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Funcom | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
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The Secret World Videos: The Secret World Trailer (1:32)

The first official full-length trailer from the folks at Funcom's The Secret World.

The first official full-length trailer from the folks at Funcom's The Secret World.
Duration: 1:32
Views: 25,465  113 comments
Game: The Secret World
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Shastra writes:

I like it ;) anything without elves and orcs is most welcome ;)

Fri Mar 26 2010 1:24PM Report
dar_es_balat writes:

blasted targeted combat system :-(  free form would have been nicer!  but it does look neat, regardless.  from a world standpoint this is a good step for the community.

Fri Mar 26 2010 1:27PM Report
FarScape writes:

huh, it gives me a Half-Life2 vibe.

Fri Mar 26 2010 1:36PM Report
dwarflordking writes:

looks like trash, another western rpg with hideous character design, boring power design.. just ugly

go look up blade and soul and tera online, and compare it with this trash

Fri Mar 26 2010 1:53PM Report
Tester003 writes:

The sound on this trailer needs more bits.  Sounds like 32 kilobits crud but the video part looks ok.

Fri Mar 26 2010 1:53PM Report
Valentina writes:


Fri Mar 26 2010 1:54PM Report
avalon1000 writes:

Indeed dark days are coming...and then there is this game. 

Fri Mar 26 2010 2:02PM Report
Southpaw.Gamer writes:

Nothing special to my eyes, I mean sure the world looks unique compared to what's out there but it just seems to be the classic combat sytem of magic / melee / ranged.  I don't see myself playing this... why? Because the more I look at all the MMO's being made the more I wish some AAA developer would take the bold step of creating a truly unique sandbox open world concept game that doesn't so much focus on the ideas of some novel... but is created around the idea of just having a massive world to play around in.  I'm so sick of theme parks, this looks to be nothing different.

Fri Mar 26 2010 2:18PM Report
Beyorn writes:

The game looks good.  The character models and animations not so much.  Hopefully this will all improve since the game isnt even in alpha yet.

Fri Mar 26 2010 2:25PM Report
cdubbz writes:

This game looks pretty good, definitely gonna give it a shot. And by the way, to people who groan about 'unoriginal ideas,' go gripe in the discussion forums.

Fri Mar 26 2010 2:31PM Report
Blink7 writes:

"ricefarmer writes:
looks like trash, another western rpg with hideous character design, boring power design.. just ugly
go look up blade and soul and tera online, and compare it with this trash"


What the hell are you talking about. This game has an amazingly unique theme. Yeah Blade and Soul and Tera Online look good and i want to play it, but there is nothing unique to them, the combat is simply twitch based and it has the old fantasy theme. Oh i'm an elf or a fat-tall blue thing let me kill some demons or dragons. Go back to your fantasy land to farm you rice and let the grown-ups play real games.

Fri Mar 26 2010 2:41PM Report
RemyVorender writes:


Fri Mar 26 2010 2:55PM Report
Jamion writes:

Looks interesting.  I would definetly like to test the game, hope Beta sign up goes soon.  Alrdy ran through the site's quiz.  I would have to play it to know for sure what I think, but looks interesting.  Less horror, more conspiracy and suspense (although rumors of Cthulu reference are there).

@Shastra IDK, according to the intro, all the things that exist in mytholgoy are existant in the Secret World... so it may have Elves and Orcs... only in a bit more creepy sense.

Fri Mar 26 2010 2:58PM Report
resinapt writes:

I was more intrested b4 watching this lmao

Fri Mar 26 2010 3:03PM Report
Ichmen writes:

well that was unimspiring... the game play ideas sound pretty good but the video was horrible.. from funcom i half expected alot more action based video not something a fan could throw together in a day...

tho the game still sounds fun.. i think ill hold off until a more plasuble video comes out that really shows the game off.

sorry most of the locals are rehashes i have seen even in HL1-HL2 mods... so.. its not really doing anything for me... most so when the video looks like half life 2 on DX10 graphics..

Fri Mar 26 2010 3:14PM Report
Daedrick writes:

Slow and out dated gameplay... looks like champion online... but slower... childish graphics... If people want to make horror MMO they should at least play silent hills and dead space to understand what real horror games are about.

The monster in that game just look like toys... Anyway, thats what I expected from funcom.

PS: And I can bet you 1000$ that its going to be SUPER instanced...eeesh.

Fri Mar 26 2010 3:19PM Report
daemon writes:

i didnt like it that much... the gameplay part i mean.

also i wouldnt touch anything from FAILCOM before a free trial.

