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The Secret World Forum » General Discussion » [Poll] OK if not TSW, what's your favorite combat system?

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12/25/13 6:03:15 AM#41
Age of Conan

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12/25/13 6:11:32 AM#42
love AOC best assassin game play i ever tried

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12/25/13 9:08:15 PM#43

I like the feel of Anarchy Online.  Felt fast, fluid, and good, despite the UI and not being able to press both mouse buttons to  move.


I liked the feel of the AoC combat system too, once I got used to it, but only for melee.


I don't absolutely hate TSW combat, it just takes too long to down mobs solo.





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12/25/13 9:18:08 PM#44

Mabinogi - Seriously.. you might pass this game off because of the graphics or style, but I've never seen such an amazing combat system in an MMO before. You simply have to know what you are doing to survive in this game and the skill system / combat is unbeatable.  I've played many many MMOs and none of them feel quite as good to me. 

TSW is a decent game, but, "play how you want," does not describe it at all for what they advertise. Only specific builds will get you anywhere in TSW.


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OP  12/29/13 11:59:32 AM#45

Interesting  coming back after a week -- seems AoC and GW2 are the big preferences, and I'm actually kinda surprised TERA and some of the console systems rated lower.  I still am coming away with the thought that it's not so much TSW's combat system but the animations and perhaps the builder/consumer mechanic that bugs people.  Still think TSW has one of the most interesting combat systems around, but understand why it's not everyone's cup of tea.


Very few comments on GW2 combat.  Is it mainly the animations that people like?


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12/29/13 12:02:19 PM#46

MMO - EVE Online

Non-MMO Temple of Elemental Evil or Neverwinter Nights 2



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12/29/13 12:04:22 PM#47
Originally posted by HikaruShidou

Mabinogi - Seriously.. you might pass this game off because of the graphics or style, but I've never seen such an amazing combat system in an MMO before. You simply have to know what you are doing to survive in this game and the skill system / combat is unbeatable.  I've played many many MMOs and none of them feel quite as good to me. 


That game actually looked very interesting but I couldn't really figure out what to do in it. I guess I should've followed the guide rather than trying to do my own thing. Will have to give it another try sometime.



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12/29/13 12:10:23 PM#48

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12/29/13 12:18:12 PM#49
Defiance doesn't have a great deal going for it, but the combat is superb.  I would like to see more skill trees like TSW or PoE though.   

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12/29/13 12:18:14 PM#50
Originally posted by NineFuries

Throwing my vote in for AoC as well.  One of the best combat systems I've ever had the pleasure of playing.  Collision detection +combos+fatalities.  No other MMO can even come close.  If only funcom had decided on a pvp focus instead of the pve crap Craig morrison made the game into.

While not without its faults the game simply was extremely fun to pvp in and around the first year (until patch 1.03 i think) the game was largely skill based.  This was apparent by several players who could just demolish anyone without good gear and what not.  Now if you were a caster class you didn't get to experience the true beauty of the combat system which largely was for melee.  Even the fatalities were much more varied for the melee weapons.

No other mmo ive played has come close to the time I could literally get lost in playng AoC combat.  When the game first came out there were no npc OP guards at each entrance/exit.  You could choose to be a jerk and go gank lowbies if you wanted.  This would cause them to call in their higher lvl friends or get their mains on and huge battles would erupt spontaneously.  This was a great way to get involved in world pvp that was so organic you literally could spend hours and hours just in these sort of battles because a friend got ganked by some jerks or what not.


When Craig come on the scene all that changed and the pve carebears were held by the hand everywhere so as not to hurt their precious feelings.  Despite the fact that it was supposed to be the "brutal" world of hyboria.


Now that game only has the most dedicated fans playing it and the grind happy pve carebears.  What a joke.  I tried to get into TSW and seems like a great game pve wise but the combat is totally bland.  I'm still not sure why they went to such effort in AoC to get motion capture animations and fatalities only to make it a pve game.  Obviously this was scrapped for TSW.  And overall I do not have a high opinion of funcom based on their handling of the game in AoC and their customer service.  Now for those who have followed the game, the original directior Gaute Godiger...something like that had a total pvp focus and his vision for the game seemed to go along more with the actual world of hyboria as created by REH but craig morrison just wanted to make another wow clone with conan skin.


