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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: James Ohlen On the Future of the Game (7:24)

Our Hillary "Pokket" Nicole caught up with BioWare's James Ohlen at E3 2012, and asked him about all things SWTOR. Watch and learn!

Our Hillary "Pokket" Nicole caught up with BioWare's James Ohlen at E3 2012, and asked him about all things SWTOR. Watch and learn!
Duration: 7:24
Views: 13,794  27 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Aneu writes:

He looks very awkward... Some good questioning from Pokket - Very direct and giving some of the feelings us MMO players are feeling across.

I was not a huge fan of poket but after seeing this and her grilling of James I have become a fan :)

Tue Jun 19 2012 8:47AM Report
Nomaros writes:

Aneu, he is a guy. A computer guy. Who is talking to a beautiful girl. About video games. See where I'm going with this? It would be weird if he wasn't awkward :p

Other than that, good interview. Although he didn't really say much :/

Tue Jun 19 2012 11:04AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

I find it stunning honestly.   He seems to basically be saying that they are doubling down on one time consumable story content and cinematics, which is clearly not an effective model in retaining players for the lnog term, hence their population problem.

The question about the layout of the new area in terms of facilitating PvP between the 2 factions was a a good question, and he basically side-stepped it by not answering it and saying the population alone will do that.

I think the entire exchange if very telling that they have not learned from their mistakes and will continue riding this thing all the way into the ground.

Tue Jun 19 2012 11:10AM Report
theniffrig writes:

He sure has alot of "initiatives" he can't really talk about that are magically going to make the game better! 

Tue Jun 19 2012 11:15AM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

If you see other videos he normally looks that way. I don't think he likes doing interviews.

Tue Jun 19 2012 11:15AM Report
Valentina writes:

I'm actually glad they're sticking to their vision for the game, and improving upon it, rather than dropping it because certain people want certain things. They SHOULD be able to focus on ALL portions of the game, without having to sacrifice one for the other.

This is a good interview, and his awkwardness in interviews is funny to see each time.

Tue Jun 19 2012 11:30AM Report
Samhael writes:

Heh, he thinks people who left will come back. I'm sure there's a small percentage that will. Based on the slow rate of content creation, I changed my plan to return in one year and pushed it back to two. Of course, if it goes F2P, that might pique my interest.

The lightsaber unicorn, of course, is the most interesting and hard-hitting question asked...

Tue Jun 19 2012 12:19PM Report
BarryManilow writes:

Some people won't be happy til they see unicorns, elves, and freaking orcs in SWTOR.  

Tue Jun 19 2012 12:20PM Report
jeremyjodes writes:

The Dark Side clouds every thing. Impossible to see, the future is .

Tue Jun 19 2012 1:06PM Report
rheinpfalzer writes:

James Ohlen's inner thoughts :

"dont stare at her chest."

"dont stare at her chest."

"dont stare at her chest."

Tue Jun 19 2012 1:12PM Report
rdrakken writes:

Bioware doesnt stand a chance to learn from their mistakes...anyone that has already left never had a chance to let Bioware know what the problems were because they were all drown out by the fanboys not letting anyone say a thing.

How can you know what your consumers are saying if they cant be heard?

Tue Jun 19 2012 2:38PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

Whenever i see Ohlen I think when he talks he's going to sound like Jeremy Irons in Die Hard 3.

"As I was going to St. Ives,  I met a man with seven wives.  Every wife had seven sacks,  Every sack had seven cats,  Every cat had seven kittens.  Kittens, cats, sacks, wives,  How many were going to St. Ives?"

Tue Jun 19 2012 2:55PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

the second EA interview where the hands are slowly creeping in for some "accidental contact"

Tue Jun 19 2012 3:14PM Report
Pudsy writes:

can you just tell me when I can get a refund cuz the game is poop!!!!!!

Tue Jun 19 2012 4:40PM Report
MMOGamer71 writes:

Anyone else feel he doesn't want to be there?

Tue Jun 19 2012 5:59PM Report
Durray writes:

@Aneu surely you are not Aneu from VOTF?

I find it amusing people think this game has a future. It would need an massive and expensive ovhaul to get it to survive the coming storm of new games.

Tue Jun 19 2012 6:13PM Report
RebelScum99 writes:

Pokket asked some good questions, but failed to follow up on a couple of things.  

First thing she should have followed up on was the content update info.  As soon as Ohlen talked about raising the level cap in Allies, she should have had him clarify whether that would be a free content update or a paid DLC.  I've heard conflicting reports.

The second thing she didn't follow up on was her open world PvP question on the new planet.  She made a good point in asking about open world possibilities, but allowed Ohlen to skate by with the response that there would be more open world possibilities simply due to having more players on the planet at the same time. Pokket should have used that opening to ask him if those players would be segregated from each other due to distant faction quest hubs like they were on all the other planets.  The problem with TOR open world PvP isn't just confined to population issues.  It has to do with world design.  

Tue Jun 19 2012 6:33PM Report
Mallok writes:

Great interview pokket. Some of the best straight forward questions ive seen someone ask a swtor dev.

Tue Jun 19 2012 7:39PM Report
Mike-McQueen writes:

I'll resub swtor when I get my light-saber horned unicorn :P

Tue Jun 19 2012 11:15PM Report
VirgoThree writes:

I rarely comment on these interviews or videos, but I have to say I'm impressed with the questions in the interview. Keep up the good work! MMORPG you need to give her more interviews!

As for the content of the interview itself I look forward to the additions coming to SWTOR. I enjoy the game a lot but I tend to play it pretty casually.

Wed Jun 20 2012 1:48AM Report
Po_gg writes:

Pokket is awesome as always, and quite straigthforward questions up to... uhm... err...  light-sabered unicorn? seriously?


Wed Jun 20 2012 1:53AM Report
TheCrow2k writes:

Glad I never opened my boxed copy after early access ended and even more glad I managed to sell it.

SWTOR is on the freight train to F2P town and I dont see the devs doing anything that can slow it.

Wed Jun 20 2012 3:55AM Report
dead2soon writes:

I must be tired. I read this as

Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: James Ohlen On the Failure of the Game

Wed Jun 20 2012 1:01PM Report
expresso writes:

James Ohlen has the look of some one who does not want to be there, probably thinking "how come my game is not more popular", well james it was fun uptp lvl 25'ish but by then I could not fight another 3man/beast pack again. ZZzzzzzZZZzzzz

Wed Jun 20 2012 3:00PM Report
gilgamesh42 writes:

hey look its that guy who failed at making a game with

100mil  budget ya we know who he is

Wed Jun 20 2012 7:16PM Report
litewolf writes:

Funny how he used to be so upbeat and excited. Now he seems like he doesnt want to be there. The game is sadly not going to become anything more than a side show.

Allies - Helping other players play with each....then goes into lvling by pvp or raids. haaaa I heard LFG feature, basic, and that was really about it. Good luck on those folks that left coming back.

Character transfers was a good idea but wayyyy to late. EA's current plan.....gather whos left, stop the bleeding, give expectations. =(

Wed Jun 20 2012 7:54PM Report
tfoges writes:

i would DESTROY pocket... like dam, she looks tight

Thu Jun 21 2012 12:23AM Report