Fri Mar 26 2010 3:23PM Report
Moretrinkets writes:

Back to AoC...or back to WoW lol

Fri Mar 26 2010 3:26PM Report
celee2222 writes:

Graphics look bad and it looks alot like hellgate london

Fri Mar 26 2010 3:29PM Report
Wraithone writes:

Looks interesting, lets see how it works out. As for those dreaming about new sand box games, keep dreaming. It was the actions of the gankers and griefers that doomed large scale, mass market sand box games in the first place. Thats not likely to change any time soon.

Fri Mar 26 2010 3:52PM Report
Rohn writes:

They have a somewhat interesting premise, but appear to be going down the same road as every other game.

The "Secret" World doesn't look like much of a secret, and that's not what I was hoping for.  I was looking forward to omething with much more of a dark feel (like an actual horror novel or movie), and something a lot more subtle (think PnP WOD for inspiration) with a far more "underground" feel, if that makes sense.

The same tired gameplay is the same tired gameplay, with or without elves.

By the way, terrible graphics, animation, and sound for a trailer.

Fri Mar 26 2010 3:57PM Report
kaitiaki writes:

Considering it's from FC, I don't see why anyone would complain about graphics and such. Have you never seen Anarchy Online? That aside, I think it looks interesting. Graphics are fine, game play might be alright. Would love to test this one out, but not sure if I would pay for it, well.. it is funcom... though any problems, they should have time to improve before launching.

Fri Mar 26 2010 4:37PM Report
ramalhosa writes:

Look guys you all talk that it looks like HL2 engine with dx10, compare with so many game engines, why don't you just open youre eyes and see what it's real???

It's AOC complete MOD even the selected Mob Ring in the ground is the same, they didn't added anything is just an AOC Mod.


But what i don't understand about you flaming and killing the game before see anymore of it, is that when AOC came out it have amazing and great graphics, the best graphics ever, and now, just two years later, when almost didn't had improvements in graphics for mmorpg's, you say that graphic's of this engine is really bad....


If you coment just be real and not flame too early, it is bad, for me yes, why, because it is just AOC modded for an HL theme game, probably better than AOC, yes it should be better because they had time to polish the game, and just hope they don't just modded it, and hope they had change the wrongs from the past, but with that engine and graphics environment it will not be to much better...


Another example of the AOC engine is the movements, if you don't believe, just see:


Ring on the ground from AOC and TSW, the movement of characters of both, even the positions the chars made, for example the one with the arm up is the same as the assassin in AOC, and the one with fire going out, looks like his chest, is the same fire from the demologist of AOC...


So too bad for funcom that two years ago made a "bad" on release and now that they are making it better, try to launch a game with the exactely same engine without improvements, at least at first sight.

Fri Mar 26 2010 4:52PM Report
Ballista writes:

Bad graphic engine. It's 2010, can western developers please get with the effing program? This is so dated I want to puke.


The story and environment may be novel and cool, but if I can't get past how fugging ugly my character looks I won't ever play a game.

Fri Mar 26 2010 5:02PM Report
Ballista writes:

Oh yeah wanted to comment, it looks A LOT like Champions Online gameplay. Which was slow and felt disconnected.

Fri Mar 26 2010 5:04PM Report
micona writes:

Anime characters make me want to puke !

Fri Mar 26 2010 5:07PM Report
illyana writes:

underwhelming trailer, clocked at 1:33, didnt really show much after all the hype they gave it. except silly character animation, like the guy using a flamethrower-type power with his 2 arms pointed forward the whole time. i was hoping for a darker vibe, much like the atmosphere of the movie "The Mist"

Fri Mar 26 2010 5:12PM Report
JeroKane writes:

LOL! Are you guys still disgrunteled about AoC launch. FFS!

The graphics are great. The atmosphere looks awesome. Especially that town with the mist.

And a target ring under a mob. You guys have played any MMO at all? Tons of MMO's have that. Not just AoC.

Tjeez. You guys really need to come up with something better than that.

This game is going to be awesome and completely different than AoC.


Fri Mar 26 2010 6:04PM Report
Namica writes:

I was excited, untill the gameplay started.

