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Vogster Entertainment | Official Site
MMOFPS | Setting:Real Life | Status:Final  (rel 08/25/09)  | Pub:Vogster Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Crimecraft Forum » General Discussion » Crimecraft Official FAQ

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OP  5/30/09 11:24:49 AM#1

1. When is the game coming out?
We’ve been pushing for a release in Q2 of 2009. Like all games of this size, things could change. We’ll know more once we get rolling in beta. Speaking of which, we’ll be grabbing people from our community for beta-testing and since you’re most passionate about the game, you’re most likely to get first dibbs on a coveted beta spot!

2. How much is it? Free-to-play or Pay-to-play?
Our business model has not been finalized quite yet. We initially were looking to be a F2P game, but after really looking at what that meant (selling sniper rifles? Or worse… selling ammunition!) we’re pulling away from that model. We want to be sure that success in CrimeCraft is not about who spends the most money on items. CrimeCraft is a big game that cost a lot to make and a lot to run, obviously we’ll need to bring in money to cover those expenses but our goal is to bring the game to as many people as possible and ensure that our players are having the best possible experience with the game. We’ll have more information regarding business model down the road.

3. What are the minimum specs?
We’re still optimizing the game, but since we’re using the Unreal 3 Engine specs will be similar to other titles using the same graphics engine.

4. Are there going to be gang logos and hand signs (stacking)?
Yes, there are Gang logos that Gang leaders can pick. Once you’re in a gang, your logo will automatically appear on your character’s back signifying your allegiance to your crew. Stacking is something else we’ve played with. There are a variety of character emotes and we’re adding more all the time…

5. Is there free roam?
Free Roam can mean a lot of things… CrimeCraft is not a linear experience, you can go and do what you want when you want to do it, so in that sense, yes we are an open world game.

6. How much customization is there?
Character Customization comes in a variety of forms in CrimeCraft. You can pick all the usual things when creating your character: sex, skin color, hair style, facial features, etc. But since there will be hundreds of people running around, you really want to stand out by what you wear. CrimeCraft will offer thousands of outfit combinations (including a wide range of colors) so you can create your own individual style and swagger from military fatigues to urban cowboy. Also, there is a deep skill customization tree that allows you to specialize in particular areas to perform different functions in and out of combat.

7. How does a character advance or level?
Characters advance in level through a variety of activities including completing missions and, of course, killing enemies (other players or enemy AI).

8. What's the environment like?
You can tell some of the artistic direction we are going with from the screenshots and we’ll have some more stuff coming out soon. A picture speaks a thousand words and videos are thousands of pictures!

9. What kind of guns will there be in CrimeCraft?
When given the choice between "Realistic" and "Fun" we’ve tended to lean toward fun. So we’ll have Assault Rifles and Shotguns (modified to suit your style of play) in addition to Rocket Launchers, C4 Explosives, and Grenade Launchers.

10. Can you kill people anywhere in the game?
No. The city areas are off limits. They are for the community aspects of the game (mission gathering, buying, selling, trading, crafting, etc). We want to keep combat in combat areas, if we let people shoot each other while shopping, the world would quickly devolve into chaos!

11. What can you make or craft in Crimecraft?
Weapons, clothes, ammunition, boosts. We’ll have more information on Crafting closer to launch.

12. How much PvP is there in Crimecraft?
Lots! Shooting other people is fun! We’ll also have PvE content as well but the core gameplay experience is shooting other real people.

13. Are there going to be vehicles?
We’ve bounced this idea around a few times and finally opted to leave vehicles out of the game at least for initial launch. CrimeCraft is about guns and gangs, vehicles just didn’t fit in the mix of our tactical combat.

14. Will there be a bounty hunter system?
This is something we have spent a lot of time looking at, we have plans for this but it might be post-launch.

15. Will there be a cover system or is it run-and-gun?
Neither! We strongly believe there is a balance between the two. The core game is battling against other human players. Games with cover systems tend to devolve into a game of whack-a-mole. I wait for your head to pop out, I shoot, you wait for my head to pop out, you shoot. That’s not fun. On the other side, run-and-gun games devolve into chance and bullet spam - which is also not very fun. We’ve struck a nice balance between the two. CrimeCraft is paced to take the most advantage of players that use tactics and skill to work as a team.

16. Will there be ganghouses?
Yes. We’re not ready to give full details quite yet but we have big plans.

17. Will Crimecraft be available on other platforms?
Right now we are solely concentrating on making the PC version of CrimeCraft the very best it can be.

18. Can you play as police?
We’re keeping the backstory of the game world pretty open. We want to be sure that players can take on a lot of different roles and have them still fit and make sense into the world we’ve created. If your gang wants to wear uniforms and hand out beat downs to the riff-raff of Sunrise City, you’ll certainly be able to do that.

19. Will you be able to switch from TPS to FPS mode?
We've played around with both modes but for now we're sticking with the TPS camera.

20. Will there be user-generated content?
We love the idea of getting player input into content we will add to the game, but we want to make sure that the content fits the world and has our artistic and design stamp. We’ll be actively communicating with our players to give them what they want, but we’ll be the ones making it. Outside of the game we have plans to allow players to upload content to the CrimeCraft Community site.

21. How big is the world?
Our goal is to make a world that fits. Too big and it will feel empty, too small and it will be too crowded. Our system is to create city areas where all the commerce and community aspects happen and battle areas for the combat. We plan to launch with 3 nice sized city areas and a dozen or so battle areas. We’ll have more ready and we can roll them out as soon as we need to spread people out a little more or when our players are ready for more variety.

22. Will there be martial arts?
There is a melee combat move but it’s only used as a last resort (or to humiliate your opponent). The core game is guns, guns and more guns.

23. What will the economy be like?
All the economic features from a typical MMO will be in CrimeCraft – Vendors, direct trade, pawn shops (auction houses), etc. There is more to tell that ties into our Crafting system but for that, you’ll have to wait!

24. How many people can be in your gang?
The current limit is 50 members for newly created gangs. With time, as your gang gains more reputation, the plan is to allow for alliances or gang mergers.

25. What kind of chat modes will there be?
Thus far We have friend, trade, gang, and group chat, but there might be more before primetime.

26. Will there be minigames?
We toyed around with mini-games and have a few in the pipeline for down the road. For launch, we're focused on delivering solid TPS gameplay.

27. Will Crimecraft be available on my Mac?
Natively no, but dual-boot (ie: bootcamp) machines may be able to run CrimeCraft. We'll have more information on hardware compatibility in the near future.

28. What sort of close range weapons are there?
Shotguns are your best close-range defense. Some pistols are geared to close range combat as well. Some weapon modifications can improve close combat as well. At the end of the day, you choose what to bring to the fight.

29. What's the death penalty or PK (player killing) penalty?
There is no death penalty. This is primarily a shooter. Respawn is a common gameplay element of shooters. We didn’t want anyone waiting around for the time limit or the match decision before they can jump pack in the battle again. We are still investigating how we want to address Friendly Fire. Most likely we’ll leave it off, maybe allow it to be on for certain gameplay types. In the end it’s a tradeoff between realism and fun and we always want to lean towards fun.

30. Where will the localized servers be?
Localization is something we’ll be looking at depending on potential partnerships overseas and consumer demand. We are concentrating on the North American market and English at launch, but we’ve seen a lot of interest already from European players so we’ll be determining the best strategy to bring CrimeCraft to as many people as possible as we move along.