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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: Star Wars: The Old Republic Warzones Trailer (1:45)

Bioware, LucasArts and the Star Wars: The Old Republic dev team have sent out the first trailer showing off 'warzones' or PvP zones coming in the MMO.

Bioware, LucasArts and the Star Wars: The Old Republic dev team have sent out the first trailer showing off 'warzones' or PvP zones coming in the MMO.
Duration: 1:45
Views: 13,550  36 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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jonezi92 writes:

Isnt this just a re-release of a video that was already uploaded here?


anyway, LOVE IT

Thu May 05 2011 11:17AM Report
Rashen3695 writes:

Hmm.. So "Imperials" instead of Sith? Wider audience i guess >...>

Thu May 05 2011 12:15PM Report
coolmandude writes:

Wow... that looked... really bad :(  If thats any indidcation of how their combat is going to be... i pass?  Im not sure if anything has really ever come that close to depicting what i consider to be some of the most boring combat ive ever seen!  Nothing like standing there and hitting buttons until either you or the enemy falls over... blech!  Maybe, just maybe, its just they were just the most horrible players ever to grace a released video? Doubtful though...

Thu May 05 2011 12:26PM Report
Kalfer writes:

I agree. I'm very annoyed at the animations. Look at how the Jedis run. These characters move in the most doll-like ways. Completely lack of style. It looks like motion capture from a 10 year old game.


Combat itself looks boring. Even with this pre-planned cinematic video, I can only imagine what chaos the actual pvp will be. I think it will be more chaotic, more imbalanced, more unfair, and with more downtime than World of Warcraft.


Why does WoW have superior animations to this? WoWs exaggerated animations give headway for smoother transistions between running, moving, jumping, straffing while attacking/defending. The initiation of how the characters behave is so important. your looking at your character moving and fighting 100% of the time.


so WoW might boost low poly textures, horrible low rez and outdated graphic technologies, but it sure as hell beats this on character movement, control, fluidity, snappiness and just sheer sense of breath and atmosphere compared to what I have seen here.



Bioware preach endlessly about how to make the combat feel like Star Wars. THIS IS NOT IT. This is not how the awesome cinematic fights from the movies look like.

TERA does it, GW2 does it. These games try to go real time, and combining satisfying real time combat that gives it a real element of action with the tactical skill/ability systems of MMO past.


Why does SWTOR have to be in stuck in this horrondous past? The game obviously look great(art, areas, character models, colorpalette, textures) but the animations and combat is ugh. I pray that they will do a major revision of their combat and animations. It's worth throwing 10 million USD after fixing this and getting it right.


TRUST ME. They do not want to be in a position at release where reviewers will flag them down for offering more of the same old unsatisfying MMO combat that everyone wants to get away from:(

Thu May 05 2011 12:38PM Report
RaiZt writes:

@Coolmandude i hardy think that was player controlled gameplay. Better to think of it as sort of move script. Seeing that thay are still in Alpha i think we will see alot of changes and smoother gameplay when the game is released.
Better to read the article. 

ToR will be great way to few AAA sci fi mmo's

Thu May 05 2011 12:39PM Report
Rhems writes:

It needs to look cooler than this.

Thu May 05 2011 12:55PM Report
korvass writes:

Hate to bitch, but I have to agree with others that have posted on other videos. These GamerTube videos are pretty bad quality. Glitchy, blocky, stuttery (20meg connection, so the video was loaded in about 10 seconds, and still stuttered all the way through).

Can you switch to YouTube, or the format you guys used to use. Not liking this GamerTube stuff.

Thu May 05 2011 1:28PM Report
Abdar writes:

This is old. Looked clunky before and still looks clunky now.

And really.. I've already grinded more BGs in my life then I ever care to again. Is there anything new here? If they are just giving WoW/Rift etc a Star Wars facelift, hoping to grab some of that market without innovating, I won't even bother with an open beta.

Thu May 05 2011 1:34PM Report
Romse writes:


It's the Sith Empire... so they are Imperials.

Thu May 05 2011 2:34PM Report
EndDream writes:

I think the graphics, animation, and sound are all great. It's the combat that is the problem, just by watching that you can see how much like WoW it is. Not that WoW has bad combat, I've just done so much of it, and even more of it in Rift/Eq2/LOTRO I can't do it again. I need something different....

Thu May 05 2011 2:44PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

thank god im not following this game, i might get it after launch and giveit a shot... but my hype for this game has been at 0% all the time... those combat and animations look terrible.... 

-a note for Bioware fans: see? even Bioware make mistakes....


Thu May 05 2011 3:12PM Report
Zinzan writes:

Terrible, utterly awful. Been looking forward to this game for a long time, following all the awesome cinematics etc and now....this!

Boring, dull, unimaginative and terrible models and animations, as others have said, it looks like something from 5-8 years ago. Counter Strike with lightsabers.....

Thu May 05 2011 3:31PM Report
Eerazer writes:

it looks good, but we have seen this video already, are you sure thats the new one? it cant be...

Thu May 05 2011 3:33PM Report
Jimmy562 writes:

The video is very old.

Thu May 05 2011 3:51PM Report
sanicek writes:

Kalfer pretty much summed it up.


The animations are horrid and everything feels so static. I actually took the effort to search and check other combat gameplay videos again and it confirmed what I saw here, combat is super static, everyone just standing still, doing their horrible animations.

