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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: Hardmode Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint (6:33)

Pokket gives us all the run down on the Hardmode Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint, and how to survive the nightmarish place.

Pokket gives us all the run down on the Hardmode Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint, and how to survive the nightmarish place.
Duration: 6:33
Views: 7,366  53 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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CujoSWAoA writes:

I don't understand why this girl calls her videos "Game Face" when the only game she ever talks about is swtor.

Thu Jan 26 2012 8:29AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

Oh wait, I get it, its not plural.


Thu Jan 26 2012 8:30AM Report
nerovipus32 writes:

It seems thats its easy to get exposure if you are a female gamer.

Thu Jan 26 2012 8:45AM Report
nerovipus32 writes:

look they are multiplying

Thu Jan 26 2012 8:53AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:


Dayum... Okay. I like Pokeet, please don't replace her with that girl.

Thu Jan 26 2012 9:03AM Report
nerovipus32 writes:

its an easy way to exploit horny geeky male gamers i suppose

Thu Jan 26 2012 9:11AM Report
vipigor writes:

Have to agree with both of you ... This just doesnt seem right, and yeah, they are multiplying ...

Total amount of makeup == More than 1 hourof cementing it on yourself. If you where a TRUE gamer you would WASTE that time playing games not putting on makeup to look "pritty"(<--- I put that under quotes). A gamer does not have time to go to the bathroom .... Didnt you ever watch WOW Southpark episode ?


For once I would like to see a fugly girl gamer making a video ... I would listen to what she has to say.

Thu Jan 26 2012 10:33AM Report
black_isle writes:

hey i agree with the comments above but the girl in that linked video is actually fun to watch you know :P

Thu Jan 26 2012 11:08AM Report
causs writes:

Haha that other girl is actually fun to watch. Get her instead of this.. pokket?

Thu Jan 26 2012 11:59AM Report
Goparu writes:

the more videos I see the more I think swtor sux

Thu Jan 26 2012 12:19PM Report
elocke writes:

That other girl in that no.  She talks way too much about things that don't matter.  So, um...I like pockett.

Thu Jan 26 2012 1:12PM Report
nerovipus32 writes:

the girl in the linked video is clearly an acrtress wouldn't be surprise if this pokket girl was either..if sure she has convinced many horny nerds to play swtor

Thu Jan 26 2012 1:26PM Report
Alkore writes:


toples vid plz

Thu Jan 26 2012 1:39PM Report
NeokiNaomi writes:

Lol some of you crack me up, are good looking girls not allowed to play games? My wife plays TF2 and Counter-strike, and yes sometimes while still wearing her business manager make-up. Chill out people, let this gamer do her thing if she enjoys it.

Thu Jan 26 2012 2:17PM Report
nerovipus32 writes:

i never said good looking girls are not allowed ply video games, but its obvious when they use good looking girls to exploit desperate gamers

Thu Jan 26 2012 4:23PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I just want to know why SW:TOR Is the only MMORPG that this website offers video Guides for.

And if its just this Pokket-character's creation, then her little videos should be left on YouTube with all the other copy-cat blue-haired caked-on makeup girls.

Thu Jan 26 2012 5:22PM Report
Clocksimus writes:


It was part of their ~200million dollar budget play under marketing.  Too didn't put more money into the game engne.

Anyways,  Pokket wears alot of makeup and that goes without saying.  Now, not questioning her being a gamer or not but hardcore gamer?  I would believe a gamer would rather spend  those extra 30mins in a game instead of painting their face in the bathroom.


So as long as she stays away from pretending to be hardcore into gaming it's all fine by me.

Thu Jan 26 2012 8:17PM Report
NameWasTaken writes:

I'm surprised that Pokket even exists, since... you know, there are no women on the interwebs... just a moment there... is that an Adams apple I see under that garish makeup??!!

Thu Jan 26 2012 9:05PM Report
Tenebroso writes: Lol @ NameWasTaken Thu Jan 26 2012 11:28PM Report
Shuggeh writes:

Not normally one to complain but I really do hate this girls videos. Everything she says seems too forced, it's so unnatural and it shows.

Fri Jan 27 2012 4:41AM Report
Shuggeh writes:

Oh, and her eyebrows. THOSE GOD DAMNED EYEBROWS!

Fri Jan 27 2012 4:41AM Report
elocke writes:

What a bunch of judgemental BLEEPS!!!!  Holy cow, you act like everyone should either be ugly or have a perfect face if they plan to be on camera touting video games.   The word shallow comes to mind.

Fri Jan 27 2012 7:49AM Report
Clocksimus writes:

It isn't about if she is pretty or ugly.  If you 'need' makeup to be on camera, I hate to burst your bubble but you're ugly however that isn't the point.  The point was that she comes off as fake.  The argument that a  real female gamer would spend much less time painting their faces is a very valid one.

