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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: E3 2010: Bounty Hunter & Imperial Agent Group Play Video (1:25)

A Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent team up to do battle in this latest Star Wars: The Old Republic video.

A Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent team up to do battle in this latest Star Wars: The Old Republic video.
Duration: 1:25
Views: 12,418  54 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Nytakito writes:

I think I'm going to have a character in this game who's only calling in life is to kill every quest giver etc..  See where that takes me in the story...

Fri Jun 18 2010 6:37PM Report
Lork writes:

Zzzzzzz . . . .

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:07PM Report
Vexe writes:

Well you'll be able to finish it...not everyone will like you though.

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:33PM Report
Angorim writes:

Similarly to how I felt in ME, the story aspect looks superb but the combat is just so lack-luster.  I mean, the Agent rolls up to cover and starts shooting which was cool, but the Bounty Hunter just stands there 'tanking' blaster shots.


Seems kinda silly especially since it's my primary class choice but I guess I'll have to see more to really judge.

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:38PM Report
LoboMau writes:

Oh My GOD!! The combat is awful!! They just stand there!!!!

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:56PM Report
alextodo writes:

@ LoboMau


Tell me on Mainstream MMO that has faster and better combat then this ?!?

Fri Jun 18 2010 8:13PM Report
storyless writes:

That dialogue is appalling - just appalling. "I want you dead, you sick filth"? It's like something out of the worst fanfic.

Fri Jun 18 2010 8:15PM Report
Volgore writes:

Except for the environment graphics, everything looks very, very poor.

Fri Jun 18 2010 8:44PM Report
demonic87 writes:

People didnt seem to believe me when I said the combat sucked and the dialogue was lol. :(

Fri Jun 18 2010 8:51PM Report
zyphirr writes:

Guys c'mon, the reason she was just standing there while taking shots was because Bounty Hunters are total BADASSES.

Fri Jun 18 2010 9:51PM Report
Kebeck writes:

soooooo static...

Sat Jun 19 2010 12:36AM Report
cowboyupinbl writes:

Yeah, the combat just looks boring in all these videos. I'm looking forward to this game like crazy, but that's gonna turn a lot of people off.  At least make it so we have to TRY and dodge blaster shots?  I mean come on.  I can take glowstick clubs for lightsabers, but just standing there absorbing shots is just...bleh. It makes this game look very unfinished.

Sat Jun 19 2010 2:51AM Report
Mustikos writes:

Maybe because the game is unfinished? Just a thought.

Sat Jun 19 2010 3:17AM Report
chriswsm writes:

Perhaps the combat is fine and the players used to make the videos were just crap.

Sat Jun 19 2010 6:42AM Report
Bob_Blawblaw writes:

Wow, what horrible horrible script writing. It's almost as if George Lucas himself had a hand in it (Prequel George, not OT George).

Between that and the horrible cinematic 'pop in pop out' camera (which will no doubt be fixed before launch... right BW?), I'm actually shocked at how bad that was.

Sat Jun 19 2010 7:20AM Report
DexterGrif writes:

I'm gonna say the reason why it was so static since this is a marketing thing, in the vast majority of trailers such as these they want it to be un-chaotic so people can actually see what going on. I bet the PVP and when the game is realesed you see people kiting npcs and running around while shooting.

Sat Jun 19 2010 9:53AM Report
Reizlanzer writes:

I have been a huge skeptic of the game thus far, and the biggest problem I am seeing lack of polish. Players don't react to getting hit, and don't attempt to strafe the shots. This looks more like a korean generic MMORPG, not the quality we are used to from Bioware. Add a little polish, perhaps less spotty dialogue - and you'll have a more complete game. The players standing there, and the enemies standing there shooting each other is the face is kind of embarassing.

Sat Jun 19 2010 11:46AM Report
RoboHood writes:

When are we going to take a stand and do away with this formula? Eye candy and the same old, boring gameplay of "Kill X guys and bring me X from them" does not look the least bit exciting any longer. Take a stand and do not buy such games until they decide to break the mold and give us something NEW.

Sat Jun 19 2010 12:03PM Report
cylon8 writes:

the force unleashed to is going to be better than this game. And seriously thats the 2nd clip here you hear I want you dead you filth.  Bioware must hired some fanboys with limited vocab skills lol

Sat Jun 19 2010 12:20PM Report
LoboMau writes:


Are u Serious?? AOC, Champions Online, DC Online! Hell...even Tabula Rasa was more fun than this crap!!!

Sat Jun 19 2010 1:22PM Report
zaylin writes:

Combat looks fine, lookes to be no diff than anyother mmo out there for the most part. Its honestly hard to tell how good/bad the combat is til you can actually play it. dialogue is cool.

Sat Jun 19 2010 2:29PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I love the excuses "The game isn't finished" "Its a marketting plan to show off the game." and junk like that.

No... This is the game's combat. Stand in one place and trade blows until the other pawn falls down. Even with lightsabers.  Its stand in place and swing a glowing rod-stick until your enemy pawn fall-down.

ITS ALL BIOWARE EVER MAKES. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I've said it repeated. I'm not going to stop saying it.

