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MMORPG | Genre:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 12/20/11)  | Pub:LucasArts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Videos: E3 2010: Trooper & Smuggler Group Play Video (1:59)

A Trooper and Smuggler team up to do battle in this latest Star Wars: The Old Republic video.

A Trooper and Smuggler team up to do battle in this latest Star Wars: The Old Republic video.
Duration: 1:59
Views: 10,992  40 comments
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Soldier101 writes:

I'm going to git this game when it come's out.

Fri Jun 18 2010 6:29PM Report
Nytakito writes:

Yup.. Pretty sure I know what I'll be doing come spring 2011

Fri Jun 18 2010 6:34PM Report
Lork writes:

Zzzzzzzz.. . ..

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:12PM Report
remyburke writes:

hmmm...the animations are pretty terrible. the story part of it is pretty fun though.

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:28PM Report
Sidereus writes:

complete voice over is definetly something good for story telling :P

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:30PM Report
Amorien writes:

Wow the graphics look alot better , im looking forward to this game big time.

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:42PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

Why do all their mouths have lights inside?

Fri Jun 18 2010 7:44PM Report
LoboMau writes:

Combat sucks big time! Worse than any MMO!!! They just stand there!!! No action whatsoever!!!!

Fri Jun 18 2010 8:00PM Report
shamall writes:

Something about the combat doesn't look right. Like they are way too stiff or something.

Fri Jun 18 2010 8:27PM Report
zyphirr writes:

This is why I'm playing SW:TOR -> the fourth pillar: story and Twi'lek sex.

Fri Jun 18 2010 9:43PM Report
Gajari writes:

Looks awesome. The combat is only showing off a few moves per class, so it'll likely speed up more later on - though honestly, it's pretty fast as it is here, and looks like it'll be a bit more fun when actually playing it, rather than watching it. 

Though I'm planning to play more for the story scenes.

Fri Jun 18 2010 10:44PM Report
PiratePete writes:

3rd person shooter would save this game immensely. Sorta in the realms of the jedi knight series. Giving full control over your guys instead of run up into shooting range and stand there while firing playing your dodge animations in sequence till the enemy or you dies.

Sat Jun 19 2010 12:25AM Report
Grotar89 writes:

Kotor characters look better than these in ToR and Kotor was released in 2003 !

Sat Jun 19 2010 3:49AM Report
Grailchaser writes:

I like the gameplay. Looks like you get a few choices about how you play out each mission.

Sat Jun 19 2010 4:32AM Report
chriswsm writes:

They need to sort that combat out.  If two attackers approach and the person at the back of the attackers raises a shield why shoot at the shield rather than the unshielded person in front of her?


Also if you place a sticky explosive on someone dont run past them in case it goes off.  I learnt that the hard way in BF2142

Sat Jun 19 2010 6:38AM Report
Falcomith writes:


About your comment on attacking another rather then the one with shield, it looked like the man was standing there to keep one busy while the woman ran off around the corner or what not to sneak behind another NPC to take from behind as a surprise attack.

Sat Jun 19 2010 9:55AM Report
cylon8 writes:

sloppy looking game. I never liked the KORtOR series at all this is going to great on me big time. tho I do like how the hud is barely there

Sat Jun 19 2010 12:17PM Report
Laserwolf writes:

Have they released any info on what decides which team-member gets to choose the chat/action option from the radial?

From what I've seen in both this video and the Sith/Bounty Hunter video they released a few months ago it looks like a random number roll from 1-100 appears next to the team member's little icon at the bottom left and whichever member rolls the higher number is able to choose the option.

Sat Jun 19 2010 6:34PM Report
Darkerxx writes:

jedi/sith gameplay will be more fun, but still very static, the story is the main feature of the game the rest is mediocre -.-

Sat Jun 19 2010 8:36PM Report
Hokie writes:

. . .

Huh . . .

. . .

. . .

Well, at least the voice acting kicks ass.

Sun Jun 20 2010 4:35AM Report
NoEndInLife writes:


Sun Jun 20 2010 7:45AM Report
Rogosh writes:

God the character models for this game are so terrible.

Sun Jun 20 2010 7:49AM Report
backwoods660 writes:

The animations and movement look so clunky and clumsy.. I hope they work on the animations and movement alot more before release.

Sun Jun 20 2010 7:53AM Report
Vegaa writes:

woohoo an mmo with a story!

