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Funcom | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

The Secret World Videos: The Secret World: It's All True (3:00)

Remember all those legends and myths you heard when you were a kid, or the conspiracies that you've been fed in countless blog entries and forum posts? They're all true.

Remember all those legends and myths you heard when you were a kid, or the conspiracies that you've been fed in countless blog entries and forum posts? They're all true.
Duration: 3:00
Views: 9,613  47 comments
Game: The Secret World
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pompey606 writes:

Funcom once again using great music to empower their trailers

Fri Apr 08 2011 9:22AM Report
alakram writes:

Nice trailer, but what about the game?

Fri Apr 08 2011 9:36AM Report
Hepisodic writes:

I wanna try this, I don't care about failcom's past.

Fri Apr 08 2011 9:36AM Report
Derebus writes:

Nice music, but I want to see more action, just sliding cameras on landscape, and a bunch of text doesnt get me hyped.

Fri Apr 08 2011 9:56AM Report
Irish writes:

Musically, solid. Everything else in the video- fluff. I'm sure the repeated text was supposed to convey how crazy the Secret World is, but I'm a gamer first, reader second.

They could have saved the video (I'm not mind-blown by a  simple trailer with a couple vista-pans and bold textual claims) with just a hint of action at the end. Some combat, maybe? Or just a glimpse of an in-game boss.

Space Donkeys Terrorize the Skies

People Walk Backwards

Food Isn't Delicious

No More Starburst

Just throwing a couple more ideas to Funcom for their next vid. It should be a doozy.

All kidding aside, the game seems like it could be a blast, I just wish they showed that in this trailer.

Fri Apr 08 2011 9:58AM Report
eye_m writes:

Does anyone else think that there is more to the text then just the obvious?  Did anyone notice that there were only three numbers mentioned in all the different statements. 4 , 8 , 11.  Did anyone else think that some of the statements were oddly worded? Anyone?

Fri Apr 08 2011 10:35AM Report
anarchist_n writes:

^^^  Oh, do go on?!?!?!

Fri Apr 08 2011 11:40AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

The Bees are Coming.

Fri Apr 08 2011 1:39PM Report
Neopagan writes:

Judging by their previous outings in secretive cryptic messages uncovering hidden websites that hint at the game - I would say this is an additional enigma that needs unravelling. 

Unfortunately most of the 'gamers' commenting above probably do not have the brain cells to work that out. They just want to point and shoot - go back to mindless MMO's we don't want you here!

Fri Apr 08 2011 2:20PM Report
Mari2k writes:

Thats good, in a few years there will beno bees on earth, inform yourself.

Fri Apr 08 2011 3:28PM Report
Buckarama writes:

Another trailer that doesn't tell us squat about the game!  They are good at this!    :)

Fri Apr 08 2011 4:50PM Report
Zorken writes:

if you want gameplay just search for it and you will find a vid that show it little bit more. so dont be lazy and cry about trailers that is a good teaser and do a search. btw the combat looks alot like AoC but that would not be a big suprise.

Fri Apr 08 2011 8:11PM Report
describable writes:

why didn't they just do an MMO based on the longest journey/dreamfall.....

Arcadia and Stark

would have worked better. sigh.

Fri Apr 08 2011 9:32PM Report
describable writes:

what about little stonehenge (nicknamed bluestonehenge) just beside stonehenge... is that a mini beacon in case the big one shorts itself out ... on make believe power.

-munches popcorn- did a 10 year old write this? i'd say we dug too deep if the earth is hollow. "would you look at that"

There are portals in time and space. They are called Space portals and Time portals.

The morning light burns. - The afternoon light also burns but to a lesser degee

The 8 watches us... dirty sods.

There is a city on the moon. It is named MOON CITY. The city in the clouds had to be removed from the game because it was called cloud city.

Eleven days are missing - ever watched the hangover. Oh yeah... those were some amazing fucking days !

The wagtail has arrived, and he's no longer wagging his tail. We have to rename him, tail.

The bees are returning - not sure where they went, but their returning. i guess... they were on MOON CITY!

Atlantis Rises - no not the city, just the very very horny god.

Dark places are crawling, if you put a light on it... it's a light place crawling. Either way a lot of crawling is going on.

Everything is true - unless it's not in the game. Then it's not true until we've added it. or fixed it. So just bug list some stuff and we'll get around to it. We;re very fast at fixing bugs, it's not like the HoX class still changes hair colo... OH.... nevermind

Fri Apr 08 2011 9:45PM Report
Fion writes:

Yes this simply isn't a stupid trailer but another code which Ragnar Tornquist is becoming famous for seeding the games news and trailers and such. I'm sure the main community is a buzz trying to figure out what the code is and then cracking it, I'm sure there is something juicy behind it.

Sat Apr 09 2011 1:51AM Report
Hrotha writes:

Funcom knows how to make Trailers, ever since.

So they got me into Age of Conan with lots of anticipation. But that rather quickly ended. I hope they learned from the Endgame-Issue in AoC and don't make the same mistake again in here!

Sat Apr 09 2011 3:15AM Report
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Sat Apr 09 2011 6:35AM Report
dinams writes:


Sat Apr 09 2011 6:41AM Report
Saerain writes:

The bees thing makes more sense if you've been following the ARGs. Kind of. Not really.

Sat Apr 09 2011 8:35AM Report
Saerain writes:

Also, someone correct me if I'm mistaken, but the TSW team has more in common with the TLJ/Dreamfall team than the Conan team as far as the designers go, so I'm not sure the AoC bashing is as poignant as you might think.

