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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: E3 2012 Interview with Daniel Erickson (7:36)

Our own Pokket catches up with SWTOR's Daniel Erickson to chat about all the changes coming in 1.3 and the months beyond to BioWare's flagship MMO.

Our own Pokket catches up with SWTOR's Daniel Erickson to chat about all the changes coming in 1.3 and the months beyond to BioWare's flagship MMO.
Duration: 7:36
Views: 8,988  47 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Siecefire writes:

With GW2 on the horizon, this hardly sells me on returning. This has to be one of the least informative interviews I have seen in quite a while. Good luck to them, but its over.

Wed Jun 06 2012 11:05AM Report
knighthammer writes:

And he thinks the level cap will get people back and playing.......people will wait for the next "free month", level up and thats pretty much it, nice for him to say about the new item grind  /yawn, nothing he has said that will get me to resub again

Wed Jun 06 2012 11:17AM Report
GundaG writes:

What a waste of time.. I pre-ordered, canceled after beta, and had to unsubscribe from their e-mails due to the shenanigans they kept trying to push

Wed Jun 06 2012 12:03PM Report
Zaltark writes:

Didnt they fire the other guy that was apart of leading the SWTOR community?

Wed Jun 06 2012 12:07PM Report
Hatefull writes:

Never once did he look at the camera...probably one of the worst interviews I have ever seen.  Pokket...go back to being pokket, you went from amazing to run of the mill.  Daniel, way to little way to late.  Sorry bud, you had the chance at a stellar triple A title and you flushed it.

Wed Jun 06 2012 12:10PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

excellent sound , great job !

Wed Jun 06 2012 12:34PM Report
Dinasty writes:

Playing SWTOR is like poking a turd with a stick and expecting it to be fun.

Wed Jun 06 2012 12:39PM Report
n3v3rriv3r writes:

lfmao why is he not watching in the camera...

eh ok ok I he prefers to watch the girl but still ...

Wed Jun 06 2012 12:41PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

his hands kept getting closer.... o.O

Wed Jun 06 2012 12:42PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I had a bad feeling about this game when the first screenshot was released.

But I never realized the magnitude of just how mundane Bioware would make this game and its subsequent updates.

Wed Jun 06 2012 1:32PM Report
knighthammer writes:

LOL I_Return, Jedi Mind Trick and rotate hands, works everytime....erm sometimes...a couple of times..........

Wed Jun 06 2012 1:56PM Report
Beyorn writes:

I would rather look at her too than the camera ;D.

Why, Why, Why do we have to have more gear grind /cry.

Wed Jun 06 2012 2:20PM Report
clumsytoes44 writes:

SWTOR the ultimate nightmare mode of gameplay.

Wed Jun 06 2012 2:39PM Report
starwarsnut writes:

well pokket finally fixed her fried hair dam she looks hot as hell for once lol.

Hey daniel did we lose any subs? lol

Wed Jun 06 2012 2:43PM Report
Whiskey_Sam writes:

Pokket looks great, unfortunately DE couldn't take his eyes off her. Tell that mook to talk towards the camera next time.

Wed Jun 06 2012 3:10PM Report
MMOarQQ writes:

Oh look, the lead Dev suffers from severe tunnel vision.  Big shocker. 

Wed Jun 06 2012 3:35PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

his eyes qre cught in the headlights maybe ?

Wed Jun 06 2012 3:54PM Report
Terranah writes:

Nothing he said makes me want to go back.


Pocket is gorgeous.  Much better since ditching the pink hair.  Give her more interviews, she could use the practice and the camera likes her :)  

Wed Jun 06 2012 6:35PM Report
Eladi writes:

Pocked needs a bit more camera experience and Erickson is just doing what she does (as his media training probably told him to)

When the interviewer Uses that camera (stares into it) and uses sentences like ,could you tell our viewers bla bla bla , then (mostly) the responder will both look at the interviewer and the camera in response.

or perhaps P8D just had some chemistry  going on ;)


or perhaps P8D just had some chemistry  going on ;)

Wed Jun 06 2012 7:35PM Report
DeaconX writes:

When I hear more 'gear progression', I? throw up a little in my mouth.

SWTOR is failing because of the dated design. Only the most loyal fanboys will stick around once GW2 and slew of other great, more innovative MMORPG's release.

Wed Jun 06 2012 9:31PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

"...its what's editings for."


Wed Jun 06 2012 10:14PM Report
TimothyTierless writes:

Kept making choking jestures with his hand, even subconsciously SWTOR can't help but choke.

Wed Jun 06 2012 10:14PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

ive been considering to get a buy a month sub but i might just wait for July to start the free 15 levels instead. I still Like Swtor but i would prefer no subs here.

Wed Jun 06 2012 10:57PM Report
rdrpappy writes:

Bioware is obviously aware they need to address endgame content and I will be playing it as a result. Pocket did a great job and I cant wait till GW2 releases and you all have something other than haunting SWTOR topics to try and convert people.


Thu Jun 07 2012 12:20AM Report
cooper85 writes:

These guys seem out of touch, or handcuffed.  Maybe both.

Thu Jun 07 2012 12:36AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

Bioware doesn't need to change a thing, they have a paycheck coming in m, and they really could careless about the community. That is what EA breeds, and it is becoming an epidemic

Thu Jun 07 2012 12:46AM Report
Wookiee6648 writes:

Pokket is close friends with many of the BiOWare ppl so you wont get her asking any tuff questions or talking bad about the game.

