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MMORPG | Genre:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/14/09)  | Pub:Hungames
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Review for Twelve Sky 2: Rise of the Sky Clan

Twelve Sky 2: Rise of the Sky Clan is a MMORPG published by MAYN INTERACTIVE at
Final Score


 Great PvP
 Great PvE
 Nice community
 Lots of gears, pets, mounts
 Good forum support
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.



Twelve Sky 2: Rise of the Sky clan is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
(MMORPG), which is based on the Player versus Player experience (PvP). Of course the game
offers Player versus Monster (PvM) as well as Player versus Enviroment (PvE). The game
follows the Free to Play model meaning The game is free to play, but offers
a Web Mall in which players can choose to spend real money and purchase the so called
"Mokens" in order to acquire special items which are impossible to drop or find any
other way. But let's get back to that later.0
Twelve Sky 2 features four different clans one can join, the Fierce Tiger clan, the
Royal Snake clan, the Imperial Dragon clan and the Ancient Sky clan. At start, after
making your character only the first three clans are open. The fourth clan is only
accessible to players which have leveled up to a certain level, so called Adept 1.
After reaching that level, one may cut all ties and join the Ancient Sky clan.
Meaning that the player carries all existing gears, pets and mounts and just becomes
a sky clan member. If he was a tiger he still uses tiger gears etc. The game also
has a guild feature. Meaning you can make your own guild inside of a clan, and invite
all your friends or any other warriors you wish. They are called "Houses" and you can
usually recieve help from your high lvl house mates.

There are three different "classes" in the game, which are based on the weapon you use.
For each clan there is an offensive weapon, a defensive weapon and
a ranged weapon, and you're able to switch between these three weapons as much as
you want, when you want, which isn't something that a lot of games offer their players.
There are common gears, unique gears, rare gears and elite gears. Elite gears are the best
and you can acquire them the hardest. We also have Warlord gear which is only for D12
warriors, or max level. There are also special items, as Empyrean Cape, which
is only acquirable by opening bags. It's drop rate is very low, so only the luckiest
warriors can acquire this cape. But the ones that do enjoy a massive bonus in stats.
So the cape is very powerfull and rare item in this game. All gears can be reinforced,
meaning you can increase the bonus it gives. The max % you can achieve on an item
is 150%, which is very hard to achieve. Every 30% brings you a different glow on your
weapon :) . Also you can combine your items, weapons with weapons, armor with armors
to increase their bonus. You can combine up to 12 different items into 1. So
150% CS12 (combined) item would be the strongest at the moment.
As mentioned the game is heavily based on PvP, meaning the point of the game is
for you clan to be the strongest. Either by individual power, but more likely
with a good team effort in wars and battles.

Players can start to participate in  hourly wars from level 10, which
is easily reached after just a few minutes of killing monsters. The wars are held
in a secluded war arena which allows low level players to fight without any interference
from higher levels. So the wars are split into brackets, i.e Stone Outpost (10-19)
meaning only players from level 10 to level 19 can join that particular war. There
are three different types of wars. Formation wars, Stone Wars and Anihiliation Wars.
The Formation Wars are won by holding a formation for 5 minutes. So the idea is to
have high HP and whitstand all enemie attacks for 5 minutes. The Stone Wars are won by
destroying the enemie clan's stone. The clan with the only remaining stone wins. And
at last one of the most popular wars in TS2, the Anihilation War. The rules in this
war are very simple. Kill everyone that is not in your clan. All four clans go at
eachother, and the clan with the most kills at the end is the winner.
During the week there is also special large scale battles where everyone above level
90 can participate. The most important battle in the game is The Holy Stone Battle (HSB)
which is held in a special place (Ghost Valley) on special time every tuesday, thursday
and saturday. Each Clan have it's own stone, and the first task in the HSB is to
preserve your stone and save it from the constant attacks of other clans. There is also
a bonus stone called Legacy Stone, which can be possesed by each clan only a certain
amount of time. Each stone gives a 10% bonus to an entire clan's damage. Meaning if
you have all stones in your possesion, your clan will enjoy a 40% bonus but only to
the damage you deal to monsters and mobs. Not for damage you do in PvP. Other high
profile battle is The Battle for Dragonfall. The point of the Outpost of Dragonfall
is to hold a formation for 5 minutes. After succeeding, a special map called The Abyss
is opened. The Abyss is a map for warriors from 95-A10 lvl. In abyss they can level up
faster because it has 10% Exp increase.

