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Funcom | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

The Secret World Videos: The Secret World: Location Preview Video (2:00)

This Location Preview Video explores an area known as The Savage Coast, situated on Solomon Island in New England. As one of many locations in The Secret World, it stretches over a vast expanse of land and contains key locations.

This Location Preview Video explores an area known as The Savage Coast, situated on Solomon Island in New England. As one of many locations in The Secret World, it stretches over a vast expanse of land and contains key locations.
Duration: 2:00
Views: 21,880  68 comments
Game: The Secret World
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Getalife writes:

Looks amazing.

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:04AM Report
zevni78 writes:

Brilliant, keep it coming, secret world has a lot of catching up to do compared to the PR for the other big mmos coming out.

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:24AM Report
keyboardcat writes:

What a great video, the game looks fantastic! I can't wait to play this!

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:37AM Report
Vegetta writes:



that looks great

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:40AM Report
Senadina writes:

Environments look amazing. Better than I've seen before. Can't wait to play there.

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:51AM Report
rp2006 writes:

Looks very good indeed :-)

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:29AM Report
kosac writes:

nice.. but more info about pvp please please please :)))

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:29AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes:

That mob at 1:18, i already saw it playing Anarchy Online.

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:33AM Report
dougmysticey writes:

Really looking forward to this game. That was a great piece.

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:38AM Report
Kendane writes:

The mobs actually look pretty cool, same with the environments, so hoping the gamde is actually good.

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:39AM Report
Kanuvani writes:

I can see myself playing this game  :)

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:40AM Report
sudo writes:

OMGawd, wtb...

That felt like Silent Hill online!

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:40AM Report
eosiris writes:

Really cannot wait for this game!

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:49AM Report
Tyrxz writes:

Yessss. Looks great! :D

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:50AM Report
tachgb writes:

Fallen Earth environments looked great I thought, but the terrible running and combat animations crushed all levels of immersion for me. I fear the same will happen with this game, gorgeous looking environments, but the terrible animations will spoil it slightly.

Fri Jul 01 2011 9:14AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

That looks nice to far :O I'm only annoyed that the monsters are so much better animated than the people. I know there's but so much movement when you're standing still holding a gun, but they're incredibly stiff at the moment. Hopefully Funcom will take a look at the fluid movement of games like Uncharted or CD and loosen player avatars up a bit.

Fri Jul 01 2011 9:14AM Report
Isane writes:

Good Vid

Fri Jul 01 2011 9:51AM Report
dinams writes:

hmm I will be following this closer from now on

Fri Jul 01 2011 11:08AM Report
M1sf1t writes:

When will developers ever LEARN  !!!


"Animations!!!, Animations!!!, Animations!!!"

Fri Jul 01 2011 12:41PM Report
Zylaxx writes:

One word.




Please funcom dont flub this game up, itterate until lits polished please and get the game right.

Fri Jul 01 2011 12:43PM Report
RabbiFang writes:

Breath takingly beautiful.


This is now the one I'm looking forward to

Fri Jul 01 2011 1:15PM Report
Mari2k writes:



WIll this be the best game in the world ever ????

I think soooo :-)

Fri Jul 01 2011 1:32PM Report
plescure writes:

this game looks like it could be something special

Fri Jul 01 2011 1:55PM Report
anthonypena writes:


Fri Jul 01 2011 2:26PM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:

Hoping they get this right, looks great.

Fri Jul 01 2011 2:29PM Report
lunatis writes:

looking good

Fri Jul 01 2011 3:03PM Report
Waltandrian writes:

Decent mobs, kinda choppy animation with the avatars though, but as this was made to show off a location then I'd say it did a pretty darn fine job at doing so. Looking forward to more from this game.

Fri Jul 01 2011 3:35PM Report
Cik_Asalin writes:

It's obvious they need alot of work on combat animations/character and mob animation fluidness.


Other than that. . .nice environments and still very interested in the more mythical/conspiracy theory (rather than sci fi or fantasy) elements of this content and game-play.

Fri Jul 01 2011 3:43PM Report
EndDream writes:

Looks cool.. but its funcom so... I'll be waiting on the reviews

Fri Jul 01 2011 4:50PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I can... and can't.... believe someone would watch this video and ask fo rinfo about PVP....

God, go play Call of Duty.  Not EVERY GAME HAS TO BE ABOUT PVP.

