sabbath or Camarilla, prolly more Camarilla at this epoch, but any could work) should be for PvE or future realms.

Can even have inside issues(politics mostly, but could always have a few fights, not war since 1 side) to determine if a mage node is turned into a WW Cairn or a Changeling stronghold, while the wraith and the vampires could have other focus then those places, yet, always having some conflicts.


I would not recommend using other west setting honestly, need a lot of good ideas, and the world of Darkness of Whitewolf have it all.  Now, the setting and the rules would need to be made for MMORPGs, because vampires are usually chronic soloers, need to figure something there. :)


Anyway, just an idea.  I never play wyld west because I am a changeling/vampire fan and the werewolfs where usually NPCs in all my games...

Trying to raid Helen of Troy, or some  other Methuselah, old insane pro nature WW would certainly be great fun...and the mages...*shiver*

I think a HPS system could be work out no matter how many curses would come from Whitewolf if you can manage to have them agree in the first place. :)

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3/09/04 4:34:22 PM#5
you might want to check out FRONTIER 1859, havnt been to the forums there lately, so i cant say much about it atm...

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