Anything to do with ToR the next year will be what would have been in the game if EA ****ed off and let BW finish the game on their own time.   Not saying it would be a different game but it would be less of a cluster **** it is now.  

Thu Jun 07 2012 2:39AM Report
Hokie writes:

I'm looking forward to it.

I just hope that theyre not doing like World of Warcraft did and just keep adding vertical content.

I'd hate for everytime they add new story they raise the level cap. Thats my big fear. I mean there is no reason my class story has to stop at level cap. I'd love it if gave me a branching class story line.


And goddamn Pokket has some sexy skin. Course she was wearing all black. But I sure do love me some milk smooth complexion.

Thu Jun 07 2012 2:47AM Report
moonshake writes:

Marry me, Pokket?  I'll divorce me wife, no prob.

I was gung-ho for TOR pre-launch... I was so confident of the games success that I would have pre-purchased 2 lifetime subs, if offered (for me & my kids).   But once I hit 50, the fun instantly disappeared.    Took advantage of the free month, and let the sub drop.

I'll only come back if there are server merges.  Transfers won't really help the population... you might bolster one server, but at the cost of another.    Cutting 1/2... or 2/3's of the current servers makes sense to me.

Thu Jun 07 2012 4:11AM Report
Binny45 writes:

Nothing on space combat = not really interested.

I'm tired of not being able to play this game because either:

a) I'm not the right class

b) I don't have the required gear

Same BS as WoW.

Thu Jun 07 2012 5:13AM Report
Wicoa writes:

Oh Pokket he couldnt take his eyes off you he was even male showing off to try and beat chest. I call wedding next fall!

Thu Jun 07 2012 5:25AM Report
Blackghost77 writes:

Wookiee6648 writes:

Pokket is close friends with many of the BiOWare ppl so you wont get her asking any tuff questions or talking bad about the game.

And probably one of the worst interviews I have ever seen. 

Thu Jun 07 2012 7:45AM Report
Betaguy writes:

Awww how cute, pokket or how ever you spell it went and got her self all prettied up for  D.E....

Thu Jun 07 2012 9:32AM Report
Alalala writes:

Was looking for any mention of addressing SWTOR's many shortcomings - empty zones, poor LFG & dungeon finder, poor guild support, redundant game play, uninspried space combat, etc. etc.  All I heard was gear grind, legacy grind, and a new planet.  I guess the new planet is something.


Not re-subscribing.

Thu Jun 07 2012 10:05AM Report
Sp00sh writes:

I think they should start over. SWTOR 2 please!

Thu Jun 07 2012 10:39AM Report
Mephster writes:

Too late unfortunately. OAC never recovered from all their fixing and adding content, neither will TOR.

Thu Jun 07 2012 10:51AM Report
Tellax writes:

girl doesnt look too bad.

Thu Jun 07 2012 11:43AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes:

Gee guys don't sweat her too much. Probably makes her uncomfortable on her own worksite.


On the other note, I'm actually surprised they are still trying. IMO better to lay everyone off or move them to other projects at this point. Merge all the servers, keep whoever you need to maintain it and let it run its course until the money stops coming in. Then pull the plug and call it a day.

Thu Jun 07 2012 12:34PM Report
bingbongbros writes:

Sweet sassy molassy Pokket, you are mind numbing mouth drooling hot.  I liked your crazy hair, unlike everyone else here.  But your hair like this now is like OMFG!!! I wanna eat your head!!

Thu Jun 07 2012 1:04PM Report
leaf16nut writes:

"you can go down, and ahh play" Pokket's eyebrows raise...


Bahahah, she can go down and ahh "play" with me anytime. ;D

Thu Jun 07 2012 1:24PM Report
OSF8759 writes:

Serious chemistry going on there. Look how they look at each other and only at each other like there's no one else in the world. Look at that handshake and the moments following.

I'm now a Pokket/Daniel Erickson shipper lol.

Thu Jun 07 2012 2:41PM Report
jtcgs writes:

This interview, one in a long line has convinced me that the faboys have managed to make Bioware believe there is NOTHING  missing from this game and it isnt lacking in gameplay variety...such blind defense...there is no chance for this game to rebound and regain subscribers now. They can add 10 new planets and it wont fill in the blackhole that is this games gameplay.

Thu Jun 07 2012 3:41PM Report
VonTakala writes:

Everything Daniel Erikson says confirms my worst fears for SW:TOR, his constant talking about 'progression mode' 'nightmare mode' loot grind nonsense is precisely why I hated SW:TOR in the beta test when I played, and am even more unhappy with it now. Adding entire new planets won't save this, even when a corporate shill apologist like Erikson keeps trying to leeringly suggest otherwise to Pokket.

Thu Jun 07 2012 6:07PM Report
SirBalin writes:

At least pockett is cute...shes so bad at her job, but her eyes make me watch the bad they are always so bad...

Thu Jun 07 2012 7:04PM Report
erictlewis writes:

You have to have toons on both republic side and sith side to get the hk companinion,  well there is a grind all on its on.  So when is this all going to happen. I guess December or later.  Heck we cant even get a faq on the server transfers.

Thu Jun 07 2012 10:26PM Report
Gurpslord writes:

Did someone say they wanted to eat pokkets head?  


Mkay.  As for the interview, Erikson looks like he needs a beer and a hug.  Not that he'd get either from me, but..he looks like he needs it.

Sat Jun 09 2012 3:04AM Report
FTrunks21 writes:

Can't watch cause of eye candy only pocket. Hopefully they made an article.

Sat Jun 09 2012 3:11AM Report