Again she can by all means be a gamer but if she wears that much makeup it says something about herself.  It is actually not shallow  to  rather someone that might not be some hot gamer chick but  comes off as real instead of forced and fake.

Fri Jan 27 2012 8:01AM Report
Reion1 writes:

LOL! Relax. Let the girl wear make up, and I'm sure that even without it she is pretty. I also highly doubt that this chick is an actress. She's just a gamer that is doing all you SWTOR fan boys a solid by actually promoting this game. These videos are hardly made to exploit anyone, and if you feel exploited by this you seriously need a girlfriend and a reality check. 

Fri Jan 27 2012 8:53AM Report
elocke writes:

I knew a woman who was beautiful but she wore a TON of makeup.  She was beautiful without it but no one could convince her.  Her father always said she was ugly, to her face.  That's why she always wears makeup.  Now, sit there and judge every woman who wears makeup again and tell me you aren't shallow.  Unbelievable.

Fri Jan 27 2012 9:06AM Report
spookydom writes:

What is the problem here? Sometimes this community reminds me of me some old ladys sowing circle. Anything anybody trys to do here that is remotely positive you just tear apart and find fault in. When you will be happy? When this site is just one black page? Or one black page with a picture of a puppy that has has been repeatedly run over? Or maybe a black page with a the aforementioned puppy picture and videos of people pushing grandmas into oncoming traphic? (Actualy that does sound pretty cool)  I like the  Pokket. She brings some colour around here and cheers me up.  Honestly I love this site but some times you guys really should just step back and have a look at yourselves /shakes head at community and then runs off to get to work on his new just a black page website idear. :)

Fri Jan 27 2012 6:12PM Report
superus writes:

Could care less if it's a girl with a ton of makeup or a dude dressed as a clown.. these thinly veiled "promotional" reviews are painful to watch.  However, I've never been able to take my eyes off an akward train wreck.

Fri Jan 27 2012 9:58PM Report
elocke writes:

It's not a thinly veiled promotional review, you sap.  She's been a fan of the game since beta, as per her comments on TWIMMO and such, plus she streams every night from SWTOR.   That's not promotional, that's a FAN.

Sat Jan 28 2012 12:06AM Report
superus writes:

Haha sorry to get you sensipoo about it.  I love watching these "reviews" from "fans" so just relax and don't get all worked up.

Sat Jan 28 2012 1:56AM Report
Barsoom writes:


“It’s easy to tell what game they are intending to resemble” …??? I think it is easier to assume what game pocket is referring too.   
Sat Jan 28 2012 2:38AM Report
DOGMA1138 writes:

How do people find this attractive? Head to Shoulder ration is complelty wierd, nose too big, flat as a 10 yr old, and more makeup than a clown dressing up as a drag queen... Oh and twiching face and skin which either looks way too old for her "age" or way too botoxed still cant figure that one out... But i never seen a person which twiches that much in their face when attemping to make an expression :S

Sat Jan 28 2012 9:27AM Report
elocke writes:

@DOGMA1138, so I guess your face is on the cover of GQ magazine?  Jack ass

Sat Jan 28 2012 4:33PM Report
jayheld90 writes:

where did you get that UI mod?

Sun Jan 29 2012 1:18AM Report
jiveturkey12 writes:

If you guys go look at her pictures from 2010 before she started dying her hair and shaving her eyebrows and wearing ridiculous amounts of make up shes actually incredibly stunning.


In my opinion she looked better in those old 2010 pictures, but I dont know her personally so I cant really tell her to change that and I doubt she would change her whole style around for me.


Point is, I see where you guys are coming from, the point of youtube is to make videos that are more personal and less restrictive than television or movies. I agree with everyone who says she seems too forced in these videos, I think everything would be better if she was more like her first video and talked about her real life experiances as well as TOR.


But at the same time, come on guys, lets try to be a little more understanding and a little more helpful, if you think shes doing something wrong, or you think theres something she can do better, TELL HER! Go on her youtube page or post something or FB, whatever. This girl is putting herself out there as a gamer and you guys are doing the exact OPPOSITE of what should be doing, which is being accepting.


I mean were nerds guys!? I wear glasses and have goofy long hair and if I made videos and everyone was just constantly ragging on the way I looked I probably wouldnt be very happy about it cause im just a nice chill dude who likes to play games. And thats exactly what she is, you can tell she likes video games and shes a nice girl so why throw her under the bus because of the way she looks?

Sun Jan 29 2012 5:28AM Report
elocke writes:

Personally, I think she's sexy.

Sun Jan 29 2012 7:34AM Report
Rednecksith writes:

Wow, this site sure is full of judgemental assholes. From insults about her looks to insinuations that her guides are a 'paid promotion', 90% of the posters here have pretty much shown how intelligent and mature they are.

God forbid she actually LIKES the game (you know, like over a million or so people do currently).