Sun Jun 20 2010 8:46AM Report
jotull writes:

Keep in mind the devs said many times at e-3 that combat stances adn caharter models were going to be improved.

Sun Jun 20 2010 10:56AM Report
guy232 writes:

lmoa the more vids the relsease the more boring it appears.   shoulda left it alone with hte cgi trailers

Sun Jun 20 2010 4:07PM Report
guy232 writes:

the era of point N clicks  is coming to aan end.  Ppl like  actively controling thier characters.   not seeing prebaked animations.

Sun Jun 20 2010 4:08PM Report
bobbyjr writes:

Animations still look bad.  Story looks good. gameplay looks focused towards single player .  I hope it does well, i really do. But we'll have tow ait for closed and open beta first, since theyve shown almost nothign of the game outside the first few levels,.

Sun Jun 20 2010 4:17PM Report
bobbyjr writes:

jotull writes:

Keep in mind the devs said many times at e-3 that combat stances adn caharter models were going to be improved.


They never said that at all.  They said the usual developer shpiel about "work in progress".  That basically means, if it changes it changes. dont count on it tho.


I'm just pissed that its wow with a starwars skin.  Linear in approach fromw hat the devs have said.  If they had made it like SWG sandbox gameplay, NOTHING would ever come close to the game.   So far its looking like $150 million wasted.

Sun Jun 20 2010 4:20PM Report
jotull writes:

bobbyjr writes:

"I'm just pissed that its wow with a starwars skin.  Linear in approach fromw hat the devs have said.  If they had made it like SWG sandbox gameplay, NOTHING would ever come close to the game.   So far its looking like $150 million wasted."

You mean a boring ass sandbox where missions consisted of two idiots standing by a flag that became a broken ass WoW clone.

I beta tested SWG and endured it for two years because I love Star Wars, SWG was and is a train wreck. No ST:TOR will not make the disgruntled vets or happy, Abd that is a good thing.  Fact is talking to the guys at the E-3 Booth you can tell they are pretty well loathed by Bioware,

Bioware is making the game that SWG should have been, no one says you have to like it or play it.

Sun Jun 20 2010 8:43PM Report
Hersaint writes:

Watched three vids now...Loved the voice overs along with the decision trees - great RPG aspects.  But the actually gameplay...ummm...blink...blink...crickets...crickets...speechless. Was expecting more.  oh well.

Mon Jun 21 2010 6:25AM Report
deniter writes:

This will be the first P2W (pay to watch) game. I prefer tetris over this any time.

Mon Jun 21 2010 8:22AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

Smugglers! Woo hoo!

Mon Jun 21 2010 9:03AM Report
GreenLanternFan writes:

I wonder if Bioware collaborated on character models and animations with Mythic or even pulled the same team from Mythic. In Warhammer, the character models were stiff and unappealing and the animations were clunky and unfortunately this looks eerily similar.

I'm really excited about this game, but I can't help but ask; all that money and the best dev team and that's the best they can do with character models and animations? Too bad they couldn't have collaborated with the team that did Aion's animation and modeling. Those character models and animations in this game = gaming gold!

Mon Jun 21 2010 10:41AM Report
codefusion writes:

the combat looks really stiff like the old KOTOR games. are they using an older graphics engine? games like Aion so pwn this in terms of graphics

Wed Jun 23 2010 11:25AM Report
Nirwyl writes:

Combat: Meh.

Quests: Yay!


Reminds me of Dragon Age, I don't really enjoy the combat in that game, but I love the quests, voiceovers, and characters.

Fri Jun 25 2010 8:16AM Report
Nirwyl writes:

Also, I hate the graphics they use for the shields. It's like I'm setting up a game of Battleship! Oh noes! You sunk my Battleship!

Fri Jun 25 2010 8:23AM Report
jdzero writes:

As always, like Han and Greedo. :D


.. The game may not be great once it's finally out, but I'd be a smuggler any day. :D

Wed Jun 30 2010 3:51AM Report
tron21369 writes:

me and my girl friend going to play this  they are doing alot  since this clip just go to the web site and see folks

Sun Nov 28 2010 4:33AM Report
Lathow writes:

Combat: The combat was kind of so so. Higher level combat from what i hear gets much more entertaining. 6/10

GFX: Nothing epic but i love the choice selection in gear. 6/10

Story/Questing: I found without story and voice over this game would not of gone so far, Questing was interlinked with the story which made Questing More fun. 9/10

Tue Jun 14 2011 2:28PM Report