At this time we are experiencing an extremely high volume of requests for support and are taking a much longer than expected time to get to your requests. We do appreciate your patience, as well as your part in helping to create this wonderful problem to have.

Please know that this is not the level of customer service, nor the speed of response that you should expect from Trion Worlds Inc. We are taking steps to correct this situation as quickly as possible, however it will take us some time to get to the level of staffing necessary to provide the support that you deserve.

There are a couple of things that you may be able to do to help us get you the assistance you need as quickly as possible.

1. Our first priority is helping anybody whose account may have been compromised. If your account has been compromised please know that you are our top priority and we are getting to you as quickly as possible. When submitting a ticket for assistance of this kind please ensure that you select “Hacked Account” as your category in order to get the fast possible resolution. Please also title your page as “hacked account” and include the character name and shard that has been compromised.

2. If your issue has self-resolved or if you no longer need assistance please close your ticket by typing /cs and then hitting the “Close Issue button”.

3. If you are reporting somebody trying to sell plat (which you shouldn’t be seeing much of anymore) then please left click the player’s name and use the report spam option. This allows us to both investigate the issue as well as consistently improve our spam filter to get these aggravations out of Rift.

Thank you for helping to make Rift the success that it is. We greatly appreciate your support and value you as a customer. We apologize for delays in responding to your requests and thank you for your continued patience while we make the changes necessary to provide the customer support and experience that you should expect from Trion.

GM Giant
Manager - In-Game Support