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Walt Disney Internet Group | Official Site
MMOG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 06/02/03)  | Pub:Walt Disney Internet Group
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$09.95
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:EOut of date info? Let us know!

Toontown Online Forum » General Discussion » Does anyone actually play this game??

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Joined: 10/18/06
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OP  10/18/06 8:06:04 PM#1
does anyone actually play this game???it looks so stupid...AND theres a monthly fee....they even have commercials for it on T.V.....Disney must be so desperate for something.....hehehe

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11/28/06 9:28:45 PM#2
yes play i used to, it was actually kinda fun, good enviroment and story, and easy to use controls and gaming.  A very very well crafted game for children


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11/30/06 2:49:35 PM#3
The target demographic for this game is not one that would visit this site on a regular basis. The game is quite populated all the same.

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12/07/06 1:39:38 PM#4

Yes. People actually play this.  :P My 8 year old daughter has a really good time on this but it's not so addictive to where I have to kick her off the computer.  She logs in and plays games. meets new friends. throws some pies. Fishes and plants her garden.  Looks in the in game catelog to see if there's new stuff to buy for her house.

It's a childrens game and a really well done one.


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1/10/07 9:39:14 AM#5

if u wanna get a 7 day free trail better than 3 go to and look all over for it :D


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1/14/07 11:09:37 AM#6
let's put it this way.... big companies needs player....why not start creating them once they r little so in the future every1 plays expensive MMORPG

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Joined: 2/22/07
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2/23/07 4:46:15 PM#7

Rude much ? People do play the game....I have been playing for 4 years you shouldnt call it stuped because it is offensive to me if you do not play.  You should try it? A lot of older people play the game! The oldest I've known of is 73........So try it! Its addicting and fun....I have 106 laffpoints




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Joined: 6/05/07
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6/27/07 1:03:43 PM#8
Originally posted by HugMonkey

Rude much ? People do play the game....I have been playing for 4 years you shouldnt call it stuped because it is offensive to me if you do not play.  You should try it? A lot of older people play the game! The oldest I've known of is 73........So try it! Its addicting and fun....I have 106 laffpoints



yea, let me tell ya I would want to play a game with Laff points.....


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Joined: 6/28/07
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6/28/07 1:35:15 PM#9
I used to play it and I agree that it is very well made for children.Laff points in the game is basicaly HP.To answer the orgnial question yes the game does have a good amount of people.I mean this game is made for a younger audience with a bunch of mini-games,fishing,pets,a house,and a toonish way of fighting including throwing pies,spraying people with a fire hose,droping safes ect.You should actualy give the game a chance but if you don't like it fine.You just have to remeber this game was built for a younger audience.An excellent MMORPG for children.

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6/28/07 1:38:13 PM#10
And in general.


Joined: 8/14/07
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8/14/07 7:29:40 PM#11

Well, I'm 44 years old, a mother of 3 teens, and I played the trial of this game once, just looked CUTE and FUNNY!!  (Admittedly, I'm a Disney fan and some of my favorite movies are things like Shrek and Monsters, Inc.)

I will tell you I'm a veteran MMOrpg player and have played games since Atari came out, so I'm not lacking in experience.  I presently play WoW (I have a 70 warrior, 67 mage, 43 hunter, 34 priest, and a 30 warlock, among many other lowbies...heh).  I also still have a a couple of active characters in EQ2, a 61 mage and a 34 troubador.  I've played Diablo 1, 2, and LOD online, City of Heroes, Guild Wars....I could go on and on.

Now, certainly this game is NOTHING like any of the games I've mentioned.  However, I found it to be uniquely "laffable."  LOL!!  It's light-hearted, adorable, a great children's game, yet I found myself laughing and enjoying it as well.  Is it for little "macho-wannabe" boys that like to PvP exclusively and are too homophobic to find anything "cute" to be fun?  Uhm...emphatically NO.

Personally, I was actually considering playing this again, just because it was extremely EASY, funny, and a nice break from more "serious" gaming.  However, if the "cuteness factor" offends you....skip won't like it.



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8/18/07 11:40:03 AM#12

I used to play this in the 3rd grade, overall it was very fun to play and wasnt hard at all, it was life as a toon, do missions explore other towns, have pets called doodles, have houses, order new clothes and all that, heck there was a holiday theme and if u played during halloween, you could become a black cat! it was fun but i got too old for it



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Joined: 8/29/07
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8/29/07 12:38:33 PM#13
ToonTown is one of the wierdest/childish games Ive ever seen. I mean really? Your gonna convince teens/adults to play this why? Oh, Well we can smash eachother with pies all day.. -.- I wouldnt say its worth crap. I wouldnt pay a monthly fee for smashing pies in other peoples faces and hitting them with hammers (idk) Graphics mean everything to a game. Cant be too good and cant be junk. If kids wanted to play a game why not make em play runescape. Along with all the other 5 year olds that do :P Why do you think theyre desperate? I know they are... Notice that the commercials are only on kids channels >.> I cant believe its 7.5 rating >.< If anyone knows a game I can do PM me lol. Dont say this one pl0x.
  User Deleted
8/29/07 12:51:29 PM#14

For the love of all that is Holy people look at who this game is directed at! It is simple, cartoony and childish because it is for children. Adults who play it probably like it because they can relax and have fun in the game, which is the reason we play games in the first place. Those who knock this game should realize that not every MMO has to have combat, farming, and other more adult aspects to be fun and successful.


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8/31/07 6:47:11 AM#15

YES it is childish. Yes it is weeird. And YES yes yes it is F U N!

I am  a 51 year old player,  Yes I like this game.  After a grueling sessions of WoW, GW, or numerous f2p games, its nice to turn toon and smack cogs with pies and seltzer water.

Let me add that some late afternoons you can't move for the crowds,  but there are so many extra "districts" that you can always find a quieter server to play on.

And I can see that "Supah_fly" doesn't know the game.  Disney, who believes in happy endings to fairy tales, doesn't have crude PvP Content. No smacking each other with pies.  Nor trading, mailing, or any other thing that causes friction. No Spamming, Scamming, or Ganking.

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8/31/07 6:54:49 AM#16

i played the trial and i dont mind cute *in fact when i watch anime i tend to find the cutest looking thing i can find but lets keep that between us * but this game is wierd and kinda dumb even by my standards

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Joined: 12/27/07
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12/27/07 3:58:19 PM#17

Yes peolpe play. I have been playing for 4 years.

and my toon is now 117 laffpoints


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5/08/08 2:51:12 PM#18

My 8 year old cousin plays this game and she loves it.  I've tried it out and it was pretty decent.


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6/28/08 12:30:41 PM#19

Toon Town is a great game for some people it really depends on what you like.

  User Deleted
9/05/08 2:10:48 AM#20

I played the 3-day trial about 4/5 years ago. It's a very good game for younger players, with lots of mini games and "silly" fighting. A good game to play just to relax.

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