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1/18/13 3:44:13 AM#81

Age of Conan is the most beautiful world hands down.

If you ramp up the graphics to max and activate god-rays, wind effects in trees etc. it is simply breathtaking.

I think the associated point about not having to fight mobs is a free-rider here. Never played an MMO where I didn't have to fight at least somewhat to move around.

... such a pity FC messed AoC up in other ways, because it is top-notch in appearance, feel and ambience, and the music is blood-surgingly good too.


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Sorry for my English xD

1/18/13 8:57:31 AM#82
Sorry NDA, the only thing i can say for DF is lol, trust me ;)

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1/18/13 9:01:14 AM#83
I've played almost every pay to play MMO and ~100 F2Ps. None of them has even come close to variety, beauty and detail of Everquest 2, even after all these years. Just log in some time, it is free. Even the zones for evil folks are beautiful!

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1/18/13 9:12:15 AM#84
tyria, hyboria and middle earth.

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1/18/13 9:35:25 AM#85
GW2. the main reason i got attracted by the title is its aesthetics and its world ! really amazing !


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1/18/13 9:40:41 AM#86
WoW has rich environments and all the gathering professions you could want. Any game that has level scaling you probably want to avoid.

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1/18/13 9:54:11 AM#87
Originally posted by nariusseldon
Originally posted by ibn_Cartwell
Originally posted by nariusseldon
Originally posted by PWN_FACE

I like having a game where I don't have to kill all the time. I have Chivalry when I want my pvp  and I want it bloody. I have a lot of games for pvp. But I really want something where I can just relax, do some fishing, gathering, taking in the sites, hunting when I feeling like farming or grinding something. 


WoW was fun for a couple of years. I leveled really slowly and enjoyed doing all the stuff you could do in Azeroth. But I'm done there now. I think Rift's Telara is an attactive world, as well, and I like that they have fishing.  


What is the most beautiful mmorpg world you can actually go out and enjoy without having to fight all the time? Is there fishing, etc?

The real world.

No computer simulation is as good as the real thing ... like fishing. The reason i play WOW is because i cannot be a blood elf mage killing stuff with fireball in the real life.

But i *can* stare at scenary and fish in the real world, right?

OP states hes in a harsh urban enviroment as is seeking something on the computer to distract, way to be a douche


Edit: and I find EVE is relaxing

May be he should look up something called "camping trips". Try it sometime, it is not as rare as one might think.


Yes, because there's nothing better on a cold winters night after a long day at work as driving 2 hrs out into the country and setting up a tent in the snow, night fishing and getting back to work in the morning. Are you seriously suggesting game worlds shouldn't be beautiful because they can't compete with real scenery, that's an idiotic suggestion.

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1/18/13 9:59:03 AM#88
Originally posted by ezpz77
Originally posted by Hatefull
Originally posted by jpnz

SWTOR looks absolutely stunning.

GW2 looks nice but the camera angle really hides the full view; if you have eye-inifinity though it can look awesome.

Aion is probably still the prettiest although Tera is pretty close.



SWTOR - really?  Very bland world, combat, etc.  Great stories and cut scenes however.  I don't disagree with anything else you said, and of course your opinion is all your's to have, but I really disagree with your assessment of SWTORS graphics.


SWTOR has some really amazing scenery.



Nice as pictures, but the suns don't move, there are no weather patterns, no dusk, dawn, night or day, for me, that's what makes a beautiful world.

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1/18/13 10:21:24 AM#89
Lol swtor the most dead lifeless mmo world ever populated by clones, built from artificial corridors (even the outside bits) and featuring no day / night cycle or weather.

Lotr, vg, Aoc & tsw were good suggestions, not so keen on gw2 (in this context) myself because of the horrible ground textures, but it has good architecture, but swtor is a joke of a world.

But I still say eve, for just taking in the views while mining / crafting.

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1/18/13 10:22:53 AM#90
Also 3rd swtor picture has floaty trees ;)

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1/18/13 10:31:20 AM#91

Hmm for going fishing, hanging out solo or with friends, or talking a long walk through the countryside, it would have to be The Shire or Shire Homesteads (housing) in LOTRO.

For attractive world, fishing, private or public housing and the ability to work on your house (dimension), it would have to be Rift.


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1/18/13 10:36:03 AM#92
As others have already mentioned, LOTRO and AoC.


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Poacher killer.

1/18/13 11:52:18 AM#93
Originally posted by nariusseldon
Originally posted by ibn_Cartwell

OP states hes in a harsh urban enviroment as is seeking something on the computer to distract, way to be a douche


Edit: and I find EVE is relaxing

May be he should look up something called "camping trips". Try it sometime, it is not as rare as one might think.

OK, it's official; you really are arguing just for the sake of arguing.

PWN_FACE gave a classic example as to why a lot of people want a virtual world. Like many people on this planet, he lives in a place where there is no wilderness, yet somehow this still isn't enough for you to acknowledge why it is important for him to have a virtual world. You keep repeating over and over and over on these forums how it's normal for people to have different preferences, yet you make posts like this. You are a very inconsistent individual to say the least.

My advice would be to avoid threads like this and stop trying to constantly derail them. When it comes to virtual worlds, clearly you do not get it.

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2/03/13 8:45:32 PM#94
Originally posted by PsyMike3d
Originally posted by corpusc



yeah, funny how i was spot on in my answer to the OP.

read his reply post where he said Agon (Darkfall) was actually his favorite world, but he was already aware of it and looking for something else that was similar.

The End
i don't expect to like Darkfall, altho i may like it MORE than other MMOs. i know it is gonna have a very frustrating level of grind to it, even if its significantly less than most. waiting for a pure FAST action virtual world. dice rolling & character levels (even "skills") IN COMBAT should have never carried over from pencil & paper to a computer that can reasonably model 3D spaces and objects


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2/03/13 9:03:31 PM#95

GW2 easily has the most beautiful world for's not just about the polygons and to me the aesthetics of the game are a step above the rest

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2/03/13 9:17:00 PM#96

I would have to say TERA has the best looking world. Some of the places you go to in that game look amazing. Lineage 2 gets my next vote.



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2/04/13 3:03:12 AM#97
Lotro and AoC, looks like quite a few of us have put our vote there.

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2/04/13 3:10:27 AM#98
Originally posted by Thorkune
Originally posted by MMOGamer71

LOTRO and Age of Conan.


These are my picks as well

yep, but nothing beats Age of Conan in DX10 and max settings and max view distance. But LOTRO is pretty nice as well. Those two still rule in world size and world building quality. Would also add TSW, in an eerie/beautiful way..

Secrets of Dragon´s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

Best MMOs ever played: Ultima, EvE, SW Galaxies, Age of Conan, The Secret World

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playing games that you don't have to.

2/04/13 3:20:50 AM#99
Originally posted by Theely
I was actually surprised at how well LOTRO looks when you crank everything up. They must have updated the graphics since launch? No way it looked that good on release.

your trolling right, game looks at this moment like it looked on low setting at launch.


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OP  2/04/13 3:23:09 AM#100

I've been playing LOTRO and Vanguard recently and really enjoying these worlds for the different things they offer.


A lot of people have mentioned AoC. I only saw the world before the Rise of the Godslayer expansion. It was a nice world then, but it didn't seem that big with the instancing between zones. Maybe I just don't remember it well. Maybe the expansion zones were bigger?


How did Rise of the Godslayer add to the world of AoC? Is it more beautiful and expansive than the world at launch?


EDIT: I just checked out some screenshots of Kitai and they look pretty amazing.

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