A very special battle deserves a special mention in this game. The Labyrinth, a map
consisted of 5 levels. Each levels has mobs and bosses, and one main boss which upon
killing, the players receive prizes, money and experience. Each level or floor as
called in TS2 brings better prizes. The Labyrinth is opened only on Wednesday, Friday
and Sunday at a special time and can only be accessed with a special key called
Temple of Fiends Key.

Players also have the opportunity to invade the enemy clan's maps
at any time. To do so you need to destroy the enemie clan's stones in 4 maps untill you
reach their city. They are called the guardian stones, and untill they are down, the
portal to the next enemie map is closed.
Players from the same clan also have the option to duel each other to test
their skills against their fellow clan members and tweak their build. What does build
mean? Well, after acquiring each new level you receive skill points which can be
distributed into 4 different categories. Strength, Vitality, Dexterity and Spirit.
The most popular builds are Strength and Vitality. Dex and Spirit are rarely used.

The game features several different mounts players can use in PvP, that boosts different
abilities. Damage, Health, Defence etc. All mounts are divided into 3 categories.
5%, 10% and 15%. As you suppose, the 5% mounts give 5% bonus to a desired stat, 10%
give 10% bonus etc. 5% are from lvl 1, 10% are from Adept 1, and 15% mounts can only
be used by Deity level players. To ride a mount you need to register it, and then use
a Beast Pill which allows you to ride your mount for 3 hours. Also, besides the mounts,
the players can acquire pets, which follows it's warrior everywhere. As mounts, there
are different types of pets. Some give only dmg, some only health, and some higher
lvl pets give all stats. Yes, again level :). The pets that give only 1 stat are
level 1 pets, and they are grinded the easiest. There are also Adept 1 pets, with 2
stats, Adept 15, Adept 30 and Deity 1 pets. And yes, you read well, grided. Pets
can be grinded from 0 to 100%. The more % on the pet, the better the bonus it gives.
The exp rate is very fast in the beginning, but slows down a bit as one reaches higher
levels. The game features 157 levels which are divided into 3 groups. Normal levels,
Adept levels, and Deity levels. Adept 1 starts after level 112 and Deity 1 starts
after Adept 33, and at the highest level (Deity 12) you have the chance to
be reborn up to 12 times for an even higher boost in abilities! The game also includes
quests, but the primary way to level up is to grind monsters, which is usually done
in caves with an AOE skills that can attack multiple mobs at once. Twelve Sky 2
features an auto pilling option, that can be bought from the Item Mall or other players
in game, which makes the grinding easier. Meaning you can leave your char for a large
portion of the day to grind and then just come back later to stop it.
I like that this game has a lot of levels, because it gives one a feeling of
accomplishment each time one levels up, as opposed to games which only has a few
levels where it takes a long time to gain levels. The best thing about this game
though, in my opinion, is the unique PvP combat. In Twelve Sky 2 PvP is simple, yet
very fun. Each weapon has 10 different skills. After acquiring certain levels you are
allowed to learn a new stronger skill for that weapon. Also each weapon has its own buff
skills, damage weap has damage buff etc. Also you have common buffs which are used no
matter which weapon you have. Most of the time you'll need to
land a critical single hit on your opponents to kill them, or gang up on them with your
allies, which makes the PvP very interesting and fun. Button mashing 20+ different
skills to be able to kill your opponents, you say? We'll have none of that!
One thing that the players are not completely satisfied about is that the Item Mall
includes items that
cannot be acquired by any other means, except from buying from players that got it
from the Item Mall. Although these items are not game breaking in any way, they do
give players a lot of advantages over players that don't have these, but I suppose
this is normal for free to play games. Also, the grinding is repetitive and most of
the time quite boring but that can be mended with the auto pill function :)
Twelve Sky 2 can be categorized as an intense PvP fast paced game. Yes, it may have
a lot of levels, but any level is suitable, and most of the time people stay at a
certain level and fight a war for that level. Also MAYN has recently added
a large boost to our EXP reward, so you can level much much faster now, especially
with a large variety of Exp Bonus Pills. So, join is in this Epic War and start
your own enemie slaying saga. There is no feeling as when you kill all of your
enemies. :)

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