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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: SWTOR: Taral V "Flashpoint" (1:41)

The official Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with information about some of the Flashpoints that players will find in the game and have released a brand new video about Taral V.

The official Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with information about some of the Flashpoints that players will find in the game and have released a brand new video about Taral V.
Duration: 1:41
Views: 10,173  51 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Hashbrick writes:

looks like the rendering engine improved tri-folds!

Fri Jan 28 2011 1:04PM Report
Skyknight00 writes:

looks like a diff game

Fri Jan 28 2011 2:01PM Report
Skyknight00 writes:

looks like a diff game

Fri Jan 28 2011 2:01PM Report
ImNotAGaymer writes:

oh wow, this looks phenomenal!!!  And the rendering does look a lot more impressive.

Fri Jan 28 2011 2:32PM Report
causs writes:

Really getting the KOTOR feeling from this trailer. And that's not a bad thing at all.

Fri Jan 28 2011 5:22PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

love it

Fri Jan 28 2011 5:27PM Report
Securion writes:

Yea, much better than the other videos. Combat still look boring though...


The running animation still need work as well... Especially since we are going to see that one the most as we run from A to B and so on.


Fri Jan 28 2011 5:46PM Report
Alberel writes:

The animations still need a LOT of work...

Fri Jan 28 2011 6:04PM Report
nerovipus32 writes:

looks like the clone wars cartoon

Fri Jan 28 2011 6:17PM Report
livrem writes:

Stiff and awkward animation yay!

Fri Jan 28 2011 8:24PM Report
nvrsbr writes:

The rendering looks like it always has.

The game still looks amazing.

Fri Jan 28 2011 8:31PM Report
Xondar123 writes:

It looks really good.

Fri Jan 28 2011 9:16PM Report
Laserwolf writes:

I'd like to think I'm an MMORPG gamer but I haven't really played one in years while I've been enjoying the hek out of Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. I think my opinion of the game has done a 180. I still don't really understand how it will work, but I think I'll enjoy it quite a lot more than I would another single player KOTOR or pure MMORPG.

Fri Jan 28 2011 9:31PM Report
Firiin writes:

People complain, but I enjoy the graphics a lot more than what other MMOs have. Anything looks better than WoW at this point. Let's just hope Bioware gives us the great content they are known for putting in games and I'll be more than happy.

Fri Jan 28 2011 10:17PM Report
neosurfeur writes:


Sat Jan 29 2011 2:01AM Report
plaxidia writes:

Who said that was Yoda??!?  This game is set before the star wars triliogy came about.. And the species has more than one sentient in the Jedi Order..  Sheesh


For me this is going to be awsome.. A new twist on the MMO genere with the story driven game.. You cant say its not Inovative.. :) 

Sat Jan 29 2011 2:47AM Report
Eladi writes:

I shall reply in a way you seem to post around the forum and in a native NA language you understand. (crap I might get a warning/ban for this...but a mod might see that its plain true..)

Do ya reasearts, OMG!! 13years EXPERIANCE! and still cant look up basic Info OMG! Noob!

Sat Jan 29 2011 2:48AM Report
codenam47 writes:

It's a TRAP!

Sat Jan 29 2011 4:22AM Report
Soldier101 writes:

give me a beta invite all ready!!!

Sat Jan 29 2011 10:24AM Report
Rydran writes:

It can't be yoda. The Game is set place 3000 tears before the movies. Yoda was only 800 when he died.

That would be really stupid on Biowares part if it was.

Still can't wait for the game!

Sat Jan 29 2011 11:43AM Report
Blindchance writes:

A new KotoR with coop mode for small group of friends. It would work, if it wouldn't require monthly payments.

Sat Jan 29 2011 12:42PM Report
Vercin writes:

I would expect alot more out of a 2011 MMO.

I dunno....My first thought as soon as I hit play was "This is what it looks like with all the money they have spent?"

I'm  probably going to get it anyway....but I hope the gameplay/story makes up for the sub -par graphics.

