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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: Star Wars: The Old Republic Eternity Vault Raid (1:53)

Bioware and Lucas Arts have revealed the first trailer featuring an "Operation" or raid from SWTOR. Eternity Vault contains an enemy older than both the Republic and the Empire. It has been containedâ?¦ until now.

Bioware and Lucas Arts have revealed the first trailer featuring an "Operation" or raid from SWTOR. Eternity Vault contains an enemy older than both the Republic and the Empire. It has been containedâ?¦ until now.
Duration: 1:53
Views: 12,063  28 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Abdar writes:


cause GamerTube sucks, get HD already

Thu Jun 09 2011 10:32AM Report
Binny45 writes:

Phew, thought I wasn't the only one =P

Thu Jun 09 2011 12:18PM Report
Michibhv writes:

Hmmmm, 10 / 15 Player Raid ?

Not too bad :-)

Thu Jun 09 2011 1:54PM Report
Naral writes:

Looks fun to me!

Thu Jun 09 2011 2:25PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

Looks just like the CGI cinematics.

Thu Jun 09 2011 4:05PM Report
Tenacio writes:

Operation 'Snow Cone'

Thu Jun 09 2011 4:36PM Report
shamall writes:

Guy jumping up to the turret at 1:10  was pretty sweet.

Thu Jun 09 2011 5:34PM Report
Gilwen writes:

Looks like fun.

Fri Jun 10 2011 2:41AM Report
uller30 writes:

OOO best pre work show ever

Fri Jun 10 2011 5:40AM Report
fansede writes:

Looks like a Sith raid 

Fri Jun 10 2011 7:59AM Report
miteshu writes:

Oh look a Raid,

And they claim that this is not a WoW clone.

Fri Jun 10 2011 9:37AM Report
sibs4455 writes:

looks very boring ... please make more of the trailors like the one posted the other day, for they are far more entertaining than this crap.

Fri Jun 10 2011 12:55PM Report
sirphobos writes:

"Oh look a Raid,

And they claim that this is not a WoW clone."

Yeah, because WoW is the first and only MMO to have multigroup encounters.

Fri Jun 10 2011 1:23PM Report
w4rbytez writes:

"Oh look a Raid,

And they claim that this is not a WoW clone."

Well if they didn't have mass-multiplayer missions I don't think it would be considered a viable mass-multiplayer game -.-

Besides that, game looks pretty sweet, hope the combat system is solid, can't really tell by the video. Bounty Hunter looked wicked, almost 40k-ish.

Fri Jun 10 2011 1:36PM Report
Gismoland writes:

looks more and more like a comic book game, aka Champions Online..

Sat Jun 11 2011 7:58PM Report
wickymagee writes:

Rather disapointing video, didn't really reveal much about anything except there will be a raid called the eternity vault.  Wish there would've been more...

Tue Jun 14 2011 12:19AM Report
BMBender writes:

OH YEA RAIDING something brand new... erm wait.....

Tue Jun 14 2011 5:54PM Report
vipigor writes:

Operation  "Lets clone WOW" anyone ?

Operation "Lets clone WOW gameplay" anyone ?

Operation "Get in the WOW clone wagon while we still can" anyone ?


Fri Jun 17 2011 5:48AM Report
aslan132 writes:

Haha, i cant help but laugh whenever someone uses the term "WoW clone" like its derogatory. You have to be a WoW fanboi to even call anything else a WoW clone. Anyone thats not a fanboi alredy knows that every feature in WoW came from some other game. There isnt anything 'original' in WoW, hence theres no such thing as a real WoW clone, because WoW itself is just bits and pieces of other games put together to become a single entity.

Of course TOR is going to have many of the same features as every other MMO. Seriously, what do you want? You have classes, levels, races, crafting, quests, group missions, raid missions, player housing, etc. Youre going to find that in every single MMO (one or two without levels per se, but some sort of skill improvement). Honestly if you take out all the parts of a game that have been done somewhere else, all you get is a black screen. Noobs

Fri Jun 17 2011 10:40PM Report
mhay71 writes:

"Oh look a Raid,

And they claim that this is not a WoW clone."


This comment makes about as much sense as someone pointing at a horse and exclaiming, "Look, it has 4 legs! And they claim it's not a DoG clone...."

Come'-on man?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sun Jun 19 2011 5:50AM Report
krozair56 writes:

hmm looks l ike a wow clone to me. garbage graphics also

Mon Jun 20 2011 10:32PM Report
Shazknee writes:

Geesh, what's with the kids on theese boards.


WoW did not invent raids, heck people were raiding before Blizzard ever thought of WoW.



Repeat after me, Raiding is not a WoW exclusive, shit even the old SWG had open raids.



About the vid, looks great, nice graphics, and anyone who compares it to the CGI is just a fool, name one game where the CGI matches the game, you're seriously daft if you're dissapointed after watching the trailer.

Wed Jun 22 2011 2:00AM Report
BarakIII writes:

The opening VO sounds like the actor who played Logain in DA:O. I'm pretty sure it's the same voice.

Wed Jun 29 2011 8:44AM Report
raven222 writes:

Hopefully all u wow kids stay in wow and pretend there is no other game out there than ur "Precious"

Now to the Vid it looks great , i hope they release it soon , so we have something new to play.

Sun Jul 03 2011 1:21AM Report
Scyman writes:

I think it looks great! And for those complaining about the graphics Bioware has stated that not even the testers are playing with full graphic settings. This is closer to mid range graphic settings instead of the final product.

I have also given up on trying to see reason with the "wow cloners" complaints. There are some features in game that I am not thrilled about but overall the game seems good to me. And considering that they are still making changes in accordance to what the testers are saying, I think they are really working on a game that will satisfy most people.

Tue Jul 26 2011 4:15PM Report
Fusion writes:

Looks like i'll be enjoying this game for a long time!

Mon Aug 01 2011 12:49PM Report
kage71 writes:

Hmm it is so funny to me to see this whole "WoW clone" crap everywhere i go to see a review on a game. Number One don't you kids know that blizzard was not around before EA games? And being that EA games was the ones who actually created the game Ultima Online in 1997 and WoW only came out in 2004 then which one is actually the clone. Man you kids need to wake up and realize that WoW came from somewhere and is the beginning of all. As for you who say the graphics suck please do take the time and stop being so seflish what Bioware did was made this game possible for anyone who does not have some hyped up monster computer to run it without having so many problems. That is what is very wrong with MMOs now days. Games like Age of Conan and  Star Trek online boasted on their graphics (HD cards) yet their game was missing one small thing lol IT SUCKED. Most of those companies put way too much on the background grapics than they put into the actually game itself.

Tue Aug 02 2011 12:36AM Report
pifias writes:

"Raids"...The Realm Online was the first MMORPG to begin to use a rudimentary form of this technique and Anarchy Online would develop it hmm yeah scratch that and make everything revolve around the most popular ("American" by the way) MMORPG of all times.

As far as I know we are all clones of WoW, we are imaginary and Blizzard made us. And in this realm we have trolls all over every possible forum in existance talking about it.  Long live the trolls and the lesser races!!!

Wed Aug 03 2011 2:39PM Report