Just looks like a dumbed down lovecraft mmo with the gameplay of CoH/V

Fri Mar 26 2010 6:16PM Report
Otach writes:

Looks like a mix between Left 4 Dead, City of Heroes, and Fallen Earth

Fri Mar 26 2010 6:31PM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

1st of all, it's not a pure horror-MMO, but more like urban fantasy-MMO in a modern day world, based upon the idea 'what if all the myths and urban legends and old wives' tales were true?' Inspirational sources they mentioned were Lovecraft, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe. Next to the trailer, there was a truckload of articles released about TSW this week. Here's the list of features and info that came up (article source between brackets):


World environment

  • Persistent world, there will be huge contiguous open-world zones.
  • All three factions progress through the same areas in the same order (IGN)
  • Each location has its own "monster ecology" based on the mythology and lore of the area (Kotaku) and its own layered, unique story to tell (


  • Instances will have a more scripted experience.
  • There are no classes, no levels. Characters are built upon two facets, collection of powers and gear (Voodoo)
  • Your powers grow more powerful with your gear (IGN)
  • There will be 2 item sets for each character – one paper doll for functionality such as weapons, the other for character appearances (TenTonHammer)
  • Next to combat, your character will spend time investigating and solving puzzles. Some areas will be more action focused (Kingsmouth), others will have more focus on puzzle solving (Egypt).
  • Players will be able to create and decorate their own headquarters and rank their cabals against those of others (
  • Powers can be unlocked by trading points you earn from experience. Some powers are tied to certain equipment, others have prerequisites (eurogamer)
  • The game is item-heavy, there'll be millions of items, and you can craft, augment and level up your weapons (eurogamer)


  • You only have 7 active powers and 7 passive powers that'll be active. At certain spots outside of combat you can swap those to activate other powers that you have collected.
  • Team skill combos are possible via the State system, active powers put enemies or allies into a "state", passive powers interact with that state and make use of that. Example: one player sets a group of zombies on fire, while another has a damage over time power running that kills enemies on fire, causing the group to explode.
  • Combat movement will include dodging and strafing (Massively)

Quests / storytelling

  • Most of the regular storyline missions will be solo-able, and taking place in the open-world zones.
  • Scripted, repeatable dungeons will be there for party play; shorter instances or "mini-dungeons" will be part of mission sequences and used as a storytelling device.
  • [*]There's one linear story to follow through the game, perpetuated with cliffhangers and mysterious elements popping up. Not all of the global story is needed or will be uncovered by progressing through the game. To find out more, one need to "dig deeper" (Voodoo)
  • Storylines, lore and cutscenes can be skipped by those who want to jump into the fights rightaway (TenTonHammer)
  • Your quests will not only make you travel over the world, but also through time (Massively)
  • Every mission starts with its own cinematic cutscene incl voice acting. It's possible to replay a mission with a harder Challenge Mode (vgchartz).
  • Parties seem to be limited to max size 4 (not 100% certain, but all articles and videos showed 4-man parties, no more, as if that was fullsize)
  • Kingsmouth combat seems to take place in the evening/night cycle? (as latest trailer seem to suggest)


  • Your UI will be sort of an augmented reality like Heavy Rain and iPhone have. The only permant visible UI things on screen will be your chat window and your 7 active powers (eurogamer)
  • ARGs will also continue after launch, according to Tornquist.
Fri Mar 26 2010 7:07PM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

About the trailer, I think they just used placeholders for the characters since this is (pre?) alpha stage, I think there'll be quite some polishing of the character models and animations yet. I know how good it can look by looking at the characters and their animations in AoC, so I expect the endresult in TSW to be at least as good as the ones of AoC.

Besides that, for this early a stage the environment and monter animation are starting to shape up pretty good.

Fri Mar 26 2010 7:17PM Report
Vexe writes:

I just wish the character models were a little more...ragged and dirty. Other than that, AWESOME

Fri Mar 26 2010 7:44PM Report
Corthala writes:

Obahh!!! I can't wait for this. Oce again:"please, don't screw this game, FC!"

Fri Mar 26 2010 8:20PM Report
Korithian writes:

It does look good. I must admit I am keen to play a game with guns and ammo and not orcs and goblins. I just hope it can deliver but from what we have seen it will.

Fri Mar 26 2010 8:36PM Report
Alberel writes:

The setting looks unique but that's about it... after all the hype they built up about this trailer it doesn't really show anything interesting or tell us anything we didn't already know.

Fri Mar 26 2010 8:40PM Report
dimmuborgir writes:

You people are aware this game still isn't in Alpha yet, right? So many of your are crying nonstop about "duuuurrr da grafix luk bad n da animashuns luk dumb. dis gaym is guna b terubal derpderpderp."