(yawn) we all see the success in that you morons.  FUCKING innovate for once and at least have the balls to follow the original concept of the game you fairies.


/rant over





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12/29/13 12:55:40 PM#51

Hard to say out of the blue.

For example i like cs combat the way it is. Fast and responsive. I would not change it by turning it into an MMO. I mention this since some of the choices are not MMOs in the poll.

Therefore, if I want a combat system for something specific like an MMO, I definetly like how Wildstar did their combat with lots of movement and players do not have to be stationary for any of the abiltities. 

1. Not rooted for animations

2. Dodge ability/ Active blocking (maybe even put mini game of pushing random keys for certain situations like snares/ stuns etc to break them)

3. Aim abilities - maybe like a large telegraph or a cross hair with a wider range to hit similar to Halo or the new War hammer MMO with what they had before ( not sure if changed)

4. Animations look unique, and not too flashy at the same time. The animations stand out from each in not just colors but actions that make the combat intuitive to react to animations rather than lets say telegraphs. Including acrobatic manovouers such as flips, leaps to target etc

5. Use of environment with destructible environment, flamable materials, water/electricirty etc... but also parkour movement

6. Something special, but have not seen in MMOs is allowing for example if there is instanced pvp, to have something that is dynamic in progression with stats. Players in a certain arena get points based on participation/kills (kills of players or other) and use that currency to get upgrades which could be in gear or in the arena such as tower etc. However, I am talking instanced so think similar to MOBA like dota and not a long term version in MMOs such as seiges.

7. Scenarios. Similar to 6, however with scenerios it involves so many things such as arenas, instances, historical situaions withing the game lore, and even open world scenarios catered for combat.

8. Mounted combat. This is very special. I beleive it should be in, and maybe in only certain designated areas.

9. Aerial combat that ties in with the world. If there is mounted combat becuase there are mounts, then if there are flying mounts there should be aerial combat. :D

10. Open world side quests and pvp. Securing resources, protecting caravans etc related to crafting.

11. Large scale pvp. similar to wild star and war plots. The thing i like about wild star is how accessible it sounds. I like the idea of a sand box, but similar to a gear grind, i just do not want to put that much time into getting everything ready which i assume 20 hours of grind and maybe a lot more. I would only experience such a grind once... thats just me... so I understand others enjoy this thrill, its just not for me to do that.

12. Player bounties. I beleive a successful end game allows players to use money in fun ways. Pay off NPCs, buy favor (poltiics of the game), put hits on other players, maybe there are investments (caravan ventures), fund an army, pay a group of NPCs to move shaping the world, pay for customizatioms for making the mount faster for racing, build a fort/structure.. etc etc but make it all affordable so a lot is happening in the world. It may sound that the more players there are the less likely this will happen, but these things can be treated as dynmic events and once hired they stay loyal unless certain very rare chances... and gambling as a mini game with cards etc... maybe it can be tied in with actual pvp and betting on matches or other possibilties in the open world.

13. Have leaders of large battle areas control NPC armies as if it were a strategy game. Many times people when playing online games are doing it for the fun, and might not have the experience of online play, and thus a leader given the tools can organize strategy much better when players following other NPCs to help them acheive their objectives.

14. Something mmos have avoided is gore and death animations. Maybe we are still behind in tech to make it playable for a mass audience in an MMO, but when the time comes, a mature rated MMO should definetly add this. It could be greatly exaggerated to be funny in its own way with rag doll physics.

15. mountain climbing and platforming, and jumping and latching onto other things. For certain pvp scenarios this will change the feel about combat and especially when the instance/mini game is about the objective rather than the duels.

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12/29/13 1:04:36 PM#52
When I'm firing a rifle/shotgun/pistol I prefer a FPS/TPS type model with left click to fire and right click to zoom. Action keys shouls be to change weapons/gadgets. But, for traditional fantasy type melee/ranged combat I prefer tab targeting and action keys fro abilities... but i really don't like button mashing anymore which most modern MMOs tend to be.