I didn't find 1 video that would show someone moving, kiting, jumping, strafing, circlestrafing during combat.

Maybe just the players captured are absolutely terrible players, but I doubt so.

On the other hand I had fears like this before Warhammer as all the videos before release showed very static combat too and in the end it was pretty decent, not WOW fluid, but close enough.

We will see more clearly after beta videos from at least half-decent players.

Thu May 05 2011 3:54PM Report
LoboMau writes:

This is Ooooooooooooold!!!

Thu May 05 2011 4:07PM Report
uller30 writes:


Thu May 05 2011 4:24PM Report
Kruul writes:

This is old but still makes me laugh how the devs stand in front of each other and fight.

Thu May 05 2011 5:01PM Report
painbreaker writes:

I like how the combat looks (even if it's a old video), if you don't like it, don't play it, it's easy, stop complaining!

Fri May 06 2011 3:04AM Report
Entropy14 writes:

ya dont complain, you should all be happy the every product out there and utter crap, and they keep making it cause for some reason people still pay for it and they make millions, shame on you for demanding more.


Cant wait to see an MMO with graphics like Skyrim , for once be ncie to see an mmo for ppl who are not running a 386 with a 14.4 US robotics modem

Fri May 06 2011 4:37AM Report writes:

Looks way to static for me... -.- Really looked forward to this game.. But dont know why im fooling myself.. Its static TAB combat.. Darkfall here i come - Still got the best PvP around, and thats not up for discussion.. Fuck the so called "lack of content". They updated it ALOT, and no game comes even close to the PvP in Darkfall..

Fri May 06 2011 7:25AM Report
skislope writes:

This is an old video, so im sure theres been alot of updates on the combat etc.

Either way, I still find the video to be amazing even though i've already seen it a few months ago. :)

Cant wait for this game, its going to be AWESOME! C:

Fri May 06 2011 8:04AM Report
aelieth writes:

Yeah, this is definitely an old video. Like half a year old?

Fri May 06 2011 8:54AM Report
Aurakis writes:

I think exactly the same as Entropy14 that at some point they will have to stop making games that runs on a 386 with a 14.4 US robotics modem.

Fri May 06 2011 11:04AM Report
whilan writes:

Like others have said that video is old.  Really really old. I think this is even before they updated the graphics and fixed most of the animations.

This video is posted somewhere around the beginning of nov 2010 and i personally don't think this is a proper representation of the current graphics.

See this is the same video and notice when it's posted on youtube.

Nov 6 2010.

Maybe MMO or other companies can't get an update version so it's good to know when a video is posted. This one they are using is almost a 1/2 a year old.

Sat May 07 2011 2:55AM Report
Lukooone writes:

Global Agenda combat is x1000 better and looks better...

Sat May 07 2011 6:04AM Report
Styij writes:

What Lukoone said. The whole video I was thinking Global Agenda.

Sat May 07 2011 2:02PM Report
Vesavius writes:

really? This is the game that EA is relying on?


looks frikin awful tbh. where did all the money go??

Sat May 07 2011 10:09PM Report
Tottemz writes:

In my mind a Jedi is suppose to fight different, I don't see them jumping all over the place, using the force together with some sword fighting, this is too static, even while doing pvp in WoW you need to move a lot or at least it used to be like that, it's been 2 years since I last played it.

Mon May 09 2011 9:15AM Report
SkebbZ writes:

This video was released one year ago, so don't be too put off by it.

Tue May 10 2011 9:37AM Report
stevengw writes:

Why OO why do we not see damage visuals, it seems a bit dated hack & slash! If i hit with a light saber across your neck, i wanna see your head fall off!


Tue May 10 2011 10:36AM Report
Onimor writes:

Has someone done a patch update on global agenda to include starwars characters?

Tue May 10 2011 12:29PM Report
Dinasty writes:

Looks... boooooring =\

Tue May 10 2011 9:26PM Report
wojtekpl writes:

If animations are going to stay as choppy its going to be bad. They lack smoothness.


And yeah, looks boring, WoW in space... yawn

Thu May 26 2011 10:15AM Report
FloggingJude writes:

Here's an honest opinion.  When I saw the vid, I thought it looked a little small (compared to old Alderac Valley in WoW, I haven't PvPed in WoW since WotLK released).  The visuals looked comparable to WoW, which I really don't mind.  It is an older video, and I'm sure BioWare will jazz it up a bit (they always say that they have more in store).


However, I have never seen, nor heard of, Global Agenda until this post, and the videos definitely looked great.  The sniping, the stealthing, it all looks like something that set a new bar for MMO PvP (I'm assuming it's an MMORPG style game, as I haven't done any research yet).


This is definitely something that the devs should look into; especially with the smuggler and agent classes having sniping capabilities.  Also the jet pack looking effect in Global Agenda looked really great.  I understand not letting people fly (just yet) out in the world, but Force Jump and/or jet packs in a PvP controlled environment would be wizard (yea, totally bringing it back).

Sat Aug 13 2011 5:24AM Report
Arbede writes:

Video quality is not the problem at this vid. The animations really dull and like muppets. You just standing and fire till you or ur enemy fall. No action fighting. Seems not taking into you to the fight. I really hope its about the vid. I wish the game animations will be like in their cinematics.. We waited alot for this game!!

Sun Oct 16 2011 8:13AM Report