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Rift (Rift)
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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 03/01/11)  | Pub:Trion Worlds
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Rift Forum » General Discussion » I really want to like this game

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"It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver". - Niccolo Machiavelli

12/01/13 5:03:08 PM#21

Rift would have my undivided attention and support if the quest-hub-grindfest questing was interesting and less in your face rinse and repeat from hub to hub to gain exp without caring about a story.


Also, Rift IMO has the most uninspiring architechture and armor design ever. I just dont like their artstyle, building design and armor design. I could live with those if i at least had the option not to go to the exact same place with every character to endure the aformentioned bad sequence based questing system.


i just moved on because i realized that unless a major overhaul happens to Rift its just not going to make me play longer than a few minutes.


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12/01/13 5:06:33 PM#22

Rift does well with what it does,  I wish they had copied a little more from Final Fantasy than from WOW.  The class system is awesome, the best in the world, but I wish there was truly epic quests, or random scenarios that allowed you to unlock souls.  I also thought they should have removed archtypes all together and allow multi-souls across spectrums.

I thought each soul should also have to be invidually leveled in order to maximize its points.  Imagine the builds it could have created, if they had done something like this, alot of people would overlook the lore and animations, cause it would be a lot more epic.  As is it takes a week to get to max, then you are stuck grinding rifts and dungeons for fun

I just wish when i loaded up the game originally there was a list of 40 souls, and you picked 2 of em, and then youre first unlock came randomly from killing 150 goblins, and you wouldnt even know it.  youre next soul came from collecting a random artifact set, and so forth.



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Joined: 8/13/09
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"It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver". - Niccolo Machiavelli

12/01/13 5:12:35 PM#23
Originally posted by Myrdynn

 I also thought they should have removed archtypes all together and allow multi-souls across spectrums.


this could make the game a bagillion times better in the blink of an eye. And allow all types of armor be used by anyone (heavy, medium, clothes, etc). The way it is now its really cool, but when you dig deeper most souls (within a class) are almost the same thing with different colors, visual effects, and name. So cross-class souls would definitelly make it feel varied instead of mirrored.


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12/01/13 5:15:02 PM#24

OP - if you like story then it would seem like TSW and SWTOR would be the best games out for that right now. And of course, WoW without all the cutscenes. At lease WoW used to have decent story when I played it. Rift lore is not interesting to me at all. I don't really know why. None of the characters I've met seem compelling at all.


When it comes to gameplay, I don't like raiding endgames. I think the market can really only support one major raiding endgame and the most-hardcore raiders will be attracted to the one that does it best. I don't know who does it best, because I'm not into raiding. The other games that offer raiding will just be hangers on and peripheral. Maybe that is Rift.


I like the soul system and the ability to switch roles. I also like the art style of the buildings, etc. 


I don't like the limited choice of races and starting areas. I think that must somehow be connected to the seeming lack in the lore category, for me. I think WoW was really great in that respect.*


*Edit: Maybe that's part of why WoW has been so successful. If you think about a game's player base as a pyramid structure, the wider the bottom (WoW's various race choices and their different starting areas), the more people you can draw into the game who would have otherwise moved on. The tip of the pyramid are  your hardest or the hardcore raiders. A game like Rift with those two seemingly generic starting areas was never going to draw in the same number of potential players.


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"Blue, blue."

12/02/13 4:18:31 PM#25

I'll probably piss a lot of people off here, but for me, Rift was one of the most generic, mediocre mmorpg experiences I've ever had. I agree with everything said in the OP. It felt bland, lifeless and the combat system was another flawed attempt to mimic WoW, but failed to do so, largely because of the lackluster animations. Add to that, you only had like two starting areas to level up in so making alts was an exercise in extreme boredom.

Then there's the "one button macro" thing that was (still is?) prevalent in the game. I had even read that they were just about a necessity in certain situations. That pretty much kills it entirely for me right there.

All in all, it just felt like a game that tried to be a mix of WoW and Warhammer, but failed at both. It has an intriguing amount of specialization options for each class, but despite that, I think I'd still go for WoW if I had to play either of them, and I'm by no means a big fan of that either.


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12/02/13 4:56:44 PM#26
Originally posted by Destai

I always appreciated the class system, but I would have loved to see each soul have more concrete feelings to it. The skills really didn't bring out the lore behind them. There's this pervasive conflict in the skills where it seems like they want both flexibility and character, making the tradeoff in all the wrong places.

Another problem is that everyone is an amoeba.  Your character has no strengths or weaknesses.  Some people love it, being able to have the best abilities for each particular encounter.  I prefer not always be optimal and to have to work to overcome drawbacks.

