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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: Jedi Consular Class Video (2:06)

This week's Friday Update brings us the latest class video, featuring the Galactic Republic's Jedi Consular.

This week's Friday Update brings us the latest class video, featuring the Galactic Republic's Jedi Consular.
Duration: 2:06
Views: 8,297  41 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Binny45 writes:

He defeated all those guys because of his awesome goatee.....and first!

Fri Aug 05 2011 4:45PM Report
Isawa writes:

Only gripe is the way his robe/cloth armor juts out on his shoulders, instead of flowing, making him look even more imposing/ridiculous...also lacking class advancement oh well.

Fri Aug 05 2011 4:49PM Report
OSF8759 writes:


Whatever he's doing, she likes it.

Fri Aug 05 2011 5:07PM Report
makii writes:

gamersFAIL doesnt work

Fri Aug 05 2011 5:19PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

World of Warcraft shoulder pads alert!

Fri Aug 05 2011 5:24PM Report
Raevanhawk writes:

Meh..the game consistently is looking worse now with time.

It better have one heck of a good story.

Fri Aug 05 2011 5:30PM Report
xZeRGz writes:

Hmm, looks like a formidable class... to die!

Fri Aug 05 2011 6:11PM Report
fenrisblue writes:

soooo ,..i wonder if the counseler can reurect other characters ?

Fri Aug 05 2011 6:28PM Report
Sourd420 writes:

Someone get that man some Dryer sheets!!

Fri Aug 05 2011 7:52PM Report
DrEvilToBe writes:


Fri Aug 05 2011 10:40PM Report
DrEvilToBe writes:


Fri Aug 05 2011 10:41PM Report
warbot7777 writes:

"World of Warcraft shoulder pads alert!" Agreed. Big fail.

Fri Aug 05 2011 11:16PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

Epic fail on the attempt to walk away like a boss. How many times have they used that in their vids anyway?

Sat Aug 06 2011 1:50AM Report
Chilliesauce writes:

Walk away like a boss? where? people will criticise just anything these days.

Sat Aug 06 2011 3:56AM Report
Thodra writes:

This game will kick WoW.

Sat Aug 06 2011 5:13AM Report
shadow417 writes:

there is only one thing lacking, HAIR.

The game really looks good.

Sat Aug 06 2011 5:53AM Report
Yaruna writes:

Impressive looking class, looks like he can do it all, tank, heal and dps. :)

Sat Aug 06 2011 6:23AM Report
Naral writes:

I like this game, and am still looking forward to it. That said, this video blew donkey d*%k.

Sat Aug 06 2011 6:48AM Report
Roccprofit writes:

Yeah, when I watched the sith video I was like WOW that is cool ! I watched this one and am left with hmm that is it ? /shrug I preordered the CE so  Iwill play but, I am going to be sith.

Sat Aug 06 2011 8:12AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

GOD, that looks so freaking terrible. What the HELL are you doing Bioware?!

Sat Aug 06 2011 1:42PM Report
jaoliver writes:

there aren't any facial expressions...kinda bland if you ask me.  :(  Plus, gathering force knowledge?  What would be the extent of the RPG of that?  Right click on a tablet and bright lights?  :(  I was super excited about what could be possible with this game, but the more I've seen of it, the less interested I am. 

Sat Aug 06 2011 4:31PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

When I say that was terrible I really mean that wasn't as good as the others.

Sat Aug 06 2011 4:35PM Report
beel writes:

i was not impressed with this one :(.  I liked the spin kick but that was about it liked the countenance of the jedi though.  I first considered consular then thought no way when they showed that it was the healing class, then i saw the cinematic and thought ok maybe but now seeing this i'm back to nah

Sun Aug 07 2011 12:09AM Report
shinkan writes:

WoW shoulder pads failure... signed

Sun Aug 07 2011 6:18AM Report
demolishIX writes:

 Anyone impressed by this ... well they really need to see trailers and animations from 10 years ago on many games,they look much better than this.. including afew MMOs...

Sun Aug 07 2011 7:47AM Report
Rylon writes:

I've stopped caring pretty much.

The only thing that even remotely interests me about this game at this point is the sole fact that it's Star Wars.. and that's just not enough.

Sun Aug 07 2011 8:01AM Report
HerrKlauss writes:

This is really awesome graphics, ehm for mobile phone, but not for today and not even 3 years old computers :D and his cloth looks like +50 JESUS cloth, or what is this piece of something :D , Bioware only count with one thing, and it is a lot of people want play StarWars...And I am proud owner of CE edition :)

Sun Aug 07 2011 12:39PM Report
Karnage69 writes:

I've got to be honest, the video is sub-par, but what really upsets me? Those god forsaken shoulders. Wtf?

Sun Aug 07 2011 12:51PM Report
proponent writes:

These videos they release are poorly done. I didn't manage a beta trial so I'm hoping so hard it's nothing like this playing.

Sun Aug 07 2011 12:54PM Report
preston326 writes:

Holy Paladin?

Sun Aug 07 2011 3:16PM Report
Mari2k writes:

Ok I give them that, this trailer is cool

Sun Aug 07 2011 3:29PM Report
moosecatlol writes:

This looks EXTREMELY lame in the physics and animation department, I couldn't help laughing the entire time while watching this.

I've seen free to play games with 10x more fluid animations than that lightsaber fight at the end.

Sun Aug 07 2011 3:46PM Report
daniel!!! writes:

is this just me or does it suck ? because it looked terrible, worst animation iv saw come from a modern game and im not just rating it all on graphic ability, it just looks like too little too late

Sun Aug 07 2011 5:00PM Report
cerebrix writes:

every vid i see with this class kind of screams "gimped hybrid class"


i hope im wrong.

Mon Aug 08 2011 5:41AM Report
kosac writes:

omg its action as cheesmaster.. with subsribtion.. ppl wake up.. this is horrible.. rofl

Mon Aug 08 2011 6:42AM Report
adamlotus75 writes:

I thought the video looked awesome... i'm not easily pleased either!

I'm really excited about playing this game.

Mon Aug 08 2011 7:11AM Report
shantideva writes:

Vader is rolling in his grave..

Mon Aug 08 2011 7:11AM Report
arctarus writes:

Did i see a hydralisk?

Mon Aug 08 2011 8:35AM Report
Raevanhawk writes:

Ok so I watched it again to give it a fair shake.

Yeah, it's alful. I hate the WOW shoulders, giant clothing items in general. Animations are spotty. Some times they look good with the majority of the times looking pretty bad for a game being released in 2011/2012. I mean DAOC being over 10 years old has far more consistent animations.

They need to switch some resources to the animations department and fast or even wow kiddies may throw a fit after the first 30 days of release.

Mon Aug 08 2011 8:47AM Report
judex99 writes:

Well, in one word:



Mon Aug 08 2011 11:26AM Report
Volgore writes:

I can't get used to their color palette(s) at all. Screamin colors, bad lightning, way too cartoonish for my taste. Where's the grit? It all looks bland, incl. the animations. The cheesy dialogues are laughable, no adult gamer or RPer is going to take them serious.

Give it 2-3 month after release and people will find out that the Star Wars theme is not enough to carry a mediocre themepark, maily tailored for kids.

Tue Aug 09 2011 7:48AM Report