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Alganon (ALG)
Quest Online | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 12/01/09)  | Pub:Quest Online
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Alganon Videos: "Soft Launch" Trailer (3:02)

Quest Online has released a new trailer promoting the "soft launch" of Alganon.

Quest Online has released a new trailer promoting the "soft launch" of Alganon.
Duration: 3:02
Views: 8,092  45 comments
Game: Alganon
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coffee writes: where did they get the "quotes" from at the start? I'ts just not different enough from other MMOS (unless its changed massivly in the 2 months I tried the beta) let alone WoW.. I feel it will die a slow death. Tue Dec 22 2009 1:14PM Report
Darkholme writes: OK what the heck is a "soft launch"? Are we just making up new buzzwords now to cover up the fact that MMOGs routinely launch in an unfinished state?? Tue Dec 22 2009 1:17PM Report
Gabby-air writes: lol, devs put up there own quotes to make the game seem good...This trailer shows how low some devs go to market there games. Tue Dec 22 2009 1:56PM Report
skelt writes: omg... its the 1st time i say this but this is truly a wow clone almost everything from UI to skill training is the same Tue Dec 22 2009 3:27PM Report
2pure writes: where is the lawsuit. cmon blizzard Tue Dec 22 2009 4:39PM Report
Leviathonlx writes: Am I wrong in saying that games UI looks like a direct copy and paste from WoW? I mean I know there are only so many ways to do a UI but that games UI is literally almost exactly the same. Tue Dec 22 2009 5:21PM Report
ozy1 writes: World of Warcraf?. O sorry thought it was WoW, my bad. Tue Dec 22 2009 5:29PM Report
LodenDSG writes: I remimber the beta for this one, it is just about a pixel for pixel copy of WoWs style it has 1 or 2 intresting features and I suppose its fun enough. If they would only give it a diffrent art style and UI it mgiht be worth the free trial. Tue Dec 22 2009 6:15PM Report
Gajari writes: "Soft Launch" = "Broken Launch" Tue Dec 22 2009 6:46PM Report
Rhoklaw writes: I especially love the part at 2:15 or so when the dude is fighting and hits for 70 and then follows up with a crit for 40, LOL. Tue Dec 22 2009 7:40PM Report
TJKazmark writes: Words simply cannot express the disappointment that I feel after watching this video. If this is what Alganon has to offer, I will be staying well-enough away. No thank you. Tue Dec 22 2009 8:21PM Report
xenorace writes: I LOL'ed at the quotes at the beginning! I was literally waiting for one to say "This game is the shiznit!" Anybody amazed by this "soft launch" trailer should probably just sign their paychecks over to me, because they are not responsible enough to handle $$$ if they are willing to pay for Alganon. Tue Dec 22 2009 10:13PM Report
Vexe writes: So from what I gather, this game has 2 things that are different from WOW: Offline limited character progression and character models/some animations And that's it. Tue Dec 22 2009 11:58PM Report
Vexe writes: also those quotes at the beginning were most likely taken out of context. Movies do that. Someone will say "This is the worst game of this century" and they'll ask for your permission to use it, and thinking about the context you will say: "SURE! I want yout o broadcast how much this game is horrible!". Then they put up the quote "This is of this century!" Wed Dec 23 2009 12:02AM Report
astrob0y writes: How many years did it take to make this game now again? Wed Dec 23 2009 12:54AM Report
astrob0y writes: How many years did it take to make this game now again? Wed Dec 23 2009 12:54AM Report
Thefivemagik writes: It's funny because Alganon win in direct WoW copies, good job guys...really...They have Worgans, Gobline and oh! Look! Horse mounts! innovation...yey...Cant wait to ride it!... That's enough sarcasm. Okay Aloganon,y youve made a game congratulations. No. Back to the drawing boards guys it's over before it even began. Wed Dec 23 2009 2:23AM Report
describable writes: The "ingame guide" was the only part i actually liked. the study system was meh. Everything else felt ripped and has been done to death and much better elsewhere; eq2, wow, lotro. notice i didn't mention WAR... only good part of that WAS the tome of knowledge i remember asked a GM that if he unlocked it all so i could read it i'd subscribe for another month. he didn't. i didn't. don't regret it :) Wed Dec 23 2009 3:12AM Report
SweetZoid writes: Now you guys know how bad WoW really is. Wed Dec 23 2009 6:05AM Report
bezado writes: Love it or Hate it every new MMORPG coming is taking the success of WOW and copying it. I bet none of you complained when you loved WOW for ever how long you did, then stuff gets boring you begin to criticize the game and pick on minor flaws. Not everything that looks like WOW plays like crap though. It's the new MMORPG sterotype WOW clone = crap. Look at Runes of Magic, WOW clone wanabe but it is fun and millions are enjoying that. Wed Dec 23 2009 2:38PM Report