There's still a long way to go before the game is released. Funcom know how to make an MMO, there's no chance in hell this pre-alpha footage is going to remain the exact same. So stop with the idiotic assumings and QQing already. God damn.

Fri Mar 26 2010 8:53PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

Definitely a Hellgate London vibe. It definitely looks good to me but what irks me is that people on these forums were hyping this game like it was going to switch up the gameplay in one way or the other but all I'm seeing here is more of the same.  Of course I don't have much info on the game but nothing new seems to be here nonetheless.

Fri Mar 26 2010 9:16PM Report
reploidx writes:

Looks like it plays like hellgate london, this trailer made me just get more excited about WH40k MMO

Fri Mar 26 2010 9:29PM Report
illyana writes:

yeah it will be at Beta stage on launch day ;)

Fri Mar 26 2010 10:11PM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

@Zeroxin: I agree, switching up the gameplay is a pretty bold statement to fulfill. Well, the theme is unique, I don't know any MMO in the horror/urban fantasy genre besides CCP's upcoming World of Darkness. That combi of Lovecraft/King atmosphere with Dreamfall's Tornquist as game director makes a strong combination. Plus that combat system of active skills limit a la GW and a State system that reminds of EQ2's Heroic Opportunities could be a fluid, natural evolution of that combat system.

The storytelling in TSW they're approaching like Bioware will be doing with ToR, that sounds great too.

But it's far too early to really say something about it yet, it depends how the final results before launch will be, what will be implemented and working as intended and what not.

Plus when it comes to real innovations I'm expecting a GW2 to score better on that front.

Fri Mar 26 2010 10:41PM Report
Vegetta writes:

looks like it might be a good game

Fri Mar 26 2010 10:42PM Report
Volgore writes:

They should do something about their graphics/engine. Characters, colors, lightning look terrible.

But then, FC will once again sell on hype rather than on quality...and again with as one of their main hype-tools.

Fri Mar 26 2010 10:56PM Report
jinxxed0 writes:

This looks like another disappointment. It looks like combat is going to hold this game back just fallen earth. 

Fri Mar 26 2010 11:18PM Report
Rohn writes:

Honestly, the limited skills on the action bar a la GW is probably a deal breaker for me, unfortunately.  I understand its a balance mechanism, but good lord, is there a more contrived, gamey system than that?

Bruce Lee only defeated Chuck Norris because Chuck forgot to put his roundhouse kick on his task bar that morning.  Oops.

To me, that kind of game-ism belongs in limited one-off style games, and not in true RPGs where if you've learned a skill, you should be able to use it (not be held hostage by some arbitrary task bar limitation).  To me, that's a definite immersion-killer.

Fri Mar 26 2010 11:19PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

Think I'm going to pass on this one. Funcom's "slant" on world building doesn't appeal to me.

Fri Mar 26 2010 11:36PM Report
AI724 writes:

ricefarmer writes:

looks like trash, another western rpg with hideous character design, boring power design.. just ugly

go look up blade and soul and tera online, and compare it with this trash


Not everyone likes Asian style game... that's one of the reasons why some ppl choose to play games like AoC, Everquests and others prefer games like Aion, PerfectWorlkd etc...  

As for me... i'll steer clear of this one and APB has already gotten my attention. 

Fri Mar 26 2010 11:56PM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

I had no problem with the limited skill bar in GW, it was still great fun, but tastes are subject.


People are starting to sound like grumpy old men: those who're still whining about the AoC launch, god, get over it! AoC is a solid, playable MMO these days.

Sat Mar 27 2010 12:01AM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

*subject = subjective

Sat Mar 27 2010 12:01AM Report
biplex writes:

Another game trying to have realistic graphics and ends up plain ugly :(

Sat Mar 27 2010 12:47AM Report
Mysk writes:

Looks good. I look forward to seeing more about it.

The guy at 1:00 is so screwed. ;D

Sat Mar 27 2010 12:47AM Report
unknown writes:

There was few seconds of actual game play footage in there where one guy was just circling around shooting fire; well nothing more to say then disappointed. was expecting so much more.

Funcom, you have the next Gen engine from unreal :( do something better and please for love of god dont release a broke game like you did with AoC, polish to perfection and then release the game.