I don't even know why I come to this toxic sludge pit anymore sometimes. Masochism? Boredom? Hmmm...

Sun Jan 29 2012 10:45AM Report
Volgore writes:

I can very well understand why many people don't like these clips.

I think it's not about if she is pretty, ugly, a nerd or the color of her hair. It is about crossing the line between presenting content or using content to rather present yourself.

As with many video-authors on youtube, the latter is what she does, too. She is known to be hopping from game to game, making videos of whatever is popular at a given time to get clicks on her page and probably comments on her look.

If you watch videos reviews or guides on other professional webpages, you should very well be able to tell the difference.

The title "GameFace" fits, could as well be called "MyGameFace". In my opinion from her overdone makeup over to her hair, her acting, almost goofy facial expressions and gesturing everything looks fake about her.

I also don't understand why comments like "she's annoying" get deleted and users warned/banned, while "i think she's sexy" remains. Both type of comment aim at the person rather than the content of the video and should therefore be deleted according to the same rule.

My two cents.



Sun Jan 29 2012 10:54AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

so you are the type of healer that blames everyone else for failing the mission... really important game tip for healers /eye rolls

Sun Jan 29 2012 12:09PM Report
nerovipus32 writes:

Rednecksith i'll be a judgemental asshole if i like, its within my rights to express myself as a judgemental asshole if i so choose..i wont have pc nazis telling how to think.

Sun Jan 29 2012 4:13PM Report
aspekx writes:


while i certainly am a bit taken aback at the vitriol displayed here, i have to wonder if you normally troll forums for your friends?

after all, you can't expect to post yourself in the public eye and not take a few hits. its part of the business.

hell look at the crap Bill Murphy takes sometimes and im not sure anyone actually knows what he looks like or cares.

Sun Jan 29 2012 6:49PM Report
lunatis writes:

Everyone really clicked for the girl...

Sun Jan 29 2012 9:11PM Report
lunatis writes:

They could have placed a picture of SWTOR on the main page but no... they placed a picture of the girl instead of the game... very lame.

Sun Jan 29 2012 9:13PM Report
grrack writes:

Pokket is awesome on what she does. I have to agree with elocke there are a lot of 12 year old geeks with out girl friends and have issues looking in the mirror. Like the rest of you fools talking about how you have a right to express your arrogant fingers on what you type. she "aswell" has a right to express herself anyway she wants. Those that play judgmental are no better than those that want to past the bill on SOPA. Btw a gamer can be how he or she wants to be. Stop trolling and learn how to get a girl friend... or buy a play toy. Pokket keep up the good work lass! This Irish fello raises his mug to you!

Sun Jan 29 2012 9:14PM Report
Haligator writes:

A very intelligent guide.  As usual, lots of great information.

I originally stayed away from SWTOR because of the bad word of mouth that I was getting from various sources, but thanks to an earlier video of yours, in which you made a very well reasoned argument that SWTOR is a solid MMO that hits all of the major marks and even has a few innovations, I tried SWTOR and am now pretty much addicted to it.

Keep doing what you are doing.  You'll always sound smarter than the morons.  See above.

Mon Jan 30 2012 12:21PM Report
Cod_Eye writes:

Shame her voice is so grating.

Mon Jan 30 2012 12:26PM Report
mudd4ever writes:

Wow, just wow at some of these lame degrading comments.  I did a lot of eye rolling here.  And you wonder why quite a few females still keep a low profile in MMOs?  Personally, I'm not all that interested in trying out SWTOR, but I can still appreciate Pokket's dedication to making helpful vids for those who do play.  Keep up the nice work Pokket!

Mon Jan 30 2012 12:43PM Report
Volgore writes:

Some people like her, some people don't. That goes on the account of her rather extroverted presentation of both the content and herself.

Unless someone choses to only display ingame footage, he/she has to accept both positive and negative comments on the whole package. You can't shutup either side, so we should just accept them both as the opinions they are.

Mon Jan 30 2012 1:17PM Report
77lolmac77 writes:

everyone ripping on this chick only watched the video because of her in the first place

Mon Jan 30 2012 5:10PM Report
saleen writes:

[quote] 77lolmac77 writes:

everyone ripping on this chick only watched the video because of her in the first place[/quote]

I did.   ;)

Mon Jan 30 2012 8:00PM Report
saleen writes:

and apparently I can't quote as well, urgh :/

Mon Jan 30 2012 8:01PM Report
Hatewall writes:

All of the staff has a a little drawing avatar, so I made her one.

Tue Jan 31 2012 12:43AM Report
Zookz1 writes:

So many angsty butthurt nerds in this thread. If you really need to bring someone down for wearing makeup then you have issues.

Tue Jan 31 2012 3:00PM Report
Sonicspeed writes:

I never liked fake blondes.

Wed Feb 01 2012 4:43AM Report