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BioWare | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: SDCC '11: 'Join the Fight' Trailer (2:09)

BioWare introduces us to the various playable classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic with 'Join the Fight,' a brand new trailer released at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

BioWare introduces us to the various playable classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic with 'Join the Fight,' a brand new trailer released at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.
Duration: 2:09
Views: 9,799  63 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Dreamion writes:

Already Pre-Ordered!

Fri Jul 22 2011 1:58PM Report
Zzad writes:

Looking good! Im preordering! ^^

Fri Jul 22 2011 2:12PM Report
Tenebrion writes:


Fri Jul 22 2011 2:56PM Report
DM19 writes:

Been waiting for what seems like forever but the last few months makes me not so happy with how the game is looking.

Fri Jul 22 2011 3:04PM Report
Jimmydean writes:

should have probably spent some of those millions of dollars on a better graphics / physics engine =/

Fri Jul 22 2011 3:12PM Report
Zierrity writes:

I think it looks awesome^^

looking forward to this:D

Fri Jul 22 2011 3:36PM Report
Ekadd writes:

I dont get it, why some people already hyped too much about this game. dont get me wrong, i will try it with my freinds when game launch but i really can not see any special thing in this video

Fri Jul 22 2011 3:38PM Report
depain writes:

I have seen these same 5 combat moves 10,000 times. Force Leap, Force AOE, blah blah. It's seriously getting old. Nothing new here.

Fri Jul 22 2011 3:50PM Report
Deathstrike2 writes:

Preordered.  'Nuff said.

Fri Jul 22 2011 3:58PM Report
ioryadragon writes:

god, what horrible animations and cheesy voices... god mainstream gamers are so....

Fri Jul 22 2011 4:39PM Report
Rhoms writes:

I was really wow'ed by the CGI trailers, but this trailer is really disappointing.  I was hoping their in-game footage would be more impressive. 

Fri Jul 22 2011 5:03PM Report
Zethrina writes:

I agree, NUFF said... i pre-ordered aswell, woooo can't wait :D And if you guys don't like it, please don't play it - stay in Wow (or Rift)


Thanks <3

Fri Jul 22 2011 5:09PM Report
Marius6870 writes:

Already pre-ordered and registered my digital copy :P

Fri Jul 22 2011 5:11PM Report
Kizzatta writes:

20 bucks says the devs do a graphics rehaul soon after release.

Fri Jul 22 2011 5:43PM Report
zevni78 writes:

Still hasn't sold me really.

Fri Jul 22 2011 5:48PM Report
uller30 writes:

Ding preordered and need new undies

Fri Jul 22 2011 5:53PM Report
PsychoPigeon writes:

looks so bad

Fri Jul 22 2011 6:11PM Report
Jyiiga writes:

This game is designed to run on a wide variety of systems. The minimum system requirments can easily be run on like four year old computers. If you came here looking for flashy state of the art gfxs, then you came to the wrong place.

Fri Jul 22 2011 6:15PM Report
nate1980 writes:

Buying this is a no-brainer being a huge fan of Star Wars, but I must admit that the last few months worth of info and videos has not gotten me excited for this game. The combat and animations look the same as what has been used in many MMO's since WoW made combat more fluid. I also am having doubts about how involved the story will really be. I remember seeing a video where the Sith Inquisitor was doing what looked to me to be a quest not much different than any other quest grinder would offer. Mobs didn't appear to use any strategies and looked to just be standing around waiting for you to kill them for that particular quest. It also appeared that the same few abilities were being spammed to kill things. That's not so bad if those abilities were badass, like 1-2 hitting mobs in the KoToR series with force lightning. I remember killing groups of mobs at a time in 1-2 hits using that. This game makes saber combat and force powers seem weak. After following this game for several years, I'm not that hyped anymore and would have rather of had a KoToR 3, so that I'd of gotten a quality Star Wars game

Fri Jul 22 2011 6:15PM Report
Sciva writes:

What Tenebrion said. Now if it had Jedi Knight style combat..

Oh well.

Fri Jul 22 2011 6:45PM Report
Rakuji writes:

I am sad to see swg go but got my fingures crossed for this game.  I want the collectors edition but i don't wanna drop 150 on it lol.

Fri Jul 22 2011 7:45PM Report
Clocksimus writes:

The mass of pre-order spam comments proves that the MMO community is incapable of learning from the past.

It's no wonder this genre will never change.

