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MMORPG | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 07/03/12)  | Pub:Funcom
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
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The Secret World Forum » General Discussion » Poll: new, returning, staying or leaving?

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12/13/12 5:34:02 PM#21
I've played, left and I'll be returning with this announcement.

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12/13/12 5:42:04 PM#22

Played a lot for first 2 months. Couldn't afford sub to multiple MMOS so left. I thought i will return when 6 or 7 isues are out so that i have more content. But now since it is B2P, i will be playing this along Star Trek Online.

So yeah definitely staying. Game has unique settingsand a nice break from  dragosn and centaurs ;)


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12/13/12 5:48:53 PM#23

Not coming back - its a realy good themepark but i was really unhappy with their cporporate decisions and behavior and have not touched a mmorpg since then and miss nothing, have more time for better small multiplayer and offline games.

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12/13/12 5:58:23 PM#24
I have yet to play a funcom game I thought was worth crap, but am willing to try this.  Bought it for 20 bucks off ebay.

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12/13/12 6:01:49 PM#25
I am returning, i played at release but left due to the sub price and gw2 coming out at the same time. Downloading it now and looking forward to playing again.

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12/13/12 6:04:59 PM#26
Originally posted by Yamota
Originally posted by iamrta
  • Not returning 'cause I never played
As an outsider to the game the gameplay videos I watch just aren't compelling to me.

Yeah this is the most obvious choice. I havent played nor will I play because I dont feel the game deserves my time or money as my nr 1 prio is competetive PvP and nr 2 persistant world. And I heard this game is pretty weak in those areas and removing the sub. fee does not change that.

And yet you play Tera. Am i missing something here?


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12/13/12 6:23:38 PM#27
Originally posted by L0C0Man
Originally posted by eyelolled
I'm not planning on playing this game ever again.  Still, I would have liked to see a "just show me the results" option in the poll.

Oops... sorry, forgot to add that option (a bit ironic since I kinda hate when polls don't apply to me and don't include one). As of this post these are the results, for those interested:

 I played before and am returning now - 37.9%

 Never played before but getting it now - 11.5%

 I played before, not planning to return - 17.2%

 I'm an active player, and I'm staying - 32.2%

 Was an active player, and I'm leaving - 1.1%

Based on 87 votes.

too late, I voted for not planning to return. You really should have had "never played and don't plan to". With the sales numbers that TSW has being so small, the largest percentage of people may not participate because of that. It's really a skewed poll that isn't going to tell you anything worthwhile.

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12/13/12 6:28:22 PM#28
Originally posted by L0C0Man

Just a quick poll to gauge reaction of the crowd to TSW new status. Of course, I'm not naive enough to think it'll be enough votes to be statistically significant, nor that it'll be a sign of how the MMO community in general feels, at most how the community of this forum feels.

Personally, I'm a returning player, played from releast and until GW2 release, and returning now to play alongside it.

Note that to try to keep the poll options fewer, I'm just making it so that it says whether you're staying or leaving, regardless of whether you have or not a lifetime account, or whether you intend to keep paying a sub or not.



Wheres the option for. Tried beta, didnt like it. Never purchased it?


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12/15/12 9:32:09 AM#29

it's pretty cool to have even more players around now.

 Seems like the move to b2p was a good one.


Now I hope they crank up the old grandmasters reward a bit..

Secrets of Dragon´s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

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12/15/12 10:59:16 PM#30
bought it for half price a few months ago and played for a bit, but happy to return and play again since i love story games and its FREE

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12/15/12 11:05:44 PM#31

Played in beta a bit and then at launch for a couple of weeks. I would never return. I do wish it the best though.




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12/15/12 11:14:59 PM#32
I was interested but not willing to pay a sub. Now i'm trying it. Not sure if i'll stick with it though.

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12/15/12 11:48:14 PM#33

I played the beta, didnt really give it a go. Then I played the 3 day weekend event thing and liked the game, but not enough for subbing to it. I enjoyed the game and honestly, the corporate decisions to me are ... meh.. whatever. As long as the game doesnt say NC Soft, I dont consider who makes it a deciding factor.

For the price, to have a game I can play forever it almost has to be a no brainer, but then again, GW2 wasn't as good as I hoped and they hyped.

I like the buy it from ebay idea haha. Maybe I can find an account on craigslist cheap rofl.

Either way, I will be waiting a few months to see if this game can survive, or at least how these changes make the game sink or swim, before I even spend $1 on buying it.

It does look promising eventually if it is still around, though 8)

  User Deleted
12/16/12 3:50:15 AM#34

I re-downloaded the game the very hour the “buy to play” change was announced. For me, it is very much worth it now where I would not return at all with a sub fee requirement. So few games on the market right now are worth a subscription fee and I hope buy to play becomes the new norm. I can play TSW heavily for now, move on to try the next big thing, and then return after something new and shiny comes along without worry. It has a place on my HD right next to GW2 as a favored off game as I try other new releases.


(PS: I even got 1200 ($10) free bonus store points for doing 30 missions in game. That let me outfit my character from the store with enough left over to buy the first DLC release free... Man, that's awesome.)


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12/16/12 8:47:58 AM#35
"I played the trial before and am returning now" - bought the key yesterday on but I have yet to start playing (busy day for me today)

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12/17/12 2:52:18 PM#36
Originally posted by Gaia_Hunter
Originally posted by iamrta
  • Not returning 'cause I never played
As an outsider to the game the gameplay videos I watch just aren't compelling to me.

In my opinion the game has some game play problems and parts of the game are more of the same.

The investigation missions, the atmosphere and the deck building aspect are the pros for me.

Welp. I found it on Amazon for $15 a few days ago...

The gameplay videos didn't do it justice. Glad I chose the impulse buy.

The game is actually REALLY REALLY good. I don't think I've stopped playing for 2 days. Really suprised me. Tried to play that other game last night and just didn't want to. Posted elsewhere that it's hard to go back to lollipop land after playing TSW. It's actully challenging and feels like it's made for adults that appreciate a complex and compelling story.

I am pretty frustrated by the combat since there is no auto-fire but I am learning. It would be as if you had to keep spamming hotkeys in GW2 instead of having it auto-fire. Makes it really hard to dodge/strafe AND hit your keys. Need like 4 more fingers per hand.

Otherwise It's great. It's incredibly complex for a simpleton like myself. I've yet to figure out Assembling (crafting). Need some YT videos. I am also pretty sure there isn't an MMO that looks better than this graphically. Maybe it's just the DX11 but it looks really great.


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12/17/12 2:54:31 PM#37

I played before, not planning to return because I already have a game that keeps me plenty busy.  Besides I am also looking forward to 2 other MMO's coming out next year and TSW will be pushed further down the block.


Glad they went F2P though, it was def the right decision, just wished they did it earlier.

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12/17/12 2:56:52 PM#38
Originally posted by azzamasin

I played before, not planning to return because I already have a game that keeps me plenty busy.  Besides I am also looking forward to 2 other MMO's coming out next year and TSW will be pushed further down the block.


Glad they went F2P though, it was def the right decision, just wished they did it earlier.

It's not F2P. I know what you meant but F2P has different connotations. And it doesn't fit with TSW. It's B2P exactly like GW2.


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12/17/12 2:57:21 PM#39

I'll be hopping in from time to time to play my Templar.

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12/17/12 3:31:49 PM#40

I played it for two days and now leave.


Icant stand playing this game in 5-15 FPS.



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