Sat Jun 19 2010 5:06PM Report
pekshmaer writes:

AOC win again :)

Sat Jun 19 2010 5:32PM Report
Cpt_Picard writes:

Something tells me that imperial agent and smuggler will play very similarly.

Sat Jun 19 2010 6:57PM Report
Silverchild writes:

cowboyupinbl writes:

Yeah, the combat just looks boring in all these videos. I'm looking forward to this game like crazy, but that's gonna turn a lot of people off.  At least make it so we have to TRY and dodge blaster shots?  I mean come on.  I can take glowstick clubs for lightsabers, but just standing there absorbing shots is just...bleh. It makes this game look very unfinished.



I don't know what you were expecting, but isn't this stuff pretty common in most MMOs?


Wow, aoc, warhammer, aion, etc, there is really no point in moving around in PVE. Its always been this way, you just stand there and wack at the Npc and hope you can DPS it down before it kills you. It worked in those games, why would TOR be different?


I think you guys need to realize that TOR is not trying to do anything crazy here. Its a theme-park MMO with voice acting. Thats it. Nothing else and nothing more. Don't expect TOR to revolutionize the genre.

Sat Jun 19 2010 7:03PM Report
alextodo writes:

@ LoboMau

Yeah and AoC has so many Players and so does CO. Tabula Rasa is doing just fine too , isn`t it ?!?

Everyone complains about them not moving , but there is not one Point-n-Click MMO out there where you moving in PvE makes any difference whatsoever.

In PvP only Ranged Classes move around in order to kite you and that will also happen here , sooo umm whats the problem ?!?

Sat Jun 19 2010 9:53PM Report
Hokie writes:

Okay this is the 3rd combat pairing video I watched. And sucks guys.

I mean it really looks bad, not the animations. But like these are chess peices on a board and they only react when they enter combat.


Someone else said static. And I have to agree. Ive watched all the videos and Ive been paying attention to the back grounds. Adn your worlds look fake. Like the NPCs are cardboard cut-outs pasted among scenery.

I'm okay with the artwork, but you really, really need to make your worlds come alive. And its not all done thru dialog.


I seriously do like the more adult approach youve taken with the dialog options. We're not all tweens and its about time a game developer recognized that.

Heck, I thought for a second at the end she was going to say "I want you dead.  You sick f***."


But you really need to fix the combat, it looks like it plays more like a rail-ride than a true open world game.

"Stick to the path..not that it really matters, because you cant deviate." Said someone in the dev studio, and then made it a reality. That equals suck.

Sun Jun 20 2010 5:00AM Report
NoEndInLife writes:

Wow, she killed him. I would've taken the money that he offered... but then again that's just me.

Heh. I just realized there aren't much comments on the clunky combat animations. Guess everyone is learning to deal with it.

Sun Jun 20 2010 7:37AM Report
Vegaa writes:

Sweet cant wait, combat & dialog look & sound great. Alot of negative unhappy people abound here.

Sun Jun 20 2010 8:42AM Report
Beanpuie writes:

Combat is nothing to do a backflip about,  its not the worse...ive seen worse..far far worse.

yet one thing id like to see if many bounty hunter/troopers have a cover system as well  (i think and hope they do already)  having them stand in the middle of no where taking several shots in the face while gunning down his opponents  like nothing has happened just makes it look cheap, let alone like everything else.

Troop/B hunter should have a cover system that makes it important to move around or  for the love of kansas not have them just stand their pretending to be a Star Destroyer.

Mass effect's importance of not standing in a open spot comes to mind for range characters.


Sun Jun 20 2010 8:52AM Report
Jeowan writes:

lol, I swore when she was talking she was going to say, "I want you dead you sick f**k."


oh well..

At, least NPCs can curse in APB. :D

Sun Jun 20 2010 10:27AM Report
jotull writes:

Well I see all disgruntled Vets from the fringe are out dissing the game again.

Sun Jun 20 2010 10:44AM Report
Wolfhammer writes:

Thats a bit worrying...  Is this gonna be auto target with a dice roll to hit or are there gonna be an FPS kicking arse with proper aiming??

Sun Jun 20 2010 11:01AM Report
Rammur writes:

this is just a rough videa ever seen the WoW videos back before it was released it was the same so im sure it will get spiced up before its released we still got like a year or so left before it even hits beta and then the shelves people on this site need too quit bein so damn pessimistic its annoyin the way this generation of so called mmo players are goin

Sun Jun 20 2010 11:37AM Report
Magter writes:

Wow those graphics are bad. The only thing that seems good is the voice-over element of the game. It's definitely going to open up the lore and story more.

Sun Jun 20 2010 1:52PM Report
Clocksimus writes:

yeah I remember the WoW videos before it launched.  Epic music.  Tons of players on the screen at the same time killing stuff.  Nice shot of the arena in STV with a group fighting what appeared to be at the time a frost gaint.  Wait the WoW videos were supposed to be bad?  Lets not even mention that it's been how many years? Saying Bioware can't do any better than Blizzard did going on 6 years ago?