Fri Jul 22 2011 9:23PM Report
xZeRGz writes:

Looks pretty sweet... good thing I Pre-ordered the CE :)

Fri Jul 22 2011 10:17PM Report
WhySoShort writes:

Fully voice acted... by the programmers, it sounds like. 

Fri Jul 22 2011 10:58PM Report
dinams writes:

I still dont get it the reason for the cheesy phrases...

Fri Jul 22 2011 11:12PM Report
Dunkare writes:

i like star wars and i like bioware.. i wanna try it, but id never pay for a game that i havent tested before. you ll never get me with that virtual preorder rummage, video game industry! :P

Fri Jul 22 2011 11:41PM Report
AlexTaldren writes:

It was as if millions of voices of those who hoped for a good MMO suddenly cried out in terror... and  were suddenly silenced.

Sat Jul 23 2011 1:07AM Report
aleos writes:

"Too big to fail."

Sat Jul 23 2011 2:53AM Report
Robokapp writes:

looks good. how's the endgame?

Sat Jul 23 2011 3:36AM Report
Jorendo writes:

@nate1980 the mobs where dumbed down for the show and most footage has been early gameplay footage (alpha stage and such). I would wait to judge the mobs till you see them in gameplay footage once the game is released.


Pre ordert the CE yesterday, i just hope the netherlands aint one of the countries they decided to put on hold for a while as they done with some european countires, asia and australlia.

Sat Jul 23 2011 5:13AM Report
rsreston writes:

Cool. Now, if I can only hunt bounties like in SWG...

Sat Jul 23 2011 7:20AM Report
mCalvert writes:

If only the game played like that!

Sat Jul 23 2011 7:46AM Report
Silvermachin writes:

Looks like an arcade game for 5 year old kids....

Sat Jul 23 2011 8:35AM Report
odinfish writes:

I'm not impressed. With the trend for the past 4 years or more to release broken games with little content, I think I'll wait for this to be released and read some feedback.

Sat Jul 23 2011 10:04AM Report
supermike27 writes:

dont knock it till you try it. video game trailers r just like movie trailers. A movie trailer might look so awesome and you go see the movie and it flops and sucks. Same goes for video games it may look bad but until you have tried it why dont you guys go whine and complain on your favorite MMO which is probably the same crap you have been forking out money for years. Ive played it and i love it but im a starwars fan and i love MMO's if u dont like awesome arcade style space battles lightsabers big boss battles loot voice story driven gameplay with choices Dungeons with friends crafting Starwars Lore then go play something else other than an MMO because MMO's r all basically the same but none have done starwars justice like this one.

Sat Jul 23 2011 11:25AM Report
Delzo writes:

Pre-ordering based on a video like this makes me laugh. The video is bland, doesn't reflect actual gameplay, and emphasizes that a full half of the classes are force wielders.

I'll save my money thanks, but you guys go ahead and buy your animated movie with mini-games in between. Calling this an MMORPG is called marketing.

Sat Jul 23 2011 11:39AM Report
crAxx writes:

sorry but the graphics are bullcrap, can't understand the hype...:/

Sat Jul 23 2011 12:31PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I have to agree, people who expect DX10 or DX11 high end graphics like AoC tried to do are the ones who won't ever be happy.. People still don't know why WoW is so popular with the graphics they use. Maybe cause it plays flawlessly on almost any system. AoC is far from smooth, even on low settings. Sure, AoC looks pretty, but who cares when it's being viewed likea stop motion movie.

SWTOR may not push the bar on graphics, but I'm glad, cause latency is much more of a game breaker to me.

Sat Jul 23 2011 1:32PM Report
crAxx writes:

the graphics of wow are unique and they are based on warcraft, but SWTOR could do way better, i mean it looks like guild wars (not exactly but kind of :p) ...... and we are in the year 2011..... 

Sat Jul 23 2011 1:39PM Report
Volgore writes:

Graphics aren't very impressive, as combat animations are somewhat awkward. They could have done better, but i guess they did just enough to hype up the kids who only know Star Wars by the clone wars cartoons.

Sat Jul 23 2011 4:10PM Report
Abdar writes:

Being a Star Wars fan I'll probably buy it if there's nothing else out there, still, game doesn't look good graphically at all.

Sat Jul 23 2011 4:16PM Report
makii writes:

Im not a star wars fanboy and i wont buy this game. It dosnt suit my taste at all. But its probably good for the fanboys in the U.S

Sat Jul 23 2011 5:23PM Report
Stormwind writes:

I am in ..  I like what I see and I see what I get ..  And IT makes me HAPPY ...

BRING it on ..  Please mr. postman bring me my copy  and do not break it on the way.

