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General Discussion Forum » The Pub at MMORPG.COM » Worst ever purchases?

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1/29/13 5:52:30 AM#41

Mortal Online


Cost $75 for the standard box version of the game.  They never sent out functioning release discs to everyone that bought it.  2.5 years after release people (and these are their "fans")  argue that it's too early to market the game because it's "not ready" yet.



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1/29/13 6:01:26 AM#42

Champions Online. It was an impulse buy, as I saw it on the shelf at Wal-Mart. I thought, "Cool! Champions Role-Playing Game in an MMO!"

It was nothing like Champions.

I was also playing City of Heroes at the time and Champions was barely a mere shadow of CoH.


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1/29/13 6:07:58 AM#43
DDO for me, bought on recommendation from friends and it totally wasn't the game for me.

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Let em put a slave ring thru u're nose u're prob not going to like where they're taking you. Think.

1/29/13 6:12:40 AM#44

Rift (when it first came out).  I did have a little bit of fun there but not worth what I paid.  I have more fun in free to play games so I felt cheated.  I enjoyed Rift's, well, rifts.  Until they got gimped - high levels were not allowed in low level rifts.  I have always hated the separation of high levels from low levels.  I wanted to show off in front of newbs.  Looking at it from the other coin side, I always enjoyed it when high levels show off for me.  In everything except getting ganked (world PvP sucks).

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1/29/13 6:15:40 AM#45
Originally posted by Swanea

hellgate london lifetime sub.

Rofl. My few friends were like YEAH! Diablo only in a more MMO FEEL, YEAH!







You win the thread! :)


I fell sorry for you.


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1/29/13 6:25:40 AM#46
One month sub of MO was 15 Euro down the drain. I stopped playing before the sub ended (unsubbed after about 2 weeks). I even supported this game massively at first! Apologize to everyone who listened to me. OTOH I never played WoW and now have a blast with Vanguard (and not paying anything). xD

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1/29/13 6:36:19 AM#47

I don't know where to start. I've bought soooooooooo many games on steam that I have never even played. Of the 500-600 games I have there I think I have plaed only 20 :D Although I've bought some of them at a crazy cheap price so even if I decide to play them in the future would be worth it as I doubt they will get any cheaper down the line.


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1/29/13 8:05:08 AM#48

SWTOR was probably my best purchase. Why? I quickly knew that this game was going to suck. Thus, I sold the CE for almost double what I paid for it just after launch.


Diablo 3 CE was the worst purchase.


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1/29/13 8:30:16 AM#49
My worst purchase was GW1. I was completely bored out of my mind after 3 days. You dont meet anyone ever except in cities, the quests are generic, the crafting system unbelievably primitive, the combat system was trivialistic and monotonous. Good thing ? Well graphically it looked nice. And that was all.

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1/29/13 8:33:14 AM#50

For me it was SWTOR sadly :(

Didn´t even make it till level cap...not even when it went FTP....


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War is not the ultima ratio, but the ultima irratio - Willy Brandt

1/29/13 8:35:26 AM#51
Originally posted by XAPGames

I've managed to skip most of the games I would have regreted purchasing.

I think its pretty simple really. Just wait a bit after release and check reactions of the players. ;-)

The only time when this recipe failed for me was Guild Wars.

But worked like a charm, for example, for Vanguard. Which I still play. Or Age of Conan. Which I never ever touched. :-D


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1/29/13 8:39:18 AM#52

Champions lifetime sub. I enjoyed playing COH for a month each time a new issue came out, and thought why not have access to the game any time I want.

Gamer logic through rose-colored glasses.



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1/29/13 8:53:41 AM#53

Star Trek Online - Played CO and knew it was not that great... Was in the STO Beta and knew it pretty much sucked balls... Still preordered the game hoping it would get better... Easily the stupidest game purchase I've ever made and the absolute last time I will ever preorder a MMO.





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1/29/13 8:54:50 AM#54

Guild Wars 2, bought copy for myself and my girlfriend.

Worst purchase ever and this is coming from a TSW Lifetimer.


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1/29/13 8:57:20 AM#55
Originally posted by dimnikar

For me it was AION.

No idea what I was thinking.

Outside of MMORPGs, there's a number of impulse purchases on Steam I don't neccessarily regret (they were dirt cheap), but could've done without...

 I'm glad I didn't buy this one.....I could see why you'd be upset...That was a terrible game.



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1/29/13 9:12:41 AM#56

Anarchy Online

Age of Conan

Hellgate London


other online games, 

I may not have stuck with but I didnt feel ripped off



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1/29/13 10:36:32 AM#57
Originally posted by WhiteLantern

Because I do research and have learned to think for myself, I don't regret any of my purchases.

Although a couple of CEs could have been bought at a discount later............

I do a lot of research and make my own decisions,but have to admit that Warhammer got me. By far the worst purchase I ever made. 

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1/29/13 10:37:44 AM#58
Age of Conan I guess. Probably because it was the first MMO where I thought to myself... this isn't even close to being done.

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1/29/13 10:38:00 AM#59
My worst purchase was the one-year subscription to Rift.  I bought it May 15 and haven't played much since September/October.  What a waste for a game I won't even have access to when the sub expires.  bleh

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1/29/13 10:39:16 AM#60
Im one of those people who buys CEs because I actually collect them. The SWTOR CE IMO is a fantastic CE but the game isnt. The only mmo I regret buying is TERA and Final Fantasy.

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