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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: Star Wars: THe Old Republic E3 Trailer (6:21)

Bioware and LucasArts have released a new cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Called "The Return", the video will be shown during E3 in Los Angeles.

Bioware and LucasArts have released a new cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Called "The Return", the video will be shown during E3 in Los Angeles.
Duration: 6:21
Views: 7,878  50 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Anaxim writes:

That cinematic was simply breathtaking.

I had sincerely thought WoW had one that was indescribably wonderful, but this one takes the cake.

Bioware, despite a half-baked title this year, really know their cinematics.

Mon Jun 06 2011 4:08PM Report
dougmysticey writes:

Absolutely outstanding. If as much care to detail and action goes into the game it will be awesome.

Mon Jun 06 2011 4:28PM Report
Schockey writes:

launch it!!!

Mon Jun 06 2011 4:32PM Report
OhMyGoth writes:

Simply Epic, no one does cinematics better, out of all the games coming out, this one is the one i want to play the most.

Mon Jun 06 2011 4:37PM Report
Athcear writes:

That was a really cool movie.  I wonder if we'll be able to do any of that stuff, or have encounters that engaging or exciting in the actual game.

Also, no bounty hunters or imperial agents.  :(

Mon Jun 06 2011 4:45PM Report
DarkPony writes:

Cinematic trailers actual mmorpg gameplay experience ... yet. But still a damn nice clip on its own accord.

Mon Jun 06 2011 4:47PM Report
AlexTheTall writes:


Mon Jun 06 2011 4:51PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

SWTOR will look and feel nothing like this.

Mon Jun 06 2011 4:58PM Report
Isane writes:

Quality accross the board; This will be an EPic Game for those who understand how to enjoy a game. Sadly the rat race to end game players in a week will get nothing out of this game.

As their selfishness will not allow them to have fun when it i not at the expense of others; Which this game will not all.

You have to give Bioware/LArts and EA credit here.

Mon Jun 06 2011 5:10PM Report
reillan writes:

Admittedly, it will not, but what this trailer does show is Bioware's penchant for story writing.  The individual quest lines themselves may often feel this epic, and that''ll be a significant improvement over those of every other MMO out there.

BTW, the lightsaber fight in this was far, far more epic than anything in the Prequels...

Mon Jun 06 2011 5:11PM Report
claytos writes:

another awesome cinematic of SWTOR. Blur Studio  the best :)    

Mon Jun 06 2011 5:12PM Report
Dakirn writes:

Cool, a fan movie made by people with money.

So... where's the actual game footage?

Mon Jun 06 2011 5:13PM Report
SirAgravaine writes: Who else thinks Lucas Arts needs to fund a feature length franchise done in this style, completely CGI to the same degree of detail and bad-assert? Mon Jun 06 2011 5:17PM Report
SirAgravaine writes: Who else thinks Lucas Arts needs to fund a feature length franchise done in this style, completely CGI to the same degree of detail and bad-assert? Mon Jun 06 2011 5:17PM Report
Grafbenda writes:

Looks nice but don't we all get taken in by game companies fomulatic trailers every time.  Every Star Wars video opens with a shot of a planet and the score from the films.

We are like Pavlov's dogs, we are trained to salvitate at hearing Star Wars music and cool visuals.  Why does every smuggler have to be a knock off of Han Solo.

Please be more creative and original next time, you can do better

Mon Jun 06 2011 5:17PM Report
Beyorn writes:



I wonder if they would be willing to do a reboot of 1, 2, 3 ;D!

Mon Jun 06 2011 5:37PM Report
BarakIII writes:

Bioware should consider making a full length star wars movie the same way they make these cinematics, perhaps one of Revan.

Mon Jun 06 2011 5:42PM Report
lorteged writes:

Damn... Cant wait for this game to go live... :)

Mon Jun 06 2011 5:53PM Report
Verterdegete writes:

@ Barak III


Blur Studio makes these cinematics, not Bioware. they also made trailers for WAR, DCUO, DA: Origins etc...

Mon Jun 06 2011 6:07PM Report
sibs4455 writes:

Awesome .... i wish this was a preview of a full film.

Mon Jun 06 2011 6:46PM Report
RemyVorender writes:

Ok that was just awesome.

Mon Jun 06 2011 7:01PM Report
uller30 writes:

HOLY COW I got chills and felt so excited when Sith Showed up.  That is by fare one of the best Cinematics since the age of MechWarrior games who had full kick but CGI

Mon Jun 06 2011 7:08PM Report
Naral writes:

Whether it was reflective of the game or not (time will tell) that was awesome!


Mon Jun 06 2011 7:36PM Report
BarCrow writes:

Damn. They should make movies set in the time of TOR with this team. They would be 1000x better than Episode 1-3 and the clone wars series.

Mon Jun 06 2011 8:31PM Report
HELLRAZE writes:


Mon Jun 06 2011 8:34PM Report
inmysights writes:

simply AMAZING!!!

Mon Jun 06 2011 8:48PM Report
Gunzie writes:

OK se when did Jonah Hex enter the star wars realm?


1. too much creative liberty with the western style smuggler.  seems like they are ripping off Jos Whedon's concept in Firefly.  But i know it is the guy from Warhammer who tried to sell the Witch Hunter but claiming that kid would want t play the class just for the hat.  Any way you slice it : a ridiculous and short sighted anachronism.