Sat Mar 27 2010 1:23AM Report
tapeworm00 writes:

"Honestly, the limited skills on the action bar a la GW is probably a deal breaker for me, unfortunately. I understand its a balance mechanism, but good lord, is there a more contrived, gamey system than that?
Bruce Lee only defeated Chuck Norris because Chuck forgot to put his roundhouse kick on his task bar that morning. Oops.
To me, that kind of game-ism belongs in limited one-off style games, and not in true RPGs where if you've learned a skill, you should be able to use it (not be held hostage by some arbitrary task bar limitation). To me, that's a definite immersion-killer."


Are you incredibly silly or just crazy? How the hell does power selection kill immersion while having a goddamn "health bar" and your portrait or whatever just hanging around in front of your face for whatever time you spend playing doesn't? I mean really, what drugs do you take for gaming?

Sat Mar 27 2010 1:40AM Report
pencilrick writes:

Could be a good game, especially if it maintains "atmosphere" and doesn't sacrifice such for too much fast-paced combat.

Sat Mar 27 2010 2:30AM Report
shylock1079 writes:

reminds me a bit of Conan mixed with CoH.  I think if they keep the story elements as central they could do pretty well with this game.  Of course, many would hate story is cumbersome to some.  I think it's far too early to judge the models too.  They made sure the AoC looked beautiful early on while neglecting the basics and we see what happened.  

Who knows..maybe they learned their lessons.  

Sat Mar 27 2010 2:43AM Report
birdycephon writes:

I dont like the gameplay bits they showed. The graphics look terribly dated  and animations are aweful. It doesnt flow smoothly like a good game should. I was excited to finally see some actual game footage, and now I'm thoroughly disappointed.

Sat Mar 27 2010 3:06AM Report
Scot writes:

No sign of any puzzels or secrets, arcade action - Flame on! Not sure about the avatar movement seemed a bit odd. But early days yet, wait and see.

Sat Mar 27 2010 3:16AM Report
Fusion writes:

Nice to see something fresh on the genre, but im not holding high hopes for delivery, knowing how the previous deliveries have failed miserably

Sat Mar 27 2010 4:02AM Report
TsukieU writes:

The trailer looks pretty  much what I'd expect from a pre-alpha...nothing too impressive...except...


That noise that that thing at the end's beautiful.


It sounds like they are at least trying to get the 'epic' feel of some encounters.  That is one thing that always bugged me about 'epic' encounters in MMOs.  The sounds in them were always, boring.  Nothing dread-inspiring or anything, occationally you hear a boring voice-over.


But that roar that thing made, gave you the impression that it could flatten you just with it's battle cry.  It made it feel almighty, and for me at least...gave you that pause to wonder, 'what the hell am I doing??'.

Sat Mar 27 2010 4:09AM Report
maniacfox writes:

I'm looking forward to this game, but that was a lame trailer...

Sat Mar 27 2010 9:29AM Report
Chuckanar writes:

 To those that complain about graphics, If you want realistic graphics in a game, I think you are wanting to ignore reality. If you want reality and the option to kill, then jon the marines.

 I think there should be a point when graphics dont really need to be completely realistic. I game to escape reality not to just change its cover.

The graphics look good. Not everyone has the latest computer and no life.

You want something to complain about then write your congressman or senator and tell them to fix the economy, to set up an energy plan for the united states, a bunch of real issues out there other than whining that the graphics from 2 years ago are still being used.

Sat Mar 27 2010 9:44AM Report
Proson writes:

@ TsukieU

 I agree totally on the "roar" that thing makes, it sounds fucking awesome :P Funcom has a pretty good Sound/music department though. It was one of the best things about AoC.


@  all the others who say the graphics sucks. Your friggin retarded. Wont even bother explaining. (No im not a fanboy of this game, dont follow it, doubt ill ever try it)


But the game looks interesting though.

Sat Mar 27 2010 10:14AM Report
pekshmaer writes:

Agree with Proson, sound, music, and graphic is the best part of AoC. AO is the number 1 in their time, The Longest Journey one of the best adventure game , see AoC now . Who now talk SW suck , without trying the game he has problem with brain.  

Sat Mar 27 2010 11:45AM Report
brostyn writes:

Why is anyone pretending to be interested in this? Looks totally boring.

Sat Mar 27 2010 2:51PM Report
Evasia writes:

Don't look to good and movement seems more focussed on consoles then pc this trailer ain't helping me liking this game anymore.

Grafhics looks kind of fake to me not very well done.

Bad trailer:(

Sat Mar 27 2010 3:43PM Report
Evasia writes:

Proson sorry but if your saying this game have good grafhics its prolly becouse your used looking at tvscreen playing console grafhics that are 5years behind high end pc's.

