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MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:Free
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Final Beta Weekend - My thoughts on the game

Overall the game feels very much like a single player game with MMO tagged on as an after thought. It does have some interesting ideas however and only time will tell. I think I'll wait until 6-8 months after release before looking at this game again.
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.


Here's my honest ratings for the game.. all out of 10.
Note, I did encounter a few bugs during my game play in the Beta but I'm hoping that these will be resolved before launch.
Graphics: 6
While not terrible the graphics, in particular the animations for certain actions (i.e. climbing down ladders looks like the animation is reversed) need tuning up.  It's not the worst I've seen in an MMO but not the best either.
User Interface: 7
I think they've done well with the UI in this game.  restricting players to only having 7 abilities that they can use at any given time is a risky move as many will be used to lost of action bars... but it makes sense since this is how you create a "build" for your character.
Lore: 6
While the game had a lot of promise in this area it feels substantially lacking.  I was expecting much more description and detail in the lore.. maybe I've not played far enough to see it yet.
Gameplay: 7
I was going to make this a 5 but the one thing that raised it was the fact that some of the quests actually require you to look around, solve puzzles and otherwise use your brain.  This is new for an MMO and players used to simply looking for the shiny objects or an area on the map may have difficulty here.... but personally I like it.
There are a lot of cut-scenes and this makes it feel more like a single player game where there are just other random people in the game with you.  The cut scenes make grouping difficult as you have to wait for everyone to finish a cut scene before you can continue... and if they are lagging behind a little the rest of the group can get bored.  Escaping out of them is not really an option as some quests have clues hidden in the cut scenes.
This could be made better if all players get the cut scene at the same time in a group... but presents other problems like "what if they're in combat" etc.
Character Development: 7
While it's not really "level-less" as they claim they have hidden the levels away underneath skills and abilities.  There is still XP and when you reach a certain amount of XP you gain skill points or ability points to spend as you wish.
Essentially this means that Skill points spent + ability points spent = level.
I think it would have been better to have the levelling system assign the points for you based on what you had been doing to earn them.  This way the game would automatically develop your character based on your style of play.
In addition, once you have made a selection in the progress of your character... even right at the begining where you select which weapon you want to take... you're stuck with it.  No respec, no undo... if you make a mistake you have to re-roll the whole character.
Overall the game feels very much like a single player game with MMO tagged on as an after thought.  It does have some interesting ideas however and only time will tell.
I think I'll wait until 6-8 months after release before looking at this game again.  Hopefully by then a lot of the kinks in the system will be ironed out.  Hopefully they'll have a free trial.
Final Score


 Intelligent quests - need to use your brain to figure stuff out
 A lot of story
 It's not WoW
 Not as easy to pickup-and-play as WoW - you must watch/read tutorials in game
 No option to reallocate points already spent (i.e respec)
algenon writes: 

I think you make fair comments on both the graphics and UI, although I'd probably go with a 7 for te graphics simply because as a whole it feels 'right', while not looking spectacular.

I also think your scores for gameplay and character development are fair enough, although it depends what you're comparing them too? For example, I'd guess you'd give Rift or the recent SW games more like 4/10? 

On lore, I think you're way off the mark. There's absolutely tonnes of it, but you have to work to get it - as you should do. 

Overall, a nice ballanced review, but I think a score below 7 in overly harsh.

6/26/12 7:57:21 AM  / Report
Xanderxavier writes: 

Graphics score to low, its not ideal but its not a 6, 7-8 would me more accurate compared to other mmo's which is what it is, so comparing to single player games is wrong, lore score way to low should be 8-9+, obviously you never bothered loading up a website or using the in game browser for the lore elements which are extensive.

I cant entirely disagree with the single player aspects however frankly every time you do a quest solo in another mmo you are doing exactly the same thing, and it does have plenty of group quests to, the feeling in the game is slightly more insular because you have to work things out for yourself rather than being spoonfed like everyone else, so it feels more lonley i guess, but this is hardly a bad thing.

And you've completedly glossed over some of the unique aspects of this game by reviewing it like its just another wow clone where are the marks for innovation? story? etc? gameplay alone is not enough in this game.

And why would you want to respect when you can have every skill in the game? you dont have to "reroll your char" as you can regain the abilities you got as a noob for free in a new char with just a handful of ap, given outer wheel abilities go from 9ap to 50 ap per spending at most 4 for the first 4 skills (2 per branch) (which is all you get for feee with a new char) or 6-8 ap (that's with 3 per bar on one or both) total and a skill point or two gaining a new one to get you exactly where the new char's get for free you can do it laughably easily re-rolling a char from scratch for 4 ap which is all the new char mode gives you is well the stupest thing I heard of, so obviously your in no fit state to review the character system as you dont seem to understand it atall, and if you want to learn a new set of skills you can at any time.

its relatively painless to have a full 7 actives/passive skills in lower wheel of any weapon options you choose then if you like it you can develop it further, completely resetting would make the whole system way to easy, if you already spent a ton of skills in a class well why the hell did you if you just wanted to swap later, getting full inner circle abilities for any new 2 weps doesnt take all to long just re-do kingsmoth stage 1 quests and you'll have it so hardly an issue.

The UI score is fair, its functional and appopriate but its missing persas.

7/02/12 9:55:32 AM  / Report
Darkeon writes: 

I know that is your opinion in this review but you are wrong: 

Graphics - at least 8 - I would give it a 9

Lore - well it's a matter of taste but the way the story goes it's def a 10

Questing - at least - 8. there are some well crafted quests.

Gameplay - again at least  - 8. it's just pure fun

Character dev - briliant and unique in some ways - 10


From my point of view your review sucks and it's not at all accurate but it's your opinion so ...

7/05/12 2:04:46 AM  / Report
Nnyan writes: 

Graphics and 8 or 9?, Questing at least an 8 b/c there "are some well crafted quests"??  OK  we'll agree to disagree on those points.  It is a unique game and has it's innovations, but there is more to a game then that and time (and memberships) will tell the tale.

7/18/12 8:16:44 AM  / Report
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