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Funcom | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

The Secret World Videos: Pre-Order Trailer (1:56)

The Secret World is now available for pre-orders according to an announcement on the official site. In addition, Funcom has announced that those who pre-order TSW will automatically be granted beta access to the game that is slated to begin on May 11th. The Secret World will run $49.99 USD.

The Secret World is now available for pre-orders according to an announcement on the official site. In addition, Funcom has announced that those who pre-order TSW will automatically be granted beta access to the game that is slated to begin on May 11th. The Secret World will run $49.99 USD.
Duration: 1:56
Views: 4,240  28 comments
Game: The Secret World
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Effin_Rabbit writes:

I'll pass

Tue Apr 03 2012 10:13AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:



So little information about TSW, and it's only a month away. Not to mention we know almost nothing about it!

Yes yes, we know there's "No Levels" and "No Classes", but seriously we've only been given a "vague" overview of the game. We don't even know just how the "world" as a whole is setup.


This feels PICTURE PERFECT to how Age of Conan's pre-order was up until people had access to "Open Beta", and then the poop really hit the fan :(.


Something tells me this is going to be Age of Conan 2.0 (ie: scattered tiny zones that don't make sense in origion or connection) with a modern theme.


Funcom, how you refuse to move away from your shadey development models is beyond me :C!

Tue Apr 03 2012 10:53AM Report
Ankur writes:

fadedbomb strikes again with another negative post. The day you will add something positive is the day pigs will start flying.

However, i will buy this game atleast 3 to 4 months after release. That is how all Funcom games should be played ;)

Tue Apr 03 2012 11:10AM Report
Mad+Dog writes:

ill pass till i know alot more!!

Tue Apr 03 2012 11:37AM Report
KroxMalon writes:

Massive pvp? wasent AOC supose to have massive pvp?

Tue Apr 03 2012 11:52AM Report
Raserei writes:

My prediction:


Game will be released unfinished. Game will be subpar at best but will get better over time. The majority will quit until it's fixed and in a year or so, it will be a decent game. Same thing happened to AoC. Release was unfinished but now its a decent game.


Poor marketing decision making but whatever

Tue Apr 03 2012 1:37PM Report
dnadestinyx writes:

Now this is a game I wanna play!

Tue Apr 03 2012 1:43PM Report
avaliceheart writes:

I didn't expect it would be out so soon. Any pre order bonuses?

Tue Apr 03 2012 1:48PM Report
Jupsto writes:

personally wouldn't buy this game, although i'd like to try it. all we're really told/shown about the game is the setting. the setting is cool, but it won't make the entire game. I highly doubt massive pvp. this game looks even more instanced than AoC. And for all I know it might not even be a true mmo.

Tue Apr 03 2012 1:56PM Report
Jupsto writes:

edit: although maybe I just need to go read more about the game, I plan to try.

Tue Apr 03 2012 2:01PM Report
Eladi writes:

250 Dollar  or 250 Euro (livetimers)  thats the typical bullshit again.  no real info about the game yet either.  everyting about this game just smells like a Scam.


Tue Apr 03 2012 2:13PM Report
Jaedor writes:

Pre-order from GameStop will get you the wolf pet, fyi. Ordering from Funcom will get you the cat.

Tue Apr 03 2012 2:35PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I get the distinct impression that this game is not made as well as the Developers wanted it to be.

Its on the verge of release and I know next to nothing about its actual gameplay or anything that would make me truly excited to play it.

With all the videos of in-game activity being released for Guild Wars 2, which doesn't even have a release date yet, why on earth would I plunk down 50+ dollars for a game thats (from my perspective) released NO information.

Tue Apr 03 2012 2:58PM Report
Mephster writes:

I'll wait atleast a month or 2 after release to see if it is going to be good or not.

Tue Apr 03 2012 3:08PM Report
thark writes:

Hmm..Everyone that sais there is no information on this..There is a 35 min video explaining alot of stuff ..What more do you want more than that..A walktrough of the entire game ?

Tue Apr 03 2012 3:17PM Report
dadante666 writes:

sadly but another fail sub no ofence but ithink stwtor is 50% better than this sht

Tue Apr 03 2012 4:15PM Report
pdx2012 writes:

9 out of 10 beta players have said they intend to play the game at launch. I'm looking forward to TSW and I think it could be a real hit. There's lots of info on the game out there, you only have to look.