Sat Jul 23 2011 10:17PM Report
celee2222 writes:

MMO approved for usage

Initiate pre-ordering sequence.....

Sun Jul 24 2011 5:55AM Report
labg11 writes:

meh.... animations are quite dissapointing

Sun Jul 24 2011 6:22AM Report
MKOtori writes:

they did the animations and graphics that way so that everyone could play not just the people that can afford a beefed up computer. i'd rather weaker graphics and a fun and highly populated world of star wars than just a good looking one

Sun Jul 24 2011 1:20PM Report
Azaeal writes:

What's all the hype about? This game looks terrible, but everybody has their taste I guess. I won't be getting it.

Sun Jul 24 2011 2:16PM Report
Normike writes:

story - 10

audio - 9

graphics - 7

combat - 8

large believable scifi world - priceless

Sun Jul 24 2011 6:39PM Report
tkoreaper writes:

Boring... Nothing new here. Nothing grabs my attention. All the fighting clips were cut short to hide the truth... the combat sucks. Stick to single player console games Bioware.

Mon Jul 25 2011 5:30AM Report
tkoreaper writes:

To all of those that bring about the lame excuse that "the graphics are dumbed down to allow a much broader array of people to play" is just ignorant. It's almost 2012... to say a game cannot scale based on hardware is stupid. They have more than enough resources to allow the game to scale low enough so that anyone can play yet have something that all the hard core gamers can gawk at. Quit making excuses... 

I can play Rift on my laptop that is 5+ years older than the game on low settings and it still looks better than this garbage. And I'm able to play on ultra maxed out settings on my desktop and it's looks stunning.

Mon Jul 25 2011 5:37AM Report
runeplate writes:

I Built a new PC  for these Graphics...... -_-

Mon Jul 25 2011 5:45AM Report
Devisor writes:

never would have imagined that i'd buy this game. went to the game store yesterday to buy me the CE edition.

Mon Jul 25 2011 7:32AM Report
Mari2k writes:


Mon Jul 25 2011 3:40PM Report
Panzakat writes:

Odd, the trailer looks a lot like the original Kotor, same stilted animation and graphics and how old is that now ?

Mon Jul 25 2011 5:05PM Report
Pride writes:

Only release will show us are we actually getting what we are expecting - a proper MMORPG or not.

Mon Jul 25 2011 7:56PM Report
Goatgod76 writes:

This newer generation of players are so clueless as to what makes an MMORPG good. Hint: It isn't graphics. Or at least nto solely graphics. Game mechanics, story,  content, and the efficiency of group play and simply being able to play in a large world with others.

As much as I hate the game...look at WoW...or Ultima Online...or Everquest.... All those games are WELL past their prime...but all are still going. Why? They have all the above mentioned features.

If your going to judge a game based on a few videos and based on it's graphics...then please....don't buy it or play it, because you obviously have no clue what and MMO is truly about, and no one will want you in the game to bash it and whine until it is change into cookie cutter slop that many MMO's have become over the years.

Tue Jul 26 2011 4:57PM Report
Angier2758 writes:

The lil kiddie haters are hilarious.  If you hate on this game you're just a child and need to grow up.  It's a game calling something garbage when you do maybe a 'Hello World' is just funny.


No.... kids there is no come back.  Grow up.

Wed Jul 27 2011 2:10AM Report
Whitestep writes:


Wed Jul 27 2011 6:26AM Report
meimeigg writes:


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Wed Jul 27 2011 8:45AM Report
Dinasty writes:

lol, too freakin cartoonish. This'll be great for the little kiddies.

Wed Jul 27 2011 11:44PM Report
djay47 writes:

i agree with the other up there, its monkey see monkey do, and this game is surrounded by so much hype and selling tactics, add the fact the reason its taking so long is due to incompitence from spending too long on the audio side of things they kind of err forgot to make a game to go with it, tbh anyone who pre orders from any of these companies has more money than sense, because you know as well as i do, it will be glitch upon bug upon hotfix upon patch from release to shutdown losing all the years and time, ooooh just like SwG and again don't expect lucas arts to step in and save the day after they have had your cash

Thu Jul 28 2011 5:47AM Report
skislope writes:

why do they have to show like 5 jedi sub-classes... wheres the medic etc? >;'(

are bountyhunters going to be able to take bountys like in SWG does anyone know?

Thu Jul 28 2011 9:35AM Report
psybaba writes:

Dated graphics.. sad

Thu Jul 28 2011 5:49PM Report