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12/29/13 1:08:04 PM#53

1. AoC




Im not a hater of TSWs combat system but what i miss with this new minimalistic trend in combat systems is the other 20-40 effects i could master while in combat.

With the reduced number of buttons to press, it feels like im doing the same things over and over.

While i see, that TSW has a deep combat system that wants you to make your own way of using builders and consumers, it always leads to the same thing, you press the buttons in another way over and over again.


I like to press my own configured buttons to give the combat my own style, color, whatever you wanna name it ..



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12/29/13 1:10:12 PM#54
I like Vindictus combat.

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12/29/13 1:35:38 PM#55

In my opinion, what really is the essential problem with TSW's combat (aside from animations, which don't bother me at all; dunno if everyone else is playing a different game ...) is the fact, that the deck building and the overall combat pacing is great and complex, but the actual combat is so incredibly dumb that it hurts.

Builder, builder, builder, builder, builder, finisher. Rinse and repeat, folks! Throw in the occasional cooldown and done is the typical solo build you'll use 80%+ of your game time in TSW.

Of course, I exaggerate, but what is missing is the distinct difference between weapons. Sure, each has its own focus, strenghts and weaknesses, but they PLAY the same. Every ranged weapon, every melee weapon. I get that they did this so you can theoretically combine each weapon with another and still manage to pull off something decent, but I'd really like to see some sort of ammunition system for the guns (like, introducing a simple 'auto-attack' which you can power up with different magic bullets for the next few shots) or being able to charge up certain magic spells (by holding down the skill button for as long as you feel like)to increase their effect or let them cause something completely different. There is so much potential!

If we're talking about a combat system to completely replace the current one, I'd go with GW1's combat system, which is basically the foundation TSW's system is based on (it feels like this for me, at least). Sure, the 'action' combat would be gone, but the more slowpaced combat would actually help to have a balance between the complex deck building and more tactical combat than what we're stuck with.


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12/29/13 1:47:35 PM#56

Ironically one of my favorite combat system is AoC.............. which would have been perfect for a game like TSW.

I still wondering how Funcom could get it so wrong.


My absolute favorite is EQ.............. slow combat which gave you time to chat and socialise while you were fighting.


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12/29/13 1:55:16 PM#57

Neverwinter is 100X better then Tera Combat and has the best combat of any MMO I have ever played.  It really feels like a true action adventure.  Tera is too slow which exacerbates the self-rooting issues.  GW2 would be a close 2nd for me but only with the Immersive Combat Mod installed (




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1/02/14 11:42:27 PM#58
I actually enjoy the TSW combat system. It seems like a good cross between TAB-kill and twitch based combat.

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1/02/14 11:56:05 PM#59
How anyone would even mention TSW having anything good is just mind boggling. The combat of TSW is a pure clunkfest. Might as well try to drive a car on square or triangle shaped tires, which would perform 100,000 better then the combat of TSW. As for the best combat system made, Dark Age of Camelot. Nothing else comes close.

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1/03/14 12:31:22 PM#60

lot of those comments about TSW combat seem to come from PVER


and i must say if i was anywhere intrested in pve i would probably think that TSW combat is quite repetitive

builder builder builder builder builder finisher A builder (Elemental Force (EF) trigger) finisher B


in PVP i dont remember last time i went up to 5 resource. is a 2 resource + finisher A + 1 resource + elite + finisher B or many ohter combo type as the enemy doenst run to you and face you like a dumb NPC


he run away take cover try to LOS lure you into enemy line nothing ever go according to plan there is no 5 builer + consumer mentality in PVP and that's why very very very few people use EF in PVP


you can do it i have one PVP built with EF but is a very specific one and i have to have a semi dedicated healer in my group is really not my typical built


people that really think TSW combat is 1+1+1+1+1+3+4+1+1+1+1+1+3+4 are PVEr and i agree pve combat is not the most entrataining around... especially with the looser mentality nowday of min max always everything instead of play "as you like/as is fun"

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