2. Beaultiful graphics work.  But with a ever so important RECYCLED STORYLINE.  References to Han Solo are trite.  And did that jedi say "SHIT, the empire is here?"  Come on now.  A cursing Jedi?  Can't wait to see more repetetive scenes, and senseless dialogue. 

you know there is so much to complain about, but i dont want to upset the delusional.

I do know that a game should spend more money and time on mechanics, content and economy than they do on cinematices and advertising.

Mon Jun 06 2011 8:49PM Report
Torval writes:

That was an epic quality trailer.

The combat scene reminded me of SW: Force Unleashed.

Oh, and why do the Sith masters always kick the Jedi masters ass?  Lame.

Mon Jun 06 2011 9:16PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

This cinematic was so easy to do, and look at you guys all foaming at the mouth.

There was nothing original or interesting ABOUT this cgi fest.  "It was better than the prequels!" ... IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE PREQUELS.

A short loaded with cliches of every variety.  Slow motion Matrix effects. The bad guys dominating.  These are some of the most simplistic and unimaginative ingredients to cooking up a steaming pile of...

Who cares, I'm thrilled you guys loved it. I'll be here when you all finaly play the game and subsequently start bad mouthing it like all the others.

Mon Jun 06 2011 9:21PM Report
stayontarget writes:

All fluff no substance.

Mon Jun 06 2011 9:33PM Report
xantris writes:


Mon Jun 06 2011 11:16PM Report
toddze writes:

This my friends is what you call hyping a game.

Mon Jun 06 2011 11:20PM Report
rygar218 writes:

Welcome home!

Mon Jun 06 2011 11:45PM Report
Getalife writes:

The bad guy wins again.....ehmm ok.

Tue Jun 07 2011 12:13AM Report
Tamanous writes:

Love TOR era (rpg player here) but I hope they keep the non-jedi classes represented as the one draw back to the old republic era is the extreme over done force sensitive classes. Simply gets old and boring even in rpg's.

What truly sets this era apart is the great well rounded lore with all factions represented and not just the zomgsaursjedisyth's!

That aside, I look forward to all the class stories. Picking just one class is not what this game is about.

Tue Jun 07 2011 12:24AM Report
Tamanous writes:

stayontarget writes:

All fluff no substance.

Er I think you need to look up what a Cinematic is :)

Several classes and game play elements told through cinematics was in there.

That is the definition of substance within cinematic story telling. 


stayontarget writes:

All fluff no substance.

stayontarget writes:

All fluff no substance.

stayontarget writes:

All fluff no substance.

Tue Jun 07 2011 12:31AM Report
Shmaw writes:

I don't think that bioware actually makes the movies, I thought that they outsourced them?  At any rate, I loved it.  I am cautiously optimistic about the game, and hope we get a solid release date this week at E3.

Tue Jun 07 2011 12:44AM Report
Beermangler writes:

They would be getting a lot more revenew making a darn movie... that's what SWTOR is, at the end of the day...

Tue Jun 07 2011 1:26AM Report
Dredphyre writes:

I couldn't enjoy that trailer because I kept thinking to myself...the game will never have this experience...ever.

Tue Jun 07 2011 2:11AM Report
apollobsg75 writes:

smugglers in cowboy hatss...


Other that that,  amazing cinematic

Tue Jun 07 2011 4:49AM Report
musicmann writes:

I love how some people just won't let SW fans enjoy something new about SW.

Tue Jun 07 2011 6:36AM Report
Ihmotepp writes:


Tue Jun 07 2011 7:15AM Report
Soldier101 writes:

E3 E3 E3

Tue Jun 07 2011 9:24AM Report
Matticus75 writes:

Good Vid, but you have to admit it was not at all original

Tue Jun 07 2011 11:01AM Report
Mimzel writes:

Good video, and the comments are just Meh

Tue Jun 07 2011 11:21AM Report
Xondar123 writes:


He said "Sith! The Empire is here!" not "shit."

Tue Jun 07 2011 6:37PM Report
mysticalspam writes:

 watching that felt like mass effect with light sabers 0.o

Tue Jun 07 2011 9:10PM Report
Pyrostasis writes:

absolutely amazing cinematic. Unfortunately the game I seriously doubt will get even close to that.

Reminded me of the opening sequence to DC Universe. Also absolutely amazing... and then the game is just horrible.

I hope SWTOR is just half as cool as that video, if it is, it will do amazingly well. However, I have a strong feeling it will fail to live up to it.

Tue Jun 07 2011 11:03PM Report
BartDaCat writes:

Man, if only the last three Star Wars films had been of this caliber, I'd still be a fan of Lucas rather than wishing him to the Ninth Circle of Hell.

I DO love Bioware, and I hope that the game is as epic as the cinematics they've been producing.  In this era of "next gen" graphics, and with the hype that each of these fantastically rendered cinematics creates, I hope that we're not being set up for disappointment.

Not too long ago, someone posted video footage of actual gameplay that others claimed was old footage from a few years ago.  I really hope that was true, because what I saw was only worthy of a pre-development sales pitch.

Wed Jun 08 2011 3:49AM Report
Ramonski7 writes:

That lightsaber battle was off the chain! Great trailer!

Wed Jun 08 2011 6:18PM Report