I watched that trailer countless times because it kicked ass.  I have yet to even play the SW:TOR cg trailers more than once or twice lol.  Every piece of their gameplay videos is horrid.  Defend it all you guys want. 


They need to release this game already so the "I told you so" threads can begin.

Sun Jun 20 2010 1:55PM Report
WSIMike writes:


Watched 3 or 4 of these vids now and the only word that comes to mind is "dry". 

If those videos are supposed to show off the much hyped and lauded voice acting and action I've been reading and hearing about... color me unimpressed and underwhelmed.

And, no, I'm not "angry" or "bitter" or whatever other labels some are throwing around to dismiss anyone who isn't praising it... I have no dog in the race either way with ToR. I'm just commenting on what I've seen.... and my impression so far is it's nothing special.

Sun Jun 20 2010 3:08PM Report
AtrusV writes:

Bioware used the combat engine from Kotor, so the characters are mainly static as you see here. They dodge blaster shots when you get a dodge in the dice rolls. Keep in mind this is a RPG game, not an action-rpg game.

RPG game: Kotor

Action-RPG: Mass Effect 1

Mainly action and a bit of RPG: Mass Effect 2

Total action game: Bad Company 2

Sun Jun 20 2010 3:18PM Report
Evile writes:

NO Bioware did NOT use the combat engine from KOTOR. Bioware did NOT design this engine at all. They are using the Heroes Journey engine (research it). 

 It looks terrible. Even the voice acting is terrible. 

Shame on you Bioware for not designing your own graphic engine. What a waste of massive amounts of cash this game is.

Sun Jun 20 2010 11:50PM Report
Jormungaand writes:

This game looks like it's taking a step back to 2004 in the graphics and combat department. And are we really going to have to run through dialogue trees to complete a quest?

EA will never touch the MMO market again after this game. So far the only thing going for it is Star Wars, lack of new MMO's to compete with, and Bioware fanboys.

With all the money being funneled into this game, you'd think they'd either develop an engine, or pick something better.

Mon Jun 21 2010 12:15AM Report
Beermangler writes:

The only good things to come out of SW:TOR so far were the trailers.... 

Mon Jun 21 2010 2:35AM Report
pekshmaer writes:


Mon Jun 21 2010 4:59AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

I guess I'm weird, but I like the looks of this video. It looks like KotOR which is what I'm hoping it will be like since it's the MMO based off of the KotOR world. Just have to wait and see what more comes out about SW:ToR.

Mon Jun 21 2010 8:57AM Report
Seffren writes:


You can even compare with the next range of mmo's coming out ... Vindictus just makes this look like pong ffs.



Tue Jun 22 2010 2:53AM Report
ThomasN7 writes:

That Imperial Agent looked good. Definitely going to make me one of those.

Tue Jun 22 2010 1:19PM Report
Stormwatch writes:

Time for some NGE applied to this game.

Tue Jun 22 2010 3:40PM Report
NovaKayne writes:

Wow, alla the whiners here will be the f*krs first in line to pick up this game. 


I think I like this game more and more because it seems to bring out more of the gamer elitists that think it is gonna be teh suk.

Tue Jun 22 2010 3:51PM Report
Gendgi writes:

LOL i agree with Novakayne all the whiners wiil be the first in line to get the game hehe, but then after playing it you can actually judge it :)

Thu Jul 08 2010 6:31AM Report
darlantan writes:

Nope, won't buy that crap. I was never a fan of Star Wars but i still took a look at it. I wanted to see if the game had something good, something that say try me...

I have looked at a few video and i have yet to see it... It's more like do not buy me, i will suck... The combat are static, no life in them even the E3 demo one... it suck

Mon Aug 09 2010 11:20PM Report
Xero_Chance writes:

Looks alot like every other Bioware game out there. I expect this to be KOTOR 3.

Mon Sep 06 2010 6:26PM Report
Unicornicus writes:

wow, i was also expecting a lot more than this... It looks pretty bad. Maybe it will be fin though, who knows.

Wed Sep 08 2010 6:48PM Report
mrhyde1428 writes:

This game just doesn't look all that exciting.  I dunno, just isn't looking like what I had hoped for in a new Star Wars game.  Biggest thing is, yourself and enemies just standing there while you shoot at one another.  Seems a bit boring.  Like a lack of AI and a poor combat system.


Mon Sep 13 2010 10:10AM Report
zindel writes:

This is what ranged weapons in an MMO amounts to. It is a turn/time based combat system under the hood. This will never feel or look as visceral as your AAA FPS game. You can't empty your clip or exhaust wep energy as fast as you pull the trigger, you click a button and it fires based on the weapons ROF stats. There is no positional hit detection, the dice under the hood figures this out for you by critical success. There is no line trace aiming, the game fudges the visuals to make you feel like you are (or you are target locked). Hit reactions are generic, because of all the above.

Melee is more forgiving in this respect and why you see more Fantasy based MMOS with Swords and Magic. Don't expect too much to change in reguards to ranged combat, this is just the way it is.

Mon Oct 18 2010 11:17AM Report
Makmax6666 writes:


Mon Nov 01 2010 2:33PM Report