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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: Space Combat Trailer (1:21)

The first trailer featuring space combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic has been released by Bioware and LucasArts. The video features a short cutscene followed by a minute or so of in-game space combat footage.

The first trailer featuring space combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic has been released by Bioware and LucasArts. The video features a short cutscene followed by a minute or so of in-game space combat footage.
Duration: 1:21
Views: 9,263  49 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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bumfman writes:

It does look like its on rails but it still looks and sounds good to me. Reminds me a little of Tempest but with better graphics lol.

Guess I showed my age with that comment.

Wed Aug 18 2010 10:29AM Report
Krelian writes:

Well i got only one real problem with that!

Since its *on rails* and not ''free form'' like SWG (ETC...) space combat ,

there is a chance that this is completly mission based, (cant fly/travel in space at will, cant grind mobs or mine astroids etc)

AND SINCE there can only be so many missions,

im afraid that we will be running out of this ''space content on rails'' LONG BEFORE we reach level 2 on ground combat! :D

Time will tell..

Wed Aug 18 2010 10:53AM Report
dummenumse writes:

Peoples expectations are just way too high! Just want everything in a single mmo.


This looks like fun and creates a better Starwars atmosphere than if it where not implemented at all.


Might even be upgraded at a later time.

Wed Aug 18 2010 11:32AM Report
gu4rdi4n writes:

omfg!~!!!! sooo awesome!! i dont give a flying fuck if its on rails dood !!! thats some sick shit right there!! omg!! amazing.. 

Wed Aug 18 2010 11:39AM Report
ArzhAngel writes:

Will it be both pvp, and pve ? 

Beside that, can we fly free around. And land were we like. ?

Wed Aug 18 2010 11:46AM Report
Awolol writes:

Looks good.. for a minigame in a single player game.

Way to take another chunk out of what drives an MMORPG bioware

@ArkzhAngel, of course not

Wed Aug 18 2010 12:26PM Report
Oneon writes:

You've got to be kidding Sonican.

I dont know what single player games you've played that have minigames like that, but I've never seen one.

That looked almost exactly like Rogue Squadron, which was nothing but what you saw in the trailer, and was awesome if I might add.


I can understand why some people are dissapointed by space not being freeroam, and so was I a bit at first, but come one...I'm not even close to some kind of Bioware fanboi but if that trailer doesn't excite anyone about space combat  then I think you're trying really hard NOT to like it, because that looked leaps and bounds more fun compared to what I had experienced with SWG.

Wed Aug 18 2010 12:43PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I have to say that the thing that bothers me the most is the giant fat guy at the beginning who looks like Shrek, but has a British gentleman's accent. Just looks waaaaaay off as does the goofy response from the weird looking woman.

Wed Aug 18 2010 12:47PM Report
stealthbr writes:

Can't believe I'm saying this, but space combat in TOR looks very fun. I guess they wanted a far more direct approach to space where you aren't mindlessly cruising around trying to find your target. A free roam, while far more realistic, would probably be like EVE where you spend more time moving around rather than fighting.

Wed Aug 18 2010 1:41PM Report
Xavierxx writes:

holy shet bioware proves us wrong again

Wed Aug 18 2010 2:25PM Report
Darkerxx writes:

minigame combat FTW.

Wed Aug 18 2010 2:46PM Report
Phry writes:

roflmao.. thats a really rubbish looking space game.. awesome.

Wed Aug 18 2010 3:14PM Report
Cody_Rauh writes:

looks like it was made more in second life rather than some mmo platform.. where did they hire their content developers, or what budget were they working with? 

Wed Aug 18 2010 4:15PM Report
Sirmatthias writes:

i guess im the only one that doesnt like this addition, sure its pretty but it looks like your the grandma of the intergalatic highway waiting for everyone to pass you buy so you can shoot them??? terribly unrealistic what if someones on your tail? your never gonna know

Wed Aug 18 2010 4:22PM Report
Sirmatthias writes:

i guess im the only one that doesnt like this addition, sure its pretty but it looks like your the grandma of the intergalatic highway waiting for everyone to pass you by so you can shoot them??? terribly unrealistic what if someones on your tail? your never gonna know

Wed Aug 18 2010 4:22PM Report
gladosrev2 writes:

Awful. This belongs on the automat maschines from the 80's. Black Prophecy shows how it's done properly. Epic freestyle action in arcade setting and dark atmosphere - that's what TOR space combat should have been like. I'm not asking for a space sim. Btw they should change the opening warning to: "Content inapropriate to people over 12" lol. TOR is proving to have less and less in common with the original trilogy, and rather is more childish than the prequels. A disapointment of a cosmic scale is brewing, just like the one in 1999.. this time I wont let it catch me by surprise.