Sat Jan 29 2011 1:45PM Report
madak writes:

wow all i hear is whine whine  awsome  whine whine

think it fits the mmo community  jusat like the rest

Sat Jan 29 2011 3:10PM Report
hammarus writes:

Oh another Yoda species creature! We actually get to see another of Yoda's kind.  When can we go to its homeworld?  Oh thats right, we rarely ever see any of the seemingly main characters homes, the lone exceptions that I can think of are Chewie's, the furry little bears  and the computer generated creature, both who shall go un-named for sanities sake.

Sat Jan 29 2011 3:25PM Report
dimmit77 writes:

I have no idea what the hell they are doing. Everything I have seen and read about the game so far points to a solo game . Are they gonna charge a monthly payment for this? Are we supposed to go to these instances with a group and wait for each person to read through all this backstory? Have the developers ever played an MMO for more than a few months? 

The game looks great and I love Star Wars , but the designing decisions are moronic. Nothing I have seen so far justifies playing the game more than 2-3 months. 

Sun Jan 30 2011 6:42AM Report
Gdemami writes:

Character model, graphics and animation reminds me LOTRO....looks so much outdated.

Sun Jan 30 2011 7:20AM Report
jkfc writes:

i'm loving this game. nothing wrong with it. 

Sun Jan 30 2011 7:57AM Report
Lesrach writes:

I so much love the cinematics, but when I see this cartoony style that the game will actually look like, it is an absolute turn off.

Can't help wondering what they were thinking when they made that decision... copies sold for kids : /

Sun Jan 30 2011 5:48PM Report
SandaStunna writes:

not sure.

Mon Jan 31 2011 3:17AM Report
biplex writes:

Combat still looks pathetic. People are standing in place throwing spells/shootinh blaster/swinging swords without moving.

Run animation is so stiff. Like upper body does not know what lower body does, and vie versa.

Mon Jan 31 2011 4:34AM Report
blezedlex writes:

combat system will improve over time, lets just hope it will improve after lunch. So far GW2 has the best combat system for upcoming mmo.

Mon Jan 31 2011 3:11PM Report
flaZh writes:

OK, wtf is up with Yoda? :P

And don't tell me it's not him, the "storyteller" and him would have made the same lip movements...

Mon Jan 31 2011 5:38PM Report
Melogore writes:

Its not Yoda damn it.  You do know there are others from the same spieces as Yoda.  The species is Unknown in Starwars Lore but all members of his type had long lifespans.  Most of the Yodas people also were carriers of the force.  Heck even in an old game Jedi Knight 2 you had to fight one of his race in a saber battle.  Point being Yoda is not alone. 

As for the graphic I am glad to see they are doing it in a stylized version.  I hate when games try to make everything look real and you end up need a super computer to have more than 10 people on the screen at once.  Some of the aninations need a little help though(running being one.)  Other than that I think it looks good.

Tue Feb 01 2011 1:51AM Report
Grailchaser writes:

If this is 3000 years before A New Hope, why are there references to "The Empire" in it?

Tue Feb 01 2011 3:05AM Report
fosters writes:

ill be 100% honest if they F@@@ this up i wont play another MMO again so sick of Failed MMOS lately we need something worth playing!


also i may play GW2

Tue Feb 01 2011 3:18AM Report
Timukas writes:

total turn-off for me personally. looked like every single MMO out there but with light sabers and dd spells replaced with laser guns.

Tue Feb 01 2011 6:13AM Report
garry writes:

Can only speak for myself. Long time player (I am 65 and a former game designer - retired). I play WOW (4 years now) and still enjoy and play it. I play Star Trek (disappointed at launch but they got better - a lot better) and now I am looking forward to Star Wars.


There is an awful lot of point picking from some posters. I assume (foolish) that if those points are important, they will not buy or play the game. For myself I intend to pre-order and play SWtOR and give it a chance. I live in reality (old age can kinda suck sometime) and the gaming is a nice hobby and ESCAPE from reality. I really hope the very critical will give it a chance since the more that buy and play the game, the better it will be for us all.


