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Funcom | Play Now
MMORPG | Genre:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
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The Secret World Videos: The Secret World GDC Trailer (3:28)

Funcom's The Secret World promises a no-class, no-level up system. This new trailer featuring dev interviews and gameplay highlights the team's commitment in providing a wide open system for players.

Funcom's The Secret World promises a no-class, no-level up system. This new trailer featuring dev interviews and gameplay highlights the team's commitment in providing a wide open system for players.
Duration: 3:28
Views: 10,476  64 comments
Game: The Secret World
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Proson writes:

Woah, looks pretty good. Lets just hope its polished and alot of end-game at launch!

Thu Mar 10 2011 7:34AM Report
paulrgod writes:

Wow, looks incredible... Wasn't at all interested in this until watching this trailer.  The real world thing didn't really interest me, but now i see there's a whole lot more to it..

Thu Mar 10 2011 7:35AM Report
shadow417 writes:

it looks good but don't really grabs me... don't even know why.

Thu Mar 10 2011 7:39AM Report
Yilelien writes:

looks neat

Thu Mar 10 2011 8:11AM Report
lagerchobg writes:


Thu Mar 10 2011 8:12AM Report
Senadina writes:

So excited for this since day 1. Wanting a paranormal/horror MMO forever. Also loving the "real world" setting. They can just do so much with the real world's myths and legends. Do need more detail on how "classless/levelless" is gonna be implemented tho.

Thu Mar 10 2011 8:33AM Report
Doomsayer writes:

Its Funcom so it will be a great game. About a year or so AFTER launch.

Thu Mar 10 2011 8:34AM Report
kosac writes:


- no lvl

- no class

- 3 faction system?

I think i wana love it.. maybe.. how looks pvp? :) zone conquesting.. raids ??? more info plz :)

Thu Mar 10 2011 8:59AM Report
Gigglebottle writes:

My one complaint with this is the combat animations look a bit choppy.  Kind of stationary button clicking and auto aiming. I think with a game like this one you actually need to manually aim where your shooting/slicing/punching/casting instead of auto aim button mashing. Other than that this looks great.

Thu Mar 10 2011 9:03AM Report
hinkhouse writes:

The trailer looks exciting. But I suspect that my computer, which is only a few years old, will not be able to handle the game. And the things they were saying, about perfect this and full that, it sounds like marketing, in other words exaggeration, and makes me doubt it. I guess we'll see, maybe sooner than later!

Thu Mar 10 2011 9:34AM Report
timpim4life writes:

O.O Count me in! O.O

Thu Mar 10 2011 9:37AM Report
Hepisodic writes:

Damn that looks great.

Thu Mar 10 2011 10:40AM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

"I know Fung Fu!"

Thu Mar 10 2011 10:55AM Report
Vesavius writes:

knowing Funcom, it should be in a playable state around 12 months after launch.


does anyone still trust this company enough to get excited about anything they do at this stage? I find that amazing.

Thu Mar 10 2011 11:15AM Report
gobla writes:

Anyone else getting tired of the phrases being sprouted by every single new MMO? It's getting to the point where I'm wondering if I haven't heard it before in the exact same wording from some other game.

"Be whoever you want to be and play however you want to play."

"Battle together together or against thousands of players for the power to control the world."

"Epic storyline that will see your character grow in power and influence."

"We want to give the player complete freedom to create the character they want to play."

"True freedom of progression."

Thu Mar 10 2011 11:38AM Report
KillHurt writes:

This game looks very interesting, but for some reason I'm not really interested. Maybe as more comes out.

Thu Mar 10 2011 11:39AM Report
GhostGeisha writes:

Funcom = No

Thu Mar 10 2011 11:45AM Report
Saerain writes:

If it helps, the TSW team has more in common with the Anarchy Online and Longest Journey/Dreamfall teams than Age of Conan.

Thu Mar 10 2011 12:16PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

Do you guys honestly truly think that Funcom did not learn their lesson with Age of Conan?

This is a business about making money.  They know that Age of Conan is a good game, now. But at launch it wasn't ready.

Funcom has learned the error of its ways with AoC.... They're not going to do that again.

Thu Mar 10 2011 12:49PM Report
Hersaint writes:

ummm not sure about the battles  - everyone circling a giant npc and plinking him at point blank range with guns, spells and swords? Oh well  - love the theme  - Im illumiNAUGHTY! and heres hoping for 3-way faction battles that matter.  Good luck to ya Secret World

Thu Mar 10 2011 12:52PM Report
Saerain writes:

Cujo, you'd think so, but then you look at cases like Cryptic and SOE and fear that some companies have a fetish with repeating the same mistakes in rapid-fire.