Sat Apr 09 2011 8:42AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes:

Can i have my 3 minutes back.  Seriously.

Sat Apr 09 2011 9:35AM Report
Hokie writes:



Like others said, great music score shit poor video otherwise.

Although you do get a sense of the different myths you may encounter. After each of the texts, we should have gotten a .25 sec screen flah of how that myth will be represented in the game.


As an example I know a little bit about Liliths Children. Which more or less states that Lilith was Adams first wife, who was not made out of his rib, but of out muck and mud. Who then ran away from Adam and gave birth to Asmodeus and then thousands and thousands of demons. She is also considered to be one of the four Queens of the Demons. Cant remember the other threes names.

Personally I hope the continue to delve into some of the more obscure mythos.

Sat Apr 09 2011 3:08PM Report
Schockey writes:

I'll drop $50 its only money and this game looks intriguing as hell.

Sat Apr 09 2011 9:03PM Report
cdhames writes:

I'm in.  TSW will be a massive revenue generator for Funcom.  The company is making all the right moves; good people at the helm.  It should be a very exciting game to play for everyone. 

Sat Apr 09 2011 9:38PM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

Well, what can you say? I loved the part where they fade in & fade out text.

Sat Apr 09 2011 9:58PM Report
Warzod writes:

This is typical of this stage of game development. The world builders are some of the first to complete sections so the designers can start placing mobs into it and then testing combat. Heck, how many feature films have released trailers that were nothing more than scenery and a few words. Give them a break and stop being such a Chicken McNugget Generation.

Sat Apr 09 2011 11:30PM Report
Nirwyl writes:

Oh. My. God. The Bees are returning! RUN!

Sun Apr 10 2011 2:58AM Report
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Sun Apr 10 2011 5:56AM Report
Timacek writes:

nice looking, nice trailer. game could be interesting. With enough sandbox elements it may a blast !

Sun Apr 10 2011 7:39AM Report
TechnoMonkey writes:

NOT THE BEES!!!!!????

nice trailer, but obviously that doesn't mean anything besides it is a nice trailer.

Sun Apr 10 2011 2:02PM Report
Zefire writes:

No world about music and the game looks new and fresh.

But..I have 980x+580sli and im still afraid if ill be able to run this game at max.

Sun Apr 10 2011 6:48PM Report
Dameonk writes:

That was pretty bad honestly, made me want to play the game less than I did before watching all the annoying flashing text.

Mon Apr 11 2011 2:53AM Report
drel writes:

It's all part of the "Shift" yet to come. Wiccans know what is about to happen

Bright blessings

Mon Apr 11 2011 6:05PM Report
LadyAlyse writes:

It looks like it might be good, what little I could decipher from that video.

Mon Apr 11 2011 6:32PM Report
Irish writes:

@ neopagan

I'll assume you're including my post, which was half in jest, in your holier than thou attempt at defending what is just a pretty ho-hum trailer.

Spare me that condescending attitude- and use your superior brain cells to decipher that outlandish text rather than give me crap for my opinion.

Mon Apr 11 2011 9:12PM Report
BlackWatch writes:

looks interesting... will keep an eye on this one

Tue Apr 12 2011 12:52AM Report
zartan5000 writes:

So...dogs and cats living together and mass hysteria?

Tue Apr 12 2011 1:46AM Report
PSevenn writes:

My comment about this : rofl

Tue Apr 12 2011 10:46AM Report
jayarte writes:

Great video.  Nice to see a game company who dares to try something a bit different.

It certainly held my interest throughout, which is rare for promo videos.

Tue Apr 12 2011 10:55AM Report
rawfox writes:

Ragnar Tornquist made Anarchy Online, what im plaing for nearly 8 years now.

We have A LOT of these names and stuff already in AO, so he knows about what he is doing.

This title will be outstanding and i cant wait to get a hand on it :)

About the Vid ... that game has already started a year ago, as this photo came up.

We got some messages already :P

Tue Apr 12 2011 4:41PM Report
DarkPony writes:

The Secret World: Taking Reality For An Epic Hike

Intriguing clip but not very impressive yet.

Thu Apr 14 2011 1:41PM Report
Starch writes:


As both had been created from dust, Lilith considered
herself equal to Adam. Lilith objected to having to lie beneath Adam during sexual intercourse, but Adam
would have it no other way.

Interest fact: 

According to a Hebrew tradition cited in Graves and Patai, God let Adam watch while he put a second
woman together. The process of anatomical assemblage was so disgusting
that Adam found the woman repulsive even though she was beautiful
when finished. God sent this first Eve away and tried again: while
Adam slept, Yahweh created the Eve found in Genesis 2 from Adam's
Sat Apr 16 2011 12:17PM Report
FreedomBlade writes: Does anyone have any idea how this game will play? Is it real time combat or traditional MMO fail combat, is it full looting, is there even any PvP? Crafting? Travel? Quests or open ended? We have zero info on this game. Sun Apr 17 2011 4:35PM Report
Warlord33 writes:


Tue Apr 19 2011 12:57PM Report
Gerrig writes:

Nice, now how about a trailer about the game?

Wed Apr 20 2011 2:44PM Report
Failtrain writes:

what a boring trailer  >:[

Sat Apr 23 2011 7:16PM Report
Barsoom writes:

Anarchy Online and Age of Conan are 2 of the best MMOs ever made. And I suspect unlike most of the critics above I have played both of them in addation to many other games other that WoW.

I will play this game and hope those who don't like Funcom (for whatever reason) keep playing WoW.

Wed May 11 2011 6:38PM Report