Characters are looking terible gamebuildings also, it all looks like from a engine from 4 years ok o wait unreal3 dx9 right now i understand why it looks so terible its made for consoles(xbox what a joke) and pc as after thought:(

Sat Mar 27 2010 3:51PM Report
tkobo writes:

Wow,just bad bad bad...

Nothing standouts there.Its just a new skin on the same old crap.

Im guessing the "dark days ahead" are for funcom lol.Again ,nothing new there either....

Sat Mar 27 2010 5:27PM Report

I think there is some problem with this video.

Try it on:

Ore better download it free from Funcom at:

It is onely 104mb. And you can download all the other screenshots/videos/artwork from TSW and other Funcom Games.

Keep in mind this game is onely at starting Alpha testing, sow the finish need alot of polishing and they have almost 18 more months to do sow. TSW has been  Ragnar Tørnquist little baby for about 7year in production sow we know the stories/quests are going to be great. Funcom is trying hard not to make this to mainstream like the other MMOs. They stil keep the key-elements not to loos the players.

I am not saying fall in love with it now. Just keep an open mind. This is going to be a great game for those who love to fight against the darkside and have fun doing sow.

Please read about the game here and on IGN

I am currently a beta for R.O.G.S and have a Beta "ticket" for TSW as i have a longsub for AoC.


Sat Mar 27 2010 6:14PM Report
Proson writes:

Evasia, what MMO that is out today or coming soon has better graphics then TSW? There might be some, but TSW is still high up there in the graphics departemnt compared to other MMOs, AoC is still the best looking MMO to date imo. And TSW is using the same engine and will prolly be improved abit in some areas.


Sat Mar 27 2010 6:46PM Report
haratu writes:

It is noyhing to decide on yet. still lts to be revealed.

Sat Mar 27 2010 7:25PM Report
Hokie writes:

@ Funcom- Almost, but not quite. Show me something...real. Or let me put it this way, take me from the real to the surreal. I want to see a charater walking down a normal everyday street and turn down an alley and step into something that makes me say "WTF is that!! And where did I just end up at!?!" I dont want to look (or play) in a world that seems like it plays in a 200'x200' scripted area. Youre basing it in the Real World (which we all have experience in), you have to get that part right, and you have to warp or twist reality with the Secret World. Otherwise its just a lame mix of both.

Sat Mar 27 2010 8:06PM Report
becraft writes:

The guys at Funcom need to go back to shader and lighting school. These character models and animation are really lacking. The only models even remotely impressive was some of the monsters (the metal armored guy).

I commend them for straying away from the fantasy aspect but they need to get some better talent in the character department.

Sat Mar 27 2010 9:17PM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

@Proson, I agree, some of the music in AoC was mesmerizing like when you walked in the Cimmerian regions. This is the song I mean:

Great atmosphere.

Oh come on people, maybe some of you like the fancy colors and cartoony art better in WoW, but don't start saying that the graphics and character animation in AoC is crap. I've played all the well-known MMO's around, and AoC's graphics rate among the best of them. If you're going to compare the graphics with single player games, yes, then sure it falls short of a MW2 or ME2 or God of War 3 graphics, but that applies to all MMO's.


That said, yes, I really hope they'll upgrade and polish the char models and animations in TSW at least to the level of AoC, those were the downpoints of the video (the lighting at some places too, I agree). The monster animation and landscape, nothing wrong with that. Looks good.

Sun Mar 28 2010 1:23AM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

And this AoC song, 'The Dreaming' :

Sun Mar 28 2010 1:32AM Report

Realy becraft, dont you think they will fix this in the 18months they have left of development. I am shore they will have a little better graphic as AoC have and be one of the MMOs with best graphics.

And Hokie honestly you and ther rest of the world dont have the PC, that could handle Funcom graphics in a Sandbox MMORPG.  It is just impossible, maybe there is a supercomp in the military ore somthing ;)

The game will be mostely large playfields( not like in Tortage). You will need to go into instances to do some bosses and sutch.

This is a good artikkle:

Sun Mar 28 2010 2:41AM Report
aithieel writes:

I don't like it at all.

Sun Mar 28 2010 3:03AM Report
Draemos writes:

was expecting more.  Combat and movement looks sluggish.

Sun Mar 28 2010 6:18AM Report
Pado writes:

The graphic is not impresive. Just look at the cowboy man. He is all "box" like. And when they say there will be millions of items I must LOL. Just try to count to million and you'll die before you reach it. And they say millions.Haha. Thats imposible to do. We will see how this game turns out. I hope they learn something from past expiriance.