Fri Jul 01 2011 5:01PM Report
TechnoMonkey writes:

I just love the ambiance on this game, I hope it delivers.

Fri Jul 01 2011 5:03PM Report
Sideras writes:

Wtf this looks muuuch better than last. The textures and lights look great.


Sure got me hyped again. Now for the much wanted DAoC-like PvP and we might have the MMO of the decade.

Fri Jul 01 2011 6:44PM Report
Dorko2k writes:

Love the premise, finally something other than fantasy or sci-fi. Mobs look cool, it does bring me back to AO days. I'll be watching this one to see how it unfolds.

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:35PM Report
Moberon writes:

Game looks great. Can sense the atmosphere. AoC had the appropriate atmosphere as well. Funcom do well at that. But the combat looks a little mmm. Just point and shoot? Thats probably just due to the characters on display. Ill go with a more physical style. Looking forward to the game...

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:19PM Report
TarotMage writes:

Looks like I'll definitely be playing this one with the lights on!!  O_O

Fri Jul 01 2011 10:34PM Report
tshack88 writes:

Oh my...this game is now #2 on my most wanted.  That was impressive as hell.  WTG Tornqvist, I hope this ends being every bit as good as The Longest Journey!

Fri Jul 01 2011 11:06PM Report
Kelthius writes:

That was pretty damn cool. Also, it will probably be rated mature so thats a plus.

Sat Jul 02 2011 12:11AM Report
dageeza writes:

 Its funcom so i take the video previews with 2 grains of salt and a stiff drink..

If unlike AOCs false graphical claims this game turns out to possess this kind of ambience and sharp detail in directx10 on a beast machine then it will be a must get and play..

But i wouldnt bet on it..

It just looks to good to be true..

Sat Jul 02 2011 1:56AM Report
Hokie writes:

I got to say I really liked it. The character animations are superb. Loved the creature design.

I went from arched eyebrow meh, to thinking its about time to build a new computer.

This is one I and definatly going to be playing, or at least trying.

Sat Jul 02 2011 1:58AM Report
Waizer writes:

I am looking forward to this game, environment looks amazing and the 3 faction pvp has really got this old daoc player excited... BUT, as has been said by a few others before me the one thing that stood out to me as below par and could very easily be a problem are the animations. With any luck as the game is still being developed this is going to be fixed before release and I am worrying for nothing :)

Sat Jul 02 2011 3:08AM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

That looked f*cking amazing! Can't wait to dive into Secret World and show middle finger to reality. :)

Sat Jul 02 2011 5:08AM Report
holifeet writes:

Was that Christopher Walken in the long, black tenchcoat? :)

Nice video. Had me all anticipatey.

Sat Jul 02 2011 5:56AM Report
garry writes:

The game is really being touted for the 'beast' machine and higher end computers. Stop and think folks, if you don't let in those multitude of medium (me) level and some lower level machines just exactly how far will it be able to go? How will customer support, bug hunts, updates and expansions be if there isn't enough money.


Business aspects (bottom line money) sticks itself into all phases of any MMO and ignoring it may simply cause you to lose the game. Not good if you like the MMO. For myself, the icons of SWTOR, TSW and GW2 will be on my desktop.


PS: I join one of the above posters, have PvP by all means but not all games should make PvP  the center of the game. A recent quote by a corporate CEO said that data indicated the player breakdown in general was 40% PVE/30% PVE+PVP and the remainder PVP centric. What do you believe the 'suits' will think of that. (D. Erickson of Bioware was the exec).


I tested out Dragon and am already planning out my 'style' and looks LOL!

Sat Jul 02 2011 10:55AM Report
Recore writes:

Game looks amazing. For some reason it reminds me of Alan Wake which is my favorite console game of this gen.

Sat Jul 02 2011 9:30PM Report
taus01 writes:

An island you say, with great content and story ... I get it, this is the new Tortage! Let's wait and see how the rest of the game is. A pre rendered Video that is heavily post processed does not say much.

Sun Jul 03 2011 12:20AM Report
Jhani writes:

Looks great and amazing atmosphere, but I'm still waiting for Chernobyl to be one of the game zones.

Sun Jul 03 2011 12:58AM Report
alz3abi writes:

can't belive i've wasted 2 minutes here

Sun Jul 03 2011 5:22AM Report
FrankVLucas writes:

What have you all been smoking? This does not look good at all. The enviroment doesn't look too bad, but it doens't look good either, and I don't even want to talk about the combat/running animations.