Wed Aug 18 2010 4:38PM Report
shamall writes:


Wed Aug 18 2010 5:55PM Report
bbates024 writes:

Reminds me of Firefox not sure what people were expecting they said all the missions were scripted and came with side missions it's basically a single player game for entertainment built into an MMO at launch. Who says a future expansion wont come out and make it better or add a multiplayer demension to it it. I cant wait to see what other things they build in but CORE game play content is what intrests me the most!

Wed Aug 18 2010 6:05PM Report
Grand_Nagus writes:

Looks good enough for me. Reminds of me Rogue Squadron, which is one of my fav SW games.

Wed Aug 18 2010 6:05PM Report
nax38 writes:

I have a feeling that this will be one of those things that is fun at first but get old and boring very fast just like WoW siege weapons.

Wed Aug 18 2010 6:26PM Report
Strap writes:

I'm with Cujo... the scenes at the start are jarring, which may mean you need to play other Bioware games to get used to it? The space combat will likely be quite fun as a distraction during "normal" MMO play.

Wed Aug 18 2010 6:34PM Report
herennow writes:

Hmm, on rails flight. It looks great but feels like lego star wars. Fine for when I'm playing with my nephews but it'll get old real quick in a game I'm paying for. It is fab as an adrenaline boost between ground-based combat but I really hope it'll be something they expand on. I loved X-wing but all these years later I'm hoping for something more open.


Space combat has been been done so well. I'd hoped they'd go for the immediate fun of something like freelancer rather than the involvement of X3 or the complexity of EvE but this? Great for the story but hopefully they'll add more for the end-game considering the relative development costs of solo games like freelancer and mmos like jge compared to the amounts being spent by EA.


I wouldn't mind if it were story-lite but I hope they'll give us an excuse to dust off joysticks. Even if I do just end up losing at pvp again (SWG memories). Still loving this game's build-up but this particular glimpse did not excite me as much as many others.

Wed Aug 18 2010 6:54PM Report
chrisel writes:

This was a downer to look at. Crappy graphics, mildly spoken. I used to think this game was a bout to fail, then looked at some trailer and got a bit hyped (it was not ingame footage) now this made my hype sink the the bottom.

Is this actually what they are able to cough up? Dream on if you think this crap will challenge World of Warcraft or Blizzard in any way. I am pretty sure they are having a good laugh when they are looking at this junk.

Wed Aug 18 2010 7:29PM Report
Stuka1000 writes:

Bioware would have been better off leaving the space side of things out of the game altogether rather than dumping this crap on us. They should have planned for a space themed expansion done properly for release 6 months to a year after launch.

Wed Aug 18 2010 8:33PM Report
darlantan writes:

TO : Oneon :

You are kidding right... Exited by that... Not in a million year even if it's just a mini-game or if the game was free to play (and i do not think it will be).

The only thing the game has now is voice and nothing else. The combat in their video are static. They have no life to them. Every one standing there getting shoot and no one trying to evade or anything...  Geez that look fun....

And this... What else could be say beside it suck... I stopped playing Star Fox almost a 2 decade ago because it was a bad game and they think this should be in a game coming out in what 1 or 2 years?????


Wed Aug 18 2010 9:35PM Report
Valdos writes:

Doesn't matter what they do, people complain about anything these days instead of playing it for what it is.

Wed Aug 18 2010 10:43PM Report
Sp00sh writes:

Looks like a lot of fun, for a minigame.  Keep focus on everything else tho Bioware! 

Thu Aug 19 2010 10:03AM Report
freejackmack writes:

That's not the kind of space combat I want in an mmo. It seems more like a cut scene type of thing for when you first get your ship or something like when you got shiped of to tatowine in the begining of swg.

Thu Aug 19 2010 10:33AM Report
Vesavius writes:

My god... is that it?

An on rails shooting mini game?

Thats whats got people so excited? o.0

Thu Aug 19 2010 3:12PM Report
Vesavius writes:

This game is starting to look more and more like 'made by Cryptic' imo lol

Thu Aug 19 2010 3:14PM Report
tron21369 writes:

hi all old SWG player : )  yes it could be this and yes it could be that ... but , be thankfull we get off the gound     and how many of us can do what thses people do         that like some little boy wining about a darn shirt  that didnt fit or some other things   some people will like it and some will   so dont burts your bubbles people     iam every sure   there going to add and remove stuff     who knows   poly some of them used to be old SWG player  or DEVs    who left sony  lol   give thses people were credit is do   : )

Thu Aug 19 2010 5:14PM Report
asj18 writes:

I am not one for space combat but all together the game looks amazing i cant wait to play it

Thu Aug 19 2010 8:04PM Report
Unseenpro writes:


LOL sooo true, its Starfox all over again!


