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Alganon (ALG)
Quest Online | Official Site
MMORPG | Genre:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 12/01/09)  | Pub:Quest Online
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

Alganon Videos: Asheroth Introduction (1:31)

Check out the first video for the upcoming MMO Alganon.

Check out the first video for the upcoming MMO Alganon.
Duration: 1:31
Views: 3,781  26 comments
Game: Alganon
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darkaster writes: I hate to say it, but absolutely everything about this game (at first glance anyway) screams WoW... Asheroth? Really? Thu May 07 2009 2:09AM Report
DeeZaster writes: eh wow? I don't see a connection at all. I'd compare this more to any free korean mmorpg. Thu May 07 2009 2:51AM Report
rik666 writes: this looks like WoW not like an new mmo :( Thu May 07 2009 3:05AM Report
alin1209 writes: Why noo one in this days is more creative than this?why copy Wow...ther r noo new ideas out ther to create somthing new?or at least a bit diferent than what is today on the market?sory to say this but i have played Wow and this is 99% wow copy at the graphic stile caracter moves and fight and i bet the gamplay will be also close to Wow...pathetic all i can say! Thu May 07 2009 3:15AM Report
Houndeye writes: lol guys think you need to take a look at the specs for WoW while yes they introduced some cool features alot of WoW was taken from other games blizzard just did a damn good job of putting it together ;) Thu May 07 2009 4:57AM Report
Torak writes: Horizons Part II Can Dave pull off his vision this time around? Thu May 07 2009 5:11AM Report
Dameonk writes: This game looks horrible. Thu May 07 2009 5:42AM Report
SelfDestructPro writes: Kay combat looks terrible. I mean if I wanted another game that combat takes place at 10 paces, I'd play any of the free ones out right now. Great innovation Alganon. Thu May 07 2009 7:43AM Report
GreenLanternFan writes: While Wow did do a good job of implementing ideas into an MMO, those ideas were not their own. WoW didn't come up with one iota of originality. Their ideas and more specifically races, classes, lore is a complete knock off of Warhammer's (and Warhammer content has been around for years before WoW came on the scene). Kudos to the makers of Alganon for recognizing what sells and trying their hand at it. The more MMOs the merrier, I say. Now, if they can just keep out all of the immature players that now plague WoW, who knows, maybe I'll give it a try. Thu May 07 2009 10:14AM Report
Arioc writes: I just can't imagine who thought the giant text above the NPC's that is so large it clips into the NPC's heads was a good idea. Thu May 07 2009 1:04PM Report
howardb writes: Like several of you have already pointed out; this looks like WoW. That's why I doubt it'll be a success. You have to dare to create something unique, as replicating something as successful as WoW is a gargantuan task. Who wants to play a bad clone when you can play the original? Thu May 07 2009 1:52PM Report
DarkPony writes: Whirl of Washcraft. Welcome to Asheroth. Thu May 07 2009 2:45PM Report
lirika writes: wow! Thu May 07 2009 3:29PM Report
mackdawg19 writes: I can only imagine that everyone of you will be trying this game out. Thu May 07 2009 4:57PM Report
dcostello writes: Some screenshots of--sorry to say--horrible graphics is not tantalizing at all. This is how awesome advertisement is, because that is basically what this game is "banking on." This is the subliminal message MMO, possibly the first of many. If you're going to be the first of something, why not be the first to brain-wash your customers (let's face it, originality died a long time ago). Thu May 07 2009 7:30PM Report
Roleplaying writes: Yes, this looks and sounds like WoW. However, the critic who said War-hammer did their races classes and lore before WoW and WoW somehow "stole their ideas".. think. WoW pays homage to our world and our fantasy culture through those very things. It, like this game, is only borrowing what we have created over centuries of culture. Sure, War-hammer may have done it "before WoW", but D&D it it before them, Tolkien before that and so on. Let this game breath.. nothing is original. Fri May 08 2009 5:47AM Report
nevrosis writes: Alganon all the way! Rock on! Fri May 08 2009 11:53AM Report
Sabbicat writes: /yawn Fri May 08 2009 7:28PM Report
Smikis writes: first 3 zones after towns goes like.. marches, tanaris, ungoro.. what the hell >_< i could point each zone of this video.. to its wow zone.. you can say, wow took xx idea from xx game, stole lore from warhammer ( only morons thinks of that, its maybe based on warhammer idea, and warhammer is based on lotro, and lotro is based on something else.. and all its based on bibble or some bullcrap ) most warcraft lore were writen by profesional writers.. geez there is bunch of warcraft books , which were released way before wc3 or wow.. in first place too so knock it off with yours warhammer reference.. pity your beloved warhammer, cuz every reference you give like this, someone new to genre or lore will thing ur pointing that abomination of warhammer mmo.. which is frankly failure Fri May 08 2009 8:03PM Report
CryoCode writes: this game looks better than wow. Fri May 08 2009 9:45PM Report
Jorendo writes: The last boss in Ulduar raid is called Alagon..this game Alganon and seeing many other WoW names adjusted with minimum effort. WTF do they try to proof? This game wouldn't be the first who wants to be a WoW clone..but damn they take it verry seriouse. If i was blizzard i would sue their arses for using names from WoW. Also, want to see a game who also steals from WoW and even stole a screenshot from Warhammer to make their site..check World of Fight its called, the font is the exact same as WoW and the portal on the background is the one from the Chaos starting zones in Warhammer online..i mean..come on... Sun May 10 2009 6:01AM Report
Litestep writes: wow? lol ... no This LOOKS like Asheron's Call 1 ... with a bit upgraded graphics :). Tue May 12 2009 7:04AM Report
Tarwater writes: I hope this game makes a killing. Really, I do. Would be fair play, as much as Blizzard has ripped off and pawned off other people's work as their own. What, just because when it's Blizzard doing it, it's somehow okay? I say: Go Get 'em, Alganon! Tue May 19 2009 8:51PM Report
Jorias writes: I always like to see Artist's and 3d graphics artist creat characters that are lifelike. This game seems to want that, there are flaws in the way they move. The run, but the characters look like they are sliding rather than running. This is a common problem, Graphics are meh to say it in a nutshell. I like a good Storyline though i know nothing of this game so ill be reading up on it and comment later. Sun May 31 2009 11:30AM Report
ViewDoo writes: They steale our precious WoW! *gollum* Gives us back our precious WoW! *gollum* *gollum* Our precious! We wants it! Thu Aug 13 2009 7:01PM Report
Little11 writes: This look just as boring as WoW Fri Aug 28 2009 11:04PM Report