Tue Apr 03 2012 4:29PM Report
sibs4455 writes:

How on earth are Funcom going to implement massive pvp battles?,  they cannot even fix sieges in AOC after nearly 4 years.

I was under the impression that the Khitai update for AOC has the same engine as SW.

Tue Apr 03 2012 4:31PM Report
GlacianNex writes:

@thark - that is the IQ of an average poster for you. It is post first then wander if what you posted is pure retardedation. Just about everyone posted with 'there is no info on this game' simply were not following the game and somehow it is devs fault for not uploading info directly into their brain. I mean someone above actually asked what are the perks of pre-order. DID YOU EVEN WATCH THE VIDEO YOU ARE POSTING ABOUT?? IT IS THERE !!! I KNOW IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE BUT IT IS THERE!!!

Tue Apr 03 2012 10:01PM Report
bakabröd writes:

am i the only one that doesnt give a shit about pvp.

i want a deep story driven mmo with some lovecraftian horror

moments.if this game skipped the pvp then i whould be the first

to buy it. lifetime for 200 euros even.

atm it seems difficult to invest in the game, as we dont know

much about it, well not as much as i want .

Wed Apr 04 2012 2:48AM Report
Asuran24 writes:

Actually the game does have a huge story driven style to it thru the quest system that they use, and how info is displayed to you. I am not sure i would call it truly Lovecraftian horror, but it does have a good feel of the lovecraft style of story. Though i will say that anyone that does not have a clue, or does not actually know about the game, or think there is info out abotu the game. Is well lazy, blind,  or just a failed troll that needs to go back to the bridge-water school of trolling. Where massive pvp is concearned it depends on what you call massive, in many of the scenes as well as from those that have played in the pvp zones you can have about 200 players from each faction in them at one time, and that would be what 600 players in a three way battle, and so to me that is pretty massive.

Wed Apr 04 2012 6:06AM Report
Hersaint writes:

pre-ordering character slots, potions and jewelry (talismans)?  Oi vey! over $200 big ones? jTheme is cool but cant buy a game for that from Funcom that lied before about about their development and finished product.

Wed Apr 04 2012 8:36AM Report
thark writes:


What information about TSW are you actually missing ??.

From my standpoint I can't seem to find anything that hasn't been discussed or shown ..


Wed Apr 04 2012 9:47AM Report
bakabröd writes:


well dont know about if its pvp,pve or rp directed. or even going top have diffrent servers.

and some more info about character creation and more new

movies with animations and such, becouse i still think it looks to stiff and so on.

Wed Apr 04 2012 11:30AM Report
thark writes:

The latest 35 min video shows you alot..and if you listen to what they say it will also tell you alot..

From what I can tell its a very story centric MMO, wich will focus on having just "One quest" at the time ..So you wont loose focus on what you are doing.

From the video above it's obvious characther creation isn't yet really done..But lets you choose from difrent clothings and such.

PvP, well..I'm not that into PvP..But as the game has 3 factions , It's also a great setup for classic RvR

Also, I noticed you most likely are Swedish, so..There is a great article in the Swedish magazine Level, that pretty much discusses all the things with TSW-

Wed Apr 04 2012 2:43PM Report
thark writes:


Also since it has  developers from The longest Journey it also has some ties to puzzles from adventure titles ,  This is rather kept in the dark however..But from what I can tell it will both have puzzles for one and even puzzles that evolves around the entire community.

And yes ,,The Animations look abit stiff, I agree :)


Wed Apr 04 2012 2:59PM Report
Katrisa writes:


Ive enjoyed TSW so much already. Lets not forget its in beta. But even then I really enjoy funcom games. Say what you will but EVERY mmo ive played has been called "unfinished" by someones standards. Funcom at least makes adult games. Id rather deal with a few cliches then play an elf. 



Thu Apr 05 2012 8:56AM Report
GXRranger writes:

Passing on preorder, might even pass on the game.  Just has not felt like one I would want to invest time and money in, was really into the early stages of it but just lost track and interest.

Thu Apr 05 2012 9:41AM Report