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Megaten Forum » General Discussion » New player experience, rather impressive game

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OP  2/11/12 2:04:13 PM#1

My new player experience with Megaten revealed a very interesting game.  I'm no reviewer... just posted for others who might want to look into the game.


I have an account with Aeria Games, I play a couple of theirs regularly.  I stumbled onto a description of Megaten as a sci-fi and felt it worth checking out.  Downloaded, installed, created a character, logged in, got to the tutorial and was somewhat lost.  The controls took a bit to get used to.  The tutorial might be an instance, not sure, but I didn't see any other players.  After barely understanding the combat, I think I goofed up the tutorial and ended up in the starting city.


The environment is post apocalyptic Japan.  The game is semi-classless, skill based, and has levels.  Gameplay revolves around demons which are the enemies in game.  Demons are also contracted (sort of like tamed) as companions.


The art style is unique compared to anything I've seen.  The world is futuristic sci-fi.  Characters are teen-ish.  Demons are bizzare.  We're talking a game where the art director might have been a heavy user of psychodelics.  Half naked angels in leather straps, pixies wearing gymnastic style suits, legless earth elementals with one arm who drag themvelves on the ground, gorillas with three heads... weird stuff.


The underlying game mechanics are a bit cryptic.  Skills level with use, but only if the skill is set to level-up.  So if you don't find the settings for skills, no skill gains.  Stats go up with points gained on level-up.  This too is a bit cryptic because the stat increase page makes no mention of what each stat does.  I got mine botched up because I added points to speed thinking I'd increase movement speed, but it's actually for ranged combat which I don't use.


There's a wiki on the web site that does explain some of this.  It's clearly a game one needs to learn how to play before getting far into it.


Leveling pace is rather slow compared to western titles.  Community isn't bad, I've only had one negative encounter in two weeks of play.  There is some crafting, but I haven't tried much of it (made a few potions).  There doesn't appear to be an auction house, just player run shops, but I might have missed it.


One of the most unusual features is the ability to merge two demons to make a new one.  The demons do help in combat so getting a demon that has useful stats and skills is important.


I've seen no major bugs other than a crash that happens if you alt-tab out of full screen mode.  The UI does not support 16x9 or hi-res, but open up the settings file and hand edit to the desired resolution and it works fine.


UI is a bit clunky.  There is no tab-target, but it is sticky targetting.  I have to click on a mob to target and then button mash.


There are very few quests.  There may be more but I haven't found them.  Once in a while a pet demon will offer a quest, usually something like go collect items or go hire a specific demon.  Declining a demon quest giver is okay, but failing will lower the mood of the demon (not a good thing, they seem to be less helpful in combat when pissed off).


There are dungeons.  I've never seen one yet.  I haven't learned my way around gameplay enough to join a group.


It's clearly a niche game, so if you don't like the style, you won't like the game.  For me it has been entertaining.  This might not make sense, but it feels really good to play something that's not western market mainstream.

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Joined: 3/30/10
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I don't Forum PVP. If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.

OP  3/23/12 10:37:21 PM#2

A quick follow up.  I made it to level 24 and the grind of leveling is kicking in pretty hard.  I'm still reasonably impressed.  There are a few glaring issues, but nothing game breaking.


I've played 2 dungeons so far.  The one I liked (Suginami Tunnels) is a series of connected rooms and halls that kind of look like hotel banquet rooms.  It has several difficulty levels.  I play on the lowest and can solo it with little problem except the end boss.  I tried the next level up and got slaughtered because of being too low.


I made it to the main city.  This game is crazy busy there at all hours.  Tons of people, non-stop trade chat, everyone is very high level compared to me.  Economy is really inflated or high level stuff is just mega expensive.


The second zone, Nakano, is huge but sparsely populated.  Traveling 2 zones to go from H3 to the main city is very slow.  I had to walk it several times on quests which is a big time sink.  I also roamed a few other zones that were for the most part empty.  I'm not sure what's up with that.


In summary, the character skill, stats and experience system is amazing in terms of flex classing.  Demon system seems unique and rather powerful except that the AI is a bit clunky (a non-dedicated healer demon will DPS and let you to die).  UI in my opinion isn't bad but could be better.  Combat can be fun, gunners are awesome, melee is not bad... I didn't play a mage.  There are pretty many quests, some repeatable.  Community isn't bad, much better than most.


Overall, not bad, very unique... be prepared to invest a bunch of time in this if you expect to run with the big dogs.  Or would that be garns? *grin*


Thanks to Aeria, Atlus and Cave for the gametime.  It was fun.

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