Sun Mar 28 2010 9:38AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes:

Heckler at 0:32 hehe.

Sun Mar 28 2010 10:00AM Report

Pado,  I urge you all to not watch this versjon.

Try it on gametrailers

And not this versjon. Sow if the graphis is sow bad(keep in mind this is early alpha testing), what MMORPGs have better Graphics than AoC and uppcomming (18 months) TSW. There is alot to work on the nexst 18months, but what do you exspect from a game that fare from finishing. 2million is not that mutch and you dont die if you try counting that fare. They have now over 100 people working on TSW and has been working on it for 7years now. If you count all parts of the game rocks/fish/different clothers/gras,  it do add upp after 7 year. Some items are almost the same just got a different crack ore shade on them.

Sun Mar 28 2010 10:11AM Report
Proson writes:

@ cyphers, yea those songs are really awesome :) Ive meet the girl singing in them :P she is my friends aunt or something and lives around here ^^

Sun Mar 28 2010 10:44AM Report
Wickedjelly writes:

Can't say that preview interests me in the game at all.  Nice to see they're showing actual gameplay footage rather than what some do is just go with cinematics for their preview.

Still, nothing about it stood out to me.

Sun Mar 28 2010 11:49AM Report
Eneldin writes:

Maybe I'm being nitpicky.. but why is it none of them are wearing anything resembling body armor?  They seem to all be wearing street clothes.

Sun Mar 28 2010 12:31PM Report
sfc1971 writes:

Eneldin because they wanted you to be able to look as you want to look. Clothes have no stats. 

So if you want to wear armor, you most likely can, but it will simply be cosmetic.

Saves us from everyone looking exactly the same.

Sun Mar 28 2010 2:04PM Report
Pado writes:

TSWBETAROGS, yeah looks better. The best part is when the giant monster rour and light up. Anyway well see how it will turn out.

Sun Mar 28 2010 2:20PM Report
scuubeedoo writes:

Game trailers were always an accurate representation of the final product & actual gameplay.

Sun Mar 28 2010 3:14PM Report
banshe13 writes:

Failcom at it once more  LOL at the cliping thro bodys and no reaction at all.

Sun Mar 28 2010 5:16PM Report
Nicoo writes:

Hellgate: London anyone? This isnt going anywhere.

Sun Mar 28 2010 6:20PM Report

Banshe13 I did not se any melee attack that required any reaction. Most of them seemed to be bosse and you do exspect them to take some damage without to mutch twitching and sutch. And the game is not finished sow just whate.  And what has Funcom realy failed with. AoC is a super game atm and this game director Tørnquist is credited with popularizing the term "modern adventure". Sow we know this game is going to be a hell og alot better.

I have seen a few min of FFXIV gameplay and the toon run in to the sheep(in the middel of it) and fight it. Sow alot of games has issues in alpha it seems.

To Nicoo.

I did not know the following about Hellgate

- It runs threw Sigon, small town USA, Egypt and New York. And many more location in the world.

-Its not an FPS but an MMORPG

-Its an Action/adventure game, not spray and pray


Mon Mar 29 2010 1:54AM Report
Bloodaxes writes:

The graphics are fine they just need to edit some of the faces but only that.


Awaiting new gameplay clips specially showing melee capabilities :P

Mon Mar 29 2010 6:42AM Report
RelGn writes:

I dont know but my instics tell me that this one whould be


Civilians fighting monsters....hahahaha   ha

where are the armored soldiers?

Mon Mar 29 2010 7:18AM Report
fansede writes:

Just gimme Buffy the Vampire slayer and ill try it

Mon Mar 29 2010 7:42AM Report
alkarionlog writes:

hmm grafics are good enough, don't see any problem with then, also I bet tera and blade and soul pvp battles will lag even more then Aion, clear and easy grafics are better for computers. animation also is also good, and I don't think it will be a epic fail, it will be a niche game only some people will play it, for me I reserve me the right to wait ignoring all the hype till I can beta test it or take a open beta period. also it will depend if the combat will be quick and nice,.

also from the vid you can't tell if is a click attack or free attack, a lot of game have a auto target on the mobs you attack to show hp and stats, so let's wait and see what they will do, I give it 2 years for us see something almost done for this game

Mon Mar 29 2010 1:19PM Report
MiserySignal writes:

I don't care much about that graphics and it's still too early to tell. LOL @ suggesting those pretty asian MMOs with bad gameplay and pointless grinding. The setting of the game is what makes it original. WoW didn't have some ZOMG graphics either when it came out either, Lineage 2 looked better and still sucked ass.

