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MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
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The Secret World Forum » Reviews & Impressions » Is TSW the best MMO ever made?

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7/04/12 10:24:20 PM#41

it might become the best, but we wont know til we see what the devs have in store.  They are going to need to pack in the content, new quests, and pvp.  new skills maybe as well.

right now to me its my no 4 all time overall, as for innovation its my no 3 all time behind Horizons and Asheron's Call.

my top 4 all time mmo's

1) Asheron's Call

2) WOW

3) Horizons

4) TSW

5) Rift

this is personal opinion mind you


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7/04/12 10:26:20 PM#42

Best? Let me see. There are MMOs with better combat, effects and animations. There are MMOs with better pvp. So no.

TSW pve is good. Thats all. If you only play pve, it might be the best mmo to you then.

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7/04/12 10:29:38 PM#43

Original, not really : Hellgate London.


A lot of things that are reworked in TSW that make it feel fresh and that is a cool thing.

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  User Deleted
7/04/12 10:31:48 PM#44

Depends on what they add to the game. If they just pile on more quests, dungeons, PvP zones then no. But of they add new elements to the game ie housing, non combat abilities, rp tools, etc. Then yeah it could be up there with the best. Swtor had the potential to branch out but they just seem to be adding more of what they already have... Hopefully, funcom takes a cue from what rift is doing and actually expand and grow their game.


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7/04/12 10:32:37 PM#45

I am glad you found your game OP. I truely hope if gives you years of enjoyment. 

I played the beta, and I did think it was pretty good. I can see how you would feel this way OP, though I dont myself. Perhaps if I knew people that were playing, or if my better half was interested, but it didnt grab me hard enough to venture by myself into that world.  I HATE bring up anouther game (espeicialy this one with the bad rep it has around here), but if it was buy to play like GW2 will be, I would have found a way to squeeze the money out.  After the last few mmo's it is getting harder to justify a monthy fee for me... especialy while on a budget.


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7/04/12 10:54:41 PM#46


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7/04/12 11:06:13 PM#47
Originally posted by Teala

im color blind :(

reviews are !@#$ing stupid. Play what you love.


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7/04/12 11:08:33 PM#48
Good, yes, if they sort out the bugs and expand crafting; best of all time, nope, that would have to go to Neocron, a mmo most around here have never even heard of, let alone played. While graphically dated now, it was years ahead of the competition, and showed other developers what Massively multiplayer was really about.
The game itself was brilliant, the publishing company chosen to handle distribution and advertising, CDV, should be hung drawn and quartered for handling the games release the way they did.
The game introduced so many new systems to mmo’s; it rewrote what could be achieved and paved the way for the genre’s future.
The first mmo with a seamless open world with no zoning, first with housing, fps style combat, remote controlled drones, multi user vehicles, hybrid char builds, a tradeskill system that imho has still not been matched, the ability to tailor a weapons damage types and bonuses, fully working stock market, epic story arcs, random server wide events and invasions, player implants to fine tune your chars build.
Neocron was the first mmo to introduce all of these. Oh and a red light district with strippers, cannot talk about Neocron and not mention pepper park.

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7/05/12 5:59:27 AM#49

Since I am a big fan of the original SWG with its skilledbased system and this is the best  available version of it (that I know of) I would say: probably. When the SWGEmu is more complete TSW might have some competition though. What makes "the best" MMO  is however, the people playing it  (almost more than the game itself). In an MMO I want to meet people I like and that make my online time enjoyable so we'll see. There is no doubt that this is one of my top 2-3 MMO's though.

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7/05/12 6:05:42 AM#50

I think it will go down as something special.

"One of the best" is a better way of describing it in my opinion. Very few companies look at the MMO world and succeed in creating a game that is not simply a copy of everything that has gone before it. That is what TSW has done, they created something different in a world of clones and 'sameness'.

I commend them for what they have done, for their vision and their ability to create what they set out to do.

History will show whether it is one of the best, but that is not so important, they have made a very deep mark that can not be taken away now.


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7/05/12 6:11:28 AM#51

Currently it's one of the best and if I'll find it good enough to play for longer than a year then it may become the best. After all it's absolutely personal opinion because there are not any objective criteria to measure MMO other than finding it entertaining. TSW as a present day horror MMO is just what I've been waiting for. And being classless is a big plus for me too. So for me personally it's one of the best with a potential to become the best.


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7/05/12 6:13:03 AM#52

It doesn't have to be the best MMO ever made. That is not the definition of success. In addition, there are LOTS of metrics that people use to determine what they's very subjective.

If you like it, then play it. Tell your friends about it. You don't have to bash other games in order to promote the ones you like; they should be able to stand on their own merits.

GotY and other awards do not determine what makes a good game. It's simply the gamer.

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7/05/12 6:17:04 AM#53

Its possibly one of the better Themepark MMORPGs ever made.. There have been better ones for me..


But its far off being the best MMORPGs that ahs ever been made.. For me its probally Ultima Online and other sandbox games..


Dont get me wrong i really enjoy TSW you can probally see that by my other posts but no I am afraid it cant claim the title if best mmorpg.

Best recent MMORPG sure :)




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7/05/12 6:21:03 AM#54

In my opinion it's the best - for a MMO at launch. It's certainly a easy MMO to recommend, except the people who are into games like it are already playing it.

To say it's the best MMO ever made - well, it's just too soon. The post launch updates will be quite telling when it comes to how great the game really is.

I have had two friends of mine play EvE and none of them actually liked the game, but it's definitively the best in it's niche. I think TSW have claimed it's niche as well - but as stated above, the need to update the game post launch to keep the first place.


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7/05/12 8:06:15 AM#55

Definitely one of the best "themepark mmos" to come out, but definitely not one of the best ever (both themepark and sandbox).


It is a great themepark mmo for sure.


I am glad its doing well. Those of us who played closed beta knew it would :D

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7/05/12 8:11:07 AM#56

The game is great.. Im really enjoying it and i haven't enjoyed a mmo like this, for years.. 

But the best..? Hmm i don't think so. But one thing i can tell you.... IT'S GREAT!


What is most important, is that the game finally bring something new to the genre. This is what the genre needs. If it sells millions won't matter. They are doing something new and i really think other developers will look at TSW when creating new mmo's.  



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7/05/12 9:39:28 AM#57
One of the best for sure.

If we just look at the last couple of years worth of mmos, I would easily put it on the top of that list.

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7/05/12 9:42:36 AM#58

No. It has too many omissions, and is far too lacking in content to be even close.


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OP  7/05/12 9:52:42 AM#59

which omissions saker?



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7/05/12 10:00:16 AM#60

It's a lot of fun, and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. What it does differently, it does (for the most part) very well. 

Certainly one of the best of the past few years...

But the best ever? Let's not get ahead of ourselves! As others have said, let's see how we all feel about it 3 and 6 months down the line. 

The early game is one thing, the levelling experience another - and the endgame is another entirely. People can change their minds completely as they move from one sphere into another. We've seen that before with a lot of other games, there's no guarantee that the same won't happen here. 


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