Omol writes: You have to wait for something like 3 months before you can even get to a instance. Need to do the Dawning which takes a guild/guilds to do thought you have to have enough high level people to be able to complete it. Then the raid and other instances open up (yea even for a low level instance you have to wait till this is completed). Wed Dec 23 2009 5:58PM Report
Skook3 writes: It seems that the only difference between this game and WoW, other than quality, is that the trees jiggle violently. Thu Dec 24 2009 7:30AM Report
Falendor writes: This trailer really is more damageing to this game than helpfull. I really cant see anything this game has to offer that is not done better in many other games. Fri Dec 25 2009 3:02AM Report
balduranbg writes: I've seen most of the so called trailers made by the Alganon developers. They look like a guide to "What we ripped from WoW". As far as the offline progression, they themselves don't hide that it's borrowed from EVE. Fri Dec 25 2009 6:52PM Report
krisooooo writes: I think they might be quotes from their forums...from the devs. This game is retarded, so is Quest Online and anyone who pays for that bullcrap. Sat Dec 26 2009 12:26PM Report
m0j0r1s1ng writes: MY favorite part was the one showing "exciting group combat" which I assume was PvP... and they were just standing there spamming abilities at each other and not moving at all... yep, pretty "exciting" LOL. At least when Runes of Magic took on WoW by being WoW-like, they actually innovated (dual class, better crafting, rune system). Alganon should be ashamed for the blatant rip off of WoW that it is. Sat Dec 26 2009 7:49PM Report
Dilir79 writes: all i need to say , this is just a big plie of crap, i'm sorry but companys shouldn't make games w/this shitty graphics those years are over , come on now Sun Dec 27 2009 5:18PM Report
a.karig writes: Think of the time and effort, the money spent, in making this piece of crap. Think of the number of people who had to say "Ya, this looks good!" Scarey stuff Sun Dec 27 2009 6:48PM Report
loveless1 writes: Good graphics looks like the trees are really alive!! Mon Dec 28 2009 9:47AM Report
ogcopcka writes: hahahah sooo lame WOW copy :))) Tue Dec 29 2009 5:27AM Report
Kaezon writes: They kept advertising the 'support'. I believe this since there will probably be 1 player per employed GM when this s**t launches Tue Dec 29 2009 11:53AM Report
lenathian writes: omg...seriously?? whos gonna pay $20 for that and a subscription?? this game is doomed for failure before it even starts. I would think, that f2p would be a better option, at least more people may be interested in playing it. at least maybe kids, who's parents wont pay for them to play wow or something.. this could be an alternative.. but only as a f2p.. nice try guys - but think of something original. Tue Dec 29 2009 7:21PM Report
Thraile writes: To be honest, Allods looks like a better game then this and it's F2P. I really can't be sure though because I haven't tried Alganon. Wed Dec 30 2009 12:36AM Report
Aevenath writes: Hey cool! It's like WoW, only worse! Thu Dec 31 2009 12:16AM Report
shalldoom writes: omg this is the worst animation and combat i have ever seen......iv played 2d MMO's with sooooo much better animation. This takes the lead from darkfail as the worst animated MMO in history. hahahaha!!! Fri Jan 01 2010 9:58AM Report
vladakov writes: this game might have been really good, if it was released in the same year as WoW... Sat Jan 02 2010 6:33AM Report
coder451 writes: It looks really homo! Sat Jan 02 2010 11:09AM Report
Bohun writes: the biggest WoW copy ever. Runes of magic is the art of innovation compared to Alganon. Sat Jan 02 2010 5:01PM Report
Xerith writes: I liked how none of the quotes had any sources at all to show who said them. Sat Jan 02 2010 8:15PM Report
afoaa writes: This is a weird vid?! Ok lets make a game that looks exactly like WoW, feels like WoW, play's like WoW, has animations like WoW? How on earth did they ever get money to make this game? Some investors seemed to have failed to research the genere. Mon Jan 04 2010 2:32AM Report
quentin405 writes: OMG IT's WOW!?!?! Oh wait it's some generic named game.. no it's wow?!?! wtf is going on what game is this?! Who cares cause its exactly like wow!?!? Hahaha wooooooooooooooooooow epic fail Mon Jan 04 2010 6:28PM Report
Timacek writes: algawhat? the demo Ive seen is wow. OMG are you guys nuts? I dont have words. This shit is fail. Who would like to play this game I dont get it even for free. Why copy anything like wow I dont get either Thu Jan 07 2010 1:01AM Report
CassSmith writes: Alganon does actually have some good points especially for the more casual gamer and the fact it was WoW like I liked, I just disliked what they did to the ranger.... *sigh* Mon Jan 25 2010 8:38PM Report
Praxus1874 writes: I'm not usually one to jump on bandwagons here, but this is the most blatant WoW clone I have *ever* seen. That is just crazy. Wed Mar 10 2010 11:34AM Report
hidden1 writes: I gave up after getting my spellcaster to level 21... just got very boring and tedious... i suspect people who like to run all over the place, back and forth to finish quests may like this... just couldn't get past 21, ... too boring... I tried O.o Sun Mar 14 2010 9:48PM Report