Mon Mar 29 2010 7:03PM Report
Deewe writes:

cyphers thx for the data.


Honestly I see many really interesting features. While a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft I'm not really into a "realistic" MMO. I might give it a try though.

Mon Mar 29 2010 7:58PM Report
stormpuma21 writes:

This trailer only made me miss Hellgate London, which i'll add is making its way back states side. I can't wait. Wait for Hgl to return, not this. 

Mon Mar 29 2010 10:57PM Report
Radar11x writes:

The ending  with that cowboy made no since. :?

Tue Mar 30 2010 12:01AM Report
DthRevan writes:

FAILCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you all forgotten the disgrace (Age of Conan) this worthless company released??

Tue Mar 30 2010 3:30AM Report
SilverLuna07 writes:

looks promising, it's something fresh and the characters actually dont look that super-human I'm gonna look it up for a bit

Tue Mar 30 2010 3:35AM Report
corpusc writes:

DAMN!  SOOOOOOooooo disappointed to see targetting rings.  i thought they said this was gonna have manual aiming. 

*** scratches this game off the extremely short list of MMOs he had  a shred of hope for in the gameplay department ***

Tue Mar 30 2010 6:07AM Report
binary_0011 writes:

looks like left 4 dead.

Tue Mar 30 2010 6:10AM Report
Tarka writes:

I agree that it does have a Left 4 Dead / HL2 vibe to it, which cant be bad.  However, for me, just going out and killing monsters doesn't make an MMO great.  It needs interesting story arcs (which i hope Ragnar Tornquist can pull off) and lots of variety in activities.  Otherwise its going to get dull and boring real fast.  Anyone who's played STO will know what happens when your main focus is solely just repeating quests and killing npcs for very little reason.

Tue Mar 30 2010 6:28AM Report
depain writes:

Funcom took a step backwards in terms of character fluidity and animations.

I'm not too stoked about this game; I don't know why.

Tue Mar 30 2010 7:49AM Report
Gröm writes:

A few questions came to my mind, will I be immerse into the horror-ambience, will it give me some thrill, some shivers? Of course this is just bits of the game made into a trailer hence not showing the answers. I'll wait 'till 6 months pass and see what the comunity says about TSW.

Tue Mar 30 2010 9:36AM Report
bobdog578 writes:

lol its made by failcom they still haven't  even fixed age of conan all i see is bugs and lots of angry players

Tue Mar 30 2010 12:56PM Report
Onimor writes:

It has a left 4 dead feel about it, tweak the ingame animation, they are onto a winner.

Tue Mar 30 2010 1:34PM Report
hogscraper writes:

wow, lol I'm watching this video again, looking at all the details added to the monsters and wondering how much crack some of you guys have smoked today? For each and every one above me here, please refer me to a game that the graphics level are so good they warrant all the super negativity some of you are heaping on this game. And slightly better can't cut it. If these graphics are so outdated where are these MMO's with ultra realistic looks? What I saw above wasn't perfect but its a mile past WOW and just as good as AOC. 

Tue Mar 30 2010 4:47PM Report
yureineko writes:

I don't really want to play a horror game that has an anachronistic stereotypical hippie NPC in it.

Wed Mar 31 2010 9:02AM Report

All the NPC are like that yureineko ;)

And it will be your loss.

Wed Mar 31 2010 11:26AM Report
blckheart writes:

ricefarmer writes:

looks like trash, another western rpg with hideous character design, boring power design.. just ugly

go look up blade and soul and tera online, and compare it with this trash


Your a fucking retard. Not one mmorpg over seas looks this good dumbass. Its not the same orc, some dumbass elf and some shitty magic skill you earn.... That gets boring after I don't know every single fucking game!!!!

Sat May 22 2010 10:38PM Report
Mikilopta writes:

Another Hellgate London, oh boy here we go....

Thu Jun 03 2010 5:25AM Report
Hypodermica writes:

Hmmm... I'm willing to keep an eye on this game.  The genre looks very interesting.  The fire shooting from hands, the melee characters and the gun wielding guy all seems interesting.  I have a problem with the characters bodies.  The proportions are off or something I can't put my finger on.  I'll keep an eye open.

Fri Jun 25 2010 9:09AM Report
GGordon27 writes:

In the words of Ray William Johnson, "Fake and Gay"

Fri Dec 24 2010 3:51PM Report