Best of luck to Bioware, I know the hard work and dedication it takes to produce a game (been there done that) and then have to hold my breath and see if we did it right, enough to profit and keep it going. The video and flash point concept may work out fine.


Not just a fanboi btw. I hate the idea that space combat is a video game tunnel shooter. Believe it was the fastest and cheapest way to add on space combat after community rage. Really hope they can later extend RPG to the space segment cause arcade games suck for a replacement. Critique not criticism. Hope to see most of you in game.

Tue Feb 01 2011 10:38AM Report
Alexandru987 writes:

Watching this... all they say has been said before, it`s like watching a replay of something. Darkness bla bla bla... whatever.

Pretty lights...

Tue Feb 01 2011 10:57AM Report
HALO13 writes:

Still looks like a cartoon....not interested.   Characters move and behave like it was created for nintendo, Playstaion, or Wii gaming consoles.  fail where I am concerned.

Tue Feb 01 2011 7:08PM Report
Inkpuppet writes:

I can agree on the run comments.  The casual jont while things are blowing up is disappointing, everything else looks MUCH better than it has in previous snips.  There needs to be a difference between I am jogging to a location and let's get the F out of Dodge!

Wed Feb 02 2011 1:57PM Report
Hodo writes:

Oh god, another franchise themepark....

Cant we get a good MMORPG thats not a kids attraction?

Wed Feb 02 2011 3:58PM Report
ShredderSE writes:



Thu Feb 03 2011 3:05AM Report writes:

Hmm, somekind of new way to introduce "instancing"..? But with a more in depth background story with an actual outcome..


Wondering if they are "replayable" since they announce that there are different outcomes of your choises..

Thu Feb 03 2011 8:26AM Report
begbi writes:

I love SW but skills looks rubbish they need 2 work at visual effects of skills that what i think.

Fri Feb 04 2011 7:40AM Report
ArcAngel3 writes:

Looks great.  Better than a lot of what I've seen in MMOs lately.  It'd be nice to have another top quality game on the market besides WoW.  I'm more a sci-fi fan, and appreciate a few good gaming options :)

Sat Feb 05 2011 10:51PM Report
tron21369 writes:

to every age group : )  some will love it and some wont   cant pls every one  : ) just wait and see      for me iam going to give it a try

there also RIFT  coming soon     give that a try as well    i had fun playing that one on beta    thats like mmm  RIFT  guild wars2    old republic    : )  thats just me though hehe

Mon Feb 07 2011 4:32PM Report
phanstern writes:


The game looks like crap, the animation and combat looks like the designers forgot to finish what they started, and Yoda sounds a little more like Kermit than i remember him sounding....Good rule of thumb to follow, if game looks like crap then it most diffidently  is.
Tue Feb 08 2011 12:59AM Report
phanstern writes:


The game looks like crap, the animation and combat looks like the designers forgot to finish what they started, and Yoda sounds a little more like Kermit than i remember him sounding....Good rule of thumb to follow, if game looks like crap then it most diffidently  is.
Tue Feb 08 2011 1:01AM Report
chopgr writes:

The game looks nice to me. I cant tell about the actually game play or what feel will transmit to the player but so far it looks good. I hope they improve animation a bit.


About the combat, well all combat looks the same. Its not an action game but an MMO with a hidden turn roll. You sure want a game like Conan's battle system, where you have to concedrate which freaking arrow to press?

Wed Feb 09 2011 6:52AM Report
irnbru69 writes:

i remeber when i 1st seen a kotor vid it looked a bit gash, then i played the game jeez what a game... the animation will turn out ok are we really that picky about asthetics that your willing to turn down a game because the animation looks flawed.... it does look crap but never the less ill will be buying this game.

Sun Feb 13 2011 9:21PM Report
Griffihn writes:

ummm... was that cinematic or is it actual gameplay? hmmm... they're too much alike to actually tell the difference.... JOKING! meh, they improved the graphics, now for the action animations and it will be flawless...

Mon Feb 14 2011 12:48AM Report