I don't happen to suspect that Funcom is one of them, but still, there's precadent for these fears.

Thu Mar 10 2011 1:02PM Report
Timacek writes:

looks very  nice, crafting? economy? housing?

Thu Mar 10 2011 1:27PM Report
Nethermancer writes:

I think this game would be perfect if it was hack and slash shooter type game.....but it  doesnt look like it is. 

3 factions

horror theme

no class or levels

and fun combat

This is the perfect game for me.....I really hope they dont mess up the last one.

Thu Mar 10 2011 1:27PM Report
Coldmeat writes:

No classes, and no f***king elves.

Unless they completely screw the pooch with this one, I am so there.

Thu Mar 10 2011 1:33PM Report
illyana writes:

trailer reminded me of the GW2 Manifesto, with accent ;)

graphics look really good, like AoC, but you see the players just standing casting and firing, gameplay looks meh

Thu Mar 10 2011 2:50PM Report
Strap writes:

Definitely intriguing. I do think other companies are going to look at the polish of Rift at release (even those that hated it said it was polished), how it helped the game establish and at least try to imitate that.

You have to say things are looking better for MMO gamers than they have for a few years.

Thu Mar 10 2011 5:02PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I really liked this game when it first advertised. Then it basically fell off the face of the gaming world. Now this new trailer came out and it's starting to lose my interest. I am skeptical about SW:ToR cause of the combat and animations and TSW is falling into that exact same category.

Thu Mar 10 2011 5:12PM Report
gurugeorge writes:

I'm now officially excited about this game.  The trailer looks amazing.  Funnily enough, there's just been a thread on the graphics quality of AoC.  Looks like Funcom have taken the graphics even a step further with TSW.

But the game looks superb too, looks like a great classless system, great faction system with equally cool but quite different factions, with great mythic resonance (think of the X-Files, or Deus Ex). 

I've got a good feeling about this game.  I gather the lead designer had nothing to do with AoC, and is actually the guy at Funcom responsible for their more highly respected single-player adventure games.

My only slight worries would be, as someone said above, the animations are a wee bit wooden; plus also, if TSW suffers from the same "small zones" feel as AoC suffered from (as a result of limitations on the engine I guess?) then that might be a wee bit disappointing.

But otherwise the game is looking totally epic.

Nice to see the devs looking so enthusiastic.  They obviously are really proud of what they're making.

Thu Mar 10 2011 5:16PM Report
Herodes writes:

A cheap troll would say:

Funcom + EA, this is going to be interesting...on forums. ;)

Thu Mar 10 2011 5:59PM Report
jc234 writes:

So its a sandbox... could've just said that from the start instead of using words that dance around it LOL, as if we havn't seen any other sandbox games or something.

Thu Mar 10 2011 6:16PM Report
SevenOmatic writes:

look... the secret world got AO's new engine....

Thu Mar 10 2011 6:29PM Report
uller30 writes:

Soo were all in God mode??? ooook

Thu Mar 10 2011 7:09PM Report
Lyulfe writes:

Since Funcom tends to struggle with funding it would be in their best interest to sign some lucrative real world advertising agreements. The setting would be perfect to avoid any loss of immersion.


I have my beta access guarateed, look forward to checking it out.

Thu Mar 10 2011 7:29PM Report
chillsan writes:

But they have to allow elves otherwise this sentence wouldn't be true. :)

"We want to give the player complete freedom to create the character they want to play."


Thu Mar 10 2011 9:41PM Report
ironhelix writes:

Games where people with guns stand toe-to-toe shooting each other in the face are just flat out stupid. Why include firearms in a game when there are absolutely no mechanics behind them? 

Fri Mar 11 2011 1:54AM Report
erebus890 writes:

LOL It's like everyone's trying to follow the success of that GW2 trailer.

Fri Mar 11 2011 2:02AM Report
xersent writes:

i think this game will do very well , im sure funcom has learned from its mistakes with AOC.

Fri Mar 11 2011 9:30AM Report
mackdawg19 writes:

Class-less and Level-less = no end game. The end game is the game itself. And these are MMO's were playing, there is really no end game if the development is ongoing. But yeah, you can't have an endgame if theres no progression through levels to get to the end. Therefore your endgame starts as soon as you login.

Fri Mar 11 2011 10:05AM Report
mCalvert writes:

Funcom knows gfx. Not sure about anythying else.

Fri Mar 11 2011 10:27AM Report
Darkerxx writes:

wow it seens more polished with new graphics, would love to beta it.

Fri Mar 11 2011 10:54AM Report
sibs4455 writes:

First time i have seen footage of this game and to me it looks ok, i will look forward to reading and watching more info on this game.