Sun Jul 03 2011 5:57AM Report
Geminiv writes:

Graphics look good condsidering its a mmo (could be worce could be swtor "style") story sounds intriguing more interested in the story than the looks tbh, tho the enviroment did look atmospheric, hopeing they dont let us down this time....please.

Sun Jul 03 2011 6:40AM Report
spinesplit writes:

That was sick! I need to read more about this game.

Sun Jul 03 2011 8:47AM Report
Hamish909 writes:

These 'evil' creatures are too unrealistic and crazy looking for me to be too immersed in the whole storyline. I really liked it up until the whole 10ft tall, covered in demonic fire shit. Bleh

Sun Jul 03 2011 9:35AM Report
Sizzz writes:

Enviroment / enemies = Win

PC's, animations, models, textures = fail

Sun Jul 03 2011 10:56AM Report
Blindchance writes:

There is something horribly wrong about modern guns and tab-targeting. I won't even mention fact full auto in your face. I think I am really fussy.

Sun Jul 03 2011 2:25PM Report
DrSpanky writes:

Well, that certainly looks amazing

Sun Jul 03 2011 3:11PM Report
natuxatu writes:

Hm cool. I'll be honest, I haven't paid any attention to Secert World.. but if it's a full on MMORPG.. then it looks pretty cool.. except everyone has guns. Needs some Dead Rising creativity.

Sun Jul 03 2011 3:17PM Report
Bloodaxes writes:

These type of games are ruined with a level system hopefully the method they mentioned that this game will have will fit more to the style.


I love horror games and will try it in beta for sure.

Sun Jul 03 2011 6:35PM Report
Fritoman writes:

Bleh, the character animations are not that bad...maybe a bit stiff but if that is the worst of it, then the game will still be kick ass.  I wasn't even paying attention to this game till I just saw this vid, but now....

Sun Jul 03 2011 8:35PM Report
rusrec writes:

ZOMG WTFO I want to kill a Leetspeaker right now!

The environment was average at best, animations looked lame a crap and cobat looked stiff.  Perhaps I have a different video above than most of you?!?

Ive gone to the site and read about the game and the story and concept are amazing,  Secret World has my interest piqued but I hope they can improve on what I see above

Mon Jul 04 2011 6:09AM Report

If you need a feel of what TSW can become in sense of characters and envirement.   Come and join the hords at AoC for free. You can lvl all to endgame content for free, all 80lvls.  And check if you HW can handle the FC dreamengine requirements. 

Mon Jul 04 2011 7:12AM Report
DeathTouch writes:

Game looks pretty, game play looks boring as hell.

Mon Jul 04 2011 10:18AM Report
SlyLoK writes:

Hmm... Failure waiting to happen.

Mon Jul 04 2011 1:08PM Report
just1opinion writes:

This game is going to scare the SHIT outta me.  I'm actually NERVOUS to play it.  I'm also excited.....  :)

Mon Jul 04 2011 11:28PM Report
Olgark writes:

Made me tinggle all over. This looks like a nice game just hope funcom don't mess up release.

Mon Jul 04 2011 11:50PM Report
Ziboo writes:

If they can polish, polish, polish and not put out a pay to beta test at release game it could be awesome.  The concept is interesting and it does have a creepy 'secretive' feel. 

Definitely on the 'watch' and 'likely play' list.

Tue Jul 05 2011 4:23PM Report
Evertron writes:

This game looks like its gonna rock! It kind of reminds me of the Left 4 Dead series and i haven't quit figured out yet if thats a good or a bad thing.

Heres to the unknown!

Tue Jul 05 2011 6:15PM Report
garry writes:

Wonder if they will have a 'walking carefully' mode in the game like we saw as the characters were going thru a forest. Running thru a graveyard looks kinda awkward, and foolish. Such a movement mode will allow us to really look around as we move instead of run/stop/look, run/stop/look. Breaks immersion. A regular walking mode? Well I just hope its easy, and quick, to changeover. Mabey hitting spacebar during walking mode (J key to jump) will switch you back over to 'run like hell' mode LOL!

Wed Jul 06 2011 12:43PM Report
Yaruna writes:

Well, this game certainly looks promising! Maybe this is going to be the one.

Sun Jul 17 2011 6:48PM Report
xNightwingx writes:

I hope this game doesnt dissapoint

Mon Jul 18 2011 9:40AM Report