WoW does it right with 2 specs.  It allows you some flexibility so if you like tanking but your group already has a tank you can still be useful.  But you cant switch from tank to healer to melee dps to ranged dps at will.  And each spec still retains the feel of your class, where Rift you often change completely.

The soul system takes away strategy and also takes away your identity.  Its fun planning builds for sure and WoW could desperately use the choices Rift has, but the choices just dont feel meaningful.

Rift would have benefited greatly from a 2 or 3 role max per character.  But itss too late to change that now.


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Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

12/02/13 5:15:11 PM#27

Op i have tried 4x to like it and every time i quit after 2 weeks or less.

The game lacks all aspects of Triple A ,everything is done with minimal effort.

It is not a multi class,it is more like a classless system because you can mix anything.The very first thing that turned me off was all i did was follow the linear quests and next thing i had access to 3 different class choices and i did nothing to earn it.

game play if you can call just following linear quests as game play was far too easy and for a good reason,it is that common trend of designing a game to solo.Of course a game to solo will be easy,you don't NEED the trinity or any class for that matter and you most certainly don't need certain buffs or de-buffs or even accuracy,you really need almost nothing.

Ok so i try a bit of crafting and again that feeling o being done half ass,so i go on to try the game's biggest selling point >>>RIFTs.

Yet again done very half ass,designed in a way to automate itself forever,i have no idea where the op gets "Dynamic" from,but i guess if GW2 can use that term,everyone can use it.They could have done soooooooo much with Rifts,that alone could have carried some weight towards being a triple a game but nope the same Rift that just pops up in different places and spawns a few different NPC's.

What Rift is an entry level game design.If Trion took everything they started and put more depth into it and more choice on game play besides the linear quests,it could begin to call itself a triple A game.Even the models seem smaller and lighting is not good at all,the whole game just cuts corners everywhere in design.

I won't begin to say i know for fact but Rift sure seems a lot like GW2 in that it is probably a 50 million game or less,when other big boys are well over the 100-200 million mark.I truly believe that  developers now days THINK they can fool the majority of people into thinking they are delivering an equal game,but i can assure you not everyone is fooled.Bottom line you want a long lasting crowd to follow your game,put in the effort,not many can get lucky like Farmville or Eve or Wow but at least Wow put in some effort just not in technical or  graphics.
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1/12/14 6:12:49 PM#28
Man i'm feeling like the OP . I was having fun but after hitting lvl 36 i just started to get bored. I just feel like i've done this all before and i don't really give a crap about raiding or PVP.  I'm still on my free play time though so i will finish that up. But after that i think i'm all done. I just want something different. I think what kept me going was the soul tree. That was different. But talking to people in game one thing is true, its a raiding game and if your not into that then its not for you.

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1/12/14 8:19:33 PM#29

I love the soul system, it's one of the best class flexibility systems I've ever played in a MMORPG that is still class based.

Also I really like the F2P model, the game has been truly free for me, from 1-60.



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Shit Happens!!

1/12/14 8:34:14 PM#30
Originally posted by Lord.Bachus

b) despite all dynamic features, the world still feels lifeless, espescially towns and Npc camps

c) story (quests) and lore fall short compared with Lotro, SWTor, TSW and even WoW.

 Those are two of the several reasons why I quit.




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1/14/14 7:58:45 PM#31

this is why i dont quite understand Rift. It has the nice gfx, the big world, the detailed combat skills etc, but still the endgame suxks.

whereas a game like Champions of Regnum which is simpler in all those aspects, has an endlessly entertaining endgame. The one thing Regnum has is a combat system and feel which is far better than Rift, but why is Regnum's endgame so much more longer lasting in terms of fun? No one really knows why.


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1/17/14 10:19:11 PM#32
Originally posted by Soki123
I was totally addicted to this game, then shortly after the x pac, I just didn t want to log in anymore. I ve tried several times, but each time the game fely soulless to me. Not sure why really, as it s basically the same game, but I re subbed WoW, and FFXI, and even though it s free, I don t even care to log in. I ve read many people saying this wih Rift as well.

I felt the same way I couldn't quite figure it out for a while, but I finally boiled it down to bland writing. You don't give a damn about the characters or story because its forgettable and badly developed. When that sense of world immersion and intriguing plot is missing an MMORPG tends to really lack soul. Guild Wars 2 also suffers the same problem imho and somehow manages to even be worse then Rift in that regard.

  User Deleted
1/21/14 12:28:26 PM#33
I essentially feel like I am playing some odd world version of BC wow with customizable talent trees and not so great combat animations. All they really lack to get more players is possibly more race choices and maybe add shapeshifting to the Druid or Mage tree, I swear to god WOW is laughing their asses off since they know Cat Form alone is getting them a few million players a year. 
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