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Funcom | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

The Secret World Videos: The Secret World: Story & Missions (4:43)

Funcom has a brand new video developer diary focusing on Story and Missions in The Secret World. Check it out!

Funcom has a brand new video developer diary focusing on Story and Missions in The Secret World. Check it out!
Duration: 4:43
Views: 17,683  47 comments
Game: The Secret World
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Soldier101 writes:

Looking forward to playin this game can't wait

Fri May 27 2011 8:05AM Report
Zefire writes:

we will see about that

Fri May 27 2011 8:07AM Report
rik666 writes:

just one word... AWESOME

Fri May 27 2011 8:08AM Report
rpgalon writes:

really nice

Fri May 27 2011 8:11AM Report
Viktormon writes:

I think I'll enjoy this game.

Fri May 27 2011 8:12AM Report
Tiurinn writes:

"We're practically in the Yellow Pages under 'Crusaders'"


Brilliant :D

Fri May 27 2011 8:34AM Report
nomss writes:

"Every character has VO"... Except the PC? Meh...

Fri May 27 2011 9:32AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

1:18, work is done here. :)

Fri May 27 2011 10:24AM Report
TheMaelstrom writes:

I know it's silly and kinda trite, but I love that he says "blow shit up" in relation to one of their quest types.

Fri May 27 2011 10:28AM Report
Mouth writes:

hooooray :)

Fri May 27 2011 10:34AM Report
Highttower writes:

It's all about "your" story as you learn about your secret society.

I like a good story.

Fri May 27 2011 10:49AM Report
mokey91 writes:

Looks really good for a game with no release date.

Fri May 27 2011 10:58AM Report
Cantorage writes:

Kick-ass! Awesome to finally have the full voice acting and mo-cap set in stone :)

Fri May 27 2011 11:59AM Report
Thanes writes:

TheMaelstrom writes:

I know it's silly and kinda trite, but I love that he says "blow shit up" in relation to one of their quest types.


haha, I caught that too. 

Fri May 27 2011 12:13PM Report
caremuchless writes:

Stealth missions, conspiracy, story that is actually engaging and interesting-- EPIC!

Fri May 27 2011 12:17PM Report
peteski123 writes:

all Devs talk a good game, delivering is something most lack.... We will see...

Fri May 27 2011 3:32PM Report
Vened writes:

looks preatty epic

Fri May 27 2011 3:39PM Report
Ysharros writes:


Fri May 27 2011 3:58PM Report
Entropy14 writes:

WEll , say all the bag thiings , and have all the doubt you want about this game, at least its not a freaking clone, best of luck for them trying something new.


I am sure at the start this might have its problems just cause a lot of this isnt the normal tried and true, but despites funcoms rocky start with games like AoC they seem to come through.


I will give this game a try most likely, see what it said when the NDA is lifted

Fri May 27 2011 5:43PM Report
Hrotha writes:

did  not blow me away. I just thought "okay".

Sat May 28 2011 3:56AM Report
Ridrith writes:

The game itself looks interesting, not sure about the combat.  Looks pretty meh, and tacky.  This won't be a first day purchase for me and if Guild Wars 2 is released before this game I'll never even bother to give it a second look.

Sat May 28 2011 5:29AM Report
dageeza writes:

TSW looks chop licking good but lets not forget who is making it and even worse who is publishing it...

While i am weary of funcom i am totally intrigued by what this game can be and have it only behind GW2 on my watch list..

However unlike arenanet funcom will have to earn my subscription over time if ever and that is something they have failed to do since the days of AO when they finally fixed the game and then turned right around and screwed the pooch..

Funcom has a fully BS porepared PR group that i am extremely leary of as they create huge hype and then the devs fail to deliver...

I hope this game is as awesome as it could be but this is not a first day buy for me unless i get to test it and it grabs me and even then i would be weary of whats beyond the tested content..

It is funcom afterall so i take the fun out of the name and call them hypecom or fukcom most o their products are anything but fun beyond the products early contend and release..

Sat May 28 2011 6:49AM Report
urthal22 writes:

Bad Developper and Bad Publisher...

Game concept looks very intriguing but as its been said before,  those compagnies are good a creating Hypes, to sell Boxes, with little interest on the Near on future if they met their sales To cover Most expenses.

I will be on the lookout at release and a month after. If the game live up to its tales.. I shall buy it.

Sat May 28 2011 7:20AM Report
Zeroxin writes:

To me... it looks quite passable. The general idea doesn't quite intrigue me, I'll probably have to play it to feel it.

Sat May 28 2011 8:42AM Report
sibs4455 writes:

So that is where the guy from A,HA went to after he gave pop music up.