Please funcom dont  let there be exploits that you dont fix like in Aoc.

Fingers crossed.

Fri Mar 11 2011 3:14PM Report
savba writes:

I must be really jaded; I found myself not believing anything anyone said during that video.

Fri Mar 11 2011 7:56PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

I'm with you there Savba, not feeling it. It doesn't help that the trailer reminds me of an accentified GW2 manifesto trailer like Illyana said but with a less impressive dragon.

Sat Mar 12 2011 3:01AM Report
Zeroxin writes:

I'm with you there Savba, not feeling it. It doesn't help that the trailer reminds me of an accentified GW2 manifesto trailer like Illyana said but with a less impressive dragon.

Sat Mar 12 2011 3:01AM Report
Tyrxz writes:

Wow! Looks incredible, but some polish is needed thou :)

Sat Mar 12 2011 5:20AM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

Already making promises...

Sat Mar 12 2011 10:25AM Report
Lokulus writes:

Looks amazing. What a progress to what I've seen before

Sun Mar 13 2011 7:01AM Report
elistrange writes:

I hope they don't forget about the secret, puzzle-solving aspect....

Sun Mar 13 2011 9:44AM Report
daemon writes:

I wouldnt get my hopes up on this.

Failcom lacks quality as always.

Sun Mar 13 2011 5:56PM Report
Mysk writes:

Still very much looking forward to this. Good luck to the dev team in making this one work.

Sun Mar 13 2011 6:55PM Report
Gendgi writes:

The trailer is very well done, and the other trailers were amazing, the thing is how will the gameplay work out :)

Mon Mar 14 2011 7:47AM Report
FreedomBlade writes: Is combat in an EQ clone way? This would need to be twitch fps based combat or it can go poo itself and it's canticle with it. Mon Mar 14 2011 11:38PM Report
Thornrage writes:

Been watching this since they announced it. I do believe that I will be pre-ordering this one!

Mon Mar 14 2011 11:51PM Report
illutian writes:

I "lol-ed" at their comment on linear progression...*cough*AoC*cough* I've had straight-edges that were less linear than that game...

Tue Mar 15 2011 4:03AM Report
Xeno326 writes:

Eh GL on Funcom trying to get people to give them a second chance. The company who tried to scam people with a return trial to AoC to test out the xpac but ended up subscribing them. Therefore causing problems and hassles forced to go through their CC companies/banks to get the transactions reversed.

Tue Mar 15 2011 5:54AM Report
Zefire writes:

I sure have to test this game.I like freedom progression a lot.

Tue Mar 15 2011 1:20PM Report
oscarkool2 writes:

Too bad Darkfall Online has been doing this for 2 years.  Multiple factions, no levels, do whatever you want... Secret World will be a skill based game that will be loaded with macroers just like Darkfall is...

Tue Mar 15 2011 5:19PM Report
Jyiiga writes:

I will not buy any Funcom game that I can not try first. I will not be fooled by them again. AOC looked this good but, it was short, small and shallow.

Tue Mar 15 2011 8:48PM Report
vikingkid3 writes:

If it were an action game instead of the click and press buttons boring mechanic, this would be the greatest game to date.

Wed Mar 16 2011 9:26AM Report
DoorKnob22 writes:



I might try it out and be a ninja pirate dinosaur hunting illuminati or something.

Wed Mar 16 2011 2:13PM Report
reanor writes:

Cyber Punk WoW - thats all this game is. Same grind, you grind skills this time not levels, OR you grind level of your skills. Same bosses - you grind bosses to get lewt. Except this game has no direction at all. You can use swords or guns, or magic... Everything mixed up. Sounds awesome but in reality its an utter ...#%$@

Either you spam your buttons to use WoW skills or spam your buttons to shot your semi-automatic rifle. But HEY, you already can use rifles and game is called "Fallen Earth".. but HEY - barely anyone is playing it anymore.

Nothing secret is about "Secret World". Its another version of Matrix Online except instead of matrix theme-park this game has no -park-, its just park-less. Do whatever you want, be whatever you want. Won't live long. Will be a good release and then in a few months game will become empty like Fallen Earth.

Wed Mar 16 2011 9:51PM Report
saya1965 writes:

If its going to be on open world pvp. Then in will go down the same road as aion did. low sub rate, Explotes so on.

Thu Mar 17 2011 9:53AM Report
Jqes writes:

Has anyone yet calculated how much possibilities there are if u have 500 skills and can use 7 active and 7 passive skils at once?

Sun Mar 20 2011 8:03AM Report
ShredderSE writes:

Looks great, only thing I fear is loading screens and russian community in chat.. like in AoC.

Wed Sep 07 2011 11:26AM Report