Less mini game and more free-form would have been alot more appealing to many. Hard to do everything in a single MMO but  IMO leave it out and revamp it way after release. 

Fri Aug 20 2010 12:29AM Report
duragesic writes:


Fri Aug 20 2010 1:11AM Report
BloodySunBoy writes:

Love it, looks like a really fun, polishes mini game for space, everyone seems to be expecting the space section to be exactly like EVE online, that't not going to happen. Personally i like it, i'd rather they spend most of their time getting land part perfect and if they want to improve space, leave it to an expansion if they want. +1 for space on rails.

Fri Aug 20 2010 3:29AM Report
Dragonart writes:

Space combat shouldn't really be a concern for this mmo, there are no pilot classes, no real big concern for actually having to fight in space. It comes down to Jedi and Sith showing their skills with the force, and other ground troops + bounty hunters showing they can kick ass too.

I am actually looking forward to all the planets and ground content. Don't care to much about space combat in general, I like the effects and all but most of us don't like star wars because of star fighters and pew pew lasers. We all know that Jedi and Sith are what makes star wars. (with the exception of bounty hunters like Gredo and Jango Fett)

Oh and so what if it looks like WoW, don't pretend that it wasn't a fabulous feeling to play when it first came out. I still love jumping in that game, the best controls in any mmo yet. 

Graphics is a very important key to an mmo, but so is NOT LAGGING, so I don't mind the weird character design, the environment is amazing though.

Ok i rambled long enough sorry if I was a little off topic . . .

Fri Aug 20 2010 3:42AM Report
ElykDraw writes:

+1 to Shamall for Star Fox reference.  Nail on head.

Fri Aug 20 2010 8:05AM Report
ElykDraw writes:

Just to clarify, I don't think this makes SWTOR a bad game...

Fri Aug 20 2010 8:06AM Report
zeiden writes:

it would be funny if the other for family-friendly mmo Star Wars:clone wars adventure delivered a better space combat than TOR. e

Im not saying this is bad, but definately not what i was expecting.

Fri Aug 20 2010 1:37PM Report
Suraknar writes:

If you want space combat by all means look towards the direction of Jumpgate Evolution instead, TOR's space combat is is for kicks and giggles only. Just to say that they feature it.

Thu Sep 09 2010 10:02PM Report
zazz writes:

Lmfao looks like some cheap arcade game i use to spend all my 10p's on in the early 1990's

Thu Sep 16 2010 11:36AM Report
Beermangler writes:

What happens if you fail your space missions? 

Mon Sep 27 2010 2:40AM Report
Garvon3 writes:

People want everything in an MMO, expectations are too high? No, people want an MMO that does ANYTHING well. So far the only thing redeeming about SWTOR is its single player aspects, which doesn't matter in an MMO. 


Many MMOs in the past were chock full of more content and features than even WoW has, on launch day. 

Wed Sep 29 2010 11:47PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

Anyone who goes "omfg that's awesome......amazing I cant effing wait!!!!!!!!!!!!" from this video is one of two things:

A) Pre-Teen WoW player looking for something else to play...

B) Pre-Teen Console player looking forward to their first PC game


C) An immature douche that doesn't understand improper use of language and context makes them look like they only finished 4th grade and skated along in WoW up until this point in their life.



nuff said...

Thu Oct 07 2010 1:25PM Report
Cycles writes:

Wow..if this baby even got ships and space combat : I so going to play this one! Going for the Jedi/ Sith type and bountyhunter smuggler/pirate characters all the way muhaha

Tue Oct 12 2010 6:54AM Report
Waltandrian writes:

Gotta say, not quite what I expected... Admittedly I expected something a bit more like Star Trek Online, but I guess this works as well. And to all saying its gonna ruin the game and all think on this: "The game is never completely ruined until its dead."

Fri Oct 15 2010 11:56PM Report
Malefic00x writes:

Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts when your doing the Gummy ship missions.

Sat Oct 30 2010 10:44PM Report
Saorlan writes:

I just do not see why they can not put in the same kind of space element that SWG had. That was simply amazing in terms of actually flying around and being freeform. Why add in a space element that is not freeform?

I guess the whole game is "on rails" though like all of their games. Dragon Age was like walking along a train ride - no left or right just follow the story line like a bull with a ring in its nose. 

Why all the hype over this game? Because it is Star Wars I guess. Seriously though this is not for anyone wanting any kind of roleplaying freedom in the Star Wars universe.

I wish someone would update SWG - oh wait they already tried that....

Sun Nov 07 2010 5:20AM Report
c0796 writes:

I would hope that they will only add to and improve upon this part of the game. Too early to judge it.

Sun Nov 14 2010 1:44PM Report