Sat May 28 2011 10:48AM Report
Feverfew writes:

Looks like a good game either way but....I wish they'd show us a detailed video of the combat. They show us some stuff...but not enough to really see what it's like. Maybe because it's nothing we haven't seen before? =(

Sat May 28 2011 8:35PM Report
nefermor writes:

They have a great story line to build on and some really great ideas.  Im hoping they improve the character models a little bit and smooth out the animations.  Some of the scenes I see have looked pretty good and some things a little rough.  Definately keeping an eye on this.

Sun May 29 2011 11:59AM Report
Zeroxin writes:


They've shown us combat and how the skill system will work. Combat is nothing spectacular but the skill system seems complex and deep.

Sun May 29 2011 12:51PM Report
celee2222 writes:

Investigation missions?

Alien conspiracy theory hear I come :)

Cant decide between the Templars or the illuminate

Sun May 29 2011 12:57PM Report
garry writes:

Please do not make the Moon City or Hollow Earth for PvP only!!!

Sun May 29 2011 8:36PM Report
Arathir86 writes:

Such a WoW Clone, It has magic in it... And we all know Blizzard invented Magic.... and Jedi... and Rifts.... and.... Zombies?

Mon May 30 2011 9:19AM Report
kodyak2000 writes:

Wow,  simply amazing,  funcom just won first place in making a pre-release hype-up attract video, because thats exactly what it did, I know i'll be checking this out, and before now I just overlooked it.. wtg funcom

Mon May 30 2011 9:23PM Report
kodyak2000 writes:

Just curious ...  wonder if  "Drurey Lane" is already in game, lol!!! the possibilities are staggering.

Mon May 30 2011 9:29PM Report
Maaku writes:

In this small video I'm seeing a LOT of power animations being repeated with different powers > Not cool!

Mon May 30 2011 10:07PM Report
Shadows59 writes:

This looks really cool so far. Any word on beta or a release date?

Tue May 31 2011 1:47AM Report
dageeza writes:

Its funcom or more appropriately fungone and overhyping is their game, however at some point the reality that there has to be some kind of serious if not downright unfun nasty grind for something will eventually be revealed but not until they have successfully lulled people into believing it will be magically grind free...

Its funcom and the apple cant fall far from the tree..

Tue May 31 2011 7:12AM Report
Vithar writes:

looks good but I fear another Matrix online, these game don't work


Tue May 31 2011 11:30AM Report
Nirwyl writes:

We'll see. Personally, I don't have much faith in Funcom. They did a good job on Anarchy Online, just wish they'd stuck with it more. I found Age of Conan to be okay, but mostly disappointing. When they added in the new expansion, with ridable tigers, I lost any interest in trying it again though.

Now they're making this game. I don't know. I like the idea of it, but whether or not they can make it work, is the real question.

Tue May 31 2011 6:42PM Report
oakfoot writes:

The secret world is about joining one of three factions, what about the independent, what about the player that isn't interested in joining any of the three factions. I wonder if there will be a choice to go rogue and switch sides or like I said before, just choose your own side.

Wed Jun 01 2011 12:53AM Report
Tiurinn writes:

You can't switch sides nor can you go rogue. They want people to really -be- a member of the faction.


Wed Jun 01 2011 6:02AM Report
jeretsu writes:

Technoviking name is reserved for me!

Wed Jun 01 2011 10:04AM Report
Falcomith writes:

I am really hoping for the best. I just noticed they are making it for, not only PC, but also the Xbox 360, and we all know how well mmos transition over from console to PC and vice versa. Hopefully this will be the developer that gets it right.

Wed Jun 01 2011 3:34PM Report
delateur writes:

I've sworn off of MMOGs until something AMAZING comes along. This game might just qualify...

Wed Jun 01 2011 9:19PM Report
Marsravelo writes:

Nice Game... I want to play it now.. 

Fri Jun 03 2011 10:33PM Report
JackSlice writes:

If this game ends up feeling like Dreamfall and it doesn't have any major technical problems it should be fantastic.

It seems like they are basically trying to bring in a lot of the tried and true single player mechanics into the MMO genre. Action/adventure gameplay mechanics like puzzles and stealth. Replacing the quest system with a single playeresque story line.

I hope they follow through on the execution, it will be fun game if they do!

Sun Jun 05 2011 12:23AM Report
Gröm writes:

Hehe - the mechanic NPC with an "Innsmouth" baseball cap ;)

Sun Jun 05 2011 6:58PM Report
gatheris writes:

so, mostly old video with talking heads cut in - meh

character models need mucho improvement :(


still intrigued though

Mon Jun 06 2011 2:39PM Report